History of my Hair Fetish – 2010

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January 2010

By the time 2010 started, we were in full out wedding mode. Ali was going dress shopping with her mom and sister and was getting all excited. We agreed that she would not buy a dress that was too tight.  She should be comfortable on her wedding day, even if she puts on a few pounds. I loved hearing her talk about her dress and how she would look for the wedding, as the issue of her hair always became part of the discussion.

We also got super lucky in finding a house. We started looking right after New Years.  That happened to coincide with a time when there were the most foreclosures in US history. I had a clerical position at an insurance company and she was an admin in the same industry, so we were by no means rich. Our priority was a house in a nice neighborhood with the best possible schools. The house we found had that and was on a spacious lot.  The house itself was a small bungalow, three bedrooms and only one bathroom. We were both used to nothing very fancy, so this was incredible for us. As it was a foreclosure, we had to take possession within a month.

By the middle of the month, her hair was a disaster. On the bright side, it was growing very fast and looked very different from her pixie style she wore less only seven months ago.  The perm was growing out so her curls did not hold well.  The length weighed her hair down so what remained of the curls looked limp. She absolutely hated it. She made a hair appointment and before she went, I kind of hinted that she should do what works for her and not worry about the wedding. I did not know if I should have said even that, as I knew she wanted longer hair for her big day. She came back with her hair blown out straight and almost to the bottom of her ears.  By straightening her hair and evening out some of the layers, it really looked much longer.

February 2010

By the middle of the month, we had our house.  We decided not to formally move in until we were married, but she spent more time there than at her parents’ place. It was cool having a place that was both of ours. It also felt good to have a house and be out of an apartment.

Even though it was our place, she was still shy around me and would not change in front of me unless it was dark. I think it gave me way more lust for seeing her body. Whenever she would change in the dark,  I would try to see at least an outline of her. Ali showered every morning so she had to blow dry her hair and straighten out what was left of the perm. After putting on her makeup, she must have been an hour and 15 minutes in the bathroom.  She still wanted her privacy and to be fair, she looked really good when she came out so I could not complain. I once raised the suggestion of us sharing the bathroom while she gets ready and said she can discuss it after we are married.

Ali pretty much gave up on losing weight by the end of the month.  It was not working really working anyhow.  She started to drink occasionally which also probably did not help her weight loss. I was happy that she was not one of those girls who starves herself just to fit into her wedding dress. After she picked her wedding dress out, she stopped talking about it with me. She then moved on to what she would do with her hair. She wanted a fancy up-do and had been looking at different styles that she could pull off with the length she had. She asked my opinion and they all sort of looked the same to me with big curls and lots of product. She wanted me to come with her in March to her stylist for her trial hair for the wedding.  I suggested that her mom goes with her, but she reminded me that she was not getting married to her mom.

March 2010

It was a stressful month for Ali before the wedding and she actually gained a bit of weight.  She did not have her final dress fitting until the first week of April, so she not too concerned. Her body looked amazing to me and I finally got to see her entirely naked in the light for the first time. It was by mistake when I thought she was in our bedroom one morning and I walked into the bathroom. She had not locked the door and was on the toilet not wearing clothes. I was a bit surprised and I guess stared a bit instead on turning around.  She made some comment for me to get out and I looked at her and reminded her that we are getting married in a month. She paused, looked at me, made eye contact and said “get out” in a mean way.

Although I felt a bit bad walking in on her and maybe embarrassing her a bit, the view I got drive me wild.  Even if it was not a romantic picture, seeing her in full light without any clothes was thrilling for me.  It made me want to get closer to her.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, she was over it.  She did not even mention it again.  For me, it was not that easy as I could not get the picture of her out of my head. I could not get over how attracted I was to her.  I realized that her boobs were bigger than I thought.  Now she was sort of leaning forward sitting down when I saw her, but they almost hung down far enough to touch her legs (okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration).  From the position I saw her in, her stomach was also looking big as it sort of hung over her waist.  I felt like a bit of a pervert for seeing her like this, but it was worth it.

