History of My Hair Fetish – 2018 to 2019

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Here is the next instalment of the history of my hair fetish. It continues to focus on my wife and her hair. Enjoy.

January/February 2018

As time passed, my wife became more and more comfortable with who she naturally was.  As she began to embrace her appearance.  This included her weight.  She stopped trying to find clothes that made her look thinner.  This made me happy and seemed to make her more confident.

Ali continued to wear the longer pixie style.  She seemed to prefer having some length and keep her hair girly looking. I think she still felt pressure to keep some length.  The pressure was not coming from me and I missed her keeping her hair shorter. I did not say much about it, as I wanted her to make her own decisions. Although she wanted more length, she would complain about how much more work it was.  I would feel like suggesting that she goes shorter, but I figured it is better not to say anything and let her decide on her own time.

She also continued to color her own hair.  I was not a huge fan of the blonde, as it just did not seem natural on her.  Because she was doing it at home, it was a bit of an orangey blond color. I like blonde hair on some women, but Ali’s natural color just seemed to suit her better.  I did miss her hair being its natural color and looking neater.  As she always liked her hair being easy, I figured she would probably go back to her natural color eventually.

March/April 2018 

Ali continued to keep the longer pixie and got her hair trimmed less frequently.  This saved money, but meant more daily maintenance for her.  She was taking longer to get ready each morning and seemed to always be rushing to get to work on time.  She did make her hair look good most mornings but I really could not figure out what required so much time. On some weekend days she would not do her hair, it stuck up and looked a bit messy.  It was rare to see her like this and it really showed why it required more work to look good.

In April she started complaining about her hair again and mentioned that she wants a change.  I was thrilled to hear this, but did not want to seem too excited. I asked what she was thinking to do and she said she just wants it easier.  I asked why it is not easy now and she explained that as soon as it gets longer it takes much more work.  She does not like it in her face, so it takes more product and styling to keep it looking right.

I asked her if she had discussed it with her stylist and whether she could suggest anything to make it easier.  Ali said she was afraid to bring up the topic, as she knew her stylist would tell her to go shorter.  She said that she would then probably end up cutting it shorter whether she asked her to or not. She explained that as soon as her stylist detected that she wanted shorter hair, it usually meant that she would get scissor happy.

In response to what Ali said, I asked what is wrong with short hair and she said that she just thought long hair looks better on her and she liked the change.  I let her know that I always liked her hair short. It was funny that when we talked about her hair after all these years, short did not mean a bob or long pixie, but rather cropped short. Long hair now meant anything that would cover her ears. When we were talking, I could tell  that she was getting the idea of cutting her hair shorter again. I did not want to push it and figured I should be patient and let her make her own choices.

May/June 2018 

By this time my wife was more or less totally accepting being a bigger woman.  It did not seem like she had any desire the diet anymore.  She may have put on a few pounds but was not huge by any means. I suspect I was the only one who noticed.  Much like her having shorter hair, she knew I was good with her body type and was happy that I was not the type of husband who tried to change her. She now knew how to dress for her body, so this was not a challenge to her anymore. Once her weight stabilized, it was easier to buy clothes that suited her.

Ali kept her hair around the same length. Each time she would go to her stylist, I sort of thought that she would come home with very short hair, but it did not happen. Around this time, she stopped coloring it and let the roots grow out naturally. I was happy that she did that and hoped that she would eventually go back to brown hair. Still, I kept my opinion to myself.

July/August 2018 

Life for us and our relationship had slowly improved since our very difficult period a few years back.  She was now comfortable around me and in my opinion comfortable with who she was as well. We still had a healthy attraction to each other and I still loved seeing her without clothes on. When I talked with other friends who had been married for this many years, I learned that this was not a given. I also still loved our intimate time together.  I wish there was more of it, but it was special for both of us when it did happen.

By mid-summer she had grown out the blonde a bit and had decided that she was ready to return to her natural color.  Her hair looked a bit odd as there was around an inch of brown hair at the roots.  I did not bring up her hair, but eventually she asked what I thought she should do.  I did not want to say much, but let her know that she did not have to keep her hair long for me. She seemed relieved and said that she was thinking to either color it dark brown or just try to let her stylist cut out most of the blonde.  I liked the second idea more, but did not want to be pushy about it. I said that I liked her natural color and thought it might be easier if she did not have to color it anymore.

