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I am not my sister!

By JimB ©opyright March 2004

The next day Jessi is catching up on some studying before school starts, when she hears a familiar voice.

“Hey, Sis,” Jamie shout as the door slams open.

“I heard about your new haircut and I couldn’t believe it.”

“Oh, is that so?” Jessi asks.

“Yeah, we must share a “telepathic link” or something.” Jamie giggles.

Confused by the statement Jessi walks out of her room and heads to her sister’s room who’s hanging clothes up in her bedroom closet.

“What makes you say that?” Jessi questions, right as Jamie pops her head out from behind the closet door.

“Why else would we both decided to get the same haircut when we are miles apart from each other?” Jamie tells Jessi.

Jessi gasps as she sees Jamie’s has the same shaved high and tight hair cut.

“I am my sister!” They both say.


I am not my sister! ….. Maybe we are!

By JimB ©opyright March 2004

Jessi stood there looking at Jamie.

“What do you mean, “telepathic link”?” Jessi ask Jamie.

“All our life we have done things together, not know we were doing them,” Jamie began telling Jessi.

“Remember Jason?”

“We did not know we were chasing after him for weeks, until we saw him with Darlene.”

“Yes,” Jessi told Jamie.  “And, we both cried our head off.

“We even apologized for not telling each other about him.”

“How about a glass of red wine and we talk,” Jamie asked.

“GLASS,” Jessi said.  “Bottle more like it.”

“So, where did you get your flattop?”

“A barber shop in Miami,” Jamie told her.

“A lady barber, Carolyn.

“And, you?”

“A little hair salon across from the cafe we go to,” Jessi replied.

“I saw Michelle Alverez come out the Wyld Style with a flattop.

“We talked a little and when she headed to her dorm, she called me JAMIE.

“I got pissed and walked over to the salon and met Ava.

“She told me she and Michelle were cousins and I told her about everyone calling me Jamie.

“Then, we talked about cutting my hair and I ending up with this flattop.”

“So, Michelle got a flattop?” Jamie said as she handed Jessi a glass of wine.

‘She won the bet.”

“What bet?” Jessi asked.

“All I know is she made a bet with someone,” Jamie started.

“What is was about, I do not know.

“Just heard she made the bet.

“If she lose, she would got to Wyld Style and get a flattop.”

“And, you?” Jessi asked.

“A little too much sun, too much wine, too much you know,” Jamie began.

“Then, a little stripping.

“Then, I saw a woman getting a flattop at a barber shop, Sun Shine Barber Shop.

“I just felt something, like we use to feel when the other one was doing same thing.

“I walked in just as the barber, a lady barber at that, was spreading lather over the back and sides of her head.

“I got in the barber chair and walked out with the flattop.”

“Well I did not have too much sun, too much wine,” Jessi said.

“We just talked and I said “let’s do it”.”

“Let me get us another glass, “Jessi said as she got up and walked to the little kitchen.

“O’ I kind of fell a sleep when Ava was using the clippers.

“She woke me and said I was in a dream and talking to you about shaving my head.”

“SHAVING YOUR HEAD!” Jamie said with a surprise.

“I was told by the two guys, who were with me, said I told the barber, as she was lathering the back and sides of my head, to “just shave my head”.”

“DAMN, we are “telepathic twins”,” Jessi said.

They laughed, hugged, and tossed, “To us.”

“So, are you going to keep the flattop?” Jamie asked Jessi.

“Well, Ava told me if I wanted to keep the flattop looking neat, to come in and she would shave the back and sides,” Jessi began.

“I told her I would go by Saturday.

“Michelle and I are going to dinner Saturday and she will be going to Ava for a little shaving, too.

“So, you could say I am thinking about …..

“I want to keep the flattop for awhile.”

“In that case, I think I will join you and Michelle for a shaving,” Jamie began.

“But, you two can go to lunch and talk.”

Saturday came and Jamie and Jessi got ready.

“Well, here we go.

“Telepathic twins,” Jamie said as Jessi walked out her room.

“When did you get the outfit?”

“Two days after you left for Miami,” Jessi replied as she turned around.


“Two days after I arrived in Miami,” Jamie told her.

“Well, let’s go shake up Ava and Michelle.

“Let’s see if they know who’s who.”

They arrived at Wyld Style for three.

The receptionist, Kerrie, looked up, “Hi, How can I help you.”

“Yes,” Jessi told her.

“I was here last Wednesday and Ava gave me this flattop.

“And, she told me if I wanted to keep it, I could come back today for three and she would shave the back and sides.”

“AVA!”, Kerrie said.

“Just a minute.”

And, she walked away toward the back of the salon.

Jamie and Jessi looked at each other.

“Hi, I am Connie,” the lady said.  “I own Wyld Style.

“Kerrie said you were looking for Ava.”

