Hostile Takeover (Part II)

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Hostile Takeover (Part II)


By Shorngirl


Coming to Grips with the New Anne


Anne was about to throw the receipt in the trash, when something stopped her. With all the changes she was going through, she could use an ally. Perhaps this Candy person might be a welcome distraction while she deals with whatever Yuja Shen had in store for her back at Hanover Mills.

She ran a hand over her head, wincing at the harshness of the bristled ring of hair that crowned her. ‘How humiliating,’ she thought, remembering the long flowing locks that had graced her head not four hours before. Now they sat in some barbershop that she might have difficulty finding, so random were her thoughts at the time.

She cringed as she recalled her exposure when the barber had quite suddenly pulled the cape away, her hand wedged provocatively against the crotch of her panties. ‘How could she have been so turned on by all of that?’ She wondered. She’d never been perverse in all her life, but that one event had caused a shift in her perspective.

Perhaps it was the combination of being so degraded in her office, well, Miss Shen’s office, and then being sent on an equally degrading errand of removing her hair. The ‘makeunder’ at Walmart was just icing on the cake. In six hours, she had been stripped of her title, shorn of her hair, and de-styled into the cheapest clothing money could buy.

That evening, Anne managed to finally have a good look at herself in her vanity mirror. Without her long hair, she really did look like a Marine boot. The landing strip on the top of her head gleamed in the vanity lights, and she could plainly see the reflection of them in the exposed scalp. It was humiliating, but at the same time, wildly arousing.

Cleaning her face, she removed the makeup that had been so stubborn in the shower, revealing all the imperfections in her complexion, however slight they might be. The combination of her military haircut, her plain face, and her ears made her decidedly unattractive.

Anne never remembered her ears seeming so large, but with the hair shaved from the sides of her head, they seemed to pop out like a couple of clamshells. She pressed them flat with her fingertips, but as soon as she let go, they sprung back into their obtuse positions.

Her whole face reddened with the humiliation, her ears following suit, turning a bright pink at the tips. “Oh, God. I look absolutely ridiculous.” She moaned. But as she said those words, they seemed to trigger that same strange arousal she had felt so keenly in the barber’s chair. She could feel the aromatic moisture sliding between her labia. Looking down, she shook her head. ‘What on earth had driven her to shave off her pubic hair?’ Anne groaned, running her fingers over the silky-smooth mons, and into her slot, her scent growing stronger as her fingers became coated with it.

She looked over at the neatly folded receipt, smiling over the idea of calling the number scrawled beneath the provocative text. “Call me, bitch! Candy.”


Demoted and Deconstructed


Anne nervously parked her car in the employee parking lot, searching for a space like everyone else. As she approached the security booth, she realized she would need her identification.

“You work here?” The young guard asked, looking down at her from his perch.

Anne managed to slip the largely unused identification card from her purse, handing it to the young man. “There you go.”

“This doesn’t even look like you. Did you steal this?” He accused, seeing the name on the card.

“No, of course not. I am Anne Hanover.” She insisted.

The guard looked at the plainly dressed woman, her flat-top hairdo and her plain complexion. “I know what Anne Hanover looks like, and you’re not it. Take a hike.” He insisted, keeping the card, which he was certain had been stolen.

Frustrated, Anne called the switchboard, hoping to get the misunderstanding dealt with.

“Hanover Mills, how can I help you?” The young girl answered.

“This is Anne Hanover, can I please speak to Miss Shen?” Anne grumbled, already stressed over her situation.

“Yuja Shen.” The woman answered tersely.

“Miss Shen? This is Anne Hanover. I’m at the gate, and the security guard will not let me in.”

There was a slight pause before Yuja answered. “Yes, I imagine there’s a bit of discrepancy between your ID and your current appearance, isn’t there.” Yuja chuckled. “I’ll instruct the man to let you in. You should visit HR on the way up to get a new ID.” She suggested.

Still hanging onto her old ID, the guard ushered Anne inside, escorting her personally to the HR office. All the while she got the distinct impression that the man was more than a little condescending towards her. “You wait here, and someone will be out to take your picture.” And with that, the man walked away.

After getting numerous curious glances from passersby, Anne was finally brought into the HR office. The older woman was familiar with the former CEO, but seemed indifferent as she processed her back into the system. “Anne Hanover, correct?” She asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes. I used to…”

“I am aware of your previous employment history with the company, Miss Hanover. It seems there have been some changes to your status. We’ll take care of that now.” The woman directed Anne to chair against the wall and snapped a face-on photo of her with a fixed camera. “Give me a moment, and I’ll have your new ID and an overview of your new portfolio.”

