House party turned to shaving party

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A couple of the frat guys had gone up to their room to get away from the party. As they were talking about girls and drinking, Charlie asked the guys if someone could buzz his head for football. Mike volunteered and he went to the bathroom to grab his clippers. He returned and Charlie was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. Mike walked behind him and plugged the clippers in. He started buzzing Charlie to a #2 when a girl walked into the room. It was Taylor. The guys looked toward the door while she stood there. Taylor was tall and slim with nice breasts, but what stood out the most from her appearance was her shiny light brown hair. Many of the guys had the hots for taylor, but taylor only had the hots for one of them. Charlie.


“Hey guys. Is Charlie here?” Asked Taylor, as she looked around the room. 


“I’m right here, Tay” replied Charlie, in the chair with his head down being buzzed.


Taylor looked at the person in the chair and realized it was Charlie. “Woah. Are you buzzing your head? It looks really good”


Taylor walked in and joined some of the guys on the couch. As she chatted to Charlie and the guys, she couldn’t take her eyes off Charlie’s buzzed head. She wondered how it felt and what those clippers would feel like on her own head. 


Mike finished up the haircut and brushed off the hairs from Charlie’s shoulders. He stood up and shook his body to remove any loose hairs. Charlie rubbed his and smiled. He thanked Mike and grabbed his beer. Taylor stood up and walked to Charlie. She was still staring at his hair and started rubbing it. She couldn’t believe how great it felt. Charlie looked at her face and noticed how much she enjoyed it, then he said “do you like it?”


“Mmm yeah it feels so cool. You look pretty cute, Charlie” replied Taylor as she continued to rub his buzz.


“You should try it,” said Mike, holding the clippers.


“Umm yeah ok. Let’s do it” replied Taylor. 


Some of the guys almost choked on their drinks when they heard this from Taylor. One guy said quietly, “is she actually going to buzz her head?”


Taylor sat down in the chair and just smiled and looked forward. She hadn’t really thought about what she was about to do. She was just so fixated on the feeling of the buzz. Secretly, she thought it would impress Charlie if she had a matching haircut to him. Taylor also thought it would be a good show to tease the guys.


Mike suddenly pushed her head down into her breasts. Taylor smiled from this action as she slightly liked being dominated. She looked around her legs and noticed all of Charlie’s hair on the floor. Her smile grew bigger when she realized that her hair would be joining it in a moment. Mike decided that Taylor needed a shorter buzz than Charlie. He removed the guard and flicked the lever on the balding clippers all the way up. This was the #00 setting. Taylor assumed she would be getting the same length buzz as Charlie. The room was now silent as all the guys were now watching Taylor in the chair. Mike flicked the clippers on and a loud pop filled the quiet room and Taylor flinched. She giggled as the guys laughed at her. Mike brought the clippers up to her nape then pushed them into her Long hair. He slid them all the way up the back of her head and over top to the front. Taylor’s mouth opened wide in shock. She couldn’t believe the feeling from the clippers. It was nothing like she thought it would be. The clippers had left a 2 inch path of bare shining skin, running up the middle of Taylor’s head. Mike smiled then brought the clippers back to her nape and continued to shave the back bald.


The guys started laughing at Taylor again at the sight of her shaved bald right down the middle. They knew that she was going to be bald. Mike finished shaving the back of her head then moved to her sideburn. He lifted Taylor’s head and she was giggling from the tickling and vibration from the clippers. “It feels funny”. Mike then pushed the clippers up into her sideburn and Taylor squirmed. The squirm turned to a smile as the clippers grazed up the side of her head with no resistance. She brought up her left hand to feel her sideburn. As Mike was shaving round her ear, Taylor touched her head and instantly felt bare skin. For a split second, she looked confused because it didn’t feel the same as Charlie’s. Then it clicked in her mind that she was bald. Taylor’s jaw dropped at the thought of being shaved bald. The guys noticed that she finally found out she was becoming balder than Charlie and just laughed more. Taylor was still in shock as she continued to feel her smooth scalp. Mike moved around to the other sideburn and repeated the shaving process. As Taylor lowered her hand, she said “it’s so short!” as she began laughing. 