“Yes,” Jessie told her.  “She said I could come by today and she would ….”

“I am sorry,” Connie began.  “Ava is no longer with us.

“Her last day was last Wednesday and you were her last customer.

“She went to San Francisco.

“And, we do not have another stylist here who cut hair like she did.

“We have been recommending her customers to go to Mac’s Barber Shop, in the Southland Mall.

“There is a lady barber, Bunnie, there and she cuts men and women’s hair like Ava did.

“She worked here until she got her barber’s license.

“Just tell her you were a customer of Ava’s.”

“Her cousin Michelle was to met me here,” Jessi told Connie.

“Michelle!” Connie said.

“Ava and Michelle are not cousins.

“They are …. Well close friends.

“Very close girlfriends.”

Jamie and Jessi walked out Wyld Style.

“Well, what do you want to do/” Jamie asked Jessi.

“Well I wanted to keep the flattop for a few months,” Jessi said.

“I was looking forward to the shaving.

“I kind of liked it when Ava shaved me.

“I kind of ….. Well, you ….”

“Yes, I know,” Jamie told her.

“When Carolyn shaved me I got the same feelings.”

“So, we go to Mac’s Barber Shop and see Bunnie?” Jessi said.

“Telepathic sister.”

They laughed and headed to the Southland Mall, to Mac’s Barber Shop, and Bunnie.

When they arrived they look on one of the “Information board”.

“This way,” Jessi said pointing to the left.

As they walked they would stop and looked in the shops windows.

After a few minutes Jamie pointed and said, “Mac’s Barber Shop”.

They stopped and looked at each other.

“What do you think,” Jamie asked Jessi as she brushed her fingers over the left side of her head.

“I do need a shave!”

“So, do I,” Jessie said as she did the same thing.

“The shave was the best part of my hair cut.

“I even thought may be …..”

“The same for me,” Jamie replied as they began walking to Mac’s Barber Shop.

“I see Bunnie.  She has the first chair by the door.”

“Yes, I see someone just sat in her barber chair,” Jessi said.

“Is the feeling starting to get to you?”

“YES,” replied Jamie.

“Shall we!”

They looked at each other.

“Let’s go in and watch Bunnie and see how she cuts hair,” Jamie said.

“Specially how she uses the straight razor.”

“I will go first,” Jessi said.

As they entered the barber shop Bunnie noticed them.

“Have a seat,” she told them as she pointed to the waiting chair in front of your barber chair.

Just as they sat, they heard the sound of clippers coming to life.

They looked at each other as Jamie said, “Got here in time.”

As Bunnie raised the clippers they noticed her customer was a young boy.

She moved the clippers over her customer’s head and began moving it backward over his head.

Slowly his hair was clippered to quarter of an inch.

Then, she changed the attachment to a smaller one and began clippering the sides and back.

Finished with the clippers, she uncapped him and spread a large towel over his shoulders.

With her left hand full of shaving lather, she walked to the right side of her barber chair.

Jessi grabbed Jamie’s hand.  They looked at each other and smiled.

Bunnie began spreading the shaving lather a long his hair line.

Jamie and Jessi looked at each other and syied.

“Just a trim shave!” Jessi whisper to Jamie.

As Bunnie began shaving his hair line, Jamie reached in her purse.

Showing a quarter to Jessi, she said, “HEAD we …..

“Tails we don’t.”

“If it is heads you go first,” Jamie told Jessi.

Jessi shook her head “yes”.

Jami tossed the quarter.

“It’s HEADS,” Bunnie said as her hand caught the quarter.

“So, I see you two were customers of AVA.”

“I was,” Jessi told her.

“I got mine in Miami by a lady barber,” Jamie told her.

“So, who’s first?” Bunnie asked as she walked back to her barber chair.

“What was the toss of the quarter about?”

Jessi stood up, looked a Jamie, “Just to see who goes first.”

As Jessi sat in the barber chair, Jamie said, “Also, to see if we …..”

“I see,” Bunnie said as she ran her finger through Jessi’s hair.

“I can see your flattop has grown much that usual.

“When did Ava give you the flattop?”

“Wednesday,” she told Bunnie.

“She was going to shave me.”

“Me too,” Jamie quickly said.

“Did Connie say where the went?” she asked them.

“San Francisco,” Jamie replied.

“San Fran!” Bunnie replied.

“I would have thought they would have gone to New York City,” Bunnie said as she continued brushing her finger through Jessi’s hair.

“Specially the SOHO District.

“San Fran girls have long hair.

“New Yorkers have short hair.

“There are four barber shop in SOHO who specialize in short hair cuts, for men and women.

“Anyone of them would have hired Ava on the spot.”

“How come you know about Ava?” Jamie asked her.

“She started at Wyld five months before I left,” Bunnie told them.

“How long was Michelle’s hair?”

