History of My Hair Fetish – 2011

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January/February 2011 

Early in the new year Ali joined a gym with the hope of losing a bit of weight.  I was supportive, as it was good for her health.  Unlike dieting it did not make her miserable.  She had kept her hair around the same length, but had let it grow out a bit.  She seemed to like it being short and easy, but was always self-conscious of it being too short and boyish. I preferred it when it was neater, but she was more comfortable with a bit more length to make it look more girly.

As Ali was not very confident about her looks, she seemed worried all the time about being seen as different.  She was concerned that short hair would make her look like a guy.  This was far from true, as she had a very feminine body and face. Having a bit of extra weight made her look even more feminine in my opinion.  She still never seemed to be content with her appearance.  I wanted to change this, but could not.  Instead, I focused on letting her know how much I adored her.

Around the same time, she started to buy new clothes that actually fit her.  As she was getting rid of her old clothes, it was a bit of a recognition that she knew she was never going back to being 130 lbs or even 160 lbs for that matter. I was happy that she was accepting who she was and who she would be in the future.

March/April 2011

By the end of the winter, Ali cancelled her gym membership as she was not using it and wanted to save the money. She decided that she would start walking to get a bit of exercise.  I was good either way and was not surprised when she made that decision. I  do not think it made much of a difference with her weight.

She was busy at work and seemed to be doing well there.  She took work very seriously and still tried to look good for work every day. She was now keeping her hair a bit longer in sort of a longer pixie style, so she was spending a bit more time in the bathroom getting ready every morning.  It was still way less time than when her hair was long.  She always tried to look neat and professional for work.  I think she was a good worker and valued by her company.

We had a trip planned in May to celebrate our one year anniversary.  We were driving down the gulf coast near Pensacola and renting a condo with the friends from Alabama who we met on our honeymoon.  We were excited to get away and to see our friends. My wife even got a two piece bathing suit for the trip, which excited me.

May 2011

Our trip to the gulf was great.  Having so much time together was fun and relaxing.  It was our first trip since the honeymoon and we needed it. We rented a condo with our friends right on the gulf. Our friends only lived a few hours away, so they knew the area and had been there before.

I was surprised to see our friends and how they had changed over the past year.  He had gotten heavier and now had a beard.  She looked entirely different.  She must have gained  around 25 lbs and was looking pretty round.  The look was cute on her. When I hugged her I could barely get my arms around her. Her hair was also very different.  She had a wedge/bowl sort of cut that was thick and a blunt cut on top with a weight line well above her ears.  She had thick hair so it suited her. Her hair below the weight line was evenly clipped very short. It looked like it was recently done and her scalp was showing. It also showed sort of rolls on her neck which I found attractive.

My wife loved how she looked and was super supportive of her short hair.  Her friend explained that she got the confidence to chop her hair after seeing my wife’s cut last year.  That made her feel so good. I asked her husband after if he was okay with her look and I learned that he was a big fan  He liked her big and said in bed, the bigger, the better. He also did not mind her hair and commented that he liked his wife looking like a married women.  I had not thought of short hair that way before, but understood what he meant. He told me that with the cut she has now, he clips her hair on a regular basis and she only goes to her hairdresser every couple months. Like us, they were happy to save a bit of money.

I felt good knowing that other couples were similar to us. They had a very strong attraction to each other, as we learned by sharing a place with them for a week.  There were times when they kept us up at night. It was great seeing my wife in a bikini on the trip and having the confidence to be on a beach with her belly showing.  Of course, on that beach there were many women who were bigger than she was. She also must have gainer a few pounds that week alone.  She was constantly eating and drinking. Her friend was a beer drinker, so she drank with her quite a bit.

After a week, we were sad to go home and were already talking about doing the same thing next year.

June/July 2011

Ali got a promotion at work that summer and was doing very well.  She took her job very seriously and was much more senior than many other staff who were around her age.  It was important for her to seem older at work. She always made sure she looked very professional for work.  Her weight was not an issue, but how she dressed and wore her hair a makeup made a difference.

She knew that she was not going to look like a super model, but always wanted to look neat and respectful.  She would never go out with her hair looking messy.  Either she would spend time blowing out and styling her hair or wear a hat if she ever had to go out before doing that.  I found that cute and also liked seeing her hair messy in the morning before she got ready. I tried to let her know that she looked fine that way, but she did not believe me.

One good thing with her always trying to keep her hair looking good was that she would rarely go more than 5  or 6 weeks without going to get her hair trimmed. There were times when Ali would consider growing her hair out and would give up within a few weeks, as it made her hair unruly.  I would always breathe a sigh of relief when she would tell me she was giving up on growing her hair and had booked another appointment.

August 2011 

We were at a stage in our life were it seemed there was a wedding to go to every few months.  As fun as it was, it was expensive.  She could not afford to get a new dress for each wedding so she wore the two formal dresses that she had.  By now, both were pretty tight on her.  I liked the look, but felt a bit bad as the dressers were not comfortable for her to wear.  She knew that she had to buy a new dress for one of her best friend’s wedding in October where she was in the a wedding party, so she held off and managed to squeeze into the dress she had.

Ali wanted to grow her hair a bit longer for the wedding in late September, but knew that she would not be able to get it very long by that time.  Her stylist understood, even if she did prefer shorter styles on Ali.  She suggested that Ali grows the length on top, but still keeps the sides and back neat.  I was happy about this, as I liked her hair neat in the back.  Since she first started with short hair, her stylist would always keep the hairline tidy and even.  To do this, she would clip it a bit higher than her natural hairline.  Ali liked this as it made her neck look longer and her face looked thinner.  I liked kissing her neck.

