How Subs found their way to my salon…

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The Subs


Author: Tygrus


I honestly thought it was going to be a normal day, I opened up as normal, the sky was clear, the sun was shining and I had just finished cleaning up and opened the doors of my salon for a new day of work.


The day began as normal as well, the clients that had an appointment arrived and I began a day of trims, dyes, hairdos, and makeup, however at around 10 am I got a phone call from a number I had never seen before.


I picked up the phone as always.


“Ty Hair studio and barber services how can I help you?” was my default professional answer.


“Very good day, my name is Sabrina, is this Tygrus speaking?” came the answer, a sweet female voice I did not recognize.


“The very same, are you interested in making an appointment?” I asked, continuing with my work as I did.


“Oh, that would be wonderful, I would like to speak with you, I am a friend of your sister, she talked about you a lot” came, and that made me pause for a moment…


You see, my sister had passed away recently so I didn’t know if the person on the line knew.


“I am glad to hear that however, I must inform you that my sister…” I began to say but Sabrina cut me off.


“I know, and I am very sorry, however, as I said, she spoke a lot about you so I was hoping you could help me out” came her response, I sighed and hesitated for a few moments, even stopping my work “I’m on my way,” she said and hung up.


I sighed and cleared a small tear on my eye, excused myself to the lady on my chair, and resumed my work.


I had just finished with the client I had been working on as the sound of high heels caught my attention.


Just entering the waiting area of my salon was a beautiful woman, an oval-shaped face, immaculate makeup, long puffed up brunette, golden streaked hair that reached her mid-back done in a very elaborate updo, she wore a lovely black leather skirt, a pink blouse, and a scarf.


She looked fresh out of another salon…


“Welcome,” I said walking up to her and extending my hand “I am Tygrus, Sabrina?” I asked politely.


“Yes!, thank you very much,” she said returning my greeting and smiling.


“What can I do for you Sabrina?, I am afraid I can’t take you right now, I have the entire day booked until almost closing time,” I said looking through my appointments book the next client was walking in at that right moment.


“If you don’t mind that sounds just perfect, please give me the last appointment,” she said smiling.


“Alright any time past 8:30 is ok,” I said to her, she nodded and walked out as I greeted my client.


The day went by as normal, I almost couldn’t stop to eat, It was a very good day, finally by 8 I was able to sit down and relax a little bit, I watched a few videos as I waited for this mystery woman.


8:30 came and went and no show so I began cleaning up the salon getting ready to close, and then it was 8:55, and I heard a knock on at the door.


I turned around, and there she was, as lovely as she looked in the morning, I sighed, *looks like a late nighter* I thought as I unlocked the door for her, and let her in.


“Do you mind if I close up?” I said as she walked around the salon, inspecting it all I imagined.


“Not at all, please do!” she said smiling, inspecting my chairs.


You see my salon is not that big, I work alone and I only have two chairs, both facing a floor to ceiling mirror that covers the whole wall and a glass counter to put my working stuff and the client’s as well, on the left I have a mobile washbasin that can be fitted at the back of any of the two chairs, a mobile cart for my hairdressing tools and a towel heater.


The two chairs, however, are vastly different, one is a normal salon chair, it can swirl around and go up and down, but not much else, the other one, however, was my favorite, a barber chair, chrome, and black leather, reclines back and moves like a dream, it is also very, very comfortable (I mean the salon chair is also comfy but it doesn’t compare)


Guess where Sabrina was sitting when I came to find her after closing the doors and turning off the out lights.


She smiled as she made herself comfortable on the big barber chair.


“Well, how may I be of service?” I asked as I sat in front of her “please don’t take it the wrong way but you look like you just visited another salon”


She smiled “I did, and that’s why I am here, I want to see if you can please me more than that other place I just went to,” she said looking at my eyes, she had an intense look in them, a fierce determination.