Jessi looked up thinking.

“A little below her shoulders,” she told Bunnie.

“I see they are still playing games,” Bunnie said.

“Did Michelle say she lose a bet?”

“Yes, WHY?” Jessi asked with a questing look on her face.

“It was either a wig or pin in fall,” Bunnie replied as she reached for a hair brush.

“Ava keeps Michelle’s head shaved.”

“Did Ava try to get you to let her shave your head?”

“Somewhat,” she replied.  “She said it to get my mine off what my problem was.

“But, when I feel asleep and she woke me, she said I was talking to Jamie telling her I wanted my head shaved.”

“SO, shell we get going with the shave?” Bunnie asked.

“If you’er thinking about keeping the flattop, it needs a little trim.

“Specially where I will have to shave you.”

Jamie and Jessi raised their hands and brushed their fingers through their hair.

“Mine feels a little long,” Jamie said.

“Mine, too,” Jessi said.

Bunnie reached for her clippers.

As she turned to Jessi, she said, “I can take it a little shorter on top, if you want?

“It would look more like a real flattop.”

“Will you have to shave higher?” Jessi asked.

Jamie looked at her with a “what” look.

“I can,” Bunnie replied as she showed them the clippers without an attachment.

“Up to here,” she said as she finger across the side of Jessi’s head, at the side arch.

“That looks great,” Jessi said.

Bunnie clicked the clippers to life.

“Your not going to fall asleep?” Jamie asked her with a smile.

“NOT this time,” she answered.

Bunnie began moving it up the right side of Jessi’s head.  High to where she pointed.

“I am sure the shaving will wake you,” Bunnie told her as she stepped behind the barber chair, she noticed Jamie smiling and brushing her hair upward.

As she finished with the clippers, Jamie looked at Jessi.

“HEADS!” she told Jessi.

They smiled at each other and Bunnie asked, “HEADS?”

“Yes, heads,” Jessi said.

“The toss also was to say how we got our hair cut.

“HEADS is for shaving our head.”

“And, TAILS?” Bunnie inquired.

“FLATTOP,” Jamie said.

“So, you want me to shave your head?”

Jami smiled.

Jessi looked at her, and Bunnie, and smiled, “SMOOTH.”

Bunnie placed the clippers at her forehead and slowly moved it back over Jessi’s head.

Three more passes and Bunnie was turning the clippers off.

“NOW the shave,” Jessi said.

Jamie looked at her and laughed.

Bunnie was placing a warm towel over Jessi’s buzzed head.

As the towel cooled she flowed shaving lather from the shaving dispenser.

Removing the cool towel Bunnie began lathering Jessi’s head.

“That feels warming than what Ava used,” Jessi said.

“She must have used lather from a can,” Bunnie replied as she started stropping her straight razor on the leather strap.

“I use lather from a dispenser, which warms the liquid up as it flows out.”

Jamie looked up as Bunnie raised her straight razor and began shaving Jessi’s head.

“Feels good?” she ask her sister.

“No,” Jessi replies.

“It feels GREAT.”

Bunnie shaved slowly, checking very so often for smoothness.

“Do you feel it?” Jessi asked Jamie.

“I will ask you the same question, when Bunnie shaves me,” she told her sister.

They laughed and smiled.

Bunnie tilted Jessi’s head, to shave the back.

“This is the part of the shave I do not like,” Jamie said.

“Why?” Jessi asked.

“You can’t see your eyes as they widen,” Jamie told her.

“Ava said the straight razor was best for shaving,” Jessi said to Bunnie.

“It is,” Bunnie answered.  “Unless you know how to use a safety razor.”

“I can’t believe I am getting my head shaved,” Jessi said.

Bunnie patted her on her shoulder and continued shaving her.

“Just a little more,” Bunnie told her.  “And, your head will be shaved SMOOTH.”

With the last shaving taken Bunnie wiped the excess lather.

“Now for the fun part,” she told them.

Taking a bottle from the shelf, she shook some of the liquid in her hand.

Slowly she began wiping the liquid over Jessi’s head.

“Stings a little,” Bunnie told her.

“Yes,” Jessi said.  “But, it cooling now.”

“It cools while it heals any nicks,” she told Jessi.

“It smells great,” Jamie told her.  “I can smell it from here.”

Bunnie removed the towel and Jessi stepped from the barber chair.

Before she had completely stepped away, Jamie was sitting in the barber chair.

“In a rust!” Bunnie asked as she caped her.

“Not really,” Jamie replied with a smile.

“Should I clean this up first?” Bunnie asked Jamie as she brushed her fingers of the right side of her head.

“Or, just going right to it.”

“Do what you have to,” she told Bunnie.  “As long as you shave me slowly.”

Bunnie raised the clippers to her forehead and slowly moved it back over her head.

