I didn’t have a choice

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When I was 13, my little brother, who was three then, decided to cut my hair in my sleep. He gave me micro bangs and took chunks out of the back. I went to a salon with my mom to have it fixed and ended up with a short chin-length bob. I haven’t cut it since.

Now I am 20; my ginger hair is at my waist, and I don’t plan to cut it anytime soon. I live with Jake, my boyfriend of two years, who is 23. We started dating in our first year of college when we were in English class. I knew from the first date that he was kinky, always telling me how he wanted to tie me up and do whatever he wanted. I didn’t know how serious he was until last night.


Keys jingle in the other room as I watch youtube and do homework. “Sarah, I’m home,”  Jake calls for me. “I’m in the bedroom studying,” I yell back. Walking into the bedroom, he kisses my neck and whispers, “close your eyes. I have a surprise”. I do as told and shut my eyes. He grabs my wrists and handcuffs me to my desk chair. “I see someone wants to fuck” I say seductively. “No, I just don’t want you to move while I do this,” he says maliciously.

Intimidated I open my eyes, scared of what he might do. “no, no, no, now that you have disobeyed me, this will be much worse for you,” he whispers into my ear, tying a blindfold over my eyes. The next thing I know, I hear him open my drawer and pull something out. I begin to think about what’s in my drawer, pens, pencils, tape, and… scissors. It hits me, “YOU’RE GONNA CUT MY HAIR?!?!” I scream. “yup,” he states matter-of-factly, grabbing a chunk of hair at the side of my head and cutting it at the scalp. I know it’s that close because I physically feel the scissors on my head.

He begins to cut chunk after chunk at different lengths, at the scalp, some near my eyebrows, and some inches from my head. I begin to cry, knowing how ugly I will look when this is over. “don’t cry, beautiful you will look perfect when I am done with you,” he calmly says, caressing my cheek with the locks of my beautiful hair that has been severed from my head. “I want you to see how beautiful you look,” he says as he takes off my blindfold. He drags the chair over to the full-length mirror at the corner of the room. Opening my eyes, I see someone ugly with bald spots and uneven short hair. Someone who isn’t me. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME” I scream. “I made you mine; nobody will ever love you how I love you,” he says, laughing to himself.

While I try to think of what I will do when this is over and how I will fix this, he walks into the bathroom and grabs something. That something is his beard trimmer. “please, no, I beg you, don’t shave my head,” I plead with him. He doesn’t respond. He only turns it on and walks toward me. He places the trimmer on my forehead and drags it down the center. At this moment, as I watch my hair fall to the ground, I begin to get wet. I bite my lip, watching him shave the top center of my head, leaving hair on the sides and back. “I like how you look like this,” he states, “you have to stop…please”. “you act like you have a choice,” he said, shaving through the center of both my eyebrows leaving the sides. He continues to shave the rest of my head, leaving minimal ginger stubble left behind. He shaves off the rest of my eyebrows and turns off the beard trimmer.

He walks into the bathroom and brings back a can of shaving cream and his razors. “let’s finish you off,” he says, rubbing shaving cream on my head and brows. “I wish you would,” I think, my underwear drenched. He notices my biting my lip and asks, “are you getting turned on by this?” my only reply is to nod. he picks up the scissors again and cuts through my shirt and bra, leaving me naked from the waist up. He shaves the stubble off my eyebrows and cuts off my wet underwear, taking off his pants.

While we are both naked, minus his shirt, He finishes shaving my head, and he wipes off the excess with a towel. He uncuffs me and picks me up, throwing me on the bed. Pulling off his shirt, he gets on top of me, sticking his stiff cock inside me. I moan with pleasure feeling my head. After we both cum, he picks me up and takes me to the mirror. “Look at you now, you little bald bitch; you’re all mine.”


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