A week later we went for her hair trial. I felt weird being at her hairdresser’s, but we already sort of had a fight about it so I had to go. They looked at different styles and her stylist and her picked a fancy style set with big curls that sort of flowed over each other.  Her stylist explained that she had enough length for it and it would be perfect for her. I gave my opinion and she started setting her hair for the trial.

It seemed to take forever. As she was setting her hair they discussed her grow out over the past nine months and how much she hated it after the perm started to lose its hold. She explained how long it takes her every morning and her stylist reminded her that the grow out was her idea. I made some comment about how long I am kicked out of my bathroom for every morning when she is over and her stylist laughed and just said that I would not have that to worry about that for much longer. Her stylist then said that she could tell that I am the type of guy who wants his wife to have wash and go hair. I just joked that if it can get me my bathroom back in the morning, she can take it all off. Her stylist made her promise that she would come back to get it cut before the honeymoon. She said that would be easy as we were only going away in late May.

I really did nit mind her hair after the trial.  Her stylist mentioned that it will look better on the wedding day, as she will cut around the curls when they are set to make them sit perfectly.  Her stylist also suggested that she goes very thin with her brows to complete the look. I liked that idea as well.

April 2010 Part 1

Ali continued to put on a bit of weight as the wedding approached.  It think she was just eating more and was probably doing it because she was stressed and nervous.  Her face actually looked thinner a bit before the wedding as she got her brows done again and went super thin.  It almost looked like someone just drew a line with marker for them.  It took a bit of getting used to, but suited her well and gave her face a very feminine look.  She liked it and thought it would be right for the wedding.

She had her final dress fitting soon before and mentioned that it had to be let out a bit. It told her it was a good idea, as she should be comfortable. She was very excited about her dress, where I could not say that I cared much either way.  I was happy that she was happy.

Our wedding was on a Saturday.  She took off work early the day before to get her hair set for the wedding.  She wanted me to come with and I got out of it this time. She ended up going with her mom and stayed at her parents house that night.  By then she was mostly staying at our house (which she had not technically moved into yet) for the most part. We spoke that night and she told me that she was at her hairdresser for almost two hours as she set her hair in rollers and styled it. I asked if she cut it and she said that she did not take off any length, but tidied her neck and thinned out parts so the curls would fall perfectly. She was nervous, as she seemed to be layering parts to suit how she was setting her hair so she was not sure how it would look after the wedding. I figured that this probably meant that her stylist assumed she was cutting her hair short after the wedding, but I did not want to raise that issue.

We were married in the church that her family attended and had the function there after. She looked beautiful in her dress.  Her make up was great and the hairstyle really looked amazing.  Ali’s hair look way better that day than it did at the hair trial.  I was incredibly attracted to her and I think it showed.  Everything went as expected.  Near the end of the night our friends got us doing shooters.  I was surprised as Ali was keeping up with everyone.  I was a bit worried, as she was not exactly an experienced drinker. She was in bad shape on our way home.

By the time we got home she said she was feeling sick. I had to help her out of her dress as she really was in no shape to even do that.  I was also surprised as she was letting me see her undress in the light.  I wondered if it was because we were now married or because she was so drunk. Even then, I was excited to see her body and really appreciated what I was looking at. She was still in her bra and underwear, but her belly was exposed and I could see that she had really developed some rolls.  I had felt them, but seeing them was different. Her rear was fuller than I thought it would be and her butt was pretty much falling out of her underwear at the bottom.

Before I could enjoy it much more she had me take her to the bathroom and she got pretty sick in there.  She was in such rough shape that I stayed with her and she did not even care that I was seeing her like that .  After a while she had to take her bra off as it got dirty from her vomiting.  I felt badly for her, but had to say that I was also enjoying the view and felt close with her.  It felt good to take care of her.  Seeing her bent over like that gave me some great views. I know that sounds bad.

After an hour or so she was starting to recover and drink water, but was still very out of it.  I cleaned her up and got her into her PJs.  Before she could get to bed, she had to have me help her get all of the pins and clips out of her hair.  I was shocked at how much was in there and how weird her hair felt from all of the product in it.  It must have taken another hour before it was done.  Her hair still sort of held the big curls because of it being set and all the product in it.  By then, she just fell asleep on our bed. Now how is that for a romantic wedding night.

