Horseshoe hoedown

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Madison patted her hoop skirt in the mirror.

She tidied up her thick updo, she plucked up her comb and dusted her straight bangs.

“Steve!”she hollered.


“Could you come here a minute”

Steve enters:

“What’s up babe?”

“Uh…”,she stammered, teasing her bangs. She faced her boyfriend and quickly put,”Do I look alright?”.

“Sure, what’s there not to like”

She turned back to the mirror then made a U-turn,”Maybe I shouldn’t go tonight”.

Steve looked dumbfounded: Why do you say that?

Madison paced about the room,”I just don’t feel right, you know”

Steve pressed further,”How’d you mean?”

Madison listed excuses: what if a girl had the same dress on, what if a girl had her hair in the same style as hers, what if she made a complete fool of herself.

As tears started forming, Madison’s man put both her hands together and grasped them tenderly.”Ah, baby. You will always be unique to me. But if you really leave your mark on those other girls, I’ll give you a makeover if you like”.

Madison nodded so her man examined her duds, he picked out a puffy skirt and an animal skin shirt. As he perfected his outfit, he made a phone call and scheduled an appointment for his darling.

His look was complete so in Madison went into her private dressing quarters. When she reamerged, from her waist up, it screamed Tomboy. From waist down, it meant hoedown queen.

“You look stunning, my dear”,Steve marveled,”Just one last change”.

He looked perplexed so she asked,”Babe, what’s wrong?”

“I made you an appointment for a haircut, babe, it’s going to be a big change. Are you sure you wanna go through with it?”,he confessed.

She caressed his cheek,”Whatever you decide, I will accept. It’s what on the inside, right”.

So the duo took Steve’s truck and went to the barbershop.

The infinite spiral seemed calming as it lit up the street corner.”(sigh) Here we are”,he said,”Are you positive you wanna go through with this, I could cancel the appointment right no”.

She shook her braided curls and said,”I trust your counsel”. They joked around as they walked the street corner.

A bell signals arrival:

“Good afternoon, you lovebirds. Madison, I hear that you want a change in appearance to impress the hoedowners, is that so?”said the Italian barber.

Madison nodded briskly as Steve hung up their coats. The girl sat down in the chair as Steve grew ever so anxious.

Pump 1,2,3

“So, we doing the same style we agreed upon on her”,said the jolly, round barber.

“I guess I must clarify what style I decided”,Steve said. He daintily took Madison’s hand from under the cape,”Maddie (awkward cough) I want you to have a horseshoe flat top cut. If you desire, I won’t force you to get it. But I think this style would fit you perfectly”.

Madison sat silently for a moment. She didn’t bolt or get mad. She cradled Steve’s chin,”Aw, honey. I did say that I trusted your counsel and if this is what you think would look good on me then. Barber, let’s give this style a whirl.

Steve’s face lit up as the barber started: he first severed her braids from her scalp then he used his clippers (without a guard) to clear her back and sides. Steve and Madison held hands as her scalp was lathered in shaving cream (two coats) and shaved down completely.

The barber raised up remaining hair and used a comb-clipper combo to make it all flat. An inlet in Madison’s flat was made, an U-turn like inlet. It two was shaved to the skin.

The barber gave Madison a black mirror to examine his work. She sheepishly smiled,”Do I look alright?”

As the cape folded, Steve scooped up his gal and twirled around the barbershop,”You look stunning, my dear!”.

So at last, the duo arrived at the hoedown and they strolled in like the bosses they were. Every girl was aghast at Madison’s buck-skin shirt, puffy hoop-skirt, gold hoop earrings, and her short, black horseshoe flat top.

Madison and Steve had the time of their lives and danced the night away.

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