She was not sure what to do and said that she did not want to let her stylist go so short that she looked like a boy. With her face shape and generous female features, she could never look masculine.  I told her that she had never looked even a little boyish, even when her hair was very short. I could tell she believed me when I said this.

When Ali left to get her hair cut, I was hoping she would come back with much shorter hair. It seemed like forever before she returned from her stylist.  When she did, I was incredibly pleased.  Once again, I had a wife with very short hair.  Her stylist left enough length on top to keep the blonde, but took the sides and back very short so all of the blonde was cut out.  As always, I liked a bit of change as well.  I did not say much at the time, but that might she could tell I liked it.  I was playing with the little hair she had left in the back when we were in bed and she asked if I was okay with her going that short. I told her I was and loved how it was no longer in the way when we kissed. She laughed and then said that she actually felt more like herself with it short again.  I was delighted to hear this and made sure that I sent a clear message that night.  There was no better way to let her know how much I liked her hair like this.

September/October 2018

Ali got many compliments with her hair being shorter.  This made her feel good about herself and she felt like she made the right decision.  I was happy to have her neck exposed once again.  Unlike before when she would waiver over cutting her hair short and have regrets after, she now just accepted it and liked it being easier. Every couple weeks she would have me trim her neck to keep it even.  That is the most I got to cut.

The cut also seemed to suit her body type.  Ali continued to gradually gain weight in a way that was natural.  She was happy to enjoy eating and not worry that much if she gainer a few pounds.  Over time, her body type seemed to suit her more. The days of people not recognizing her due to her shorter hair and bigger frame were pretty much gone.  At work it seemed like many of her co-workers were as big as she was and several also kept their hair on the shorter side.  She would still be sensitive when people would comment about her weight, but was more comfortable in dealing with those comments than she used to be.

November/December 2018 

The holidays were good for our family.  Ali, like usual, enjoyed cooking and there was plenty of food around.  Ali was always able to pack it in when she was hungry, but tried to control herself.  There were times when she decided she was going to eat whatever she wanted and it would be amazing how much she could eat .  I was supportive and wanted her to feel comfortable eating what she wanted.  Her family also thought she looked good.  Most of the women in her family were shaped similar to her, so it was expected.  Her sister was also gaining back most of her weight.  I thought it made her sister look better as well. Her sister now wore her hair long.

Right before Christmas, my wife let her stylist take her shorter. This was a surprise to me as we had not even discussed it.  Since she went back to the pixie style and cut out all of the blonde, her stylist had been pushing her to go even shorter again.  Her stylist reduced the length to not much more than an inch on top, so it was back to being close to a cropped style.  Her stylist took the sides and back very short, so they were back to being clipped.  She did not color her hair at all and for the first time I noticed some grey hairs.  I did not say anything and thought her hair suited her better when it was short and neat.

January/February 2019 

Ali kept the short style over the winter and seemed to just like it that way.  She would get her hair cut around every 4 or 5 weeks and just come home with it neat and out of the way.  She knew I loved how she looked and could not really care about what others thought.  I loved her this way and did not want her to change.  It also seemed like she was happier when she was not worrying about her hair all the time.

In February, I ended up driving her to her stylist as we had things to do after that.  She told me to come in with her and wait as she would be fast. I always felt a bit uncomfortable seeing her like this, but agreed.  It had been a long time since I saw her get her hair cut and tried to seem uninterested.  Her stylist knew that she was in a rush, so she just started cutting her hair. It seemed like her stylist did not even ask what she was doing. I could see Ali was used to it and did not even react when the clippers come out.

I know there are many guys who would have absolutely dreaded seeing their wives have their hair clipped down to a 1/4 of an inch. I liked it, but tried not to look too excited.  Her stylist asked if I was used to Ali’s hair being short and I said that I was used to it by the time we got home from our honeymoon.  She commented that many husbands just need a bit of time to adjust.  She explained that many of her clients have husbands who hate short hair at first, but within a few years are used to it.  She said that by 10 years of marriage, most husbands like their wives with short, neat and easy hair.  I am not sure if all of my friends would agree, but I did not argue.

March/April 2019 

Some time in the early spring, we were in bed one morning and my wife brought up her appearance.  This was very rare for her to talk about this. She asked if I thought she looked old for her age. As she was heavy set and now kept her hair very short, so she definitely no longer looked like a teenager. She also dressed in a mature way and had an overall adult look.

