I got tricked into a haircut

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I got tricked into a haircut

By JimB (C)opyright January 2021

It was nearing the start of summer.

I was fifth-teen at that time and was living in West Lake, Illinois.

It was a few months before summer and the temperatures started to increase, getting hotter.

I had track and field training almost every week and it would be burning hot.

All the other girls would get their summer hair cut, which was short and nice.

So, they won’t be so hot.

I didn’t want to cut my hair.

Even though I had short hair before, which I was comfortable with.

But, I preferred my long hair.

My hair was about mid-back length, just touching my bra strap.

One day, my mother and younger sister, Julie who is twelve, went to get their hair cut.

We usually got our hair cuts at the local barber shop down the street because there wasn’t a salon in the suburb.

The closest salon was an hour and half drive from where we lived.

Luckily for us, the barber shop had a barberette who did girl’s haircuts.

Mother came back from the barber, she was wearing a short Bob hair cut which was hanging around her ears and covering most of her ears.

The back was shingled clipped to about half an inch.

I wasn’t surprised to see this, as she normally gets a short hair cut for the summer.

My sister usually got her hair cut a little shorter than mom.

But, this time she got it cut a lot shorter.  More like a Crew Cut.

Mother would normally try and persuade me to get a hair cut like hers.

Telling me, “It would be easier for me to handle during the summers.”

I always refused as I would never cut my hair short. I loved it too much.

She would keep telling me the positives of having such a short hair cut, such as being able to feel the wind.

Even telling me, “I would not needing to do my hair so much every morning.”

She would go on for a week, or so, and she would give up thinking it was no use.

I had a really short Bob hair cut in the fourth grade.

It was almost like a boys hair cut.

My mom made me cut my hair just because my grades were dropping.

Ever since that day, I didn’t want to drop a grade.

My grades improved and I became a straight A’s student.

Ah, memories.

A week before summer, my mother soon suggested something.

“Hey, take a look at this picture.

“She looks so hot,” she mentioned.

I took a look at the picture and she had a shoulder-length textured hair which looked really good on her.

“You should cut your hair like this. It would look really good on you.

“Plus, Janie is really good when it comes to short hair cuts,” my mother suggested.

“Julie and I are going to get a hair cut today.

“Why not come alone and get a hair cut, too”

“Yea, it might look really good on me.

“You know what?

“I’ll go with you and  it a hair cut!” I told my mother.

My mother smiled at me as she and Julie followed me out of the house.

When we reached the barber shop, we looked into the window as and saw Janie was just finished a customer hair cut.

The customer walked out of the barber shop with an A-line bob. It looked good on her and it showed her features very well.

My mother reached for the barber shop’s door and she and Julie walked in.

I followed them in as I saw Janie with her regular summer cut, a chin-length bob.

“Hey Laura and Julie, you’re looking good!

“So, Kelly, you getting a hair cut today?

“Why don’t you take a seat while I take care of your mom and Julie.

“Then, let’s see what I can do for you,” Janie welcomed us.

Julie and I walked towards a customer waiting chairs and sat making our selfs comfortable.

As Janie flung the white cape over mom, mom told her, “Go a little shorter on the back and sides.”

Mother sat looked into the mirror behind us.

Janie reached for the clippers and put on a small attachment.

She turned to the back of the barber chair, tilted mom’s head and began moving the clippers up the back of her head.

“How short are you going?” mom asked as Janie began another upward movement.

“Half an inch,” she replied.

“And, I am going a little higher, too.”

“That’s fine,” mom replied.

“So, that will take care of the Bob!

“They say it is going to be a extremely hot summer.”

“Yes, the Bob will be no longer,” Janie told mom and continued with the clippers.

First the back, the left side, then the right side.

“I will blend the back and sides with the scissors,” she told mom.

Finished, Janie uncapped mom, dusting her hair duster across mom’s face and around her head.

Julie put down the magazine she was reading and got up and walked to Janie’s barber chair, just as mom stepped out of it.

“How about you, Julie,” Janie asked as she caped her.

“The same or shorter!”

“Julie looked at her self in the mirror then mom.

“What do you think, mom?” Julie asked mom.

“You are going to summer camp this year?” mom asked her.

“I think something shorter would do.”

“Shorter,” Julie said to Janie.

“Shorter than mom’s hair cut.”

“That will be a quarter of an inch.”

“Do you just want the back and sides shorter?” Janie asked Julie as she clicked the clippers to life.

Julie looked at her self in the mirror as she brushed her fingers over her head.

“The top, too,” was all Julie said.

Janie walked to the left side of her barber chair.

Placing the clippers on her forehead, Janie said, “I’ll start with the top.

“Then, the left side, the back, and the right side.”

“What ever,” Julie replied.

“I am still going to get a shorter hair cut than mom.”

