I hope he likes it!

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For years I have had the desire but never the courage.  Each time I saw a girl with a very short haircut I wanted to cut mine short too.  So many times a celebrity would get the big chop or shaved their head for a role or maybe just the attention I wanted to do the same.  I never did.  The first time I had the feeling was as early as the 7th grade.  My friend Emily showed up at school after a huge makeover.  It was 1989 and so many girls were trying short styles.  Emily told me she was getting her hair cut short which got my attention.  I never anticipated how admonished I would be when I saw her the next day.  She proudly got off the bus walking through the front entrance of the school with a fresh bowl cut.  Her confidence amazed me as she smiled with other students gawking.  It was short!  Probably half and inch above her ears with the sides and nape buzzed tight.  Smiling she shook her head and ran her fingers up her shaved nape asking what I thought.  I replied jealously “I love it!”  My eyes fixed on her wishing I had the courage.

I continued to conform through high school and college.  Always maintaining my shoulder length bob. I got bangs one time which I loved but never more.  Once I saw a girl with her hair in a ponytail with the nape and sides shaved bald.  I convinced myself that I could pull that off and hide my desires and actually went to the salon to get it done.  Sadly I could’t get the words out and the stylist trimmed my bob to its usual length and I left the salon ashamed at myself.

Fast forward 5 years.  My career is going great.  My real estate business is thriving and I am married to a wonderful man.  In fact he even confided in me once when we were at a concert and a girl with a faded pixie sat down in front of us that he liked her haircut.  I agreed without saying a word.  At one point in the concert she turned and asked if we would take a picture of her and her boyfriend.  They were at least 10 years younger than us.  Maybe early 20s and they looked so happy.  After taking their picture my boyfriend actually told her he loved her haircut.  She blushed as she quickly stroked her nape.  I don’t know what I felt.  Was it anger, jealousy or shame that I could never get to the place where she was.  He turned his gaze to me unaware of my inner turmoil and said “You could pull that off too babe.”  I was stunned.  I felt alone in the middle of 20000 people but as if they were all staring at me.  Then not even realizing what I was doing I asked her who cuts her hair.  She smile and reached into her purse and pulled out a business card. Quickly glancing at it I noticed a pair of clippers crossing a set of shears.  At the bottom it read “specializing in short feminine haircuts.”  I thanked her and tucked it into the back pocket of my jeans.  It stayed there all night and never left my mind as I watched her more intently than I did the band.

Somehow empowered by someone else I called the next morning for an appointment which ended being 3 weeks later.  I waited nervously each day browsing Pinterest and Instagram overwhelming my self with options.  I was emboldened by the sheer number of photos out there and the seeming confidence of the women’s appearance.  What I didn’t expect was the number of people who have a thing for short haircuts.  Some extreme, some even with a bit of kink.  In conclusion I decided that if I was really going to do this I was going for it.  A bald fade undercut pixie it would be.  I even considered a full buzz cut at one point!

The day was here.  As we headed out to work I casually told my husband I was getting my haircut today.  He acknowledged and told me I always look beautiful.  I grabbed his forearm gently and made eye contact “I am getting it cut short.  Very short.”  He was surprised but acknowledged and gave approval not knowing what I had in mind.  “Send me a picture” was all he said and we were on our way.

I informed my staff I was leaving for the day at noon and made my way to the salon.  It was upscale but casual.  I checked in and Mike quickly met me up front and took me to his station.  It was neat with all his tools laid out on a towel.  I felt like a robot taking a seat as he caped me and inquired as to what I had in mine.  “I am thinking of something really short.”  His eyes lit up “You are in the right place.  I love doing short cuts.”  He asked if I had a picture which I certainly did.  Showing him my phone he was obviously surprised.  “Wow, you do mean short.  Have you ever had short hair before?”  I admitted that I had not but had always wanted to go short.  He confirmed that I was sure and I confirmed.  “Maybe even shorter than the picture.  I want the sides really tight.”  Obviously excited, “What the lady wants she gets!”

He went to work without hesitation sectioning up the top of my hair with a clip.  He picked up a pair of really large black clippers and changed the blade.  The filled the salon with a whirring noise that was foreign to my ears.  I had goosebumps and felt my palms begin to sweat.  I gazed straight ahead at myself with anticipation.  Moving behind me he tilted my head down and quickly moved the machine from my nape up the back of my scalp with deft skill.  Hair rained down the cape on my lap as he made quick work.  This happened so fast.  I could feel the breeze on my scalp.  He returned the clippers to the station and brushed off my shorn scalp saying “We are on our way!”  I asked him to take a picture so I could show my husband the process and he obliged taking a picture of my right temple.  Gazing at it I couldn’t believe what I was doing.  I quickly texted it to him.  I admitted “That’s really short!”  He concurred “Yep it’s a number one.  Want to do a bald fade?”  Without thinking I spoke “Sure, we are already this far.  Why not?”  Without hesitating he picked up another set of silver clippers that made a soft buzzing noise and returned to the haircut.  He spent quit a while in this process as he finished up asking “How does that feel?”  I reached up feeling my bare nape.  There was only the slightest stubble.  “Feels great!” I admitted to him and my new self.

He let down my top and began quickly reducing the bulk and then sprayed me carefully with his mister.  He began scissoring the top very close to my scalp.  Maybe a finger two or even one in legth.  He finished and took me to the sink for a quick wash and returned me to the chair.  The blow dry was barely necessary and He styled the top in a messy spiked way. I admired the finished product and my new self.  I drove home in a daze wondering what my husband would say when he came home tonight.

I didn’t have to wait long.  He had come home early and was waiting for me.  Let’s just say he loved it and we had a very special afternoon.

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