April 2010 Part 2

Our first full day of married life started with her waking up late and still feeling terrible.  She looked pretty rough as well, as she had a bad night.  Her makeup was smudged and her hair looked pretty crazy.  When she finally got out of bed, she could not eat and just drank some coffee.  I made a joke that this is what married life would be like and she just looked at me.

By mid-afternoon, she got up the strength to shower and came out looking better.  She did not bother doing her hair and let it air-dry, which was very unusual for her.  Her hair looked different when she did not blow it dry as it lacked body and sort of flared out where what had been curls was now frizzy. I could see why she really had to blow it dry and straighten it every day.  Her hair also looked different as her stylist had layered parts for the curls to fall properly when her hair was set for the wedding.  This now gave her sort of odd looking layers that looked a bit like chunks were taken out of her hair. I do not think she even looked in the mirror that day so she barely noticed.

We stayed home that day, went through the gifts and started thank you cards. My hopes for post-wedding romance would have to wait until she felt better. This was further delayed for other natural reasons.  I knew it would happen, so it was no big deal. That night before bed she went to the bathroom to change and I reminded her that she was married now and did not have to hide like that. I really wanted her to get more comfortable around me, but she was very shy with her body.

By the next day, we were back to reality. She was taking forever in the bathroom getting ready that morning. When she came out, she was upset as she said her hair was ruined.  It looked good and was blown out nicely, but the chunky layers that her stylist cut were noticeable and gave her hair a choppy look. She always tried to make her hair look thicker and these layers did not help.

I felt bad, as she worked so hard (almost obsessively) to make sure she looks neat and professional for work.  She would always do her makeup nicely, make sure her hair looked tidy and spent any money she had on work clothes. This meant she would not have much to spend much on her non-work clothes and seemed to wear the same clothes for ages even if they did not fit her anymore. As she got bigger, she had pants that she could not even button up any more and she had to tie a string between the button and the hole. Most of her bras (other than the two she wore for work) no longer fit, so it seemed that her boobs were pretty much falling out of them.  Her underwear was not much better and she would complain about it riding up and giving her wedgies all the time.  As many of the pants she now wore when she was not at work (sort of stretchy pants) were pretty tight, her underwear would show and I could often see it riding up her butt.

The rest of the week went by as normal. Married life was not that different day to day. The two of us went out on Friday night for dinner and drinks for a romantic evening. When we got home, it was a very special night.  It was something she had been waiting for, for a very long time. When we were done, she went to put her clothes back on and a stopped her. We fell asleep that night together and I managed to get her to go to bed without putting any clothes back on.  The next morning Ali put on clothes before I woke up, but it was at least a start for us.

May 2010

Actually living together was a bit different from having our own places even if we had already spent lots of time together.  I saw more of how she was all of the time and it was a bit of an adjustment.  I am sure she felt the same way.  She bought most of the groceries and did most of the cooking.  I helped out, but she was happy to do it.

Another issue was still how much time she spent in the bathroom in the morning. I wish I knew this before we bought our house, as I would have opted for a house with more than one bathroom. She only put on her clothes after everything else was done, so she still was uncomfortable letting me in while she was getting ready. I hoped this would change over time.  Part of the issue was her hair that was still growing out. By this time it was probably around the middle of her neck, but not totally even.

Since the wedding and the choppy layers she got, she hated her hair and complained about it to no end. She wanted to do something with it, but was unsure about returning to her stylist as she was not happy with how she had left her hair after the wedding. To be fair, I think her stylist thought it would not be a big deal as she would come back soon after the wedding to cut it off. She looked into trying her sister’s stylist until she learned that she charged three times as much as the women she had always gone to who worked out of her house. We lived on a budget and she was careful with what she spent, so this was a non-starter for her. I also did not want her spending a fortune on her hair, so I was good with her going back to her old stylist. By this point I just wanted her to be happy with her hair and hoped it would take her less time in the morning. I also sort of assumed that she would go back to shorter hair.