“To slow for you,” Bunnie asked as she placed the clipper and began another slowly backward movement.

“Just right,” Jessi said as Bunnie looked at her.

“I know my sister.

“She is not in a rush for something she does for the first time.”

“Too late,” Bunnie said.  “I will be shaving her in a few minutes.”

“Can’t win every time,” Jessi told Jamie.

“Just like I said,” Jamie told her.  “As long as the shaving is slow and I ends up being SMOOTH.”

Jessi move her fingers over her shaven head, “Then, you will love how Bunnie shaves you.”

“Then, you don’t want the warm towel!” Bunnie asked Jamie.

“NO,” Jessi said.  “She wants to feel the warm towel first.”

Jamie closed her eyes, “Was it that good for you, sis?”

“You bet your ass,” Jessi replied.

Before Jamie could say any thing, Bunnie was wrapping a warm towel around her head.

She closed her eyes and smiled, “Did it feel that good for you, Jessie?”

She smiled at Jamie and winked.

Bunnie began lathering her head.

Jamie closed her eyes.

She heard Bunnie stropping the straight razor on the leather strap.

She felt Bunnie titled her head a little to the left, “SLOWLY.”

Bunnie patted her on the right shoulder, “Slow as I can.”

“You see there is a little difference for twins,” Jessi said to Bunnie.

“Some like it fast.

“Some like it slow.”

Bunnie just smile and continued slowly shaving Jamie’s head.

She would brush her fingertips over each shaving.  Even shaving where she had shave.

Jamie looked in the mirror, as Bunnie was shaving the last area on the left side of her head.

“If only you could shave me again!” Jamie inquired.

“I might shave skin if I shaved you a second time,”  Bunnie told her.

Bunnie shook liquid in her hand and rubbed it over her head.

“That does sting,” she told them.

“If I had shaved you a second time, it would be burning you,” Bunnie told her.

“If I had used a safety razor, maybe I could have shaved you twice.”

Bunnie pulled the towel and lowered the chair.

Jessie walked up to her and stood there, looking a Bunnie.

“Next time you two come, make sure you each wear something different,” Bunnie told them.

“And, we will have name tags,” Jessi said jokingly.

“Can we come back in few days for another shaving?” Jamie asked.

“Sure,” Bunnie said.  “We don’t require you to have an appointment.

“You just sit and wait your turn.”

Jamie and Jessie looked at each others.

“WHAT’S the best day and time to come,” Jessi asked.

“WHEN there are others here to see us,” Jamie asked.

“And, watch you shaving us.”

“You see,” Jessi began.  “We like having others watch as we do something unusual.

“Like seeing us shaved and getting shaved.”

“Then, that would be Friday in the last afternoon,” Bunnie said as she stood by her shelf clean up.

“But, if you come in around nine Saturday mornings, you will be seen by a few women and girls.”

They paid Bunnie and started walking out.

“What do you think mom is going to say?” Jamie asked Jessi.

“Not much,” Jessi answered.  “After what grandmother David told us about mom when she was younger than us.”

“Yes,” Jamie said.  “Like the time she and Aunt Jan tired to buy a barber shop when they were eight and ten.”

“And, the time she caught mom shaving dad’s head with a butter knife,” Jessie said.

“They were seven grandmother said.”

“How is coming Saturday?” Jessie asked Bunnie.

“Say, around nine.”

“Make it eight-thirty,” Bunnie said.  “Mrs. Jones will be coming with her two daughters, age twelve and thirteen.

“The girls are a little picky and like their hair short.

“And, they have been pushing her to let them go shorter.

“Mom, like things this way, or that way.

“But, when another lady comes in, she makes an excuse and tells the other lady to go a head of her.

“Another words, she is a watcher.

“And, I end up making the decision for her.”

Jamie and Jessi looked at each other.

“What is the shortest the girls have gotten their hair cut?” Jamie inquired.

“Inches from a Crew Cut a few times,” Bunnie said with a smile.

“MOM?” Jamie inquired.

“A few inches about her shoulders,” Bunnie said.

“But, if she takes too long, I just reach for the razor.

“But, I do not show them to her, like I would like to do.”

“Eight-thirty,” they said together and turned and started to walk out.

“Just a minute,”  Bunnie said.

“If you come around any time on Thursday morning, some of Ava’s customers come by.

“And, there are a few I would like to show the razor to.”

They smiled, “Thursdays would be kind of hard.  We have classes.

“But, we would love to meet some of them.”

“Okay,” Bunnie said.

“Another thing.

Michelle and Connie were close friends.

“But, she would not let Connie shave her head.

“She introduced Michelle to Ava and she convinced Michelle into letting her shave her head.

“So, Connie asked them to leave.

“She even called a friend in San Fran who owned a barber shop for women.”

By JimB ©opyright March 2004

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