Husband shaves me bald

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I had always admired bald women. I thought every one of them could pull it off and they had such courage to go around and pull of a look in a society that says women need to have hair, more specifically long hair.

It was something that was on my mind for years, to get rid of all my hair. My hair was long and dark brown, and it took a lot to maintain. I used a lot of shampoo and conditioner, I had detangler, heat protectant, and heat styling products. Not to mention the hair appointments and trims.

Not only that but my days and actions often revolved around my hair. Curled? I wore a cute dress. Messy bun? I laid around the house in a giant t-shirt and sweats. I felt like I constantly was planning out my hairstyles and also thinking hard of new ones because I didn’t want to be to repetitive, but if I was bald I would only have one hairstyle.

One day, both me and my husband had a day off. I was laying in bed watching more headshave videos and I decided enough was enough. It was now or never, it had to happen that day or I would never experience a bald head. I was done putting it off.

I talked to my husband who was shocked to learn that I had wanted to do it for years. He was supportive and said he would help. We went to the store to grab what we needed. We already had a new razor and shaving foam at home, so we just needed clippers.

As soon as we got home, it was go time. My husband brought a chair outside as well as a stool for all the supplies, which included the clippers, shaving foam, a razor, a bowl of water, and a small towel.

I sat down on the chair while my husband put batteries in the clippers. He finally flicked them on and they began vibrating. I was asked if I was sure, and I told him I was positive. He then bought the vibrating clippers to my hairline and glided them through my scalp. There was no going back. I felt strands of my long hair fall behind me. 

My husband continued gliding the clippers through my head and more hair rained onto the ground. The clippers felt very interesting on my head, and I was surprised by how easily they went through my hair. Before long, my husband shaved off the last few strands of my long hair. 

My head felt so much lighter and I could feel the autumn breeze on my neck. I felt so liberated and free from my hair but couldn’t wait to feel my head after the razor when it would be completely bald.

I sat back as my husband lathered the shaving foam onto my head. Then he picked up the razor and put his left hand on my shoulder began gliding the razor and scraping away at the short stubble on my head. Every stroke or two with the razor, he rinsed it in the bowl of water. 

After about 10 minutes my husband dispensed a little more shaving foam to go over a few spots. Very shortly after that, he confirmed everything was completely smooth and wiped my head with the small towel, which felt very sensitive and tender from being freshly shaved. 

After lots of anticipation, I reached up and felt my bald head for the first time. It was incredibly smooth and felt like soft, bare skin. For a couple minutes I sat there, sitting and savoring the new feeling, and felt so happy that I had finally taken the plunge and shaved my head.

I went inside with my husband who told me that I look beautiful with a bald head and even kissed the top of my head. I could feel all of the moisture of his lips when he kissed my head.

After that, I went into the bathroom to finally see how I looked bald. My husband was right, I looked great. I was scared of how I would look but was relieved that my bald head really suited me.

After that I hopped into the shower which felt absolutely incredible. I could feel all the droplets of water hitting my bare head. The water made my head even more smooth, rubbing it under the water felt smoother than glass.

That night in bed, my husband gave me plenty of head kisses and massaged my head to sleep. It was shocking waking up the following morning bald. But my head was still nearly as smooth as it was the day before.

It’s been 8 months and my hair is a bit of a pixie length. It feels great watching the process of my hair growing out but I do long for having a bald head, and I honestly would do it again.

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