Husbands barbershop chapter I

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Laura and Matthew had been married for 3 years and had been living in a large 2 story house with no kids. They weren’t sure what to do with the space until one day when they were lying in bed, Matthew caught a glimpse of Laura looking at girls with really short haircuts on pinterest. She looked fascinated and somewhat turned on. This is when Matt had a grand idea. 


The following weekend, Laura went on a trip with her friends and wouldn’t be returning until monday morning. Matthew decided he would build an in-home barbershop with all of the necessary equipment, including numerous pairs of clippers. He found an outlet store which sold everythings for barbershops and salons. He picked up a very large, black leather vintage barber  chair, a mirror and all of the haircutting and shaving equipment a barber could ever need.


Matthew brought all the supplies home and began setting them up in the spare room upstairs. It looked perfect once it was finished. Exactly like a vintage barbershop. The floor was wooden and the chair was placed towards the back wall but basically in the middle of the room. There was a floor to ceiling mirror on one wall with shelves either side. One shelf contained scissors, combs and 6 pairs of clippers, all for different tasks. The other shelf contained a shaving cream dispenser, razors and towels. Hanging on the wall were various styles of barber capes, consisting mainly of stripes. Matthew made sure to get the xxl capes. He even went to the trouble of  buying a small barbershop spiral pole and made up some vintage framed men’s haircuts to scatter around the room. He was quite proud of his feats.


Monday rolled around and Laura returned home. Matthew gave her a big hug and kiss but didn’t tell her about the surprise upstairs. He thought he would let her find it herself. 


Laura began putting all of her things away from the trip when she walked past the spare room and noticed something unusual. The door was cracked open ever so slightly. She peered in and saw a makeshift barbershop in her house. Did her husband take up barbering while she was away? As she was half way in the room, Matthew walked up behind her quietly. Laura let out a little scream as she was fixated on the room and everything in it. 


“I was wondering when you were going to find this. What do you think?” said Matt. “Are you becoming a barber?” replied Laura. 


“technically yes. But just for one customer” said Matthew as he walked into the room towards the chair. He spun the chair around to face Laura and signaled with his hand for her to step up into the chair. She let out a little giggle but decided to play along. She walked over to the chair, her heels clacking across the wooden floor. Laura stepped up onto the footrest and sat down. She crossed her legs and placed her hand on the armrests. She had no idea how comfortable barber chairs were. “I might never go to a salon again. These barber chairs are amazing.” she said. 


“no need to darling. You have your own personal barber now” replies Matthew. She giggled again, playing along with the joke. 


Matthew turned around and grabbed a neck tissue, a hair clip and a barber cape. He clipped up Laura’s hair and tied the neck tissue around her neck semi tight. She was slightly surprised but enjoyed the tension nonetheless. Matthew then draped the large black striped cape over her. He clipped the cape tightly and un-clipped her hair. The cape was so long, Laura could only see her feet.  Her Gorgeous wavy strawberry blonde hair was poking out of the top of the cape. At this point she was enjoying all of it. 


Matthew then spun the chair around to face the mirror. Laura got a look at herself in the chair. She had a small petite body and because the back of the barber chair was so big, the backrest stuck out higher than her shoulders. This made her look quite weird in the large chair and cape. She felt a little out of place. Laura broke from the gag and asked matthew what all this actually for. 


“Well, let’s put it this way. You weont ever have to go to salon again. I’m going to be your personal barber” said Matthew.


Laura was filled with mixed emotions but was mostly excited as she had a thing for short haircuts. She decided to submit and wondered what Matthew’s plan was for her hair. Laura just smiled at him in the mirror and said, “hello mister. Can i please get a haircut?”


“Of course you can, young lady. What will it be?” replied Matthew


“Something short please mister” said Laura in a timid voice


“Anything in particular miss?”


“I’m not sure. Maybe you can decide?”