I just smiled “Alright, what can I do for you?” I asked getting up and getting a long cape out of the cart and placing it loosely around her shoulders, I grabbed a piece of neck tissue and wrapped it neatly around her neck, closing the cape, and folding the tissue down, I grabbed a brush and began working on her hair to get some of the spray out, she had a ton of the stuff.


“I’m gonna have to wash all this out,” I said as I looked at her reflection.


“That’s magnificent, do that and trim this mess please,” she said pointing at her hair, I nodded as I reached for the lever at the side of the chair, and tilted it back a little bit, enough for her neck to fit into the basin comfortably.


I ran the water until it had the correct temperature, and began soaking her hair, massaging a bit here and there.


I swear I heard her purr.


“Mmm you have good hands,” she said as I worked, I stopped the water and reached for the shampoo bottle, squeezing a bit of shampoo all around her head, then a bit into my hands, I began the massage to create a lather, she relaxed under my hands.


“So you say you met my sister?” I asked as I worked around.


“I did, loved her dearly too, she was one of the finest integrants of the circle,” she said smiling enjoying my attentions.


I never heard my sis talk about any such thing, so I chuckled.


“Circle? you mean like a poetry circle?” I never knew my sister for her poetry, she was an amazing hairdresser, and an artist with spoken words, but a poet she was not.


“Oh no, well in a manner of speaking what we do can be considered poetry to the right people,” she said smiling “have you ever heard of subs?” she asked as my hands continued to dance on her head.


“Submarines or sandwiches?” I asked confused, she laughed.


“Oh dear me, no, no, a sub is the short term for submissive, its a term used a lot on our circle, the BDSM circle,” she said smiling, then it clicked, I knew my sister had some unconventional tastes but she never mentioned such.


“Oh” I replied “no, I was not aware”


She smiled.


“Your sister was the favorite sub of many of us, and we loved her dearly, she spoke of you a lot, and quite high as well,” she said as I began to rinse her hair of the shampoo, and proceed to apply conditioner to make the cut easier.


“I am sorry to say she didn’t say a word about your circle to me” I responded with sincerity.


“I don’t doubt your words, sometimes we keep a lot of our tastes from our families, the lifestyle is not for everyone” she answered as I rose the chair to begin working.


“Fair is fair,” I said, “but why did you bring that point up?” I asked as I combed the conditioner in and I began studying her cut.


“Well its a complicated matter we can discuss in a moment, I just wanted to prove the skills my beloved Marianne spoke so highly of,” she said smiling.


I smiled “Well I don’t like to brag,” I said happily as the comb cleared conditioner and any possible residue on her hair.


“You don’t have to, so far all of her words ring true” she whispered, almost seductively, this made me smile, I then picked up my scissors.


“So tell me, what don’t you like about the layered cut you got?, it seems fine to me,” I asked moving her head to one side and then the other, combing this and that way to complete my studying.


“I just don’t feel like me in it,” she said “I’ll let you fix it, but I don’t want a short cut”


I nodded “So a fix without losing length, got it” I began to work, I normally go silent as soon as I begin the cut, as it lets me concentrate, weirdly enough, she also went silent, following my every move with her eyes, performing the same study I did on her I guessed.


It didn’t take much to fix the layered cut, I made a few adjustments to each layer and added a bit of texture, moved and fluffed with my fingers to ensure it flowed correctly, I also fixed her bangs as they sat straight without adding much to the cut, but added life to it after I was done, made it flow a bit more instead of just sitting there until it’s combed and styled.


Soon I was done, she smiled and examined her cut, but was surprised when I took all of it, twisted it, and pinned it up, she didn’t speak a word but followed my every move.


I always have a little bit of warm shaving lather at hand to clean up the neck of every cut I make, be it male or female, because it makes the final result look clean and well done, so I took my shaving brush and using my fingers I spread a thin line of shaving soap all around her hairline and neck, and a little bit on her sideburns.


Once again, no word was spoken, just eyes following my movements closely.