We had our honeymoon booked at the end of the month.  We were going to an all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic.  She put off getting her hair done until three days before we went away. She wanted me to go with her, but I was no keen on the idea.  In the end I gave in and agreed to drive her and come in with her at first.  When we got there her stylist was happy to see her and expressed that she was surprised she did not come back right after the wedding for a tidy-up.

After a bit of wedding talk, her stylist talked about what a mess her hair was and said that she could tell she was ready for a style that said she was grown up and married. My wife commented that her hair was taking her so long and again mentioned how I complain about her hogging the bathroom in the morning. Her stylist asked how long it takes her and she said often over 45 minutes to get it looking right for work. She shock her head and said that was just silly.  Her stylist then turned to me and asked how long I wanted her spending in the bathroom working on her hair in the morning. I really was not sure what to say.  I cannot recall my exact response but it was something to the effect that I take about two minutes, so she should be under five.  Her stylist looked at her and said, well you heard your man and asked if she was ready for wash and go hair.  I just stayed quiet.  Ali just made her shy smile and said she also needed it to look good for work and was ready for a married look.  I did not really know what that meant, but liked the way it sounded.  Her stylist then said that she was going to get her washed and I should return in 30 minutes.

When I returned, she was in still in the chair with a cape on and her glassed off. The first thing I noticed was the floor around her and saw pretty much all of her hair now lying there. Her hair on top was already dry and probably just over an inch.  It was brushed to the side and was sort of sticking up.  It was a similar pixie-crop style as she had last year, but a bit less length on top. The sides and back were already very short.  Her stylist was still tidying them up with the clippers when I came in.  I was not sure if I should stay, but her stylist said they were almost done.  Her stylist said that she would have been done sooner, but when she learned that she was going away in two days, she decided to take her a touch shorter. When I came in she was using a #1 guard on her, which meant you could pretty much see her scalp with an 1/8th of an inch of hair covering it. I could not believe it.

When I saw her in the chair she really looked adorable. The cut showed off her full face and just gave her such a cute look.  A big change from the last time her hair was short was that her neck had filled out from the weight she had gained.  The short hair exposed her neck and it was very attractive to me. Her stylist then tidied around the hairline and shaved her neck with little clippers.  She said to her stylist that she gets annoyed when the hair on her neck grows in. Her stylist said that most wives just get their husbands to keep their neck tidy between cuts.  She then put some gel in her hair and brushed her fingers through it to give it some texture.

Her stylist then put her glasses back on her and she got a good look. She was shocked, but not sad like when she went very short last time. She commented that it was very short and her stylist just said it is the perfect cut for a honeymoon and a new wife. She added that it is also a good cut for a wife whose husband wants her spending less time doing her hair in the morning and smiled at me. It made me feel like she went that short for me, which was not exactly the case. It still gave me a great feeling.

On the car ride home, she was nervous asked a few time if I was okay with her hair like that and I assured her that I thought she was beautiful not matter what and liked that look for her. That night as I held her in bed from behind, I realized that once again I could just kiss her neck and get closer to her in bed.  I liked that and sent her a very clear message how much I liked her hair this way.  She could tell that I meant it.  We were ready for our honeymoon.

June 2010

We finally went on our honeymoon at the end of May for ten days.  It was an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean and was the first time either of us had ever been on a trip like that. We took advantage of the buffets and all you can drink. It was our chance to celebrate and we took in all that we could.

I do not want to give much detail about our intimate time, but things changed rapidly on that trip.  On the first night we discovered the perfect position for her and for the first time she really, really enjoyed it. Without exaggeration after that time we were together like that on average twice a day for the rest of the trip. Looking back, that was quite a feat.  The position was me behind her. As a result, if there is one picture in my mind for our honeymoon it is holding her soft body from behind and kissing her neck and the back of her head with the prickly little hairs barely covering her scalp. I could not imagine anything sexier.