The woman disappeared into another room, leaving Anne to sit like a new hire in the outer office. After ten minutes, she returned, carrying a clip-on badge and a manilla folder. Anne examined the badge while the woman extracted paperwork from the envelope. Aside from the hideously unflattering photo, Anne took issue with the text. “This says janitorial staff?”

“Yes. The position to which you have been assigned falls under our janitorial department. You’ll find that everything is in order. You will start at an hourly wage of nine dollars and twenty cents an hour, with an hourly workload of forty hours a week. Your immediate supervisor will be a Miss Barbara Brooks, but you will be reporting to Miss Shen directly. Do you have any questions?”

Stunned by the sheer humiliation of the whole thing, all Anne could do was shake her head. She tried to figure out how much a nine-dollar an hour job added up to per month. The amount she settled on was disturbing. “How can I possibly live on fifteen hundred dollars a month?” Anne said to herself, but loud enough for the woman to hear.

“Prioritize, Miss Hanover. You may have to adjust your lifestyle a tad” She smirked, opening the door and allowing Anne to leave. She could swear she heard the woman laughing as she headed down the hall.

Anne boarded the elevator to the top floor, ready to report to her new job. As she approached Barbara’s desk, she was greeted with a double-take. “Hi, Barbara.”

“I never would have recognized you with that Q-ball, Anne.” Barbara chuckled. “Now follow me, and I’ll show you where the punch clock is.” After Anne had punched in, Barbara continued. “You’ll please refer to me as Miss Brooks in future, Anne. Now Miss Shen is waiting for you, so you best get in there.

As Anne entered her old office, she noticed that everything had changed. All of her old décor had been removed, including photos of her father and various trinkets from her shelves and desk. “Good morning, Miss Shen.”

“Well, you seem to have cleaned up well.” Yuja snickered, covering her mouth to disguise a laugh. “My, my, that landing strip just gleams in these fluorescents though, doesn’t it?” Yuja got up and approached Anne, standing not six inches from her, face to face. She ran her fingers up the shaven sides of Anne’s head and then over the bristled top, scrunching her nose a bit. “Now that we have established my authority over you, Anne, I want to see just how willing you are to meet the requirements of this job.”

Anne recoiled slightly from Yuja’s invasive caress, but couldn’t help but become aroused. “Yes, Miss Shen,” Anne said, dutifully.

“Crawl under my desk, you know, so no one can see you.” Yuja was determined to take this to the absolute limit, right off the bat. She raised an eyebrow as Anne slowly circled the desk, only to crawl on her hands and knees into the dark space beneath. Anne adjusted herself so she was sitting cross-legged, her head hitting against the bottom of the center drawer.

“Excellent. I knew you would fit.” Yuja couldn’t believe how compliant Anne was being. “Now, I do so love to have my feet massaged” With that, she took her seat and pressed her heels into Anne’s thighs. “You may begin.”

Anne shuddered at the thought of doing this, but what choice did she have. She slipped the expensive pumps off her boss’s feet and began rubbing them. The distinct odor of Yuja’s feet began to fill the small compartment where Anne resided. Strangely, instead of being repulsed, Anne found her actions and the tangy scent incredibly stimulating.

Unbelievably, Anne found herself bringing Yuja’s bare feet to her nose and lips, getting lost in the abject humility of her position. Yuja couldn’t help but notice.

“I love it when an employee enjoys their work, and it would appear that you more than enjoy your duties so far.” Yuja pressed her toes up into Anne’s face, until she was forced to take them into her mouth.

The loose-fitting jeans that Anne was wearing left ample room for her to insert her hand, finding her freshly shaven sex, wet with her deviant arousal. So, when Yuja reached underneath and began to rub her landing strip vigorously, Anne very nearly came.

“I’m wondering how you will be getting on with your new level of compensation, Anne. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s all you are allowed at your paygrade.” Yuja prodded. “I imagine it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible to maintain that waterfront condo, and the payments on that top-of-the-line Mercedes, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss Shen.” Was all Anne could manage, the debasement driving her into a state of euphoric humiliation.

