Redhead’s adventures Part:1

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Vani was a 22 year old, doctor who had just got out of medical school and started to practice on her own. This was the first time she was away from her house and alone in a new city. She had shifted to Mumbai just a couple of weeks ago and was getting accustomed to the city’s ways. She had long dark red hair which almost reached her lower butt, passing over her curvaceous hips. She was never particularly attracted to her hair and had only maintained it on her mother’s desire. Somewhere deep down in her heart Vani had a yearning to just shave it all down to her bare scalp. Apart from her mother the thing that held her back the most were the Indian customs which dictated every women to have long hair.

Vani and some of her friends were planning to go to Goa for the weekend, they saw that as a way to blow off some steam and get a break from the dark and gloomy monsoons of Mumbai . Vani had a picture perfect body, many magazines had also contacted her in the past to star in their next edition.

Vani was more than excited for the trip, it would be the first time when she would get to flaunt her body in a bikini on the beach or in a skirt in the clubs. About  a week before the trip Vani booked an appointment with a laser hair removal clinic, she thought it would be painless to get all her body hair removed by laser than the waxing strips .
She had booked a 3 pm appointment on a Wednesday to skip the rush. The clinic had a rustic exterior in an industrial part of town. Vani approached the assistants desk and asked “hey, I have an appointment for a full body hair removal at 3.” The assistant replied,” Yes, Mr.V would attend to you shortly, please have a seat.”

Apart from the contrast of the rustic exterior and the chic interior, Vani was stunned to see the completely bald receptionist, she almost felt aroused by her bold choice of hairstyle. In only a couple of minutes, Mr. V a 6’3″ tall moderately built guy with large veiny forearms walked out his previous patient. Vani was almost mesmerized by his appearance.

Mr. V came up to Vani and held his hand out for her indicating she must follow him to the other room. While in the room Mr.V went on to set up the equipment and asked Vani to remove her clothes and lay front side up on the chair. Under his mask Mr. V had a wide grin since setting his eyes on her. Vani who was not totally familiar with the process laid down, still a bit shy of being naked in front of a stranger. Mr.V joking said,”Come on don’t be shy you have the body of a model, and after the bare you will be no less than a model.” Just as he completed the sentence Vani felt a constraint around her wrists and ankles.

She tried to move but found herself in the clutches of leather straps. She did not mind it as she always had a thing for being tied up and played with.

Dr.V had finished setting up the instruments, while doing so he had noticed Vani’s pussy had started to melt from the thought of having a sexy bare body which could lead her to many fun nights in Goa. He said,” let’s start from your labia.” Mr.V then brought his fingers close to her pussy and examined it. He then picked up the laser and started to bare her frontal area. After the lower regions were done he stood up and went out, Vani laid there naked in the seat with her hands and feet tied. She could hear faint conversations between the Dr. and the assistant. All she could make from the conversations was the assistant shouting, “YESS, She is perfect.”

The Dr. came back in and again started with her lower regions, but this time he did not use the laser but his fingers to arouse her, Vani had almost given her body to the Dr. by this point, it had been a long long time since a man had touched her in such a way. After teasing her to almost just about her limit he moved to her upper body and started to remove the hair from her underarms, after swiftly removing the hair from her underarms and her face, he leaned close to her ear and whispered in the most sexy way possible,”I know you like the assistants haircut and you are getting one your self.”

This was when Vani came to her senses and said,”No! you cannot do that, I came here to remove my body hair not my head.”. The Dr. without losing composure said, “The hair on your head are one ones that want to go the most.”

TO be continued



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