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By JimB (C)opyright January 2021


“Good morning, Jan’s Barber Shop and Hair Salon,” the receptionist said to the caller.

“Karan, speaking.

“How may I help you today?”

“This is Carol Myers and I would like to make an appointment with Roberta for a nice shaving,” the caller, Carol Myers, asked.

“I can give you this afternoon or tomorrow morning,” the receptionist said.

“Hmmmm,” he said.  “Tomorrow morning!

“What time?”

“Take your pick.  Roberta is open all morning.”

“Let’s see,” Carol said.

“She will have to buzz me first.  I have been very busy the last week and my hair has grown some.

“Nine.  Will be good for me.”

“Got you Carol,” the receptionist answered.  “Nine-thirty it is.”

“Just a sec,” Nancy said.  “I do not see a card for you.

“Are you a regular customer for Roberta?”

“N0,” Carol replied.  “Dan Kent recommender her to me.

“He said she is great with the straight razor.

“And, she is great with the straight razor when it comes shaving someone head and face.”

“More like her specialty,” Karan replied

Reaching for a blank card, Karan asked Carol what services he wanted.

“My head shaving and my face, too,” he told her.

“Got it,” Karan replied and read it back to him.

“One head shaving and face shaving!”

“That’s right,” replied Carol.

“Thanks for covering for me, Karan,” Nancy said.  “Just wanted to have a short snack with Charles before he starts working the night shift.

“Many calls?”

“Any time,” Karan told her.  “I did not have any appointments.”

The telephone rang.

“Good afternoon, Jan’s Barber Shop and Hair Salon,” Nancy, the receptionist, said to the caller.

“Nancy, speaking.

“How may I help you this afternoon?”

“Yes, this is Carol Mayer,” the caller said.

“Roberta was recommended by my sister, Allison Koine.

“And, I would like an appointment with Roberta for tomorrow morning for a short hair cut for the spring.

“Say around nine or nine-thirty!”

“Is your sister a regular with Roberta?” Nancy asked.

“I think so,” Carol replied.  “Do I have to have her call and make the appointment?”

“No,” Nancy quickly replied.  “Just we like to know when someone is being referred.

“Each barber and stylist makes a card on their customers for future references of what they do with each visit.

“Shall we say nine-thirty tomorrow morning?”

“That’s fine,” Carol answered.  “Nine-thirty tomorrow morning.”

“Monin’,” Nancy said.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“Yes,” Carol Myers said.

“I have a appointment with Roberta for nine.”

“I am sorry,” Nancy told Carol as the telephone rang and she held up her right hand.

“Roberta is running a little late.  Car problems.”

“Good morning, Jan’s Barber Shop and Hair Salon.

“How may I help you?

“O’ it’s you Terri.

“Let me go to the office and get that order.”

Damn,” Carol said.

“I have an appointment with a client for ten-fifteen.”

“Hi, I am Barbara,” the stylist told Carol.

“She will be on the phone for a half hour or more.

“Our supply order got screwed up and she will be talking with the supplier to get it straighten out.

“Roberta has an opening an two this afternoon!”, Barbara told Carol.

“TWO,” Carol replied.  “Okay, two will be fine.”

“Two,” Barbara replied.

Carol walked out shaking his head as he make a call on his cellphone.

Barbara began looking through a magazine when the telephone rang when Roberta walked in waving to her.

“Just a minute,” Barbara told her.

“Good morning, Jan’s Barber Shop and Hair Salon.

“How may I help you!”

“Your nine appointment will be coming back at two.

“Hi, Mrs. Koin,” Barbara told the caller.

“Nancy is talking with our supplier.

“Yes, they screwed up the order again.

“Yes, Jan knows it.

“She is looking into another suppler today.

“So, what can I do for you?

“Let’s see.

“I can take you at four.

“Trim, shampoo, dye, and a perm.

“See you at four.”

Barbara returned to looking through the magazine.

“Hi, my name is Carol Mayer,” she said to Barbara who looked up from the magazine.

“I have a nine-thirty appointment with Roberta.

“Let me pull your card and tell her you are here.”

