Honoring our deal

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My boyfriend and I had different tastes than most people. I preferred my boyfriend to keep his hair long and he preferred me to keep my hair very short. So we had an agreement a long time ago that if the other person would do what the other preferred then it would be reciprocated by the other. Tit for tat. Well recently I decided I wanted to grow my hair out and didn’t have it cut for a while. My boyfriend noticed this change.

It was a lazy Saturday so we were sitting on the couch under a blanket watching TV and he had his arm around me as I was comfortably snuggled close to him. He ran his hand through my hair which was still pretty short and said, “it’s getting a little long and scruffy isn’t it. We’re going to have to take you for a haircut, babe.”

Did he just call me scruffy? What the fuck?

I just casually said, “I’m thinking about just growing it out long again. Save some money on haircuts. Try something new.”

BF “Since when did you decide to do this?”

The tone in his voice was different when he spoke this time. His voice was more stern and serious.

“For about a month I guess. It’s starting to get cooler outside and the summer heat is gone so now I can grow out my hair to keep me warm this winter.”

BF “Wear a hat. It’s not like you work outside or spend alot time outdoors in the winter anyway. Why didn’t you say anything about this decision to me?”

He was not happy about this as he had removed his arm from around me and moved over on the couch away from me forcing me to sit up. He now looked me directly in the eyes waiting for my answer to his question.

“Well I figured you would just notice it getting longer and kinda realize what was I doing. Didn’t know I had to tell you my every thought. And do I really need to give you reason why I want to grow my hair?”

His face now had an angry scowl on it. He took the blanket off himself and threw it all on to me. He was slowly distancing himself from me.

BF “You don’t have to tell me every thought in your head but for certain decisions you should at least ask my opinion. And yes I would like a reason for why you are letting your hair grow long.”

“Why should I ask your opinion on it when I already know what you’re going to say. You want me to keep it short. It’s no secret. And I gave you reason. I want to try something new. I want it longer for the winter months. I want to do it because I feel like it. Isn’t that reason enough?”

He got off the couch now getting further from me. He went to the fridge and got a beer. He drank it straight down then walked back to the couch and stood over me.

BF “My opinion should be at least valued enough to ask even if you think that my mind is made up. But I see your mind is set on your decision as well. We had a deal that we both agreed to if you remember ,right?”

“Fine baby, what is your opinion on me growing out my hair? Is that better? Now you can tell how me you don’t want me to. What deal was that?”

BF “Your sarcasm is very subtle. And while you’re valuing my opinion now you can also fix that barn door after the horse has run away. And the deal was as long as you kept your very short for me I would keep my hair long for you. It seems like you want to end the deal.”

“We made that deal while we were drinking one night right after I got my long hair cut off short. You said you liked my new haircut and I should keep it short. I said I would if your kept hair long. And we’ve just been doing that since. I didn’t know it was a contract written in blood.”

BF “It was an agreement or at least a mutual decision between the 2 of us. Are you going to honor your half of the deal or not?”

This was getting stupid. He was just pressuring me to get my hair cut and it was pissing me off. I’d had enough. Truthfully if he asked me nicely earlier and not called me scruffy I probably would’ve got it cut next week.

“No I’m not going to because it should be my choice if I wanna grow my hair long again. That was just a goofy little joke between the 2 of us. OK so let’s drop it and enjoy the weekend together.”

My boyfriend grabbed his keys and started to head for the door.

“Where are you going, baby? It’s just a little argument so please don’t go. I’m not mad at you. Sit back down and we can talk or watch TV together.”

BF “Oh no, I’m not leaving because we had an argument, sweetie. I am going out to find a barbershop so I can get all my hair shaved off. I know what your opinion is so I don’t need to ask. It’s just something I feel like I want to do. I’ll see you when I get back.”

He started heading for the door. I got up off the couch and told him to wait. I didn’t want to give into him but wanted to call his bluff. He wasn’t going to do this. He was waiting for me to agree to a haircut.

“Wait up, I want to go with you. It’ll be boring sitting around the house all alone so let me get some clothes on.”

BF “OK but hurry up. It’s getting late.”

