History of My Hair Fetish – 2012

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January/February 2012

We started seriously trying to have our first child in the new year.  We were not stressed about it, but thought that it was time.  Her sister already had a child who was almost 4, but most of her friends were not yet at that stage of their lives.  Ali was trying to eat healthy and not drinking alcohol over this time, so she did not get any bigger and may have even lost a few pounds. I thought she looked great and was excited to see what she would look like when she was pregnant. I had no complaints with how her body looked at that time, but the idea of her getting bigger when she was pregnant excited me.

Ali kept her hair about the same length over this time and might have let it grow a bit.  She managed to go to her stylist every 5 weeks to keep her hair looking tidy.  Fortunately, her stylist was pretty inexpensive so this was not a big deal.  I was happy that she was keeping her hair short and out of the way.  I did not say much about it, but appreciated when she came home tidied up.

March/April 2012

After a few months of trying, Ali was still not pregnant.  We were not yet panicking, but she was concerned that it might have been because of her weight.  Her doctor did not think so, so I was not worried.  Although she was now a full figured women, she did not look obese and seemed to carry her weight well.  I never got tired of seeing her body and was very happy that she was now so comfortable around me. So much had changed over the past two years.

We had a trip planned in May to head back to see our friends in Alabama.  We decided that we would take a bit of time off trying for a baby, so she could just enjoy the trip and drink without worrying about whether she may be pregnant.  We planned to drive to our friend’s house, stay there for a couple days and then head down to the gulf with them to stay in the same rental condo as last year.

In the spring, Ali let her hair grow out a bit.  It was still short, but she left a bit more length.  I think she found this more girly looking.  I preferred it shorter and neater, but did not say anything.  She was always sensitive of any comments, so I was careful.  I figured positive reenforcement was better anyhow.

May 2012

In late May we went our of trip to the gulf.  We drove down to our friend’s place for two nights and then would head down to the gulf with them.  I had not seen our friends in a year and was surprised by how much weight she had put on.  I would guess she has gained another 20 pounds since I have last seen her.

The first evening at dinner the topic of weight came up and our friend said that she decided to not fight it and let her body do what was natural.  I knew her husband did not mind and my wife and I both told her it suits her. My wife explained that she had been trying to keep her weight stable in anticipation of getting pregnant.  The topic of hair also came up and the ladies both agreed that they liked their hair short and had gotten used to it.  Ali mentioned that her hair had grown out a bit and she meant to cut it before we went away but did not get a chance to do it.  Her friend said that she was having her husband clean up her undercut before they went away and that he could do my wife’s hair in the back and sides as well.

That night my wife asked if she should let him do her hair, as she suspected it would be clipped short. I told her that liked her hair being really short in the back as it reminded me of how she looked on our honeymoon.  I think she was surprised to hear me say that, as she still thought guys wanted their wives to have long flowing hair. We talked about the cut she had before our honeymoon and she said it was actually fun for vacation.

She let him do her hair the next day when he also cleaned up his wife’s hair.  I was not in their bathroom when he did his wife’s hair, but my wife was there.  When he was done with his wife, her hair was clipped with a #1 guard and she pretty much had her scalp showing.

He did not cut my wife’s hair on the top of her head, but pretty much did an undercut on the sides and back.  It was clipped with a #1 guard, so it was as short in the back as she had it for our honeymoon.  I liked the way it looked and felt.  It also noticed that her hair being that short sort of relieved neck rolls when she would look up.  I found that cute as well.

Our trip to the gulf was amazing and we had fun with our friends.  The romance with my wife continued and I was lucky for it.

June/July 2012

I would not get over how good Ali looked with her hair clipped to a short undercut again in the back and on the sides.  As her hair was a bit thin, scalp showed when it was first cut. I was hoping she would keep it that short for the summer, but let it grow it a bit.  She did not like it too short for work and found a bit of length to be more feminine on her.

I was happy that Ali was now very comfortable in her own skin.  She accepted that she was big and no long tried to fight it.  People were no longer surprised when they saw her, as she had kept a similar look for several years now. No longer did she get people asking, “what happened to your hair” in a less than kind way.  Now most people were used to her hair being short.  The idea of her weighing 125 lbs and having shoulder length curly hair was a distant memory. The more mature look she had was great for her work where she was now senior to many people who were several years older than her.  She liked being treated seriously at work and it helped that she looked a bit older.

August/September 2012

Ali was in a wedding party for her cousin’s wedding in early October.  She wanted to try to lose weight and fit into a dress that she already had from when she was a bit smaller.  Her attempts to lose weight were not successful.  She still enjoyed eating and just could not get into exercise.  I was happy with her body and knew that she would not be skinny.  As time went on, her body became a bit more pear-shaped.  She hated it, but I found it cute on her.

She wanted to get her hair set in curls for the wedding so started growing it out a bit.  By late-summer her hair was all over the place and she was hating the grow out. I would have been happy if she just went short again, but she wanted more to work with and style for the wedding. Her longer hair took up more time for her in the morning, but it was really her business.  I only really noticed by late September when it was long enough to get in my face when we kissed.  Still, it was not my place to complain.  I found her beautiful and knew I was lucky.

It was a good time to be attracted to her, as we were also trying to get her pregnant.  I knew she was starting to stress about this as it had been many months, but I just figured we would keep trying.

October 2012 

Ali managed to fit into the dress she had for the wedding, but barely.  It was very tight on her and certainly showed off her curves/rolls.  She had it taken out a bit in places, but it was still very tight around her lower section.  She did not like it, but I found it sexy on her. She went to her stylist the day of the wedding and ended up doing more than just getting her hair set and styled.  She come home with curly hair.

When I first saw her I thought she just got quite a trim and had it set in curls, but she told me that she decided to perm her hair again. Although it had been growing out for months, it looked pretty short and neat, as the curls were tight. She told her stylist to keep most of the length, so she had curls all around.  Her stylist initially wanted to perm only the top and trim the sides and back short, but she wanted it longer for the wedding. She looked amazing for the wedding and her family loved her style. I loved looking at my wife.

After the wedding, she was happy to have easy hair again.  It took her no time in the morning and stayed out of her face.  It also gave her a mature look that was perfect for work. Although she had a young face, she looked older than 26. I would not have wanted her any other way. Ali’s was late near the end of the month, but we did not get too excited, as this was not unusual for her.

November/December 2012 

It was not until the second week in November that Ali decided the take a pregnancy test.  She had done it before a few times and was very sad and disappointed when it came back negative, so she was sort of afraid to keep checking.  Well this time it came back positive and we learned that she had been carrying for almost a month already.  It was amazing news for both of us. The due date was late June and we were excited.

Even before she even found out she was pregnant, her appetite seemed increase.  She ate bigger breakfasts and never seemed to get full.  I noticed early on but did not say anything.  I was excited that she would probably get much bigger and hoped that she would change, while staying healthy.  She did not suffer morning sickness and felt pretty good in the first little while, although she said she was a bit more tired than usual.  I was excited about the whole process and looked forward to seeing her body change.  We decided that we would not share this news with anyone until the new year, unless she started showing early.

During this time she got her hair trimmed, but kept most of the length as she did not want to cut out the curls she had. Her stylist kept it neat looking, but the curls got bigger over time.  She started to keep a bit more length in the back.  I preferred it a bit shorter, but like usual kept my opinion to myself.

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