Barbara pulled the card and went to the back room where Roberta was putting her things in her locker.

She looked over the card, “New client?”

“Head and face shaving.

“Do me a favor and shampoo her for me.

“I need to call my husband and tell him about the car problems.”

Barbara shampooed Carol’s hair.

“Roberta will be with you in a few minutes”, she told Carol pointing to her barber chair.

“Going to be a big change I see!”

Carol smiled as she brushed her fingers through her damp hair.

“Yes,” she said.  “Been wanting to cut this long mess for a few years.

“And, my sister told me, “Do it or shut up and stop talking about doing it”.”

“Well, Roberta is the one who can take care of it for you,” Barbara said as she turned and walked back to the reception’s desk.

Roberta walked to her barber chair and ran her fingers through Carol long hair.

“I see you want a short hair cut.

“Do you want me to cut it a little short at a time?”

“No,” Carol told her as she shook her head.

Roberta ran her fingers through Carol’s hair again, “Let’s just cut it to about six inches and go from there.”

Carol looked at her self in the large mirror.

“Well, let’s do that,” she told Roberta.

“But, it won’t change my mine.

“I want it short.

“The shorter the better.”

Roberta picked up her comb and scissors.

Standing behind her barber chair she began combing a long section of hair to six inches and cut it.

Carol just sat there, “NOT going to change my mine.”

Roberta comb and cut another long section.

With the back cut to six inches, Roberta started combing and cutting the right side of Carol’s head.

When she was finished, Carol again told her, “NOT going to change my mine.

“I want it cut shorter.”

Roberta finished the left and top.

Carol again told her, “I am not going to change my mind.

“I want a short hair cut.

“So, just start cutting it shorter.

“I will let you know when it is short enough for me.

“I told your receptionist when I called what I wanted and she told me she was putting that on my card.”

Roberta looked at Carol’s card.

There it is was, “head and face shaving”.

She looked up in her mirror and said, “You are Carol Myers?”

“Yes,” Carol Mayer said.

“And, do not try to talk me out of the hair cut.”

“Okay,” Roberta told her as she reached for the clippers.

She oiled the head and clicked it on and off.

Carol looked at the large mirror.

“Just checking it,” Roberta told her.

She turned to the back of her barber chair.

Placing her left hand on the top of Carol’s head and tilting it downward.

She placed the clippers just below Carol’s nape hair line and clicked the clippers on.

She pushed it upward to the occipital bone.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” Carol Mayer yielded.

“Just like what you told Nancy when you made the appointment,” Roberta told her.

“JUST WHAT IS THAT,” she yielded again.

“I am going to shave your head and face,” Roberta told her.

“YOU are going to do what?” she asked as she showed Carol the card.

Carol looked at the card and the information Nancy had written on it for CAROL MYERS.

Noticing the spelling of the name.

Seeing this she took a deep breath and carm down.

“My name is NOT CAROL MYERS,” she told Roberta as she pointed to the name on the card.

“My name is CAROL MAYER,” she replied as she spelled her name.

“And, yes my appointment is with Roberta.

“But, NOT for a head and face shaving.

“Just for a short hair cut.”

Roberta called for Barbara.

When she arrived Roberta showed her the card.

“I even asked you if your name was Carol Myers and you said “yes”,” she told Carol.

Carol shook her head, “I thought you said Mayer.

“I was just a little over glad that I was getting this mess cut short.

“I wasn’t that attentive to what you said.”

Barbara went back to the receptions desk.

Carol reached and brushed her fingers over the buzzed strip of hair the clippers did.

“I wanted a short hair cut,” she commented to Roberta as she moved her fingers up and down over the buzzed strip.

“And, this is short.

“REALLY “shorter” than I was thinking about.”

“Well, you are going to have to make a decision,” Roberta told her as she stood behind her barber chair with her clippers in her hand.

“Well, I don’t want to walk around with my hair like this,” Carol said.

“So, I think you know what you have to do.”

Roberta clicked the clippers back to life and placed her left hand on top of Carol’s head and tilted it downward and began moving the clippers upward.

