I absolutely have to tell somebody

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I absolutely have to tell somebody my name is Charlotte I am an overnight nurse with a large Hospital in Florida. I am 28 years old five foot seven and have 38 double e tits I have not worn panties since I was 15 years old I have had a shaved p**** since I was 15 when I do wear panties I wear nothing else but panties around the house cleaning the house step out back for a cigarette or take the dog out. it has been my absolute fantasy since high school is to go with a black man I am married to a very nice white man he takes great care of me and I love him very much however I want to try black can’t close when I was in college I Kissed A black man I touch this cock through a pair of jeans but nothing ever came of it.

After two months on my job I was paired up with another nurse my age almost identical to me could be my sister if I really wanted to be she is married to a black man so we were sitting discuss at night once all the patients were tucked in about him the black guy his cock the way he treats her. She said he treats her like a queen she has never had any chance of going black and been that way she wanted to since she was a young child to try black cock did so as a teenager and married him why do you ask if she said I have been wanting to try black cock for a long time just afraid don’t need to be afraid how about we get together me and my husband you and your husband see where it goes. could not wait to get home that morning my husband on his only day off was home and I started to talk to him about it he was kind of open it’s as well let’s just meet him and see what happens they were over that weekend for brunch. After we ate and talked for a while me and Carol that’s my girlfriend went out back and talk the guys were talking in the living room we came in and joined themI turned my husband and says are you sure about this in front of them he said yes you’re very beautiful and will love to see you f*** by someone else been a fantasy of mine.

I told him his fantasy is about to come true Carol’s husband’s name is Dave former military man that’s 6 ft 300 lb and has absolutely no hair on his body from head to toe she has told me.I took David my arms he held me in his we kissed he caressed my cheek I rubbed in Soother his bald head we kissed and kissed us we saw you took each other shirts off I couldn’t believe it this guy has absolutely no chest hair no stubble he is as dark as could be as he took my shirt off and I’m did my bra my huge white tits flopped around he caressed him with his big dark handsI got titillated instantly all I’ve had my tits played with before by patients been grouped by doctors but never by a black man this felt wonderful.soon I was on doing this pants and then slowly slid off his shorts his cock was so big he was half erect and this thing was like an arm between his legs he removes my jeans as well he began to caress my p**** rubbing it playing with it slipped a finger in it stroke Michael it I went Wet instantly I slowly lowered myself down took his big black cock in both hands and began to kiss to head of it and slowly lick and took it sucked it in my mouth he let out a moan I was moaning and screaming inside this massive cock was in my mouth I can feel a pulsating this was a monsterI sucked and sucked and sucked I Spit on them I left them on the side I sucked it he tried to gag me with it then after a while he helped me up off my knees and says it’s my turn dear set me down gently on the couch and went out on me he sucked my p**** he lick my clit unbelievable yes my husband does a great job but sex with me but this this was a new dimension.

After a while of him licking and fingering me he stood up spread my legs and they asked was I ready for this Isis yes take it slow as he slowly slid his cock into my pulsating p**** I was unbelievably being stretched how was this monster go to fit my p**** it had to go in I wanted him he took his time he was gentle push move around portion move around before I knew it my p**** taking his entire cock he told me relax honey you’re about to get blacked he began pounding away on me it was unbelievable I screamed I am owned I was as wet as could be after a while this I told him sit back on the couch I rode him cowgirl style I faced him he slowly lowered my p**** down on his cock I jumped up and down I jumped up and down and jumped up and down I couldn’t believe it I was getting f***** by a black guy and I loved it why did it take so long he told me he was about ready to come how did I want it I laid back on my back you spread my legs ISIS come inside me please I am on birth control don’t worry about it I have to have you come in me seed me.he went in me a pound at me for a bit and then he exploded oh my God to come was hot as could be and the amount of it was unbelievable when he pulled out I felt the touch between my legs nothing but come oozing out of me I looked over my husband was jerking himself off Carol was playing with his cock as well I asked him were you happy as I was and he says happier sheet says no on the happy one I just got blacked.

I let my husband and Carol go at it they had a great time together she has the best 16 tattoos and he loved them even though she was white he had a good time he f***** her silly as well afterwards we told him that if you wanted to try black they knew of somebody who would come over and join us we agreed to keep this together to the four of us sometimes the five of us we will get a black girl for my husband if he wanted to go black he did this went on for six months we began to hang out together constantly.soon after a conversation with Carol one light at work she told me the true dedication will black man I would get a Queen of Spades tattoo she showed me one of hers she just about 3we agreed at a couple of nights when we were off her and I would go to a tattoo parlor and I would get one let’s surprise the boys she said so her and I another black girl who’s a friend of ours in another nurse a white girl all went off to a tattoo parlor to help support me to get my Queen of Spades tattoo.

