How to compromise and keep promises

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How to compromise and keep promises
October 2006

After living together for a couple of years I became engaged to my girlfriend Beth in 1978. Although it was never a problem before our engagement, Beth insisted that I be completely clean-shaven for our wedding. We calmly went back and forth over this issue for a couple of weeks and one Friday afternoon we compromised. If I shaved off my short beard Beth promised to let me keep my moustache.

I shaved off my beard right in front of her and suggested we go out for a fish fry. Beth changed into a nice dress; the dark green one she wore when I first met her. She put on some makeup and pulled back her hair in a figure eight bun. She looked incredibly beautiful as well as sophisticated and sexy and I loved her and still do. To be truthful after I shaved, I liked my new beardless look and change is good for nothing else that cleaned shaven pleased her more than I expected…..the moustache would be going soon and I was going to surprise her at the last minute.

We had a great fish fry and shared a pitcher of Sangria at the Club 98.
I must admit I drank most of it. We had another pitcher and listened to the live band that set up about an hour and a half after we had arrived and friends Steve and Sue joined us and we danced and had a great time. It was late when we got home; Beth drove and I went up to bed.

She said she would be up later. I kissed her cheek and left her sitting on the couch and embroidering the pillow for the ring bearer. The combination of a long day, big meal and the pitchers Sangria put me right to sleep. While I was sleeping, Beth cut off my moustache with her small embroidery scissors. When I awoke up beside her the next Saturday morning and realized what she had done I went ballistic and raised my voice with her for the first time.

In retrospect; I scared the hell out of her. I stormed out of our apartment in a rage slamming the door behind me. After walking around for a couple of hours and then stopping for a cup of coffee, I calmed down and walked over to my friend Steve’s house. He brought me home to get my truck and I slept there on the couch for the next few days.

Steve’s wife Sue and Beth are good friends from college. Sue was Beth’s Matron of Honour at our wedding. The whole time I was there Sue urged me to be the bigger person and call Beth. I refused and without my knowledge Sue telephoned Beth on Monday and invited her to come over. Sue would act as the peacemaker and she meant well however I was still angry. Fortunately Steve tipped me off about the phone call and I left before Beth arrived.

After leaving Steve’s house I went to my barbershop for my first hot shave with a straight razor. My barber Louie was an old time barber who gave shaves with a straight razor; I’ve gone to him since I was three years old and go for him for his good advice.

I told him what happened and asked what I should do and he said “So you had your first fight; big deal. Make up with her and marry the girl, you dummy, Beth is perfect for you. You lost your temper over a moustache and you were planning of shaving it off anyway!” He also said marriage is about compromise and respect and whatever you decide to do now to establish limits will ensure a firm foundation for your marriage.

While I sat back in the chair with hot towels on my face, it hit me like a freight train. I would test my relationship with Beth and set limits for her at the same time. I asked Louie for a short term loan and he agreed, smiling and nodding knowingly.

I telephoned Beth from the barbershop and hearing my voice Beth began sobbing. She told me that she loved me. She told me that she was sorry for what she had done and promised to do anything if I just came home.
I apologized for losing my temper and raising my voice with her. I told her I loved her and forgave her. I apologized for scaring her. I promised never to do it again and I meant it.

I also told her I will hold her to her promise of “anything”. Beth has the most beautiful auburn hair I have ever seen. It was her long hair that first attracted me to her and her loving and sweet and kind nature won me over after. Her hair is thick and soft to the touch; and I touch it every chance I get.

At that time of our first fight, she wore it all one length and parted in the middle. When it is down it flows over her shoulders in shining auburn waterfall to her trim waist. Beth was very proud of her tresses and took very good care of her hair. There was one beautician that she swore by and would only go to for a haircut.

Beth’s beautician required her stand – not sit – in the chair when she trimmed Beth’s hair. Beth had no layers in her hair. It was cut blunt and straight across the bottom. I must admit that the beautician really knows her business and always does a perfect job.

When I arrived home, Beth was ecstatic to see me. She hugged me tight and showered me with her sweet kisses. Beth was wearing a new red dress. She put her hair up in a high bun on the top of her head. I love to play with Beth’s long tresses. It is a turn on for the both of us. First, I will remove her hair from the confines of the bun dropping her long silky ponytail down her back. I enjoyed playing with her beautiful ponytail anticipating when I would remove the elastic band to let her hair flow loose and free.

