Humiliating headshave at 16

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I was 16 years old when I went on vacation to Bangladesh with my family. My parents are originally from there. Once I got there, I couldn’t handle the heat. I was always sweating and complaining. One day my mom told me to get ready to go to the mall. So I did in a blue salwar kameez. My mom, aunt, younger cousin and I were waiting outside the gate for the driver. From far away my mom spotted an old man under a tree. She asked my aunt is that one of those people who do haircuts? And my aunt said yeah. My mom said let’s go there I want to see something. My aunt was telling her to leave it but my mom insisted. So we walked over there and my mom asked how much do you charge? The old man asked depending on who. So my mom said it’s for my daughter while pointing to me. I got shocked. I was like ma what are you saying but she completely ignored me. When the old man asked what do you want to do, she said I want to get her hair shaved. The old man took his price and my mom told me to sit down. I refused so she got really angry. She said all this heat is unbearable for kids like me, best thing to do is go bald. My aunt also said yeah now is a good time for nera (shaving). I started to cry and the old man began his work. He wet my hair with cold water, took a blade and started to shave from the middle of the head. It was all over. I was becoming bald. After 5 mins he asked my mom to feel it but she said to do it one more time with shaving cream, so he did. After he was done he put aftershave gel on my head. It was a very cold feeling. My cousin looked at me and couldn’t stop laughing. Here I was 16 years old, completely bald and she was only 12 with waist length hair. I was so embarrassed. My mom didn’t even let me cover my head. I got so many strange looks. Some people even stopped my mom at the mall to ask if I was freshly shaven. Once I got home, rest of the family were laughing and making jokes.

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  1. Hey, it was great, keep up the work. I’m from Bangladesh too and i felt it actually, that’s what actually happens in summer but girls getting head shaves are rare these days. i recommend trying to add more climax and details in the which will make it better to read and give us a much more contrast to feel it,try to explain the situation. above all, great job. hoping for more stories from you 🙂

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