Yuja glanced down at Anne, who was still massaging her foot, but clearly masturbating at the same time. She chuckled inwardly, knowing that Anne was hers to do with as she saw fit. “I’ll tell you what, Anne.” Yuja began, “I’ll take over the mortgage and car payments. I’ll even set you up in a nice efficiency apartment. One that you’ll be able to afford. Would you like that?”

It was all too much. The job, the haircut, the clothes, and now to be stripped of her home and her car. “Yes, Miss Shen, yes. Okay.” Anne sobbed, half from the outrageous humiliation of it all, and half from slipping over the edge, her orgasm crashing down through her center.

Yuja laughed, not hiding her amusement. “Well, that’s enough of that. Come out here and stand up.” She slipped her shoes back on and allowed Anne out of her hole. Anne circled back to the opposite side of the desk. “Enjoy that, did you?”

“Yes, I mean… yes, Miss Shen,” Anne groveled.

“I’ll have the paperwork drawn up this afternoon, then,” Yuja smirked. “You can stop by after work today and pick up the clothes you bought. Everything else stays, understood?”

“Yes, Miss Shen.” Anne felt totally defeated. There was a sense of loss, but also something resembling resignation.

The rest of the day was a series of tasks, from getting coffee to carting paperwork. Anne never realized how much work it would be. She left, having signed over her condo and car to Yuja Shen. Crossing the large parking lot on her way to the street, she boarded the bus that would take her to the waterfront.


Down and Down, She Goes


Yuja opened the door when she arrived, Anne, looking exhausted from not only the work, but from the constant state of arousal she had been in. “Come in, Anne. You never told me what a lovely place you had. I’m really going to enjoy it. And that Merc, wow, love it.”

“I’m glad you do, Miss Shen.” Anne managed, looking around one last time at what was once hers.

“I’ve taken the liberty of packing up your clothes. They’re all in that one box there. As a matter of fact, why don’t you put the ones you’re wearing in with them.”

Anne knew her mouth fell open at the request. Of course, she knew better than to argue. During the day, it became more and more apparent that she would do anything Yuja asked, the more demeaning, the better. “Yes, Miss Shen.”

Anne started with the baggy jeans and the plain grey hoodie, heeling off the knock-off all-stars, which left her in nothing but her granny panties and ill-fitting bra.

“Those too, silly.” Yuja chided, tugging at the straps, which were already falling over her shoulders. Yuja couldn’t believe Anne was so submissive; that she would stoop to this. She watched as Anne’s naked form came into view. Immediately apparent was her hairless mons, which seemed to match her head perfectly. “When did you shave your cunt?”

“Last night,” Anne admitted.

“Yeah, I imagine it was all a bit too much to have all that hair down there, and nothing on top, right?” Yuja tormented.

“That was the thought, yes, Miss Shen.” Anne sighed, utterly humiliated.

“I think we’ll straighten up that landing strip a little. What do you say?” Yuja grinned, leading Anne through the condo to the luxurious bathroom. “Kneel for me.” Anne immediately dropped in front of her boss. “Good girl. Now the barber seems to have left a bit of stubble behind here. Let’s see what we can do about that.

Unwrapping a brand-new razor from the cabinet, Yuja slowly began to run the blade along the top of Anne’s head. The short stubble that once covered the landing strip in a raspy fuzz was slowly reduced to bare skin. Of course, Yuja couldn’t resist enlarging the strip into a three-inch wide bald patch, that ran right off the top of Anne’s head to the back. The horseshoe-shaped ring of bristles was now only an inch wide and stood out starkly against the rest of her shaven head, like a deranged tiara.

All the while, Anne had been busy playing with herself. Yuja made no attempt to stop her, amazed at the girl’s penchant for humiliation. Anne was frigging herself furiously now, as the razor was set aside and Yuja ran her fingers over the freshly exposed scalp. “You really are nothing but a humiliation slut, aren’t you?” She finally mused, as she stepped back to watch.

Anne looked up at Yuja, standing proudly over her and having reduced her to this. As their eyes met, Anne couldn’t help but come, her orgasm shattering her completely.

“Feel it, Anne. Feel what I did to you.” Yuja mocked.

Anne reached up, her right hand still buried in her hairless folds, feeling the glass-smooth scalp at the center of her head, which seemed to go on and on. Another orgasm swept over her as she toppled onto her side, squeezing her legs together, moaning.

“You looked ridiculous before, Anne. Now, well… I don’t know what to call you.” Yuja sighed. “Get up, and I’ll drive you over to your new place.”