I got it as a tramp stamp the bottom of the Queen of Spades barely touching the top crack of my ass large Balfour in bigI got filigree going off to the side highlighted with pink this is the only second tattoo I have the first is a large butterfly below my belly button but above my p**** I had gotten an extra bonus while working part-time going through nursing school and decided I needed to get a tattoo naturally I went to a black tattoo shop to get it and I was energized I laid bare naked from the waist down while this young black guy tattooed this big butterfly all my belly what my shiny white p**** shining up at him the whole time I couldn’t beg him enough to finger me but he’s very professional he told me if I ever wanted to get a tattoo on that beautiful white p**** he do it for free I told the first I got to get f*****.we got home the boys were watching football all of us girls were laughing and giggling and finally your light come onCharlotte showing showing your new tattoo do tattoo my husband said yep dropped my sweatpants and there it washe was startled at first he says are you sure I just absolutely he’s as well if you ever decide against it we could always get it covered up I said I knew my commitment I knew I love Blackhawk I told him I will always be married to you and I love you dearly but I need the f*** black cock.

David thrilled my dedication we went and celebrated in the bedroom couple months later my tattoo had healed well and was thinking about getting another one you’re absolutely right you keep on getting addicted ever since I got my butterfly tattoo I wanted to get another one but wasn’t sure what or where decided to get a nice big red rose on the cheek of my right ass just long enough to eat the stem drops out of the bottom when I wear a bathing suit and just sticking out the top when I wear pantsDave bought me that one everything is going well my husband was f****** two women one black one white and I was having black cock over from time to time David bring one of his parties and I get double team spit-roasted I was having a great time the four of us went away together just into State just for enough to get out of town to get a hotel for a few days we pulled into town we checked into the hotel and then before I knew it we all got back in the car Dave says there’s a special place you wanted to go to okay mixing until we pull up in front of a black barbershop.Dave tells my husband enough is enough you need to have your head shaved this is why your woman loves me so much know my husband said because you’re black and have a monster between your legs but let’s try.my husband being a good sport that he is walked in Dave went to the barber that he knew for us a childhood and said Mr crisp my man meme here needs to have his head shaved take care of him please he sat down in the chair they put the cape on them next thing you know your hurdle a clip of this Clippers go on before I knew it my husband was sheared he wore his hair fairly sure to begin with he is in food service mr. Christian artist his head again with another razor leather him up sharpen a straight razor and shaved his head as my husband got up at it a chair me and Carol rubbing his head Boudin.

I told him it looks good on you she says you can keep it bold until you get tired of it or until it just doesn’t do anything for me but you looked great he really did it was shiny it was smooth as Carol was kissing my husband and playing with his bald head Dave gently took me by the hand what over to Mr crisp I was wearing a nothing but a large shirt as a dress in a lime green thong underneathDave went to Mr crisp I need a favor as he stood there he parted my thong to one side showed him my bald p**** as his can you please make her head look like this Mr crisp said yes they both helped me in a barber chair put the cape around me as he snapped on the Clippers he held them at my forehead just and my husband and Carol turned around what what’s going on mr. Chris said to me are you sure honey Isis yes let’s do this .he began sharing the away the first past the second past my dark red hair was cascading down all over the place of Cool Breeze Begin to Fall in the center of my head tingly it was wonderful my p**** was starting to shower Lee drip I couldn’t believe how what I was getting before I knew it I was sheared he said picked up another razor and mode off the little sublease the whole time my husband stood there with his mouth open and she’s unbelievable the more here fell off the bigger your tits are gettingI too was lathered up straight razor with sharpened and I got my head shaved with a straight razor it felt wonderful it’s scraped before I knew it I was getting my head right off little bit of lotion put on top I couldn’t wait to stand up and see myself in the mirror as they help me out of the chair I went over to the large mirror and unbelievable I began to play with my head I’m smooth on Bold omigod I love it.I began to ask all kinds of questions how often do I have to shave depends on how your hair grows can I make this permanent Mister krisp told me Let It Go for a few months see if you’re really like it just once you go permanent you’re always going to be bald.Carol got in the chair too and got her head shaved she said she’s been thinking about it but today today was the day to do it later that night we all went out to dinner and people were commenting on how nice for cancer survivors out having dinner know we were replied we were shaved for sex.

I got f***** so hard by Dave and my husband at night in a hotel room I couldn’t walk but I loved it I got it in the ass I got it in the mail I got in the p**** I was a c******by the following week we are back at work I had gotten awake for work get need any problems at work I love my jobCarol and I went and got wigs we will wear them finally one night when all the patients were bedded down and it was a slow night we decided we pulled her wigs off in front of our fellow nurses and aides they were shocked they were stunned we told him the whole story about how everything how closely friends we are.one nurse was so amazed a couple days later she came in with half the size of her head shaved we told her nice start but go all the way for the longest time at night we would take her wigs off people will play with our heads are doctors that would be on the floor other nurses they were amazed as time went on I got more tattoos I got knocked up by Dave and actually on my left cheek of my ass I got I was black bread and the date.today we have a 4 year old interracial daughter I love her very dearly one day as she gets older I will sit her down pull my weight off and tell her that I am bold and I love black cock.yes I have be getting my head lasered as well as my p**** and my underarms I be getting my head laser couple more treatments it’s stings and I will be totally permanently bald I love it any chance I can get I am not wearing my wig I go out I am bald and proud also I am very proud that I f*** black cock.

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