I got my clothes on then brushed my hair back so it was kinda poofy on top and off my face real quick then met him back in the living room. Then we went out to the car. We drove up past a McDonald’s and I asked if we could get some food. He said we don’t have time right now but maybe afterwards. He was really selling this.

“There it is just up there. Looks like they are still open. Only one car. Hopefully I won’t have to wait.”

We pulled into the parking lot. It was a very small white building that simply said Barbershop on the outside. My boyfriend told me he’d be back in a little bit. I said I want to come with him. I wanted to see how far he was willing to go with this bluff. I figured he would go inside and come back out saying they were closing. So now I’m forcing his hand. He told me to come on. I got out of the car and walked with him to the door. We went inside.

Inside of the shop was so small and only had one barber chair. There was a bench along the wall for waiting customers with a table that had numerous hunting magazines on it and the walls had numerous pictures of guys haircuts hanging on them. It smelled of disinfectant and tobacco. I walked behind my boyfriend kind of clinging onto his arm like I was hiding from something. How far was my boyfriend going to go with this?

BARBER “How you 2 doing tonight? You got here just in time because I close in 10 minutes. Let me shut off the open sign and lock the door so I don’t have any stragglers coming in after you. Don’t worry though I got the time to fit you.”

The barber was locking us in. How was my boyfriend planning on getting out of this bluff now? What if he isn’t bluffing? What if he is planning on cutting off his hair. I started to panic a little bit. The barber walked over to the door then clicked the lock and pulled a cord that turned off the open sign. He walked back behind the chair and put his hands on the back of it.

BARBER “Now we won’t have any interruptions from stragglers coming in here after hours. You won’t believe how late they show up. Sometimes I’ll be here watching TV late and they knock on the door 2 hours after closing time because I forgot to turn off that darn open sign. I learned my lesson. So you want to take a seat son and we’ll get you sorted out.”

I meekly said, “Can you give us a minute?”

BARBER “Sure can, ma’am.”

I pulled my boyfriend back away from the barber as far as I could so we could talk. I whispered to him.

“Are you seriously doing this or are you messing with me? Because this is getting serious. The guy has locked us in here. I don’t want you to cut off your long hair, baby. Let’s leave, please.”

BF “I am serious. I’m going to sit in the chair and have him cut all my hair off. You decided to end the deal so I no longer have to fulfill my end. It’s gonna feel good not having this long hair on my neck at work.”

“This really is about the deal? Look I’ll go next week and get a haircut if that’s what I have to do. I didn’t think you took it this seriously.”

BF “You were breaking the deal and my trust by not telling me you already made the decision. The deal is over because of you broke it over a month ago. If you really want to get a haircut then get in the chair now instead of me. Let him cut your hair.”

This was his game. He wanted me in the barbers chair all along. And he was going to use pressure on me to do it. He was never going to cut his hair. He was bluffing. If I say no he will tell the barber some excuse to get out of this and we’ll go home. I’ll call his little bluff.

“I’m not getting my haircut here or anywhere else for that matter now. You do what you want. I’ll be waiting over on the bench.”

Now that’s how you call a bluff. Let’s see how he wiggles his way out of this. I walked over to the bench and sat down leaving him standing by himself. This was going to be soo good watching him come up with some excuse to leave. He walked back over to where the barber is. Here it comes, the big excuse I thought with a grin on my face. Then he sat down in the barbers chair. What the fuck? The barber put a tissue paper around his neck then swung a pin striped barbers cape around him and fastened it tightly. My long haired boyfriend was in a barbers chair and it was my fault for breaking a deal.

The barber combed through my boyfriend’s hair a few times. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Tears started to well up in my eyes watching this.

BARBER “So what will it be, son? Looks like you haven’t had a haircut in a long time.”

BF “Something really short I think. How about a high bald fade with a 1/4″ on top?”

A BALD WHAT? The word bald and my boyfriend’s hair are 2 things that should never be in the same sentence. This has got to be a joke. He would never cut his hair that short. Would he??

BARBER “Yeah, that’s pretty short. I’ll use the electric shaver to take sides down to the wood. Too tired for the straight razor this late.”

BF “That’s fine. No need to pull out sharp objects around me. Might scare my cute girlfriend over there on the bench.”

I sat on the bench in shock now.

