I dared the clippers, I made sure my husband got them too

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When I got married to my husband 3 years ago my hair was nearly to my waist! He would play with my hair every night, stroking his fingers through it for as long as we sat on the love seat next to each other while watching t.v. He would say, “I love your hair, Kim.”


After our first child arrived, I had less time to care for my hair. I was so tired trying to care for the baby and keep up my appearances. On a whim, one day at the salon I asked for the stylist to cut it up about mid back length. I was exhausted that day and did not care what others would think of me with 6 inches cut off. My husband actually seemed to like it! I couldn’t believe it. He seemed very turned on by it, actually. He began running his fingers through my hair again, which he had not in a few months.

His hair remained fairly long for a man, covering about half to three quarters of his ears on the side, quite long on the top, and running down his neck a bit. I liked it that way. I was attracted to his youthful looks with the longer hair. But when my co-worker Robert came in one day at the office with a clipper cut after having it about the same length as my husband, I became attracted to him just because of his haircut! Robert and I were close, we worked on many projects together at work. I was back at work, with my son at the child care center my employer offered.

The day that he came in after lunch with his haircut short, I was enthralled! I was aroused, and could not figure out why! He looked so different, and sexy. As we worked that afternoon writing up a report, I couldn’t help but ask him about his haircut. He told me a lady named Susan at the cutting edge salon had cut it for him. In an instant I recognized the salon and the name of the stylist! Susan was the woman who trimmed my husband’s hair. I had heard him ask for her on the phone when he would make an appointment. I told him that was where my husband got his haircut! Robert said that Susan had talked him into getting a ‘slightly shorter cut” as he described it. He said that he had no idea that he was going to get a haircut this short, or he would not have agreed to it. But, he said, it actually feels kind of nice, especially in the back. It feels like really soft bristles of hair that has kind of an arousing feeling to touch.

I thought, oh my word, I bet it does feel nice. I so wanted to feel it myself, to run my fingers up the back of his head and feel the softness of the hair bristles. At that moment, he took my right hand and placed it on the back of his head, Feel that, he said. I did. I ran my fingers up the back of his head about 5 or 6 times before I realized I was being inappropriate. I was feeling aroused. I wanted to keep doing it. I wanted for him to be sitting in a chair in front of me while I continuously stroked my fingernails up the back of his head to mimic the clippers that had taken a lot of hair off. I thought that I wished I could have clipper cut his hair like this.

It feels nice, doesn’t it,” he said. I blurted out that I thought it felt really, really nice! There was a moment of silence. We both felt that my touching his hair was very erotic. I thought to myself, just go for it. I asked, can I feel the sides? He said, “of course! “ The sides of his hair, where his ears were once covered, were cut extremely short just like the back. His sideburns had been eradicated, I noticed. There was a slight look of scalp here and there on the sides, as in the back, indicating the clippers took it close to the scalp! I ran my fingers up the side of his head, and the same feeling overcame me. It felt very erotic! After a few moments I said that I was sorry that I was touching his hair. He said, oh don’t be, it actually feels very spine tingling when you do that! We finished up our work that day and left to go home with somewhat of an uncomfortable wave as if we’d stepped into something we should not have.


When I got home, Mike, my husband had already put our little boy to bed. Mike was so caring with our child, and I loved him for it. I felt a little guilty about even running my fingers through another man’s hair! Mike loved me unconditionally, and I knew that. And I felt the same toward him. After dinner, which he had cooked, he said, “hey babe, want to watch some television?” I said, sure. We sat in the love seat and watched a couple hours of television. But he never played with my hair! It was now just below shoulder length, as I’d gotten it cut progressively shorter over the past 6 months. I wondered why he did not play with my hair anymore.

Mike had poured us a couple glasses of wine as the evening wore on. After the 3rd, I had the courage to ask him. “Why don’t you play with my hair anymore Mike?” He kind of stumbled, and said something like, oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. Then he said, “why don’t you play with mine anymore?” Oh my word, I hadn’t realized. I had stopped doing that too!

After another drink of wine, I asked him, “my hair is not as long as it once was, do you want me to grow it out again?” He kind of chuckled and said, “it would take 2-3 years for you to grow it to your waist again!” I agreed, saying, ‘yes, I suppose it would.” I pressed and said, ‘would you like me to color it or something? What do you like about my hair?” He replied immediately, saying, “The first thing I notice about a woman is her hair, I notice it if it is really, really long, like yours was, or if it is really, really short, kind of like my barber Susan has. You have seen her, right? When you went with me to get my haircut a couple of months ago? I wondered why he brought up Susan’s name, and her haircut. Was he cheating on me with her? I realized I was paranoid. Mike loved me.

I had seen Susan, yes. I was even slightly attracted to her while she was cutting Mike’s hair! “Wow,” I said, “you like a woman with hair as short as hers?’ “Oh yes, he said, very much so. The wine was making us talk more freely than usual. “Again, I seem to be attracted to either really super long hair on a woman, or super short hair on a woman.” At that point, I realized I had neither. I did have the super long hair a year or two ago, but no longer. And I certainly have never had short hair.

The next day at work I had an uncomfortable first greeting with Robert. I said, “Robert, I’m sorry about yesterday, it’s just that I really liked your haircut.” He dismissed it immediately and made me feel at ease. “It’s no worry at all!” “Dont’ fret,” he said. Later in the day I asked him about Susan, who cut his hair. “Does she cut women’s hair too, Robert?” “Oh yes, “ he said. “I have seen women getting their haircut in front of me in line.” I told him that I was considering getting my haircut very short like Susan’s. He said, “Oh, I’m sure she would do that.” “My sister goes to Susan, and her hair is cut as short as Susan’s is. It’s super short”

I don’t know why, but by him saying that, I was really aroused. I remember seeing Susan’s hair the last time I went in with Mike. Her hair was clipper cut as short as Robert’s was now!”