Mike finished up shaving the remaining loose hairs then patted her on the shoulder and said she was done. Taylor stood up and rubbed her head again with the jaw agape once more. She still couldn’t believe how short it was. It felt like fine sandpaper. She walked to the bathroom and screamed in excitement when she saw herself in the mirror. She looked like her brother but she liked the feeling. Taylor then walked back into the room as the guys stared at her again. They couldn’t believe how hot Taylor looked bald. She looked sexier without hair. A second later, another girl walked into the room. It was Taylor’s friend, Lily.


Lily stopped in the doorway as she saw Taylor, bald as a coconut, standing in front of her. Her mouth agape, she shouted “omg Taylor! What have you done?!”


“The guys gave me a haircut” replied Taylor, casually


“Yeah, but you’re bald!” said Lily as she rubbed her friend’s shiny dome. Her mouth opened wider when she felt it. It was amazing. Lily instantly fell in love with the style and the sensation.


“You should try it, Lily,” shouted one of the guys, from the back of the room. 


Taylor nodded and said “yeah you should. Have a seat. I can shave you”. She grabbed Lily’s hand and guided her to the chair. Lily looked around the chair and saw piles of Taylor’s long Brunette hair surrounding it. She sat down and smiled in excitement. Lily still felt a little confused about why Taylor had shaved her head bald. Maybe the guys convinced her. She thought it was out of character that she just accepted this idea without any convincing. Mike passed Taylor the clippers and showed her how to turn them on. Taylor pushed all of Lily’s blonde curly in front of her shoulders and brought the clippers up to her bangs. Before Lily could change her mind, the clippers were driven into her bangs and pushed down the middle of her head and all the way down her nape. This left a 2 inch path of bare gray skin where her hair part once was. Lily surprisingly, Didn’t even react to the clippers. She just sat still casually and chatted to the guys. They couldn’t believe that she hadn’t reacted to being shaved bald.


Lily just sat there with a small grin on her face as Taylor shaved the top of her head. Bunches of Lily’s blonde curls cascaded down into her lap and she started playing with it in her hands. She eventually threw all of her dead curls onto the floor to join her friend’s hair. One of the guys decided to go live on facebook so his other friends at the party could see what was happening. The girls smiled and laughed as they looked at the camera phone while Taylor started shaving the side of Lily’s head. She pushed the whirring clippers up her sideburn and shaved around her ear. Mike noticed that Taylor was really precise and efficient with the clippers. He thought maybe it wasn’t the first time she’d shaved someone’s head. Taylor worked her way around to Lily’s nape and shaved her to the original bare path made by the clippers. Lily then asked taylor if the guys had forced her but she replied saying that it was mainly her idea. However, she didn’t exactly plan to be bald. The guys laughed and Mike said “yeah. I think she wanted to look like Charlie.” Taylor blushed a little as she looked up at Charlie.


Taylor proceeded to shave the remaining blonde curls on the side of Lily’s head. The clippers weren’t the greatest but they did the job. She shaved Lily around the ear then clipped her sideburn. Because of Lily’s blonde hair, her stubble was so light that you couldn’t see her hairline. She looked more bald than Taylor. 


Taylor finished up and flicked the clippers off and touched Lily’s head. Lily just smiled a little and stood up. “Well boys. How do I look?” asked Lily. One of the guys sipped his beer and replied “you look like my brother”. The guys and Taylor all laughed then Lily giggled a little from embarrassment. She walked into the bathroom and saw a boy-like figure staring back at her. She looked alot more masculine without hair. She kind of liked the look though. She rubbed it a little then walked back out to the now called ‘shaving party’.

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