The barber turned my boyfriend so he faced the mirror. I could see his long dark blonde hair on the back going down past his shoulders very clearly as I was only about 4 feet away as the shop was so small. The barber picked up a pair of clippers that were red and black. As he was cleaning them I could see the words Balding Clippers on them. The barber walked behind boyfriend in the chair with the clippers in his hand. He looked at me and said, “Oh let me move over to the side a little so you can see this ma’am. I know you can’t wait to see how handsome he is with short hair.”

He turned away from me and clicked on the clippers. I started to cry. He brought the clippers up to my boyfriend’s neck and placed them into his hairline. He ran them up the back of his head nearly to the top before pulling them out. His long hair fell to the ground. There was a 2″ wide bald path up his head. The clippers were so loud as they made another path up his head that no one heard me crying. The barber continued going up the sides and back of his head till nearly 3/4 of my boyfriend’s head was bald. The barber took what looked a men’s electric shaver and ran it up and down his head till there was only pale white skin on most of his head. He put a guard attachment on the clippers and ran it back across my boyfriend’s head cutting off the long hair on top leaving only a 1/4″ of hair like he requested.

My boyfriend was scalped and his long hair was all on the floor. I was now quietly sobbing not trying to draw attention to myself. I had caused all this because I didn’t talk to my boyfriend honestly about decisions that affect both of us. Then I basically forced him into the chair with my calling him out. I truthfully didn’t care that much about growing my hair out long, so it was just really fucked up of me to let it come to this. I took away all his long hair that I loved.

The barber was now working on fading my boyfriend’s hair into the 1/4″ of hair on top of his head. I feel so bad about this. I loved his long hair and thought he looked so sexy with it. Now he looks like a military guy and that’s not my type. But I love him so I’ll get used to it I guess until he grows it out, hopefully starting immediately. He turns my boyfriend around now to face me as he dusts him off. Oh shit, I felt so bad. He didn’t look like the same man anymore. I missed my long haired boyfriend from earlier today. The barber looked at me and said, “What do you think?” I said, “it’s something different I guess he wanted to try.”

The barber pulled the cape off of him and removed the tissue paper from around his neck. “ALL done, son” the barber said as my boyfriend got out of the chair. He walked over to me and I started crying. I hugged him and said, “I’m sorry, I caused this “. I felt his head and even though I hated this haircut on him it still felt very good to touch. I missed his long hair so much especially when I touched his neck and there was just skin.

BF “OK babe, let’s go get some dinner. I know you’re hungry. I’ll pay the barber and we can go.”

“You’re not mad at me? I could’ve stopped all this if I had told you the truth in the first place. Baby, I miss your long hair so much. I feel so bad.”

BF “It’s not all your fault. I got in the chair. I told him what kind of haircut to give me. I could be mad at you for not being totally honest with me but it wouldn’t change anything. What happened today is just a reminder to you of the importance of being truthful and the consequences if you’re not. We need to work on honesty in our relationship and try to make each other happy.”

“I want us to be happy together, baby. I want you to trust me and I have a new deal for you. If you agree from today on to grow your hair back out long again then keep it that way, I’ll sit in that barbers chair right now and tell him to give me a very short haircut. I’ll keep it short till yours grows back out but then I’m growing mine out long so we’ll have long hair together. Deal?”

BF “You don’t have to do this. Just telling me you’ll be honest with me from here on is good enough. But I’ll grow my hair back out after today for you because I love you, babe.”

“Then it’s a deal then. I’m getting my hair cut right now. Hey Mr barber, do you have a few more minutes? I want to get my hair cut also.”

BARBER “Well I don’t usually cut women’s hair because I don’t know all those fancy styles that salons do.”

“That’s OK, I don’t want a very fancy style. I think you can do the type of haircut I want just fine. So can you fit me in?”

BARBER “Well you were in here before I technically closed so I guess you’re next in the chair then ma’am. Hop on up.”

I kissed my boyfriend and then walked towards the chair. He sat down on the bench and was now waiting for me. I took a seat in the barbers chair which was large but very comfortable. The barber put a tissue paper around my neck then wrapped the same pin striped cape around my neck that he used on my boyfriend. He stuggled as he ran a comb through my thick hair combing it down over my eyes and to the sides to check the texture since I had brushed it straight back when I left the house. He said, “nice thick head of hair you got there, miss.” I smiled and said, “Thank you, sir.”