I explained that I did not think so and felt like she just looked like she was herself and not still trying to be a kid.  I said I liked her this way and would not want her to change.  We talked about how she first started looking more mature 10 years ago when she first had her hair cut very short and put on some weight.  We agreed that this was the right look for her and it really suited her better.  It also helped her at work back then.  By now, she was more senior at work and did not have to make an effort to look older anymore. She said that she found it still helped younger women if they made an effort to look more mature and professional. The discussion ended by me making it very clear how much I liked the way she looked and that I did not want her any other way.

May/June 2019

Around this time, Ali decided that she wanted a bit of a change to her hair.  She considered different opinions and eventually decided she was ready for blonde highlights. I was happy that she chose that, as I was worried that she would want to just grow it out to change things up. I know she was also considering going back to curly hair, which would be a significant change.

She was worried about the cost, but it really was not that expensive.  Her stylist was very reasonable and she knew that she would charge less as her stylist would only a highlighting a bit over an inch of her. Ali showed me photos of what she had in mind and it was pretty much the same cut she now had, but highlighted blonde on top.  Her hair in the back and on the sides would remain brown. I had seen this look on other women and liked it.  She could tell that I was supportive.

I was thrilled when she came home from her stylist with blonde hair on top.  She called it highlights, but it really looked all blonde to me. It was a good color on her and a lighter blonde than what she had when she was coloring her own hair.  It was not as orangey and suited her well. The blonde was only only on top and the sides and back were cut short and still her natural brown.  It was a perfect style for her and I just hoped that she would keep it.

July/August 2019

Ali kept the same style over the summer and was good about keeping her hair neat and trimmed.  As time went on, she got better at going to her stylist regularly and maintaining her hair.  This meant it looked better most days and took her less time in the morning. One issue with her hair staying short with the highlights is that they did not last too long until they were cut out. She would get her highlights done, the next cut her hair would end up about half highlighted and the cut after that meant she got most of it cut out except for the tips that stayed light. For me, I was happy that she kept the length neat over the summer.

September/October 2019 

Ali ended up getting her hair highlighted again around Labor Day.  She left a bit more length just still had her stylist keep it very short in the back and on the sides.  She was also keeping her hairline in the back even. This looked great and elongated her neck. No complaints from me.

In late September, Ali got laid off work.  It came as a shock, as work had been going well for her. The division she worked in was eliminated and due to down-sizing they did not have any other positions for her. She was told that if they could find her something else, they would hire her back. We relied on her income and were in a bit of trouble if she could not find another job.

She became depressed about losing her job and lacked the motivation to try to find another job right away. She stayed around the house and started eating more. She tried to control herself, but did not make the same effort that she normally did.  As a result, she started eating much bigger portions. There were times when she would really go to town to the point that it even surprised me.

I knew that she always had the ability to eat pretty massive amounts of food, but she rarely seemed to eat this much before.  She told me that she has been like that since her teens, but was always embarrassed to eat a lot in front of people. She was also always trying to at least watch her weight so she never ate as much as she wanted to.  She was now comfortable enough around me to eat as much as she wanted to sometimes. I sort of liked seeing it as it was a sign that she was comfortable around me.

After getting laid off, Ali did not do much with her hair and it was just messy some days.  She did not go back to get it cut or highlighted and by the end of October it was not looking as good as it had.

November/December 2019

The holidays were a bit stressful this year as our finances were tight.  My wife found a temporary job working retail for the holidays.  She did not like it, but it meant that there was still a bit of money coming in. She was not really looking for other office jobs and had seemed to have given up for the time.  I did not want to say anything, as it would just make the situation worse.

Being off work and a bit depressed, her eating continued.  I noticed she was eating more and not really caring the way she used to.  It was a bit of a surprise, but I knew that it was a rough time for her.  She did not put the same amount of time into looking presentable and she just did not seem to care the same way.  I liked how she looked no matter what, but I did think her hair looked better when she styled it and had it trimmed frequently.  With hair that short, a few months of growing out made a very significant difference.

She gained more weight over the holidays and it seemed like her depression and binge eating went together. She seemed to be eating much more and it was showing on her. She even got a few comments from family when we saw everyone for the holidays. A bit before Christmas Ali finally went to get her hair cut. We did not discuss it before and I did not want to raise the subject. She came how with her hair very short again. It was back to a neat short pixie and her stylist cut out all of the highlights.  I was now used to her having very short hair, but this cut seemed a little harsher on her. It may have also been from her weight gain that it gave her a bit of a different look.

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