I took my straight razor and place a new blade on it (I do own a traditional razor, however, I lack the strop to make proper use of it so I use disposable blades) with my tool in hand I proceeded to shave her hairline with slow tender movements, I heard her gasp when the steel touched her skin for the first time after I was done clearing the hairline and neck I pushed her head slightly to the right as I began shaving the sideburn and adding a bit flair to the cut I had just done, moved to the left and repeated the same movements.


I was finished, I put my razor down and took a small mirror I use to let my clients see the back of the haircut, showing it to Sabrina to ensure she liked it.


“So? what do you think?” I asked, her eyes were wide open, she moved her hair this and that way, she then lifted it to admire the part I had shaved away.


“I think I might become a regular if you allow me to check one final detail,” she said looking straight into my eyes.


I held her gaze and waited, I might have even gulped…


“Marianne also said your skills with a razor were superb” she began to say, my breath found me again.


“Well, the only way for you to find out would be to get a shave yourself,” I said smiling and reaching to undo the cape.


“And what are we waiting for?” she asked smiling, remaining seated.


I smiled “So you are aware I do provide such a service for my regular lady clients?” I asked as I grabbed the lever on the side of the chair, and pulled on it, tilting the chair completely down, as the back went down the footrest went up, she was almost completely reclined now, and just smiled.


“Your sister called it a facial,” she said.


“Because it is, I don’t just shave the face, I cleanse the skin, perform an exfoliation by shaving and add a facial mask, you’ll look 10 years younger once I’m done,” I said proudly as I began preparing everything I was going to need and placing it on my cart.


“So retaking the issue I commented earlier, we were hoping you could work on two of our subs, their masters will be attending with them and deciding what they will get, also if you don’t mind, we have some special requests, they’ll have to be tied to your wonderful chairs, a latex cape, and some gags would be wonderful…” she said almost as in a daydream, closing her eyes.


“I must say I don’t have any equipment for such a request,” I said as I began applying a facial shampoo to clean her skin of makeup and impurities, performing a relaxing massage.


“Oh!, then I will take care of it, don’t you worry about anything,” she said enjoying my attentions.


“I also must say that I will not perform any service on a person that is not doing so willingly, if these girls are being forced against their will I won’t do it,” I said sternly as I cleansed the shampoo with warm wet round sponges, she shivered at my tone.


“Oh don’t you worry about that, we are all willing participants, I’ll take care of that detail too…” she said smiling as she felt the shaving brush on her right cheek, I lathered her quickly using small round movements, going from her sideburns to her chin, down her neck, up again, moving along her jawline and then finally up the other cheek, using my finger to dab a smidge over her upper lip.


I allowed her a moment while I grabbed a hot moist towel from my dispenser, cooled it a bit, and they wrapped it snuggly on her face, I could feel her squirming slightly under the cape as I pressed gently over the towel on her face, a few moments then I let it cool while I prepared a new blade for my razor.


I moved the towel away from her forehead, but still sitting over her cheeks and chin.


I lathered up her forehead gently and allowed my razor to glide on it, removing dead skin, makeup and impurities in one single movement, clearing her forehead in 4 simple swipes.


I place the razor down for a moment as I picked up the towel, now a lot cooler, and used it to clear all traces of soap from her face, needed new lather, so I took my brush and began once again lathering her with it, but this time with slow movements, allowing her to enjoy it as I spread the lather slowly over her cheeks, chin, and neck, slightly on her upper lip as well, she sighed as I moved her face slightly to the left as I picked my razor up again, and placed her on her sideburn, slowly shaving down to her jawline, then down her neck, then up again at her cheek, and another path down, from cheek to jaw, then down her neck, I moved her ace to the other side and I repeated the process, once only the middle of her neck, chin, and upper lip remained, those were shaved with small tender movements, she exhaled pleased once she felt I removed the last traces of lather from her face.


“That was very good” she whispered, “I think I’m gonna be back very often” I just smiled.