“I think my sister is going to crap in her pants when she see my hair cut,” Carol said as Roberta began another upward movement of the clippers.

“I don’t think she is expecting me to get my hair this short.”

Roberta began buzzing Carol back up her occipital bone, brushing her fingers over each pass.

With the back of Carol’s head buzzed, she reached behind her head and felt the buzzed back.

“WOW”, she exclaimed. “That is really short.

“But, I like how it feels.”

Roberta stepped to the left side of her barber chair and began buzzing the left side of Carol’s head.

Carol watched in the larger mirror as Roberta’s clippers pushed a growing pile of her, now, six inches of hair from behind the left ear.

She looked at her caped lap as the pile of hair fell on it.

Two more pass of the clippers and one quick one in front of her left ear and the left side of her head was buzzed like the back of her head.

Roberta brushed her fingers over the left and back of Carol’s hear as she walked to the right side of her barber chair.

She glance at the large mirror and saw Carol has a smile as her eyes closed and opened slowly.

Carol, again, watched as the clippers pushed a growing pile of six inch hair from behind her right ear to fall into her caped lay.

Withe last buzzing Roberta walked to the back of her barber chair as her fingers brushed over Carol’s buzzing.

With the her clippers silent she hung it under the shelf and watched, in her mirror, as Carol brushed the fingers of both hands over her buzzed head.

Roberta walked to the right side of her barber chair, as Carol looked at her, “Well, is that short enough?”

Carol looked at her self in the large mirror, turning her head side to side.

Still brushing her finger tips over her buzzed head.

“Can I see that card, again,” she asked Roberta who handed it to her.

“I don’t think this is what “I” asked for,” she said to Roberta as she pointed to “one head shaving”.

Carol handed the card back to Roberta as she uncrossed her legs and recrossed them.

Roberta smiled as she brushed her left hand over Carol buzzed her, “ONE head shaving coming up!”

She removed the cape and hung it on the bar on the back of her barber chair.

She stepped to the sink and turned on the foist and let the hot water flow as steam rose.

She took a large white towel and tossed it in the warm flowing water.

She took another large white towel and tucked in Carol’s collar and spread it over her shoulder.

She turned the foist off and let the warm water drain from the towel.

Her left hand took hold of a bottle of “pre shave lotion” and shook some in the left hand and began rubbing her hands together.  She turned to her barber chair and began spreading the pre shave lotion over Carol’s buzzed her.

With the pre shave lotion applied and worked over Carol’s buzzed hair cut, she reached for the warm towel.

After ringing it out some, Roberta turned and began wrapping it over Carol’s head.

While the warm towel cooled Roberta walked to her shaving dispenser and flowed warm shaving lather in her left hand.

She removed the cooling towel and began lathering Carol’s head.

She turned to the cabinet on the shelf and removed a straight razor.

Standing by the leather strap on the right arm of the barber chair, Roberta took hold of the leather strap and pulled it tight.

“My favorite hair removing razor,” she said to Carol as she stropped the open blade.

“Many of the men, who’s head I have shaved, say I am good at shaving their head,” she told Carol as she showed her the sharpened blade of her straight razor.

“But, the other barbers and stylist here,” she said as she placed the edge of her straight razor on the right side of Carol’s lathered buzzed hair cut.

“Say it is my “speciality”.”

As she shaved downward Carol slowly closed her eyes with smile.

With the straight razor placed for a second downward shaving, Roberta told Carol, “You should open your eyes.

“Or, you will miss all the fun.”

As Roberta placed the straight razor for a third shaving Carol slowly opened her eyes as Roberta slowly shaved downward behind her right ear.

As Roberta tilted her head down, Carol took a slow deep breath.

As Roberta began the downward shaving Carol let the breath out slowly, uncrossing and crossing her legs, again.

Roberta stepped to the left side of her barber chair and began slowly having the left side of Carol’s head.

Carol brought her right hand from under the cape and brushed her fingertips over the right side of her shaved head.

She smiled.

“Nice?” Roberta asked her.

Carol just looked at her in the large mirror.

