House Rules

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I picked up my new girl for cheap at auction. That’s how I get all my girls. Cheap. I’m not looking for beauty or brains or talent. Just a body to remake in the image of my house.

I put her in the trunk for the ride to the house. Don’t worry. It’s a cozy nest of blankets in there. By the time that we arrived, she had even fallen asleep, a plain skinny thing with a veil of mousy brown hair. I woke her up and helped her out of the trunk into the house.

“Strip off your clothes and toss it into the trash,” I said.

Having been well-trained, she quickly stripped and then knelt before me with practiced ease that I appreciated. Plain little thing wanted to please. Again, I don’t spurge on the slaves for my house. It would be a waste. Why pay money for beauty that I would destroy anyways? I wrapped my hand around the girl’s hair and lead her over to my waiting gyno chair. She whimpered only a little when I strapped her in spread eagle.

I picked up a pair of clippers and buried my hands back into the girl’s mousy hair. Silent tears ran down her cheeks as I buzzed her down to stubble. Women, I thought, gathered up my harvest of hair to throw in the trash, they get so emotional about their hair, even if it’s nothing special. Once I do her head, I make a pass over her eyebrows and pussy.

“No slave in this house is allowed hair,” I said, picking up a can of shaving cream, “Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” she replied, trying so hard to be good and not cry.

I gave her whole body, from head to toe, a good lather and shaved her smooth with a vibrating safety razor. She looked better bald. Like a cute little alien creature that I captured. When I told her this, she seemed a little less upset, which made her more receptive when I informed her of her upcoming electrolysis and teeth removal.

About a hour later, I brought the girl, still a little red from the electrolysis and with sore gums, to the sensory deprivation tank. She would be spending the next 24 hours there, just listening to instruction on how to serve in my house. It’s very effective instruction. By the time that I fetched her, she was ready for the final step of her induction, a barcode tattooed on the back of her head.

I was very pleased with how she turned out. While I still may further modify her, it was a good start.

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