I cleansed her face with a moist towel, and finished her facial with a nutritive face mask, even applied new lipstick to her lips once I was done, soon she was up and smiling from ear to ear.


“So? what do you think?” I asked as I undid the cape and threw the neck-strip to the garbage bin.


“Oh yes, you’d do nicely,” she said getting up and smiling inspecting her face “I do look younger, I love it!”


She stepped away while I cleaned up, she asked a couple more questions, but nothing I remember as important.


A few moments later she paid for her services and left a very generous tip, she then told me to set the date for her friends one week from that day, on a Friday, at closing time for a private session, we agreed on it and on the price (which was quite high as I was not sure what to expect) she thanked me and told me she loved all of my services, she kissed me on the cheek and I walked her out, closing up and getting ready to sleep, I moved to the back and up to my room.


The next week was quite normal, I even forgot about the whole thing as the normal cuts, dyes and services returned as always… it was 8 PM on Friday… and I looked at my appointment book, and saw the mark as Sub…


I sighed, as I fully expected the girls to be forced and I would have to turn them away, I waited patiently as the time passed by, at 8:45 a car pulled outside, quite a luxury car as well…


I opened up the door as 4 people stepped outside, 3 ladies and one gentleman, I was honestly very nervous, I did not know what to expect.


Two of the ladies, looked about 24 or 25 wore trenchcoats, high heels, and smiles, one had straight blonde hair (dyed) down to the middle of her back, the other one had brunette natural hair reaching down to her butt, the last lady, looked to be around 37 or 38, she had her hair done in an elaborated bun, with lots of decoration, she had a cocktail dress that looked like it shimmered on the light, and boots that reached above her knees, she also had a long purple boa around her neck and a long cigarette holder, she pulled the cigarette and put it out before entering, exhaling the smoke quickly, the man was wearing a very elegant tuxedo.


I welcomed them as they walked up and entered the salon smiling, I closed the door and pulled the curtain down.


“Good night” the gentleman stated “I was told you’d be expecting us”


I nodded and walked up to the girls.


“I did, I was also told you’d be telling me who I was going to attend, and then provide proof they are doing this willingly,” I said sternly, the gentleman and the elegant lady smiled.


“But of course, I am Hector, this is Miranda,” he said, the elegant lady smiled and made a small curtsey.


“And this here is Mary,” said Miranda patting the blonde girl “And Rosa” the brunette girl.


“Girls, would you please?” said Hector as he took a seat on one of my waiting couches.


Both girls nodded and reached into their trench coats, and both pulled sheets of paper, weavers, I read them carefully, they stated that both girls (their full name written on the waver) both ages stated as well, were willing participants and that would agree to every decision made by both Hector and/or Miranda, that I was free of any liability and that all services rendered would be remunerated as previously stated, etc, etc, lots of legal jargon.


Both girls signed the papers smiling, and as soon as they did, they removed their trenchcoats.


To say they were dressed would be a little bit too much, they had what I can only describe as latex harnesses barely covering important parts, most of their breasts exposed, they had decorative chains here and there joining the fabric together, they looked completely fine with their almost nudity tho, the blond girl even seemed to enjoy it.


“Well now that the legalities are out of the way, may we?” asked Miranda as she pointed to my work stations.


“Of course,” I said as I walked forward, placing two additional chairs I had around for the spectators (as I was told that both Hector and Miranda were only there to dictate the services to be provided), then I placed myself next to the barber chair, and turned it around to face my clients “So Who is going first?” I asked politely.


Miranda ushered Mary into my waiting chair, she walked up to the chair graciously and turned around, and slowly lowered herself into it, she shivered as her skin touched the cold leather on the chair, she sat properly, placing her hands on her lap as I turned her to face the mirror.


Meanwhile, Hector ordered Rosa to sit on the salon chair, she did so, not as elegantly as Mary but took the same posture once seated.


Hector then took a backpack I had not seen before and handed me 4 pairs of padded cuffs.


