I got my wife hooked

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The road, a seemingly never-ending stretch from state to state.
It has been 6 months since I had been home and in my lady’s, Emma, arms.
I missed her meek smile and calm nerve, and most of all, the way she would cut my hair.
Yeah, yeah. I know, my old lady still cuts my hair.
But she’s really good at it, I tell ya, I have had less bad hair days when she is around.
But work takes me from Texas to Michigan and it eats away my time when I have to travel.
But all the same, I did miss her.
That makes it worse, what I did.
I was going home from a delivery in my truck, I was getting a bit shaggy and desperately needed a trim.
A sign outside my city advertised a barber’s shop not too far down a detour route.
I sidetracked down the way and came to, sure enough, a little barbershop.
It was built like a den and smelled manly even from the outside.
I peaked inside, no one was in sight.
I should’ve left right there but no, I went inside.
Word to describe it, modern-old, the leather seemed sweet among all this masculine features of the shop.
“Just a minute!”
I was startled at the sudden voice, a small lass greeted me.
“I’m Gloria. How may I help you today, sir?”
I shook her hand gentlemanly and she escorted me to the chairs.
My big frame fitted perfectly in the frame, Gloria used a large sheet to drape me.
“What style would you like today, sir?”
“Clipper the sides with a number #3 and trim up the top”
She nodded and started my hair, humming as she did so.
I don’t know, something about her jolly demeanor made my troubles melt away.
I relaxed as Gloria retrieved her clippers and applied the said guard.
Starting at the back, she moved up my nape in broad strokes and her care manning the device was superb.
Before I met my wife, who I stated cuts my hair, I was taken to a hyper masculine barber.
Don’t get me wrong, he was a good man and even better barber, but rough handiwork felt awkward to me.
The right side was now all clippered down and its twin side soon fell to the power of these clippers.
With the neckline carved out, Gloria started working my top, wetting it down some.
She snipped and combed with such speed, it was tussled and Gloria had done a damn fine job.
“All done”, she concluded as the cape was removed.
I looked at my new style with awe.
I paid her and tipped her big, it was probably the best haircut I ever had.
Back in my truck, I headed home.
My house looked big with the setting sun, I opened the door and stepped inside.
“Where have you been!”cried my wife Emma.
She was tall and slender, long dark brown hair secured in an updo, and a scowl on her face.
She looked at my freshly cut hair,”Who Did That”
“I-I-I”, I tried to explain.
“Who the heck is Gloria?”
I explained the barberette outside the city did my hair, Emma was very displeased with me.
“I’m going to have a talk with that woman tomorrow. As for you, you’re sleeping on the couch”
“Aw, come on. Babe!”
“Don’t you dare try to come to bed”
I wasn’t the confrontational man so the couch was my bed that night.
The next day, I had another delivery so I quickly dressed and went, if only I knew what happened.
Emma geared up with colors that portrayed her fury beautifully and off she went to confront my stylist.
The shop laid unknowingly as Emma pulled up.
Emma opened the door with such force that Gloria was immediately aware of her presence.
“May I help you, Ma’am”
“Yes, you can”, snapped Emma,”How dare you cut my man’s hair”
“Excuse me?”
“The truck driver that was here yesterday, he is my husband”
“Oh, I see”
“Wait? What?”
“You are a practicing barberette and he was your only client”
“I can see why you would be pissed at me taking away your chance to excel your talents”
Emma was beaten to the punch, she expected Gloria to get defensive but she was understandable.
“I am truly sorry, miss. Is there a way I could repay you”
Gloria’s eyes lit up,”How about a haircut on the house. It will be an honor to show you my talent and how far I have come”
“I.. don’t know”
“Oh, come on”
Gloria caught Emma’s wrist and took her back.
Seating her, Gloria retrieved a striped cape and tossed it over the spouse.
Gloria undid the updo and the dark brown hair soon rolled down.
The hairdresser pumped up the chair one, two, three times and the stage was set.
With her client prepared, Gloria began to speak,”I was thinking we could do something drastic today. Your hair desperately needs a cut.”
“Hold on”,Emma protested,”I never agreed to this”
Gloria smirked,”You’re in my chair now, sister. Stay put and let’s get you cleaned up for your man”
Emma had not expected such a change in behavior in Gloria, she was not a push-over.
Gloria wetted Emma’s hair and ceased her scissors.
Combing out its length, Gloria snipped off a large strip of it.
Emma wept at what Gloria had just done.
“Oh, hun”,comforted Gloria, giving Emma a tissue,”Stop your crying”
Emma dabbed her teary face as another chunk.
When her scalp lay a mess of hair, Gloria took up her clippers.
“No, no”,pleaded Emma.
“I promise you, it will look magnificent”
A number #4 guard was applied and the device, switched on.
Emma felt the vibration on all three sides of her head and let me tell you, it felt awesome.
Emma warmed up to the sudden change and she relaxed some.
The top was unclipped and Gloria started shearing it down.
The long pixie started taking shape and both women loved it.
With the cut done and the neckline carved out, Gloria went for the cape.
Emma stopped her,”Trim up the sides more, please”
Gloria was pleased with Emma’s change in attitude and obliged.
Rising the comb and shearing horizontally, the sides became short and sweet.
“You want the top trimmed up too?”
Emma shook her head so Gloria let her go from the chair.
Emma was loving her new look and affectionally hugged her because so.
Emma returned home and Skyped her husband.
“I love it”, I said.
Ever since that day, Emma returns to the barbershop for touch-ups and to see her favorite hairdresser.

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