With the left sided shaved, Roberta walked around the back of the barber chair brushing her fingertips, of her left hand, over the back and sides of Carol’s shaved head.

Roberta lowered the barber chair lower.

She slowly placed the sharp edge of her straight razor in the middle of Carol’s still lathered head.

With quick strokes of her straight razor Roberta shave what lathered buzzing was on the top of Carol’s head.

With the last shaving stroke made Roberta closed her straight razor and placed it on the shelf.

Carol looked at her.

Roberta started to remove the large white towel she had tucked into Carol’s blouse.

“Finished,” Roberta said.

Carol looked at her, “You sure?”

Roberta looked at questingly look.

“Please hand me the card,” Carol said.

Roberta handed the card to her.

Carol showed her the card as she pointed to the card.

“Face shaving,” she told Roberta.

Roberta smiled, as she took the card from Carol and placed in on the shelf.

She turned to took hold of the head rest and place it in place.  Her right hand pushed the handle, of the barber chair, outward as she pushed the back downward.

She began applying the pre shave lotion to Carol’s.

Carol looked up at her.

“Take care of the eyebrows, too,” she told Roberta, who then rubbed some pre shave lotion over her eyebrows.

Roberta took the large warm wet towel and placed it on Carol’s face and eyebrows.

She stepped to the lather dispenser and flowed a little amount of shaving lather.

She removed the towel from Carol’s eyebrows and spread the warm shaving lather over them.

Taking her straight razor Roberta shaved the left side eyebrows then the right side eyebrows.

“Eyebrows gone,” she told Carol who smile.

Roberta remove the cooling towel from Carol’s face and began lathering her face.

She took hold of her sharpened straight razor, standing behind Carol’s head, she began shaving Carol’s lathered neck.

Stepping to the right side of the barber chair Roberta began shaving Carol’s face.

Carol’s eyes watched as Roberta move the open blade of her straight razor over her face to shave the other side of her face.

Roberta closed her straight razor and placed it on the shelf.

She moved the towel as she lowered the barber chair.

She turned the barber chair some Carol could she her self, her shaven head, shaven face, shaven eyebrows.

Carol leaned back ward.

“I am sure my sister is going to crap in her pants,” she told Roberta as she turned the barber chair to the large mirror.

“I even think she is going to pee in them, too.”

When the barber chair stopped, Carol stepped from it and walked to the little chair, in from of the large mirror, where she had put her purse.

She opened it and took out a twenty dollar bill.

She handed it to Roberta, “You’re tip for this very short, smoothed hair cut.”

They walked to the reception desk where Barbara was preparing Carol’s bill.

Roberta handed Barbara the card, “Put this in my folder.”

As Carol hand Barbara a check for her hair cut, she reached and took the card from Barbara.

“May I use your pen,” Carol ask Barbara, who handed it to her.

Carol put the card on the counter, as she and Roberta watched.

Carol drew a line through “head shaving and face shaving”.

Barbara and Roberta looked at her, then each other.

Carol looked at them and smiled as she began writing in BIG letters, “HEAD SHAVING, FACE SHAVING AND EYEBROW SHAVING — ALWAYS”.

As she handed the card back to Barbara, Roberta saw what she had written.

She smiled at Coral, “GOT you.”

Barbara hand Roberta and other card.

“Margaret,” she said as the lady stood up, making a quick glance at Carol.

“Barbara,” Carol said.  “What day is your busiest day?”

“We don’t have any busiest days,” she said.  “We take appointments only.

“But, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after five, til closing at nine, we do not take appointments.

“That’s when everyone gets off from work and the children from school.

“So, we let them come and side and wait their turn.”

“Hummm, can you pencil me in for six on Wednesdays?” Carol asked.

As Barbara was about to tell her something.

Roberta picked up the pen and penciled in, “CAROL MAYER — HEAD SHAVING, FACE SHAVING, AND EYEBROW SHAVE”.

“Will that be for this Wednesday?” Barbara inquired.

“NO,” Carol replied as she turned and began to walk out the shop.


“GOT YOU,” Barbara said.

By JimB (C)opyright January 2021

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