“Could you please secure her to your wonderful chair?” asked Miranda pointing to Mary, I honestly thought it was supposed to be a joke when Sabrina mentioned it, but… it was not, I sighed and proceeded.


Mary was very cooperative when I took her hands and placed the cuffs on her wrists, securing them to the armrests of the chair, also when I placed the cuffs on her ankles and secured her to the footrest, she was all smiles.


“Alright, done” I pronounced getting up, this was new, but seeing her so happy allowed me to begin getting into the mood as well.


“Thank you, now her,” said Hector handing me two leather belts.


I shrugged and used them on Rosa, securing her wrists to the armrests of the salon chair.


As soon as I was done, Miranda handed me the next item, a large black shiny ballgag, with straps and everything, I looked at her, and she pointed at the smiling Mary.


I walked in front of her with the ball in front of me, and she opened her mouth quickly, I placed the ball gag in carefully, and secured it below her hairline so that I would be able to work on any part of her hair, she looked at me like she was flirting, smiling through the gag.


I was handed the next ball for Rosa, I walked to her, she looked at it, then at me, hesitated a moment (she looked a little bit embarrassed) but she still closed her eyes and opened her mouth, the same ritual.


Never before had I seen such a scene, but I must admit, they looked quite sexy.


Then Hector handed me a blindfold pointing to Rosa, I placed it making sure she couldn’t see, she shivered a little bit.


Finally, Miranda handed me a large latex cape for Mary, and Hector provided a silk purple one for Rosa, I placed neck tissues on both of them and caped them, I must admit, both capes added a nice touch, I thought about getting some for regular clients.


Once all was set, I had two beautiful women sitting on both work stations, both caped, gagged and one blindfolded.


Mary, however, looked like she couldn’t wait to begin.


So I began working, I took my water-spray bottle and began soaking Mary’s hair as I moved my hair to make sure Id get everywhere.


Miranda then walked to me and using her finger called me closer, she leaned over and whispered on my ear.


“Mary has been a very naughty girl and needs a lesson, I want you to shave her head completely, eyebrows included,” she told me, I looked at her surprised as she smiled devilishly.


I turned around and looked at Mary’s reflection on the mirror, she just smiled at me through her gag, she probably knew what she was getting, so I just shrugged and reminded myself that both girls wanted this.


I took a deep breath and took a hairband, took all of Mary’s wet hair, and secured it in a ponytail, she followed my every move with interest.


I took my scissors and placing them at the base of the ponytail, separated it in a few cuts…


The look on Mary’s eyes at that exact moment told me she didn’t know what she was getting… They want this, I told myself again.


I took Mary’s ponytail and handed it to Miranda, she smiled and bagged the tail.


I returned behind Mary and searched for my clippers on my cart, I plugged them in, oiled them, and gave them a quick test, Mary looked surprised and yet… with a certain expectancy on her eyes.


I then placed my hand on her head and gently but firmly pushed her head down, until her chin touched her chest, then using the guardless clippers I cleared her nape in 5 simple passes, blond hair tumbling down her back, and just as I suspected, there was black stubble left behind in the wake of the clipper buzz, I made another set of passes to make sure all the hair was reduced to stubble at her nape.


Then I placed my hand at her chin, and gently lifted her head until she was looking up at the ceiling, then without letting go of her chin, I placed the clippers at the middle of her forehead and slowly pulled back, shaving a path right at the middle of her head, black stubble left behind while blond almost white locks tumbled down to the floor.

I continued denuding the top of her head without letting her chin go, as soon as I was done and still making her look up I cleared both sides with the clippers, the hair did not offer much resistance, I’m sure she could feel everything as she shivered a bit and tried to pull her head down to see, but I was not gonna let her (yes I was finally into the spirit of things)


I made more passes all over her head once all her golden locks were on the floor and only barely visibly black stubble remained, and once I was satisfied I removed my hand from her chin and allowed her to look at herself, her eyes looked quite shocked, she tried to say something but only mumbles came out of the ballgag.