We started to talk about having kids around that time.  We decided that she would go off birth control in the fall and we would just see how it goes but not get stressed over it.  I wanted kids, but still was in no rush.  I knew it would change things for us and make work different for her. I suspected that Ali would end up getting much bigger when she got pregnant. Her sister only lost a bit of weight after she had her second child and was now much bigger than she had been.

September 2011

Ali was in a wedding party that month, so she got a new dress that fit her well.  She looked great in the wedding party. Her hair had been gradually growing out over the summer, so she had it set in curls.  It was now a longer pixie style, so there was enough length for her to have it set.  I liked the curls on her and it sort of reminded me of the short perm she had when she was growing her hair out a few years back. All of the women in the wedding party had their hair and makeup done professionally, so they looked great.

It seemed like a few of Ali’s friends were starting to keep their hair a bit shorter.  A few were starting to get bigger as well.  This seemed to start with many of her friends after they got married and decided to let nature take its course. Of the women in the wedding party she was in, a few had already started to get bigger.  There was one other women with short hair in the wedding party, but she was a bit older and was already a mom.  Her friend who was getting married was still pretty thin and had hair that was mid-back length.

October 2011

After the wedding Ali started to talk about cutting her hair again and complaining about how much work it was when it was longer. I was happy to hear this and asked what she was thinking of doing. She said that she was not sure and might consider getting suggestions from her stylist.  She said that when she had done that in the past, she ended up with short hair that she might not have liked at first but eventually came to appreciate. I brought up the cut she got before we were married and how she got used to it.

Ali explained that her cut in 2009 was the first time she actually liked short hair.  She then told me about her first experience with really short hair.  Although I knew she had short hair in her teens, I had never heard why or how she ended up with short hair. I usually avoided meaningful talk about hair with Ali, as I did not want to seem weird to her.  I knew that when I started to talk about hair I became a bit obsessed and my fixation with hair might come out. This time however I let her talk and asked a few questions to keep her talking.

Ali told me that she had kept her hair longer until she was about 12 or 13.  Around this time, she started to gain weight with the onset of adolescence. Her mom and stylist both told her that shorter hair would look better, so her stylist cut her hair into a chin length bob.  For the next few years, she would pretty much go from chin length to shoulder length bobs. Her stylist would usually go shorter in the summer and even took it shorter than chin length for a few cuts.  Ali said having it bobbed did not bother her that much and she liked it being easy. She said that she never asked for her hair to be shorter, but did not object either when her mom and stylist would suggest cutting a little more.

She said that when she was 15 her stylist went shorter near the end of the school year and gave her a bob that was around lip length where for the first time it was clipped in the back.  Ali said that she was okay with it being like that and had a few friends who also had bobs.  Her mom liked her hair shorter and when she took Ali back for a trim during the summer, she suggested trying a shorter style.  Ali said she did not really want it any shorter but did not say anything and figured it would not be anything that different. Her stylist agreed with her mom and said that she had the perfect cut in mind that was very popular. Without saying anything more, she just started cutting.

Ali explained that her stylist started from the back and worked forward.  She did not really know how much she was taking off, but it felt like she was lifting her hair in the back with a comb and cutting it right at the comb.  She said she noticed lots of hair falling but did not really feel like there was much she could say or do. By the time she worked her way to cutting the sides over her ears, Ali saw how short she was going but knew that there was nothing she could do so she just let her keep cutting. Her stylist then cut her hair on top well over her ears into a wedge style with feathered bangs.

When she thought the cut was over her stylist took out her clippers and said that she was just going to even it out on the sides and the back.  Ali said she froze and really did not want her to do it.  Her mom saw her face and told her that she should not worry. Ali being a shy kid just looked on as her mom told her stylist to go ahead. She ended up with her hair clipped in the back and over her ears.  She said she was devastated and felt like her hair was shorter than most guys she knew.  Hearing her talk about this reminded me of the first serious girlfriend I had who also had short hair.  I thought about sharing this with Ali, but decided not to.

Ali then told me that she began to accept the style and ended up having her first kiss that summer. She said that her mom had her keep it short for a few cuts and she then grew it back to a bob.

November/December 2011 

Around Thanksgiving Ali was planning to cut her hair, which had grown quite a bit.  She had her hair trimmed in October to keep it neat but it seemed to be even longer now. Her hair was still short enough that it did not get in my face when we kissed, but it sort of got in her face.

She was at a stage where it was taking her much more time each morning.  At least now we could share the bathroom while she was getting ready. After our wedding Ali seemed to get comfortable and lost her shyness around me.  She went from her not letting me see her without being dressed, to sharing a bathroom in the morning and not being the least bit shy. By this time, I could walk into the bathroom if she was on the toilet without clothes and she would not even care.  Sorry if that is too much information, but I think many married readers understand.

Before Ali went to her stylist, she asked if I was okay with her going shorter.  I said I was okay with whatever she did and liked the short look on her. I said that if she thought short is better for work, she should do it.  I was hoping she would go back to very short or maybe perm her hair again. I liked her hair easy and out of the way.

Ali came home with her hair back to a short pixie, pretty much like the style she wore after our wedding but not quite as short. It was very neat in the back and short on the sides.  I would guess her hair was well under 2 inches on top.  I loved the short style on her and was happy to see her neck exposed again.  The shorter cut exposed her face and gave her a better look in my opinion. I also was back to trimming her neck every few weeks.

Before Christmas she got it cut again and kept the short style.  I was happy to have a wife who looked like that. I found her to be sexier than ever.


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