The barber just looked at me in the chair through the mirror seemingly confused what to do next since he didn’t do women’s hair. My hair was short compared to most women. It was thick and blonde. The back of my hair was about 2 1/2″ long which touched my collar while the top had grown out to about 5 inches covering over half my ears with bangs that now passed the tip of my nose. It was long for me as I usually had the back and over my ears buzzed off to 1/4″ with the top cut short enough so it spiked up a little bit. I’m going back short today.

“I believe at this time you ask me how I would like my hair cut, sir.”

BARBER “Oh….yeah. How would like your hair cut, ma’am? I can give you a bowlcut or some kind of layered cut so you don’t lose too much of this nice hair.”

Since my boyfriend was always bothering me about my hair getting too long or telling me I needed a haircut I decided to make this an experience for him. I was going to give into his fetish and do some roleplay for his enjoyment. My boyfriend is gonna be forced to watch as I have the barber shave off all my pretty hair brutally short like a man.

“No, I don’t want either of those girly looking haircuts. My stylist says she will only give me those cute little short hair cuts like that but won’t go any shorter so I’ll still look like a girl and feminine. But now that I’m at a barbershop I am feeling the urge to try something a bit more masculine and have you shave my blonde hair off extremely short like you would a man. I saw a haircut on this really cute guy and I believe it was called a high bald fade with a 1/4″ on top. I want my hair cut like that but I want you to take the top down to an 1/8″ and then just fade whatever you can. I always like to keep my hair shorter than my boyfriend’s so make sure I look like more of a man than he does, sir. ”

My boyfriend’s eyes nearly popped out when he heard that. I was asking for a shorter haircut than he just got. The barber looked at me in the mirror with his eyebrows raised and said, “Are you sure that’s what you want, miss? Almost matching haircuts with your boyfriend? That’s some nice hair you want to cut off.”

“Yeah. I’m sure that’s what I want. We’re going to grow our hair out together for a little while as a couple. One of those relationship building kind of things that’ll bring us closer together.”

My boyfriend looked at me this time and smiled. He knew what I meant by building our relationship except it was going to be built on trust. And this new deal was the beginning of that trust. And in order to build, sometimes you have to destroy. I am willing to sacrifice my hair to build that trust and our love.

BARBER “Well, then who am I to stand in the way of young lovers. I’ll give you that bald fade that you want, miss.”

The barber grabbed the clippers off the shelf and oiled them up. I was so nervous about what was going to happen. He pumped up the chair to get me closer to his level of sight. He turned the chair so I was facing my boyfriend. I looked at him and told him I love him. He smiled back at me and said he loved me too. I heard a click followed by a loud humming sound. I smiled at my boyfriend ready to feel the clippers run up the back of my head. Out of the corner I saw something.

I felt something touch my forehead and then a loud buzzing sound. Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit! The barber didn’t start at the back of my head like he did with my boyfriend. He placed the clippers in the center of my forehead and they struggled in my thick hair as he ran them back across the top of my head all the way to my nape. A large clump of blonde hair slid down my shoulders landing in my lap with a thud. A 2 inch swath of light brown miniscule stubble parted the thick forest of blonde hair on the top of my head. The barber brought the clippers back to my forehead to repeat this process running them from the front to the back of my head several more times like he was shearing a sheep. Hair fell like leaves in the autumn as he performed a fall harvest of my head. The barber then started running the clippers from all angles on my head so he didn’t miss any spots as the buzzing sound reverberated through my skull. He turned me around to face the mirror. OMG! I said aloud as I saw my reflection. That hair that had been down in my eyes and touched the tip of my nose was now buzzed off to fractions of an inch. I could see the skin through the 1/8″ stubble of hair on my head. This was terrifying but also kind of exciting at the same time. Having a man strip away part of my femininity feels sensual compared with going to my usual female stylist. I might have to explore this new feeling more.

