I choose you, not your hair

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I met Bom during my freshman at the university. Bom is a friendly girl, about 5’4, slim, and light brown skin from Thailand. We got along very well and started being good friends. When i first saw Bom at my 1st year of college, she had chin lenght hair and dyed blond hair. I had a fetish for long hair, but there is something about Bom that attracts me to her. She was not only attractive and friendly, she is also very kind and considerate person towards others.

During our 1st year in college, I told Bom she should dye her hair black. I said to her, that she will look better with natural hair color. She agree with me that most of her friends in high school said the same thing. The next day follow day she dye her hair black, when i saw her, she looks amazing, i would say its natural beauty in my eyes. Next couple of months, i notice that her had grow from chin, nearly touching her shoulder. By the end of our 1st year, her hair reach shoulder length.

In our 2nd year of college, Bom and I got really close together. Because she found out that college friends are not reliably, they only wants to hang out with the popular people. I was fine with it, because i felt the same way. I loved hanging out with Bom, she is easygoing person, funny and smells wonderful. In the middle of the semester, Bom got her hair trim just above her shoulder. I was disappointed at first, but i knew her ends were damage from the coloring her hair. I realized how fast her hair grow, by the end of 2nd year college, Bom hair were at mid-length.

During the summer, Bom and i hung out a lot. Bom had her hair in a ponytail, because it was hot during that time. We were at the library chilling around and enjoying the air conditioner. I look at her ponytail, it was long and shiny. I sit close to while she’s looking at her laptop. I reach my hand out to her ponytail, grab it, gently pulling it down, feeling the textual of her silkiness hair. I was amazed how thick her hair, and how shiny her hair is. Bom turned her head, looking at me and said, “What are you doing?” I was a little embrassed because i never touch a girls long hair, i was trained by my father to respect women. I let go immediatly and said honestly, “I was just playing with your hair.” “Oh, Ok.” she replied. During that day, i have been touching and playing with her ponytail.

The 3rd year of college, Bom and I started getting a little physical towards each other. Sometimes she holds my arms as we walk to our classes. I would always touch her hair and even sometimes pull it. She was fine with me touching and pulling her hair. One day, Bom ask me whether she should keep her long hair? I told her, long hair suited her well. By the end of 3rd year of college. Bom’s hair grew touching her waist.

The beginning of senior year, Bom’s hair gotten longer just reaching her butt. I touch her hair even more than ever, feeling the softness of her hair. By the end of the 1st semester, Bom’s hair reaches nearly her bottom. I knew she was the one for me, and i wanted to confess my feeling to her. After class, Bom invited me for dinner at her apartment at 7pm. I decided i will confess how i felt about her after dinner at her place. When i got to her apartment, knocking on the door, when the door open, Bom was wearing a white sleepwear, and her long hair loose. She kindly invited me in, and we ate traditional thai food that she had cook. I had a wonderful time and the food was delicious. while she is washing the plates after dinner. I make my move. I approach her behind, put my arms around her waist and said, “You know, i wanted to tell you something.” She drop the plates and turn towards me and replied, “I know how you feel about me, and i feel the same way too.” We started kissing each other, and headed to her bedroom.

The next morning, I woke up, looking at Bom brushing her butt length hair. She turned to me with a smile and said, “Morning, could you help me brush my hair, i know you like it.” I smile back and went over to her and started brushing her long beautiful hair. As i was brushing her hair, i asked,

“Why did you start growing you hair.”

“I know you like long hair ever since i met you, you always looking at other girls with long hair. And to get your attention i decided to grow it long.” she said.

I surprised that by her observation, that she knew i like long hair. All this year, she allowed me to touch and play with her because she know it would get my attention. I gather her hair into a ponytail look at it and smell the scent of it. I told her even if she had short hair, i still be with her. She was quite surprised by my answer, and didn’t know what to say. I told her that it is her personality attracted me, not her hair. She got up and we kiss me passionately.

After graduation, I got a good paying job. Bom and I were living together in an apartment. I enjoy our time together, i get to brush her hair, play with it, and even sleep on it! Bom doesn’t mind it all, she actually like it, at that time her hair reach to her thigh. I decided pop the question, and wanted to be special. One day, while i was brushing Bom’s hair, i asked her whether she wanted to cut her hair. She told me that her hair is still damage from the dyed before and wanted to cut at chin length to regrow her hair again, but was afraid that i might not loved her to same. After hearing it, i know what i was going to do. 

The next night, after i finish brushing Bom’s hair, we went to bed. I was playing with her long hair, smelling it, putting her hair on my face, because it would be my last night in a very long time with her long hair. When Bom fell asleep, i gather her long hair into a ponytail, reach for the scissor that i hide it under the bed. I kiss her long hair goodbye, and “SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK” it took about 5 mins to finally cut off her thick ponytail off. After it was cut, i was amazed of the length and thickness of it, 4 years worth of growth on my hands.

The morning Bom woke up, feeling her head had become lighter and shock that her hair was cut short. I was looking at her, while run her hand through her new short hair. She stared at me with tears bursting into her eyes. She tearfully said,

“Why did you cut my hair, i thought you loved it?”

I showed her long ponytail that has been cut, and give it to her. She tearfully run through her long ponytail with her hands, stroke after stroke. She felt something was in her hair as, after the last stroke through her hair, she open her hands and saw a gold ring with mine and her name on it. Bom’s tear stop, i kneel down holding her hands and said,

“I told you, i was attracted to you not your hair. Will you marry me?”

Bom cry with joy and said yes. She joking said “I will kill you if you do cut my hair again without my permission.” I smile and said, “Never again, i promise.”

A few years later, we had 2 kids. Bom’s hair now become more shiny, thicker, healthy, and longer touching her knees. Bom still allow me to brush her hair and play with it after that day of the haircut and i get to trim her a once every 3 months to keep it healthy. I kept her old ponytail that hang on our bedroom to remind myself, that i choose to loved her, not her hair.



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