This is generally part of our foreplay to love making. Besides, Beth has a beautiful neck and cute ears. When she wears her hair up they are easy to get at. I smiled and taking Beth by her hand, we walked into our bedroom and I shut the door. I reminded her of her promise of “anything” and told Beth to get the chair by her dresser and place it facing the full-length mirror on the back of bedroom door. I helped her to sit in the chair. While kissing the back of her neck I explained my position to Beth and reminded her of the promise she made over the phone. I told her that I was going to trim her hair like she did my moustache.

I again reminded her of her promise and told her to be a good girl and sit still. I removed the hairpins from her bun and let her ponytail fall over the back of the chair. I removed Louie’s loan from my pocket, a large comb and a pair of German made Henkel barber scissors. Picking up her long ponytail I placed the scissors at the base as if to cut it off. I cut through the elastic band instead letting her hair spill loose over her shoulders and down back of the chair. She looked so scared and her hair was so beautiful that I almost stopped then and there.

Determined, I took a section of her hair in my hand and held it out in front for her to see. I slowly cut through that section of hair with the scissors. After that first snick of the scissors there was no turning back.

Taking my time, I slowly cut Beth’s hair savouring the sensation of the scissors chewing through her long locks. I made a show of placing the cut-off sections of her hair on her lap. When I had finished cutting, Beth’s once beautiful waist length hair was now cut just to her a couple of inches below her shoulders. I said “I need to even things up the bottom?” I combed out her hair smoothing it down. I commented “How about bangs and maybe some short layers on the top? “ Taking up the scissors again and using the comb as a guide, I carefully cut her hair straight across, all one length until it now hung down to the bottom of her neck.

I brushed the shorn hair from Beth’s neck and shoulders. I pulled her hair back into a cute but short ponytail and then letting her hair fall forward, I playfully ran my fingers through her shorn tresses, fluffing it around her face. I said” no more buns for you for a while”. I asked Beth” how about a nice pixie cut sweetheart?

Up until that point Beth had sat perfectly still, not saying a word and staring into the mirror. She tried to stand up but I gently pushed her back down by her shoulders. Beth was crying and begged me not cut her hair shorter. I took Beth into my arms and told her” Beth I love you and will always love you”.

We went to bed and made up to each other as only lovers can do.
The next day I drove Beth to her beautician, Sandy. While we were driving over in the car I told Beth” When we get there you be quiet, I will tell her how I want your hair styled. Remember your promise”.

While we were waiting I looked through the hairstyle books pointing out this one or that to Beth; all very short pixie cuts or permed and short haircuts. When it was Beth’s turn, I took Sandy to one side, slipped her two fifties and quietly and instructed her to style Beth’s hair from a picture I cut out of a woman’s magazine from Louie’s barbershop. Sandy seemed pleased with the challenge as well as the one-hundred dollar tip and agreed Beth will look cute and sweet with short hair.

After Beth was shampooed, for this haircut she sat in the chair. When her haircut was completed Beth’s new style was a cute bowl cut skilfully created with the scissors only to be short, soft and sexy. Beth looked 15 years old instead of 25 and incredibly cute and sweet however makeup artfully applied will change her new look to be sultry and sexy.

When Beth first sat down in the chair she had no idea what style I had in mind. You could tell that she was relieved. I didn’t have her hair cut real short or layered and permed. Sandy recommended Beth return every month to have her hair trimmed to keep her new bowl cut look neat and fresh which we did.

After we left the shop I kissed Beth and told her how hot I thought she looked. I took her to the Jewellery Store where I purchased her engagement ring and bought her 18 karat gold hoop earrings. I also bought her red lipstick and had Beth put it on along with the rest of her makeup. The result was incredible sultry and sexy and the blowjob I got when we got home rocked my world.

After about 18 months, Beth started dropping hints about how good she looked with long hair and of all the ways that she would fix her hair for me.

Louie was retired by then and I went with Beth to Sandy to have my haircuts now. I allowed Beth to grow her hair to shoulder length all the while secretly conspiring with Sandy who I always made sure to tip well when Beth and I went there together for our appointments.

I tipped Sandy with a hundred dollar bill right in front of Beth this time.
Beth just smiled and let Sandy do her thing. Beth left the salon that day with a short sassy blunt pageboy bob that fell to her jaw line and her eyes were framed by sexy blunt bangs. When we got home, Beth couldn’t keep her hands off of me or I her and our love making was incredible.

I missed her long hair and agreed to let her grow her hair long again. She surprised me and bought several wigs to spice up our love making and change her look.

We now have been married for 37 years. Beth’s long mane is now as long and beautiful as it was before I cut it short and has never been cut short since, although we both agree bangs bring out her brown eyes.
Beth always keeps her promises as do I. To please me she styles her hair in braids, ponytails, buns, French twists etc…. I in turn have remained completely clean-shaven.

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