The resort we were at was for couples and we made friends fast.  It seemed like so many people there were on their honeymoon like us.  We became friends with a couple from Alabama who were also on their honeymoon.  The wife had a similar body to my wife in terms of height but was even heavier.  Unlike my wife, she was not shy about her body.  Every day by the pool, she was wearing a bikini and showing off what she had.  After a few days, she talked Ali into wearing one of her bikinis on the beach.  Although the bikini bottoms were a bit big on her, it drove me absolutely wild and all I wanted to do was get back to bring her back to our hotel room.  I loved how Ali was slowly becoming more confident with her body.

Her confidence improved when we were alone as well. On the trip we had intimate time together during the day and not just at night, so she started to accept that I would see her without clothes in the light.  She knew that this is not unusual for married couples.  Every time I saw her like that it drove me wild and she started to get used to it as well.  At first she would try to cover up with a blanket, but after a week she was good to just lie on the bed in all of her glory once we were done.  As she was eating like crazy on the trip and drinking plenty as well, her belly was hanging out more than it had ever done before and she was just looking fuller all around. By the end of the trip, Ali must have gained four pounds.

For the first work day after we got home, Ali followed her usual routine and came out of the bathroom over 30 minutes early ready for work. She commented that she thinks she can get used to having her hair like this if it gives her this much more time every morning.  When she got home that day, she told me everyone was surprised by her hair and one co-worker did not even recognize her at first.  She said that the head of HR complimented her and she got the impression that her short hair was good for work. It was very neat and did make her look more mature. It really became a look that I hoped she would stay with forever.

Another change was that she was now way more comfortable around me and would just change her clothes in front of me.  I had been waiting for this for years.  She did not lock the bathroom door now and would sometimes even have the door open when she got ready in the morning.  I tried not to make a big deal about it, as I did not want to push my luck.  It was a real benefit of married life.

July 2010

By now married life seemed normal.  Her sister was pregnant with her second and I knew it was only time until my wife wanted to start a family.  I did as well, but was in no rush.  She was only 24, so the clock was not ticking.  We also did not have a lot of money, so I figured waiting a bit would not hurt.
Her hair was growing in fast and looking different.  Having started out so short in the back and sides it had softened up and filled in quite a bit over five weeks. After we got back from our honeymoon, she took an old set of clippers from her parents (her mom had a newer set) and she had me tidy up her neck as her stylist suggested. I was nervous doing it at first, but it was very easy. I also liked the look and feel of her neck when it was exposed or just a bit stubbly, but that did not last much more than a week.
We did it in our bathroom and brought a little chair in.  She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and I convinced her to  take her top off so it would not get in the way or get hair all over it. I figured it was worth asking and to my surprised she agreed.  As she was just around the house, she was not wearing a bra, so there she was topless. I could not get over the view, so I took my time.  The fact that she was this comfortable with me was incredible.
By July, Ali’s hair was grown out and needed to be cut again.  Her stylist recommended that she returns every four weeks, but she did not have the time or money for that.  She stretched it to six weeks, but by then it sort of lost its shape and was taking her a bit longer to do in the morning (still way better than before). I do not think we discussed her hair before she went back to her stylist.  She came home and her hair was pretty much the same as the last cut, except a bit longer on the sides and in the back. She had it tidied up and blended with a #2 and #3 guard, so it was still very neat but there was not scalp showing this time.
When she came home, I was happy she had it cut again and was thrilled to see that she was keeping the short style. She was getting used to it as well and by then saw this as how she wanted to look.  She wanted to be taken seriously and like an adult. She would talk about the blonde bimbettes at work and seemed to look down on them.  She explained that there were the admins who did their job, worked hard and lasted and then there were the ones who might be able to type but were mostly there for people to look at.  Most of them either grew up after they started working or did not last much longer than a year.  I was happy that my wife was taken seriously and was not there for people to look at.


August 2010

As the summer went on, Ali continued to gain a bit of weight.  Since she started drinking, it seemed like she was gaining weight a bit faster.  It suited her and I felt like that is who she really was. Unfortunately, she was starting to grow out of her work clothes and wanted to make sure they continued to flatter her.