Sitting there got me wondering what was I in for.

First mom’s usual summer Bob is gone.  Now Julie is getting almost all her hair cut off.

“So, Laura you still on the track and field team?” Janie asked as she continued running the clippers over Julie’s head.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I run distances.

“You know, quarter mile, half mile, mile, even the five mile.”

I looked a Julie.  She was smiling.

Mom looked up from the magazine she was reading.

“Looking good,” she said.

“This hair cut should keep your hair out of the way while you are at summer camp.”

“Yes,” Julie told her.  “Those little boys and girls can be a hand full.”

“Look who’s talking,” mom said to her laughingly.

“You think you and Laura were any different when you went to summer camp!”

“Okay Laura,” Janie said as she patted her barber chair as Julie stepped from it.

I looked at mom.

“It’s up to you,” she told me.

I walked to the barber chair as Janie was shaking the cape out

As she tossed the cape across me, I looked at my self in the mirror.

“So, have you had short hair before?” she asked me.

“Yeah, back when I was in fourth grade.

“My mom got it cut in a wedge just because my grades were dropping and I failed some subjects.

“I was actually comfortable with it.

“But, I really loved my long hair much better,” I replied to her.

That short Bob did not looked that bad,” I thought to my self.

“Maybe a little longer this time.”

“I bet you sweat a lot when you run the five mile race?” Janie asked as she pinned the cape.

“O’ya.” I replied. “Every mile they give you two cups of water.

“One you pour over your head and the other one you try to get a little in you.

“But, you end up pouring it over your head, too.”

“And, she made the summer swim team this summer,” mom commented.

“All that running gave her strong legs for swimming.”

“Swim team!” Janie said. “I tried out for one when I was in high school.

“But, I could not kick my legs like they wanted.

“Scissors kick, I think they called it!”

“Yes, we use that when we do the side stroke,” Laura commented.

“Mostly we do the flutter kick for the free style, breast stroke.

“Even the back stroke.”

“Bette your hair gets in the way a lot?” Laura asked.

“Yes,” Laura replied.

“But, we can wear a swim cap and you tuck your hair in it.”

“What do you swim?” Laura inquired.

“Mainly the free style, breast stroke, and side stroke.

“They wanted me to try the distance swim at the met next week.”

“Distance swim!” Laura asked as she combed my hair out.  “What is that?”

“Just like the five mile run,” I began telling her.

“Only you do the free style, then the breast stroke, then the side stroke.  You have to do each one every three quarter of a mile.”

“Don’t forget the one were you fun and swim,” Julie mentioned.

“You said it was tomorrow and you were going to enter it.”

“I forgot that one,” I said.  “Thanks for reminding me.

“I had forgotten about it.”

“Do you wear the swim cap?” Laura asked as she stood on the right side of her barber chair and brushing the fingers of her left hand through my hair.

“Bet the swim cap get slippy and comes off!”

I thought for a little.  I never gave thought of that.

But, she was right.

By the time you get half way through the swim the swim cap comes loose and gets in your eyes.

A lot of the swimmers just go with out it from the start.

I looked at my self.  Maybe!

Maybe something shorter.

NOT like Julie.  Maybe like mom.

I looked at mom.  I looked at Julie.

Which one would I go for!

“Maybe something like mom’s hair cut,” I told Laura.

She raised the clippers with the half inch attachment and began pushing it up the right side of my head.

Suddenly, the barber shop door opened and a tall and slim figure entered the shop.

I was surprised to see my best friend, Stella, who also was on the swim team walk in the barber shop as she swept her blonde, shoulder-length hair to her back.

I didn’t want her to see me like this.

“Hello Stella,” Janie and Sarah greeted.

“Hey guys, how you?

“Oh, my god, Kelly, is that you?” she exclaimed at the sight of me sitting in Laura”s barber chair.

“Hey, Stella.

“Just getting a hair cut,” I uttered to her.

“I thought you said you never wanted to get it cut short?” she pointed out.

“My mom tricked me,” I replied as hair got snipped off the top of my head.

She laughed as Sarah, the other barberette, invited her to her barber chair.

Sarah turned her barber chair to face the large mirror as Stella sat in the chair as she made herself comfortable.

Sarah got out a white cape as she flung over Stella’s body as she tied a cotton strip behind her neck.

“So how do you want it cut today?

“The regular summer cut?” Sarah asked.

Stella nodded ‘yes’.

I knew her summer haircut was. She always wore the same one every year.

I took a deep breath and watched in the mirror as Laura worked the clippers over the right side of my head.

Then, moving to the back.

As she stepped to the left side of my head, I looked a Julie.

“Maybe!” I thought to my self.

“Will you be cutting the top the same length?” I asked Laura.

I peeped over to Stella’s as I saw Sarah holding her big pair of clippers with the half an inch attachment on it.