That night I suggested to Mike that I was considering getting my haircut quite super short. I used the word, ‘super” when describing short. Mike seemed to perk up! “Really,” he said. “I think that would be great,” he said. “As I said, I kind of like either really, really long hair, or really, really, really super short hair on women.” It did not go unnoticed by me that he used the word ‘really’ 3 times and also used the word “super” when describing a short cut.

So, you would not object if I got my hair cut short,” I said. “Oh, no, not at all,” he said. “I think it would be a nice change for you.” At that point, with a few glasses of wine in me, I said to Mike, “ You know, I would think it might be kind of sexy if you got your haircut short too.” I was thinking of my fingers running up the back of Robert’s short haircut. He looked at me and said, “Well, I have asked Susan to cut my hair a little shorter on multiple times, but she never does. I think she likes men with longer hair.”

Do you think you could convince her to cut your hair quite short Mike?”


Probably not, he said.” If I am to get a shorter haircut, I’d have to go somewhere else I think.” “Look, if you are going to get your haircut super, super short, and you want me to get a short cut, I will go to a barber somewhere else.” I was so excited that he might get a cut like Robert’s! “I would love it, if you would,” I said.

I didn’t know you wanted me to have a short haircut,” he said.

Well, if I am going to cut my hair, I thought it might be nice if you got yours cut short too,” I said. “It would be kind of a mutual thing we could do, and maybe having a different look for the both of us would be exciting.” I did not dare to tell him that my recent encounter with Robert at work, and feeling his short hair was the reason I wanted Mike to cut his hair.

I went to get my haircut from Susan the next day! I told her I wanted a cut somewhat like hers! I was a mess, but I’d gained the courage to ask for it!

Before I knew it she had turned the chair away from the mirror and I heard the clippers start. She was not going to shorten up my hair with scissors first, she was going right to the teeth of the clippers! I felt her push my head down slightly. Then I could hear the clippers running up the back of my head, making a struggling sound as it got to the heavy hair near the middle of my head in back. I noticed she flicked the clippers slightly to the right, and the hair it cut off was now on the right side of my cape. She could have flicked the hair to the back and toward the floor, but no, she wanted me to see what was being cut off and was going onto my chest onto the cape.

I experienced an emotional roller coaster as she did the haircut. The clippers buzzing their way through to an extremely short cut that I hoped my husband would like. Otherwise, I felt so insecure that I wanted to hide. Clippers up over the ears, clippers on the back of my head up to the top of the crown it seemed. Clippers shaving my nape line. I was a mess. But when Susan was done, it did indeed look like her haircut. She ran her fingers up the back of my head to feel the cut. The soft bristles of hair, where moments before there was a foot of hair, felt like the best feeling I’d ever experienced. I wanted Mike to be running his fingers there. The cape came off, and I looked at myself. I was a shorn woman. Susan seemed to enjoy every moment of the cut. I saw her lips smirk every time she ran the clippers up my head. Up over my ears especially it seemed. But probably as much as she ran them up the back of my head. I think she has a pleasure in clippering women’s hair off.

Mike loved my cut. He could not keep his hands off my hair that evening. I asked him when he was getting his haircut. He said, “i’m not sure I can gather the courage to get my hair clipper cut short.” I was angry! “Mike, if I can get my haircut this short, you’d better get yours cut, or I will cut it myself!”


Ok, ok,” he said. “I will call Susan tomorrow and bring a picture of a short haircut” I thought to myself, oh, yes, well I will be going with you to make sure it’s cut short.

We arrived at Susan’s at 4 the next day. Mike got in the chair and said, “just trim it a little bit, maybe a little shorter than normal.”

She caped him.. I went up to her and showed her a picture of a fade, clipper cut. “Cut it like this!” I demanded. Mike could not see the picture. “OK,” susan said. “As you please.”

Let me see the picture,” Mike said. “Oh it’s fine,” Susan said to him. “It will be a nice haircut.” She looked at me and winked.

Before he had a chance to say anything else she had turned him away from the mirror, picked up the clippers and started buzzing the back of his head. I was so excited. I remembered stroking the back of Robert’s head when his hair was cut short.

Oh jeeze,” I heard Mike say as the clippers did their business zipping his hair off. He obviously was not happy about this cut.

Susan, again, looked at me and winked and smiled. She knew what she was doing. She was in control of Mike. And, I felt I was too. I had shown her the picture. I felt empowered over Mike for the first time. He would be belong to me tonight. I rubbed my fingers over his head all evening. His hair was non-existent up a couple of inches at the neck, and then was a number one cut, and a 2 at the very crown of his head. I loved it. He said he thought it was way too short. I said, “too bad, this is what I want.”

You will keep your haircut this short from now on,” I said.

He said, “ok, if you like it I will. But please keep your hair clipper cut as short as it is now too,please.”

Well, I did not keep my hair that short. At least recently I’ve had it buzzed up a couple of inches in the back. Mike, too, has let his hair grow longer again. Now that I’ve had it clipper cut up a couple inches in the back, I believe I will be talking to Susan to give Mike a surprise super short clipper cut again next time. He has no idea that is coming. And, I feel great about that.


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