“Alright young lady. One short haircut coming right up”


Matthew then spun the chair around again to face the wall. Laura had a smile on her face as she knew she was about to get one of those short haircuts she’d fantasized over for a long time. Matthew grabbed hair in a ponytail in his fist and flicked the wahl clippers to life. The loud buzzing of the blades echoed throught the small room. This noise caused Laura to jump as she wasn’t aware Matthew had picked up the clippers. He pushed them into her ponytail and swiftly removed it without much resistance. He then threw her ponytail into her lap. Laura looked down in excitement and disbelief at the sight of her long ponytail sitting in her lap of the black barber cape.


As Laura was looking in her lap, Matthew pushed her head down further with force. She smiled again as she was at his mercy. Trapped in the larger barber chair by the tight restraints of the tissue and cape. Laura had never thought about this part of the men’s haircut fantasy she’d had for a while now.  


Matthew checked the blade number on the clippers. #000000 perfect!


With his right hand holding Laura’s head down, he placed the whirring clippers at her nape and pushed them up swiftly until they reached her crown. He didn’t hesitate as he made the second and third pass, leaving nothing but bare skin in its tracks. Laura realised quickly how amazing the feel of the clippers were on her head. The vibrations were so soothing and arousing, it felt like a massage with a happy ending. Her smile got bigger each time a tuft of her strawberry blonde locks would fall into her lap, adding to the pile started by her long ponytail. At this point, she had no idea how short Matthew was cutting her hair, or which haircut she was even getting. She was just along the ride.


Suddenly, her head was lifted and leveled out. Laura heard the clippers get louder in her right ear. Matthew placed the clippers on her right cheek and pushed them up into her sideburn. This made her wince but with a slight grin. He worked the clippers up above her earline as if he was going to give her a crewcut. He continued to shave her to the same hairline, moving behind her ear and joining up with the bald section on the back of her head. He made a few more passes to clean up then move around to the left side. He repeated the process of starting at her sideburn. Laura winced again as her cheek was sensitive and ticklish. Matthew smiled too, looking at Laura’s face. He finished shaving her left side to nothing then went to the shelf. Laura heard the clippers fall silent. She thought the haircut was over but didn’t move. She just looked around at her pretty blonde hair piled in her lap and surrounding her on the floor. She couldn’t believe that just 5 minutes ago, all of that was on her head. 


Matthew attached the #0 blade to the wahl clipper (these left a bit of stubble) and walked back to Laura in the chair, almost bald. He flicked the clippers back to life and Laura jumped again. She was always someone who was easily scared. This time Matthew held under her chin, then he placed the clippers at her forehead and pushed them back into her hairline. The #0 blade left behind a faint shadow of stubble, slightly longer than the sides and back but basically still bald. He mowed through the remaining hair on the top of her head until there was nothing left but a ring of stubble on her dome.


Matthew reattached the #000000 blade to tidy up the ‘hair ring’. He decided it was too big and wanted to make it smaller and pushed towards the forehead. He shaved Laura’s crown to nothing and rounded off the back of the ring. She was left with a circle of hair on her forehead. 


After a few minutes, Matthew assessed that it was finished. He flicked the clippers off and placed them on the counter. Laura basically knew that the haircut was done because it felt like she was completely bald. She didn’t know that Matthew changed guards for the top of her head.


Matthew returned to the chair and spun it around to face the mirror. Laura sat there in shock. A basically bald woman looked back at her. A wave of emotions came crashing over her as she tried to take it all in. She smiled at the weird and funny sight of her in the big wide shouldered chair and the black striped barber cape. She closely examined her head and noticed that the only hair remaining was a small circular patch of stubble on her forehead. She loved how it looked both sexy and ridiculous at the same time.


“Wow honey. You are really good at barbering mister” said Laura staying in character


“Well i must be a natural” replied Matthew


“Young lady. This haircut will be free of charge but you have to clean up this mess” said Matthew as he removed the cape and tissue.


“Yes mister” she replied in a fake timid voice.

Matthew walked out of  the room and looked back through the doorway. Laura got out of the chair and picked up the dust pan. The newly bald girl crouched down and started sweeping up her own shorn locks and tossed them in the bin.


To be continued…


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