POP, buzz went the clippers as they buzzed to life.

Sarah slowly pushed the clippers from her forehead towards the crown of Stella’s head as tresses of her blonde hair started rolling down onto the floor.

A path of an inch of hair was left behind like a freshly mowed path of a lawn.

Laura smiled and looked at Sarah as she continued moving the clippers over Stella’s head.

With each pass Stella’s long hair was gone to half an inch.

Laura continued slowly clipping the hair on the back and sides of my head.

I turned to look at Stella who was sitting in the barber chair with her eyes shut and a smile on her face

I watch as Sarah moved the clippers up Stella’s nape.

Tresses of her long hair were flying around as Stella remained silent.

Laura brushed fingers over each pass as I looked at Sarah move her clippers over Stella’s head.

Stella was soon uncapped as Sarah dusted her cape.

Stella was wearing her regular summer haircut, which was half an inch everywhere.

She walked up to me as she rubbed her hair, swinging her hair back and forth, ”Nice haircut Kelly!”

“To be honest, you would look much better like this.

“Rather than the mess of hair you have now,” Stella told me.

I chuckled as she walked out of the barber shop swinging her hair.

Laura began moving the clippers over my head.

Soon my head had hair half an inch all over.

I looked at my mom.  I looked at Julie.

I closed my eyes and saw Stella giving Stella the same hair cut.

For some reason I knew I did not want the same hair cut as Stella.

Again I glance a look at mom and Julie.

I took my hands from under the cape and brushed them over sides of my head.

“I take you don’t want a hair cut like your friend, Stella,” Laura inquired.

“NO,” I quickly replied.

“And, I still want it short than mom’s hair cut.

“But, Julie’s!”

Laura stood there slowly brushing her hand over the side of my head.

She walked behind her barber chair and looked at mom.

Then, Julie.

“When is the run and swim contest?” Laura inquired.

“Tomorrow,” I replied.  “It starts at nine.

“I have to be there by seven, mom.”

Looking up her mom said, “Now you tell me.”

Laura, still standing behind her barber chair and brushing her hands over the sides on my head.

“Shorter then you mom’s but not as short as Julie’s,” Laura said.

I noted my head “yes”.

“How about something different?” Laura asked.

“Something short.

“Something really short!”

Mom looked at Laura and smiled.

“None what you were thinking about, mom?” Julie said to mom.

“At lease she will be getting a short hair cut,” mom replied and looked at me with a smile.

“What do you have in mine, Laura?” mom asked her.

Laura brushed her hands up the sides of my head, as she smiled at mom.

“Just really short,” she told mom.

“Shorter than your’s and Julie’s!

“And, still with some hair up top.”

I sat trying to think of what they were talking about.

I looked at Julie for an answer.

But, she just shrugged her shoulders and mouthed “I don’t know.”

I watched, mom watched as Laura turned to the shelf and took hold of her clippers.

Turning she was putting a small attachment on the clippers.

“Quarter of an inch,” she said holding the clippers so we could see it with the quarter of an inch attachment.

“Shorter than your mom and Julie.

“And, SHORTER than Sarah’s hair cut.

“But, I am going to make it much more shorter where Sarah has said she would not go.”

I took a deep breath and looked at mom.

I shook my head “yes”.

Laura clicked the clippers to life and began moving it over my head reducing my half inch hair to quarter of an inch all over.

I watched, mom watched, Julie watched.

With each pass of the clippers my hair was cut shorter than I have thought.  Shorter than mom she though.

Julie looked on with a smile and brushing her hands over her head.

“Damn, sis,” she said.  “I wish I had thought of that hair cut.”

Laura moved the clippers up the back and sides of my head.

Soon the top was a quarter of an inch.

With the clippers silent Laura removed the attachment.

“NOW,” she said. “SHORTER than Sarah’s hair cut.”

I looked at mom, “Laura you’re not going to!”

“Just the back and sides,” she said to mom as she began moving the clippers up the side of my head.

With each pass all we saw was skin.

“Wouldn’t!” I asked quickly.

“Be SHORTER than Sarah’s hair cut!”

“Yes it would,” Laura told me.

“But, this one will get her thinking.

“When is your next swimming event?”

“Two weeks, I said as I watched her buzz the side of my head.

“Just think about it,” she said.

“Two weeks if you want.”

She began lathering the back and sides of my head.

I took a deep breath and closed by eyes, as Laura started shaving the right side of my head.

When she started shaving the back of my head I opened my eyes.

She did as she said she was going to do, “shave just the back and sides.

Mom looked on shaking her head.

“You that upset Sarah got the same hair cut you were going to get,” she asked me.

“In two weeks,” I told her. “You will see how upset I am about Sarah getting the same hair cut going to get.”

By JimB (C)opyright January 2021

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