Having been allowed to don a pair of cut-off shorts and a halter top, Anne was dropped off with her box in front of a rather awful looking apartment building. Before she could say anything, Yuja had driven away, in what was once her car.

To say the place was run down would have been a kindness. The front door was barely hanging on its hinges as she pushed through, and the smell of stale urine assaulted her nostrils as she climbed the stairs to apartment 2C.

The lock was barely functional, as she pressed into the tiny two-room apartment, one room being the kitchen, living, and bedroom, and the other a tiny bath. Anne sighed, setting down the box and surveying how far she had fallen.

The furnishings were nothing more than a pullout sofa and a dinette table with one chair. The tiny kitchen was a counter, a sink, and a stove, all of which seemed filthy. The bathroom was even worse, with a heavily stained toilet and a sink with iron stains running down beneath taps that leaked constantly. There was no shower or bath. She would have to bathe in the sink. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever conceived of someone living in such conditions, let alone herself.

As she unpacked her box, she realized that there was really nowhere to put anything, so she threw it all back in. It was then she noticed the receipt. Why on earth would Yuja put that in there. Then she realized she knew exactly why. The authoritarian note was probably too tempting an idea for her to pass up.

Grimacing, Anne looked into the cracked bathroom mirror at herself. She looked hideous. The once passable recon haircut was now a comical caricature of the same. She ran her fingers over the bristles which now seemed so out of place, nothing more than a ring that emphasized the rounded bald patch at the center. It2 actually looked as though she was balancing an actual horseshoe on her head now. She was almost tempted to shave it all off, except that she didn’t even have a razor.


Candy Takes Control / Anne Lets Go


Anne fell onto the sofa, buried her face in her hands, and screamed. “What the fuck is wrong with me!” Because, just as all the humiliating tasks Yuja had assigned that day had aroused her, so did her present predicament. As ridiculous as it seemed, she was actually sexually stimulated by the prospect of living in that squalor.

In a fit, Anne stripped out of her clothes and fell back on the sofa, her hand diving into her sex furiously. Of course, that was when her phone rang. She never even noticed that it was a facetime call.

“Hello!” Anne gasped, unable to stop masturbating, even for that.

“Well, hello there.” Anne was shocked when a face appeared on her phone, realizing that she was completely on display. “It’s Candy.”

“Candy,” Anne managed, trying to pull herself together. “How did you get my number?”

“I got your message from earlier. Looks like I’m late for this party though.” Candy giggled. “Why don’t you get yourself dressed and meet me at Stevenson and Mulberry.”

“Listen, I…”

“That wasn’t a request, bitch!” Candy scolded, experimentally, half expecting to get hung up on.

“Where’s Stevenson and…”

“Mulberry. Six blocks off the waterfront towards downtown. Be there in thirty minutes, Anne.” The phone went dead, and Anne didn’t know what to make of it. Did she listen to this girl, or just ignore her? Looking around at her surroundings, Anne decided that anything that took her away from there was a better option.

Throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Anne grabbed her purse and headed out the door. The looks she was getting on the bus were less than complimentary, knowing that the extra shaving Yuja had performed, made her more than ridiculous.

It took almost the entire thirty minutes, but Anne finally found herself at the corner of Stevenson and Mulberry. The place looked oddly familiar.

“Hey, bald girl!” A voice called out from the opposite corner.

There, standing in a goth uniform of black and chains, was Candy, the two-inch-wide mohawk slicked into a blue blade that accentuated the starkly skinned sides of her head. Anne watched as the rather frightening-looking girl crossed the street.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d show up.” Candy admitted.

Anne shrugged. “Why not? All I was doing was masturbating.” Anne was horrified by what had just come out of her mouth, but her impulse control seemed to be impaired.

“Yeah. Saw that.” Candy chuckled. “This looks different.” She noticed, running her damp fingers over Anne’s shaven strip.

Not wanting to admit that her boss had done it to her, Anne took credit. “I like it smooth.” Running her fingers into Candy’s as she slipped them down the back of her nearly hairless head.

“I can see that. Looks a bit silly though, doesn’t it?” Candy observed.

“I need some silly in my life.” Anne giggled, not lying one bit. Just then, anything that might take her mind from the reality of her situation was a good thing.

“Well, come on, silly girl. My place is right down here.” Candy led the way to an up/down house, climbing the stairs into the darkness.