I tried to cheer her up and we agreed that we would put money aside for her to buy new clothes for work that fit her properly.  She also had to buy non-work clothes. as she could no longer fit into most of the clothes she used to wear.  When she came home from shopping, I noticed that the clothes she bought were more mature and woman like.  It was very apparent that she was maturing and starting to act the part. I also saw that the clothes she bought were a bit bit on her and she seemed to leave some room for growth in the future.  This was her just being practical and trying to make sure that the money she was spending would go a long way. Even the non-work clothes she bought seemed much more mature than what she would have worn when we met.  I did not mind this look and wanted her to be comfortable.

One of her friends was getting married near the end of the month. It was a friend from high school who she stayed in touch with. She bought a cute dress for the wedding that left room for growth.  This was a good idea as we knew that we were at a stage where we would have a lot of weddings coming up. She got her hair done a few days before the wedding and came home with the same short, neat cut. By now, it was not even a big deal that her hair was short and she was just happy to have it neat and easy.

Ali saw a number of people she knew from high school at the wedding and introduced me to many of them.  There were several who did not even recognize her or seemed to do a double take. I am not sure how she felt about this, but it made me think about how much she changed since I had met her 3 and a half years ago. I had to say I liked it and was proud to be married to the women I saw at that wedding.  So many of the girls at the wedding were Ali’s age and still looked juvenile as they tried to look like teenagers. My wife was already grown up and cared more about being her natural self and looking professional. I realized then that I would not want her any other way.

September/October 2010

Time progressed and married life was good to us.  It was a time when we had each other and could enjoy just being together. Ali’s comfort level with me had increased more than I had expected. By now, I would end up tidying up her neck with clippers every two weeks or so.  We both agreed that she looked better without hair growing down her neck below her hairline. She also had me trim her little sideburns as well between cuts. Once we she was letting me do this, she started talking about other places where she uses these clippers to groom.  As her body changed this type of grooming became a bit more of a challenge for her. I offered to help her, with the expectation that she would say no.  To my surprise she was good with the idea.

The first time she had me do it was weird for both of us, but I think she was cooler with it than I was. It was quite a shock that the same women who six months ago would not let me see her without clothes on was now lying on a towel on our bed with her… well you get it.  I am not really comfortable sharing more details like this, but it certainly was a huge change for me. I have spoken to other guys with bigger wives and I understand this is not at all unusual.  At the time however it was exciting for me and made me feel closer to her.  It also became one of my favorite views.

November/December 2010 

The holiday season was fun for us.  It was our first Christmas as a married couple. From Thanksgiving to Christmas we ate and drank more than usual. Her weight gain was noticeable and it seemed like she was considerably bigger than only half a year before when we were married.  I was not complaining.  By this time, I liked her bigger even if she had trouble accepting it at times.

We stayed at her aunt’s house out of town for Christmas. Most family members had not seen her since the wedding.  I guess I had become used to her new look, where for most of her family it was a surprise. She definitely looked more mature and womanly.  It seemed like everyone in her family liked the look for her. Most of the women in her family were big, so her weight seemed to be almost expected. Her hair was a hit as well.  Everyone said that is suited her much better than long hair. t seemed like most women in her family had shorter styles. We talked about her hair when we were together that night and I told her that I hoped she would keep her hair short.  She said that she probably would and figured the only reason to grow it would be if I wanted her to have long hair. She explained that she thought most women grow their hair long to make guys happy.  I am not sure if I agreed, but I did not complain.

Her sister was very pregnant by Christmas and that was a big deal for the family.  She had gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy.  It made me think that my wife would also get much bigger when she is pregnant. I knew it was only a matter of time until she wanted to start trying. I liked the idea of her being a mom, but did not want to rush things.

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  1. Really enjoying all of these episodes. I said before that I like Ali’s attitude to looking smart, mature, grown up. I also think that her stylist was great 🙂 Neat and tidy short cuts are just perfect on busy working wives and mums-to-be 🙂

    1. Thank you. It is good to hear this, as Ali has always been conflicted. She is very self conscious of her appearance and feels at times that she should have long hair like most women. I agree that short hair is better for her.

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