History of my Hair Fetish – 2017

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January/February 2017

It was great seeing Ali get back into her normal routine.  She was no longer worried about dieting and seemed happier.  For the first time since our daughter was born, we were back on track to having a healthy love-life.  It was amazing to have her the way she was before.

I noticed as she gained weight that she was going back to some of her old clothes.  I preferred them on her and really thought that they suited her better. Work was also going well for her and she was now a senior admin at her office. We had decided that one child was good for us, so things were really starting to normalize. Her body felt so good to me and I once again looked forward to seeing her without clothes on whenever I could.

She was still blonde, but had been growing out the color.  I could see she was getting sick of dying her hair and was not keeping it up the same way.  I did not mind the color, but felt it was not ideal for Ali.  She kept her length, but started to complain about it more often. I suspected that she would eventually go short again, but did not say anything either way. I figured it was best to let her make the decision when she was ready.

March/April 2017

Over time, Ali seemed to have more confidence.  This was not natural to her, as she always thought of herself as the ugly girl. I did everything I could to make her realize that this was not true, but it was not that easy even after 10 year together.  She continued to gain back the weight that she lost when she dieted and her stomach was starting the hang over her waistline, as it did when she was bigger. Since having our daughter, it seemed like her stomach grew faster and hung differently. Her boobs had a different shape as well, as they were a bit stretched and hung down more than they did when she was younger. Her body had changed over the years, but was still as sexy as ever to me.

For the first time in years we saw our friends from Alabama.  They came to see us this time.  It was great to see them.  She now made my wife look small.  I did not ask, but it looked like she was well over 300 lbs and not much taller than my wife. I kind of liked the look.

I was happy to see that she still kept her hair very short as well. It reminded me of how my wife used to wear her hair and I missed it.  It made me wonder if Ali would look like that eventually. I sort of hoped that she would. Our friend had her hair is a cropped style, shorter than a pixie and very neat looking.  It was faded in the back and a bit longer on the sides but still very little length. Her hair on top was a bit spiky but had enough length that it did not look like a buzz cut.  Although it was was short, it was still feminine on her.  I had to make an effort not to stare, as I knew Ali would pick up on it.

One night her and Ali started talking about her hair and Ali told her how great it still looks.  She said that she has kept it short for years now and doubts she will ever return to longer hair. She mentioned that her husband likes her hair short and neat, so it was not an issue. Ali said that she was jealous and was so tempted to cut her hair short again. Ali said that she liked the change with long hair, but was so sick of it by now. She also she that she really thinks that if she ever cuts her hair again, she will stay short for good.  Ali said how much she missing her hair being wash and go.  I wanted to say something, but I just stayed quiet.  Her friend flat out said that she thought the longer hair was cute, but short hair suited Ali better. I was so happy to hear that come from her, as I knew Ali needed to hear that from other women.

May/June 2017

After spending time with our friends from Alabama it seemed like Ali was again more accepting of being bigger and not looking at her body like it was a bad thing.  I think she could tell from the way that I looked at her friend that I really liked her look.  I doubt I was able to hide it well.  I also liked how she embraced her size for what it was and did not try to fight it. Her friend wore clothes that showed her rolls and did not try to hide behind long hair like many bigger woman do.

We talked about it a while after they left and I was open with my wife about my feelings and how it was not important to worry about what everyone else thought. Ali asked me what I thought of her friend’s hair and I told her how much I liked it on her.  Ali asked what I would think if she cut her hair like that and I told her that it would remind me of her hair on our honeymoon. She said that the first few times she went short she always hated it but then got used to it and felt like it suited her.  She also said that she now associated her short hair with major changes in her life and becoming an adult. Her big chops seemed to coincide with life changes like her first serious job, marriage and being a mom.

I agreed and said that I thought she was meant to have short hair. She smiled and said that she bet I did not feel that way in 2009 when I first saw hair with very short hair. She recalled that she remembered being afraid for me to she her when she first cut it and thought I would break up with her when I saw her looking like that.  I told her that I liked it even then. She asked me what I thought when I first saw her like that. Instead of hiding my feelings for her hair like I usually do, I answered honestly and said that when I saw her that day it was one of the first times I realized I was looking at my future wife.  I am not sure if she believed me when I said that, but it was the absolute truth.

I think our talk made Ali a bit more comfortable about her size and look.  She still wore clothes to sort of hide her weight and kept her hair longer. I figured she would eventually end up going shorter again.

Around this time she also started coloring her own hair. I was happy about this as it was not as expensive and it looked better than when the blonde had really grown out. It did not look perfect and the color was a bit different where it had been done professionally. It was still around shoulder length and she would complain about it, but still did not want to cut it off again.