As I gathered my thoughts, the barber had pulled off the attachment and threw it on the counter. I felt the clippers start at my nape then run high up the back of my head. Little hairs tickled my neck as they fell from my head as he was now picking up speed as he denuded the lower part of my skull. My scalp started to feel cold as he worked his away around my head. He grabbed a comb and started working on my fade that blended it into the 1/8″ hair on top. This man was very skilled at giving short haircuts as he was precise and quick at his job. He took his clippers and edged into my hairline on the front then into my fade giving me very sharp lines. He didn’t do this to my boyfriend I guess because his hair isn’t as thick as mine. I liked the way it looked as it was so much more masculine compared to my boyfriend’s 1/4″ of hair.

BARBER “OK miss this is going to be a little loud. It’s not going to hurt.”

I knew what was coming next. The electric shaver was now in his hand and he put it at the back of my neck then turned it on. It vibrated my whole head as he pressed it hard against my scalp. I could feel it biting into whatever miniscule lengths of hair I had as he ran it up and down my head. It felt like a loud massager as it tickled my skin with it’s vibrations and I was enjoying the sensation knowing it was removing the last vestiges of my hair.

The barber grabbed a brush from the counter then put some baby powder on it and dusted my face, around my ears and my neck. On the counter was a bottle of aqua velva after that he poured on his hands and then rubbed it into my shaven skin so I wouldn’t get razor burn. It burned at first when he touched my skin but that subsided then I enjoyed the head and neck massage that he gave me.

Then he said “which sucker do you want?”

I was like, “excuse me, what?”

“What flavor sucker do you want?”

“Oh…. do you have grape?”

He said, “Sure do little lady here ya go. Most people seem to choose grape for some reason.”

I put the sucker in my mouth and looked at myself in the mirror at all angles. I looked attractive but in a weird cute guy kinda way. It’s hard to explain.

The barber pulled the cape off me then hung it on the wall and removed the tissue paper from around my neck. Dusted my neck and shirt off with a hand brush and turned me around to face my boyfriend. I reached up then touched my head and it felt so good as the short hair was so crisp and tight. With my thick hair this cut looked better on my head than it did on my boyfriend. I got up from the chair and immediately hugged my boyfriend. I held him so tight and told him I never wanted us to argue again. He rubbed on my head and said, “You’re still my little cutie no matter how much or how little hair you have.” We passionately kissed each other on the lips as we caressed the other’s head in our hands.

BARBER “You 2 are really something. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a young couple that love each other as much as you do. I mean little miss here shaved her hair off to look like yours. That takes courage and love for her man. You guys give me hope for your generation. Here you guys go, a little keepsake. This bag has both of your hair in it intertwined with one another like your lives are joined in love. I think I’m gonna go home and take my wife out for a nice dinner and maybe a moonlight walk by the water afterwards. You 2 have made me feel young tonight. Thank you for that.”

BF “Well thank you sir for the kind words. I hope you and your wife have a nice time tonight. How much do we owe you for the haircuts?”

BARBER “It’s on the house tonight. You don’t owe me anything. You 2 kids take that money and go get yourselves some dinner. And young lady feel free to come back to my shop for a haircut anytime. I’ll shut the place down for you and give you really good discount.”

“Thank you very much for the free haircuts sir. Your wife is lucky to have a kind and generous man like you. I’m sure she’ll appreciate spending that time with you tonight. Just make her feel special and loved. I might just take you up on that offer. Maybe I’ll go for something a little shorter next time.”

BARBER “Aye that we can do little lady but it doesn’t get much shorter than what you got. It’s been a long day for me and I want to get home and see my better half so you kids ready to get out of here.”

“Oh yeah. I am starving. Thank you again for everything, sir. Have a good night.”

We all walk out together and the barber shuts off the lights. We wave to each other and go to our cars. My boyfriend drives out the parking heads towards our house.

BF “That was nice of him not to charge us anything. We have enough money now we can go to some place alot nicer than McDonald’s if you want.”

“No I just want something quick to eat tonight. Maybe next weekend we can go out for something nicer. Truthfully I just want to get home and make love to you all night till we fall asleep. I want this to be a new start to our relationship. Just like with our haircuts, it’s a new beginning for us to grow. I love you baby.”

BF “That sounds like the perfect night to me as well. I love you too.”

That night at the barbershop changed our whole relationship. We have been more open and honest with each other then ever before. We have had our share of arguments over this new found openness but we’ve learned more about one another and the make up sex has been great.

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