I worked fast while she was inspecting her new look in the mirror, I took my shaving brush, a cup, and soap, poured hot water into the cup with soap, using the brush to whip creamy shaving lather as quickly as I could, as soon as I was happy with the consistency of the lather I turned to face the still quite surprised Mary and began my work.


I lathered her head with quick and gentle movements with the brush, it danced all over covering her with a thick coat of shaving soap, the sight of her eyes closing as her head rocked around slightly enjoying the moment is a welcomed memory I cherish dearly, once all her head was covered in a thick layer of white shaving lather I put my brush and cup down and moved to my hot towel dispenser and pulled one out.


They were quite hot so I waited it to be tolerable before wrapping her head on it tightly, I could swear I heard a moan as soon as the towel enveloped her lathered head, I applied pressure here and there, giving her a little massage while we waited for the towel to cool a little bit and her stubble to soften, as soon as I felt the towel cool enough I removed it and threw it into a bin, pulled out a new towel, and wrapped it around her head once more, she struggled against her bonds, I could feel her trying to close her legs together but alas, couldn’t…


While I was waiting for the second towel to cool I prepared my razor, placing a new blade in it, once done, a few moments later, I felt the towel was cool enough, I removed it, wiped her head clean, and threw it into the bin too.


I grabbed my brush and cup and lathered her head once more, gently and firmly her head rocked around once more, her eyes closed, clearly enjoying the process, I moved my brush over her head, down her nape, all around her ears, over then, down her sideburns all the way to touch the strap of the ball gag, I even lathered her eyebrows at this point too, she opened her eyes halfway to see herself, covered in white cream… I could see her smile.


Placing my brush and cup down, I took my razor, and opened it, she followed my hands through dazed eyes, as I placed it right at the middle of her forehead, three fingers on top of her head as I gently and carefully began shaving, for you see, a proper shave, with the proper preparation, feels like the razor is caressing the skin, without tugging or much resistance.


I moved from her forehead to her crown, clearing the top of her head gently, letting her enjoy the moment, then I moved down her neck and nape, shaving from her nape down her neck to the ball gag strap, after all.


Next was the right side, so I pushed her head slightly so that the lathered side faced me, I shaved it with the same care as the rest of her head, finishing on the left side.


her head returned to its normal position, I placed my self in front of her, and took the shaving brush, lathered her eyebrows again, and in a few quick swipes got rid of them, I moved out of the way so that she could see her new self, and she smiled at her reflection.


I placed another warm towel on her head, lathered her one more time, and shaved her head a second time, using my fingers to search for rough spots, only a couple that got shaved just as quickly.


After I was done with her second shave I used poured some rose oil into my hands and massaged it into her head to help her relax and soothe her skin, she melted in my hands at that moment, I could feel it.


Having finished with her, I took the cape off and handed it to Miranda, she smiled, took it and placed it on my cart, then she handed me a blindfold like the one Rosa had, So I walked behind Mary and placed it over her eyes, a little protest came from the gag, but she just sank into the chair quite relaxed.


Now I don’t normally work on the salon chair, but I would have to on this particular session.


I walked behind Rosa and gently removed her blindfold as Hector walked up to me, this time I only brushed the hair as I might get another crazy request, Rosas Eyes were glued to Mary and her, ahem, new style, I could feel her thinking what have I gotten myself into


“Your work is superb” I heard to my right, as Miranda was caressing Mary’s head “I didn’t know you could get it this smooth…”


“You can with the right tools and the correct preparation,” I said waiting for Hector, he seemed to be studying Rosa.


“Well, I don’t mind testing your skills once again good friend,” he said crossing his arms and placing one of his hands on his chin “I have a vision now” he stated.


He walked around and using his fingers focused on Rosa “Yes, yes!” he exclaimed.


“A mohawk, however, this side,” he said, pointing to the left side “Shall be shaved as smooth as Mary while this one,” he said pointing to the other “Shall be buzzed only with a #1 guard!”