Anne followed, having no idea what she was letting herself in for. This Candy could be getting ready to kill her and cut her into pieces, for all she knew. Something told her that the reality was probably so much worse.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” Candy grinned.

Anne looked around and couldn’t help but be stolen back to when she had watched Fifty Shades of Grey, alone, and admittedly masturbating through the entire movie. This, however, was quite real.

“What do you think?” Candy asked, reticently.

“Um, it’s a playroom.” Anne spluttered, knowing she was almost dripping through her panties and set to soak the crotch of her jeans.

“Dungeon. It’s a dungeon, and you Anne, are my new slave.” Candy tested.

Anne, only slightly caught off guard, smiled. “If that’s what you want. Sure.”

“Do you know what you’re saying?” Candy asked, lifting a leather crop from a rack. Pausing for a moment, she continued. “Strip.”

This was so much easier than stripping for Yuja, but being the second time in one day she had been ordered, she imagined it was almost rehearsed. Her clothes balled into a pile at the side of the room, Anne fell to her knees, thinking it was the thing to do.

“Well, that was easy.” Candy smirked, bringing her crop down on Anne’s naked ass with a swish. Anne yelped, but did not move, impressing Candy. She looked down at the penitent creature at her feet and shook her head. “Nah, this won’t do.” Candy ran a hand over Anne’s bristle-ring and laughed. “Come on.”

Still on her knees, Anne crawled behind her new ‘Mistress’ she supposed, into a smallish bathroom, which was palatial in comparison to her disgusting hole.

“This has to go.” Candy said, sternly. A small set of clippers were in her hand when she returned to face Anne, who was very naked and very aroused. Her fingers were already lodged between her legs, which did not go unnoticed. “No more masturbating, slave. I say when you come, if at all.” Candy bit.

The only thing that could have excited Anne more than masturbation, was being told that she was not allowed. The denial of something so near and dear to her was a new form of humiliation, and only served to debase her further. And so, Candy began to remove what remained of the recon haircut. She only just received it the day before, unaware that it was only the tip of her descent. Anne was forced to endure her pent-up arousal, manifesting as rivulets of clear juice that slipped down the inside of her thighs.

Anne sighed as the trimming clippers slowly but surely clipped away the last vestiges of her waist-length mane. There would be nothing left now. She would be bald. ‘She would be bald!’ the realization finally hitting home, and very nearly causing her to spontaneously orgasm without any stimulation whatsoever.

Over and over, Candy pressed the clippers into Anne’s rubbery scalp, the skin rippling in the wake of the blades as they took the bristles away from her slave. Soon she would be bald, as all her slaves had been. Each had given them up freely, and Anne was no exception. She wondered how she would feel, learning that there would be no growing it back.

Even upon their release, each of Candy’s slaves had made the vow of baldness. She knew without a doubt that none of them ever allowed a day to pass without the razor passing over their scalps. So, as Candy lathered Anne’s head and skillfully shaved her shiny bald, she knew that this one would be no different than the others. She hoped that she would stay, for a while at least.

Anne felt the razor, the final layer to be removed, slide over her scalp in long, steady strokes. This was it. After this, there would be nothing, and she longed to feel the devastatingly smooth skin where there was once a glorious crown of tresses. No more hiding that leathery covering; that thin sheath of skin, mimicking the very shape of her skull. Inside, was a submissive mush; all that remained of the quick-witted executive. With every stroke, Anne felt her mind being changed, erased, as though the razor was drawing out her will, her intelligence, and her pride.

Yuja never wondered what happened to the attractive young CEO, simply closing the employment file after she hadn’t shown up for over a week. Inside the apartment she had rented for her, she found everything the girl had taken with her, still in the box on the filthy sofa.

Of Course, Yuja wondered what her punishment would be this time. It was the third time she had usurped her father’s authority and taken over a company he intended to leave untouched. When asked what happened to the promising young CEO, Yuja feigned ignorance, saying she quit. Only the week before, she had seen Anne Hanover at a local sex club, strung up on a stage writhing under the lash, her head completely shaved, and her naked body a crisscross of welts.

Their eyes had made contact for a moment, and there was a second of recognition in Anne’s eyes. Just as quickly, however, it faded into a dull stare as the whip continued its onslaught. Yuja smiled as the dribbles of arousal coursed down the girl’s thighs, knowing that whoever Anne Hanover was, she was long gone.

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