How Often? Part 2

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Consumed with confidence with my new look, I went home to get ready for a different night on the town.  Not to mention, I wanted to play with my new look in privacy.  I stared at myself in the mirror.  I had dark short hair.  I shook it around.  I poofed up the back.  Coming to the realization that I no longer would ever get a trim and highlights on long blonde hair.   I was a short haired girl now.  But there was more to becoming a bobbed bombshell.  I was feeling different.  I played the scenario over and over in my head.  I wasn’t sure where or how I had let go of my look, but I was changed without any control over it.  I ran a straightener through my short hair, I teased the back a bit to give my angled bob a drastic line across each side of my face.   A septum hoop, a lip piercing, and my big sexy hoops in my ears.  How could this get any better?  Morgan would most likely figure this out.   And I couldn’t wait to see her.

I waited until I left the house and sent her a text that I would be at Murphy’s if she wanted to join.  I walked into the bar and sat dead center of the main bar.   Guys looked, but girls stared.  The bartender commented on my hair.

“I love your haircut!   I wish I could be so bold!”

“Thanks, I didn’t really have a say in the matter.  It just sort of happened.   I’m Taylor.”

“I’m Roxie, first round is on me!”

Roxie was about my height and just a little heavier.  She had red hair that she held in a ponytail.  I imagined it fell just below her shoulders if she let it loose.  She was very fair skinned, and fit, but with a little bit of belly.  She was working hard keeping everyone’s glass full, but stopped every chance she go to talk to me.

“Do you mind if I see the back of your haircut?”

I turned in my stool to show her the stacked crown of my bob.  Lifting a hand into it and giving it a light shake, her eyes widened.

“Oh its really short back there!  So cute!”

Cute wasn’t really the term I would use to describe it.  It was badass.  And I now too was a little bit of sassy badass.  I knew what I was becoming.  But that was just how my look made me feel.  I looked at my phone to see Morgan had text me back that she was on the way.  I had butterflies for the first time in a long time reading it.  Morgan wanted to hang out with me.  More importantly, I wanted to be in Morgan’s control again.  I had never felt a true submissive type, but that all changed in her chair.  I loved being under her control.  The not knowing feeling of what her vision was for me was tantalizing to say the least.  It made me feel a new sense of purpose.

She walked in and time froze for a second.  Gone was her apron, she wore a comic book tee shirt and had light acid washed jeans with some heels.  Her hair was down and disheveled but hot nonetheless.

“What have you done?  You pierced your nose and lip?  I didn’t say you could do that!”

“I’m sorry, I thought it would go with my new look.  You don’t like them”

I swayed a bit and shook my head so she could see those hoops peaking out from my bob.

“Actually, I love them!  It’s a perfect start for what I’m going to do to you.”

Again my stomach felt like there was no gravity in the room.  What was she was going to do to me?  That thought conjured rotten thoughts through my head.  She was in charge of my look now.  I needed her to be.  She had already transformed me from a preppy assistant to a punk knockout.  Whatever she desired I be, I longed for it.  I trusted her now completely, and I needed her approval for whatever I was becoming.

We talked for hours, drank many drinks, and I really had a complete blast in her company.  She told me about her past.  She came from money, but loved being a stylist so she could shape the look of others.  She reveled in the thought that her vision for others was better than they could ever imagine. And she genuinely appreciated me submitting to her wishes.  Several times during our date, she took both of her hands and ran them up the sides of my head and to the back to lift my bob and let it stack in all its glory.  It felt so good, I can’t even describe those seconds feeling out of any control.  I am destined to be her muse.  And I never felt more comfortable and secure in my life.

“Let’s order food!” She said with authority. “I’ll have a chicken salad and she will have a double cheeseburger with fries.”

She had ordered for me.  A salad for her and a cheeseburger for me?  Not sure what the angle here was.

“Actually, I am good with just a salad as well.  I’m not that hungry.”

“Well that’s not up to you, and you need a cheeseburger and all the fries you can eat.  We are going to put some pounds on you!”

So, this was new.   She wanted me to gain some pounds?  My mind went adrift.  She wanted me heavier?  I was always careful with my diet and maintained my figure well.  She apparently didn’t approve.

“Listen, for my next cut on you, I need your face to be a little more round.  We have 3 weeks and you’re going to pig out and put on as much weight as you can for our next session.  No questions, I’m in control, remember?”

“Ok” I remarked in a new submissive tone that felt so wrong but so right at the same time.  I ate the entire burger, and she made me eat every last fry.   When it was finished, I was full and buzzed.  But she wasn’t finished.

“We will have the cookie skillet with extra ice cream as well.”

Dessert was ordered, and when she said we, she was referring to me.   She made me eat the entire thing until I was bloated and stuffed.

A side conversation had sprung with Roxie.   Roxie was intrigued by Morgan’s vision for me.  And Morgan invited her to join us for my next appointment.

“I’ll do wonders for that red mop of yours.”

Roxie was in.  And I was curious as what Morgan would do to her.  The night ended with carful instructions.  I was to go to the store and get so much food (lots of carb heavy food) that I could eat for over a month.  But she wanted me to eat 4 times every day until I couldn’t eat anymore.  On top of that, she instructed me to get weight gain shakes and drink them in between to maximize my calories.

