Holly, Hazel and Hayley’s Punishment Haircuts

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As the three popular blondes at school, Holly, Hazel and Hayley were constant eye-turners in their high school. They were best known for their curly, calf-length strawberry-blonde hair, bubbly attitudes, and good figures.


However, everything was ok. That is until their parents saw their report cards.

The girls had each had C’s, D’s and even a couple F’s! Her mother decided that haircuts were in order!


The teens winced at the word “haircut”; because she used to give them horrible haircuts as kids, due to the small amount of money she got at work.


Their Mother then called the nearest barbershop: “Maj. Bowie’s Army Barbershop for Bad Kids” and booked an appointment for them tomorrow @11:00AM. They overheard this and had trouble falling asleep that night.



The next morning, their Mom set the alarm clocks for 9:30AM and told them to be downstairs and ready by 10:30AM. They all got dressed in casual clothes: T-shirts/short dresses, jeans/tights and sneakers, ate breakfast and left @10:20AM.



After a half-hour drive, they arrived the barbershop. They got out of the car and got inside.


When they got inside, they saw five chairs with boys and girls getting haircuts. Each barber had a station covered with Armed Forces medals and ribbons. The barbers each had little hair up top and no facial hair. They also had dog tags, a camouflage shirt, dark-green pants and black combat boots on.



After a boy got up from his Induction Cut, he asked who’s next. Hayley took a deep breath and got into the chair. Even though, she got the better grades on the report card, so she decided to go to show that she shouldn’t be afraid.



The barber’s name was Damien. He put clips in her hair, then put a strip of tissue and a black-and-white pinstriped cape. He started combing her hair when he asked what haircut they want. Hayley said she wants something short. Damien agreed and told her she’d be getting something short, but still feminine.

Damien picked up Wahl Clippers, put on a #6 guard and started on Hayley’s right side. Hayley’s sat there, hoping she wouldn’t get a Crewcut or a Flattop. As Hayley was being shorn, Damien turned the chair as he was starting to shave the back. Long ringlets of ginger and blonde fell onto the cape and the white-tiled floor underneath the chair.

He then started to make a fade near the top of the uneven portion of hair by switching to the #4 guard, which he used the Clipper-Over-Comb technique to clean up. Damien took a pair of shears and a comb to create the top part of the haircut. He then sprayed Hayley’s hair, combed the top and started cutting four-inch clumps of hair using the Scissor-Over-Comb technique.

Damien then combed the hair toward the front and thinned it out as he did it. He called it “the Comb ‘n’ Slice” technique. He finally took out a bit of product and used his comb to spread it in Hayley’s hair.


He then spun her around towards the mirror and showed her the back. She got a Semi-Short Pixie with Short Faded Sides. She was uncapped and her mother thought it was a little short in her opinion. But if Hayley was happy, she was happy.



Damien’s friend, Reese was ready for his next customer. This meant Holly and Hazel had to go together to get a haircut.

They sat next to each other in the chairs. Damien and Reese asked their Mom what they should do. She thought and said something that would make sure they actually work in school.

They were covered in a strip of tissue and olive-green capes, while the two barbers nodded and took their Oster clippers. The next thing the blondes knew, the clippers went straight down the middle of the two girls’ skulls. Damien was shearing Holly like an Army recruit, while Reese had a #2 guard on the clippers that he was shaving Hazel with. They both took short, fast passes that caused blonde hair to rain down.

After they put the clippers away, Damien and Reese both took shaving cream and put a thin amount on their heads. They sharpened their straight razors and slowly shaved the remaining 1/8th-1/16th of an inch off.

After wiping away the excess shaving cream, they were turned around and saw two girls with no hair. They looked like boys!


Holly and Hazel were uncapped, and Mom paid for their haircuts. They left the barbershop and drove home.

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