July/August 2017

Ali continued to put on more weight at a gradual pace.  The pounds returned, as her body was catching up from her dieting.  It showed more in her face and her rear was returning to what I was used to. I was happy that she was growing and found her sexier as time progressed.  She also felt better to me when I held her.  I much preferred her body being soft and I looked forward to intimate time together. She was still wearing clothes from when she had lost weight, so they were tight on her.  That was also a look that I liked.

I was now used to her hair being longer and accepted that this is what she wanted for the time being.  I missed her short hair when her long hair would get in the way when we were together. At times like those, I hoped she would go short again. Her mom was on her case about cutting her hair and looking neater. Many times I wanted to agree with her mom and suggest that she tried going shorter, but I was always scared to say anything.  I still liked hearing her mom encourage her to cut her hair again.

September/October 2017 

As Ali gained her weight back, I was thrilled with how she was looking and feeling.  Her boobs were still growing and were back to hanging the way they used to.  She was pretty round all over and was showing more rolls in her mid-section.  I had missed these.  I still missed her having short hair and hoped that she was cut it again soon.

Ali’s hair was now long enough to wear up, so it was almost always in a ponytail. I liked this look better than when it was down.  She booked an appointment with her stylist and I was hoping it would be for a real cut, not just a trim. She did not bring up changing her hair before the appointment, so I did not say anything.  She came home after the appointment and to my disappointment, she only trimmed her hair.  It was now a bit above her shoulders, but to me still long.

The next day I brought up her hair and asked if she was happy with it.  She said she was not sure. She told me that her stylist again suggested a shorter style, but Ali was just not ready to part with her hair. Again, she mentioned that she thought that if she cuts her hair again this time she will probably keep it short.  In the end, she agreed to have her trim a couple inches. Ali was not entirely happy with the length as it was now a bit too short to wear up without parts falling out.  As a result, she needed to wear clips or pin it up and spend more time on her hair in the morning. I sort of liked hearing Ali complain about what a pain it was, as I figured it meant she was tempted to cut it shorter again.

November/December 2017

At this stage Ali’s weight gain started to tapper off a bit.  Her weight was around what I think is her natural size, so she could eat what she wanted and not gain much more weight.  Her goal now was not to diet, but rather to stablize her weight.  I was thrilled for her to be around this size and supported her decision. She was still trying to wear the clothes that fit her when she lost weight, but they were getting very tight on her.  It seemed like she wore her bigger clothes for work and tried to fit into her tighter clothes when we went out.  Around the house, it was still usually a t-shirt and underwear.  Thankfully, she was no longer even a little bit shy around me.  It is amazing how much things changed over 10 years.

By this time, many of her friends were also full figured.  Many were now moms and had bodies that showed it.  This made her more comfortable and she did not think of herself as the “fat girl” anymore.  One thing that was different between her and her friends was that most of their husbands hated that their wives were gaining weight. I did not complain. She was happy for this and appreciated that I liked the way she naturally looked. Ali also now had hair that was longer than many of her friends who went for the mom-chop after having kids.  When I saw this it made me hope that she would cut her hair again soon.

Her hair had grown out again to shoulder length and really did not suit her all that well.  She had toyed with the idea of cutting it short again for months but kept putting it off. She felt like she put so much into growing it out that cutting it again would be giving up. I did not agree, but knew that it was best for her to make the decision that short hair was best.  I never wanted her to feel like I was telling her how to look. To be fair, I also did not love the color, but did not say anything either way.

A bit before Thanksgiving Ali said she had booked an appointment and thought that she was ready to finally cut her hair. I tried not to seem excited and asked what she was thinking.  She said she was fed up and thought that it was time to go shorter again. I asked what she had in mind and she said she was not sure but wanted it to be easier to manage.  I then asked if she would leave it up to her stylist and Ali said that she did not want to as she knew she would cut it very short. I felt like telling her how much I liked the very short styles that she had, but instead kept my opinion to myself.

I was excited the day she was going to get it cut and could not sleep in the morning. Before we had to get one of bed, one thing led to another. While we were together, I was thinking what Ali would end up doing with her hair and whether this might be the last time I am with someone with long hair. I hoped the next time I was with her, she would have her hair shorter than mine.  I did not share my feelings.

I could not wait to see her when she got home from her stylist.  When she returned, she had what I would call a long pixie cut. It was cut above her her ears but still had length on the sided. Her bangs were almost to her eyebrows and she had quite a bit of length on top. Her stylist left it longer in the back as well so it covered part of her neck. I was happy to see her with shorter hair, but felt like a shorter pixie suited her better.  I told her I loved it and that she looked amazing.

She was okay with the cut, but found it to still be quite a bit of work in the morning. That is the thing with longer short hair and why I think many women end up going very short over time.  After a few days, I asked about her hair and she said that she was getting used to it, but it felt like as much work as when it was longer.  I asked why she kept it longer and she said that when she was getting it cut she was tempted to let her stylist crop it, but she wanted to keep a bit of length to avoid a major shock. She then said that she could always go shorter next time.  That got me thinking.


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