For the next two weeks, I ate more than I ever had in my life.  I put on 15 pounds.  That was a lot for me.  My stomach now had a little pooch to it and I felt the weight in my thighs and chest too.  I was filling out.  My face did seem to get a little more round as the weight went on, I hope it was enough for Morgan’s liking.  My boss Ted was not happy that I had cut my long hair.  I was dressing a little sluttier too making sure to unbutton the top of my work attire and wearing shorter skirts than I had before.  It was then end of two weeks and I went ahead and dropped the bomb on him, I quit.   I couldn’t be an assistant preppy professional if I wanted to pursue my new future being Morgan’s muse.  I was free from work.  All the business clothes went into the trash and I replaced them with punk, goth clothes that hugged my fattening body.  The new Taylor doesn’t give a rats ass about what people think.  I’m a punk girl now, and I belonged to Morgan.

Today is salon day.  Morgan gets all the control again.  My bob had grown a little, the short buzzed hairs at the back had a slight flip at my neck and my roots where starting to show a little of the sandy blonde that I used to be.  What was in store for me today?   I ate a big breakfast before leaving and chugged a shake on the way to her chair.  Feeling bloated, I walked into the salon and sat in next to her chair.  Roxie met me at the salon and had gone first.

I watched Morgan transform Roxies shoulder length hair to the stacked bob cut I had received.  She looked amazing.   There was no color done, just a sharp angle that stacked up the back.   She couldn’t stop putting her hands into the back and when it was finished, she shook her head back and forth.  It gave me a little deja vu.   She had to get to work and I noticed when she was walking out of the salon she had a little more hop in her step with made her new hair bounce and swish about.  She had my same haircut, and was feeling that same sass I had on that first fateful encounter.  Now it was my turn in the chair, and I couldn’t wait to see what Morgan had in store for me. She didn’t ask what I wanted.  She caped me up and spun me around away from the mirror, again so I could see what she was going to do to me.

Clippers came out first.  She buzzed at the back, going higher than she had the first time.  With all my bob clipped up on the top of my head, she went to my sideburn area and introduced the clippers to a new place on my head.   She ran them around my left ear and up to what seemed my temple.  Working her way to the back she ran those wonderful vibrating blades up and back and forth for what seemed like forever.   She then proceeded to unclip my hair, section by section and began cutting off sometimes over an inch, and sometimes just little snips.  The cut was perfected while she made me shake my head and used her fingers to tousle it about.  Then came the color.  Again she mixed several bowls of liquid and began painting my hair.   Same routine, I had to wait for processing until she rinsed me clean and began the blow drying and brushing.   She used a straightener and ran them through one side of my hair.  I could tell now that the bob had changed and at least one side was just below my lip and not quite to my chin.

When she spun me around, I was again greeted by a new girl.  This one was a little chubbier and had almost jet black hair with red tints to it.   What was the most drastic change was the new side.  I had a sidecut that was buzzed down to 1/8 inch of my scalp.   The buzz went up to my temple and followed a straight line to the back of my head.   The rest of the cut was still stacked, only higher on the back of my head and on the right side, it angled down to my pursed lips.  I gave it a shake and had a whole new sensation.  Half of my head felt weightless.   The now asymmetrical bob fell perfectly into form and a small grew across my chubby face.  I was even sexier now, a true punk with some buzzed hairs and sassy swoop to the right side of my face.

“This is a great look for you.  You will need to keep eating to fatten up for our next adventure.” She spoke almost in a mocking sense.  And I felt amazing.

This time while paying before I left, Morgan gave me an envelope.  It contained several instructions on what I was to do next.  I was under her complete control and she was going to change my look even more.   I walked confidently back to the piercing shop.  She had mapped out new holes she wanted me to get and I explained them to the person with all the needles.   My ears would be pierced 4 more times going up to my cartilage on my buzzed side.  The other lower side of my lip was also pierced to give me a snake bite look.  And what was next was the most painful.  My tongue was pierced with a heavy gauge needle with a big silver ball.

I was instructed to go to Morgan’s place and wait for her to get home.  I spent about an hour in the bathroom putting on dark makeup around my eyes.  I colored my lips almost black.  I was feeling Goth and rotten when I heard the door open.   Morgan walked in as I stepped out of the washroom.  She smiled as I approached and ran her hand along the buzzed side of my head, digging her fingers into the back of my stacked hair.  Then both of her hands went to my shoulders as she pushed me to my knees.  She pulled down her jeans to reveal herself to me and told me to say, “Ah.”

My pierced tongue came out as she pushed the back of my head toward her.  I licked and sucked on her to make her moan and arch her back.  She used her hands to take my hair that was still intact and pushed it back while bucking herself on my mouth.   I was now not only a muse, but I was Morgan’s sex toy.   No longer would I ever be the long blonde haired prep I used to be.  I’m a pierced punk that has no other purpose than to satisfy Morgan.   And I’ve never felt more alive.


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  1. Nicely written. I found this particularly titillating because of Morgan’s dominant nature, and the way she took over Taylor’s life. Taylor begins her adventure empowered, having left the blonde bombshell behind. But, then Taylor is drawn into Morgan’s web, gaining weight for her, and eventually even quitting her job. In the end I pictured her as Morgan’s goth girl, her property and chubby slave. I’m curious if the story ends here, or if there will be more.

    1. I’m curious to what else can happen in this story. I need some thoughts or this may die on the vine. Someone gave me the thought to take it this direction. I hadn’t thought about the weight thing or the sex toy thing. Any ideas are welcome and I’ll continue it.

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