I nodded, Rosa looked to me and resigned to her fate upon hearing Hector.


“How long do you want the hawk to be? also how wide?” I asked as I grabbed my tailed comb.


“The length shall be down here,” he said pointing to just the middle of Rosa’s ear, “and it shall be this wide,” he said using his fingers, a strip about 2 centimeters wide “Also, I want her to be a redhead, a deep wine-colored red” he looked into her eyes, and she melted, she was smitten with him.


I looked at him surprised, that was quite a cut, and her length…, well, I took another deep breath, remembered, this is wanted.


So I began working by separating the hawk from the rest of the hair and pinning it with hair clips from forehead to nape, as soon as that was done I took my clippers, cleaned them up, oiled them once more, and fitted the #1 guard on them, without much pause I reduced the length of both sides of her head as fast as I could.


She looked at the hair tumbling down and I swear I saw her suppressing the tears, I felt a little bit bad and a little bit guilty till I saw the movement of her legs, this was wanted indeed.


Soon I had removed the guard and moved to her left side and began removing the hair there even further, I was working faster now that I got the reading on Rosa, her left side denuded of hair in a matter of seconds.


I took my shaving brush, used warm water to create more lather, and began spreading it all over the side of her head, from her forehead down to her nape, over her ear, down her sideburn till it touched the strap.


I walked down to my towel dispenser and took one out, wrapped it around her head, patting down on the side that was going to be shaved, I could feel that her hair was way fairer than Mary’s so this wouldn’t need so much preparing, after the towel had cooled enough I removed it, spread another generous amount of shaving cream on her head, and took my razor, and shaved her as tenderly and slowly as I had shaved Mary, of course, this was much faster but pleasant nonetheless, I used my fingers to check for rough spots, found a few, I lathered her once more and shaved again, I was satisfied this time, I put my razor down, now it was time to reduce the length on top, using my comb and scissors I reduced the length with her hair dry, making sure it was the same length all over doing a circular cut on it.


As soon as the length of the hawk was set out came the dye, I prepared it and applied it quickly, massaged the dye in to make sure I got every hair and ensure the correct color, I was surprised when Hector handed me a latex head cap… well I shrugged, dye worked well with heat so I took her hair and placed it inside the cap as it snuggly embraced her head, I cleared any dye that was out of place and began the waiting game.


“If it’s not out of your expertise” hector began to say as I finished cleaning my dye tools and dropped the gloves I used on the garbage.


“hmm?” I asked surprised.


“I would like to have her legs shaved as well…” he asked smiling, Rosa looked at him a little bit embarrassed.


“Alright but that would cost extra!” I said smiling, Hector and Miranda chuckled and he nodded.


I removed the cape from Rosa, but not the neck strip, and I spent the next 20 minutes sitting on at the stool I normally use for pedicures shaving Rosas legs as slowly and tenderly as I could, using the brush, hot towels, and straight razor, I could see her legs were quite sensitive as she blushed all the time I spent shaving her.


After I was done I put everything away, and capped her again, removing the latex cap I could see the color had sit perfectly, so I washed the dye out of her hair, once I was done with the wash Hector requested if I could shave a few designs on the right side of Rosa’s head, I nodded and followed his instructions, it looked like a flower, and another looked like a spider web, I dried her hair and styled it as best I could as hector didn’t want her mohawk standing… yet.


They were very happy with my services, they gave their approval and I was asked to release both girls, they both struggled a bit the stand, their legs felt wobbly they said, I just smiled, everything was put away, but Miranda gifted me with both capes and the latex cap.


They paid generously, even tipping me almost as much as the service total cost, before leaving both Rosa and Mary put on their trenchcoats and Miranda put a very short bob wig on Mary’s head, the thanked me, I got kisses on my cheeks from all three ladies, and they walked out.


I have never forgotten that night, because all three women became quite regular clients, with special sessions once every month (quite a treat!)

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