how i got bald

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“Next time I’m gonna shave my head for sure” I said this in my mind after the barber finished doing a medium length haircut. This is not the first time that I’m saying this in my mind. I repeat this oath of mine after every haircut. As you see I always had a desire to shave my head. But I fail to do it always. Bald head, head shaving etc.. always make me elevated. I invited my colleague and friend Einstein to share my apartment for two strong reasons, one reason – he is bald and other – he is a bald gay. Einstein is a fat guy with round head, he shaves his head every single morning from the day he joined my company. The day I met him I realized that I’m also a gay.

We had a strong relationship for about 6 months, we take advantage of each other every single night. I always get elevated because of his smooth bald head. He never knew my desire to shave head, I was afraid to tell him because he would shave my head at that very moment. Sometimes when he is lazy he ask me to shave his head. One day he asked to shave down his head. While shaving I said “I would also like to shave my head like yours..”. He stared at me replied “You look good with you hair… I don’t want to see you bald” I was surprised to hear that from him because earlier he compelled me to shave my head but I didn’t agree. Our conversion started becoming a confession and at last I told him everything.. about all my desire to shave my head. He was shocked when I said that I was a hair fetish and I loved him for his bald head. After hearing all these he took away the razor from my hands and shaved the remaining himself. I found that he is angry with me. He soon left to office and I didn’t go to office that day. That was a hard day for me and I was totally depressed for no reasons. He came late at night, at that time I watching television ignoring him. I saw him breaking a bottle of vodka. He served me a peg with a smile. I took it and gave cheers to him. This was repeated and that day I crossed my limits in the number of pegs. I was too high and was out of control. Later I felt Einstein removing my dress and hugging me, soon I feeling something on my head, something was running through my head and I also heard some buzzing sound in my ears.. I was too high to recognize what was happening. After sometimes I felt my head was drenching and I was feeling cold, there was some masculine smell and I felt like I myself moving towards some darkness.

When I opened the eyes I saw Einstein holding a cup of coffee in front of me. I was in my bed and I found everything normal. I saw him hiding something in his back. I asked him “What happened yesterday and when did I came to bed?” He showed me the mirror which he was hiding. I was terribly shocked to see myself in that mirror. I was BALD with the clean top.. my head was smooth and shinning. I shouted at him and asked “What the hell did you do..??” He replied “Was fulfilling your long desire” and smiled. I realized that he intentionally made me high last night to shave my head. After rubbing my smooth head I stared at him for a minute and at last gave a smile. He jumped towards me.. hugging me.. rubbing my head and kissed my bald head


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