I Like it Short

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This story is a part two to my previous story, “A Suspenseful Surprise.”

Dan and Sue stepped out of the salon, freshly shorn, in to a hot May day.  Sue ran her hand over Dan’s freshly buzzed head, smiling and becoming a bit aroused by how much hair had been lost between the two of them.  When they got in the car, Dan ran his hand up the back of Sue’s freshly buzzed blonde nape, his member hard and pulsing under his pants.  Sue leaned over the center console, caressing his cock with one hand and rubbing his head with the other while kissing him.  They drove to lunch with Dan’s parents, holding in their urges, before arriving home to quickly shed their clothes and make love on the living room couch, barely taking their hands off each others freshly shorn heads the entire time.  They lay there on the floor afterward, wet with sweat, Dan running his hand over the top of her head, watching the short locks drop back down across her forehead, ending before reaching her brows.  “So tell me again what you think of my hair?” Sue asked.  “I like it short.”  Dan replied with a smile.

Sue looked in the bathroom mirror at the blonde bob framing her face.  A year of growth and careful trims after her surprise short pixie last May had left her with a stylish cut that ended two inches below her chin, with a bit of layering where the growth hadn’t caught up to the back yet.  While Dan had loved her buzzed sides and back and short top, Sue found the attention it got in their conservative southern town a bit unnerving.  Years prior, when Sue and Dan had met in college, she’d worn a very short pixie and had even buzzed her head to the skin once.  While Dan had loved that, Sue felt that it didn’t fit their current situation.  Dan stepped out of the shower, landed a peck on her cheek and lightly grabbed a naked butt cheek.  She laughed, turning and throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him, and running her hand up the back and over the top of his smooth, freshly shaved head.  “The clippers didn’t take enough off?” Sue asked, having buzzed his head down to a number 1 the night before. “It’s so hot outside, I figured this would help a bit.  Do you not like it?  I thought you did last summer” Dan replied.  While Sue had grown her hair out, Dan had kept his hair shaved or in a short buzz the past year, at Sue’s request.  He didn’t mind the convenience.

“I like it short.” Sue hesitated. “I like it… this short.”  She ran a hand from his forehead up and over his head to his neck, pulling him in for another kiss.

Two days later, Sue and Dan got back to their driveway after a morning jog. “I can’t believe it’s this hot, this early.”  Said Dan, sweat trickling off his bald head and on to his bare, muscular shoulders.  “My head is cool, at least.”  Sue was not quite as happy.  Her face and chest were red from the heat.  She’d worn only a sports bra and the smallest of shorts to stay cool, but while her curvy body was benefiting from her evaporating perspiration, her head was not.  “How did you say you liked my hair?”  Sue mused.  “I like it short.”  Dan replied.

When they got inside, Sue went straight for the bathroom.  “You shower first.” Sue said.  Dan hopped in and started washing himself.  “He does it so fast, not having to wash his hair.” Sue thought.  She grabbed a comb and started making a line across the back of her head in an arc, dividing the hair below mid-ear downward and the hair above up in to a ponytail.  When Dan got out of the shower, she handed him the clippers.  “I need you to give me an undercut, no guard.  It will grow out quickly enough and it’s easy to hide with my hair down.” Sue said.  Dan smiled, and without a word or a bit of hesitation, turned her toward the mirror, pushed her head down, and started buzzing the bottom few inches of Sue’s blonde nape to the skin, as Sue hesitantly reached down and touched herself.  Dan joined her in the shower after, caressing her nape and head with shampoo as he thrust his throbbing penis inside of her.

“This is so much cooler.” Sue said as they left the gym the next day, running her hand up the back of her exposed nape below her ponytail.  “That made a huge difference.”  It was still hot though, and Sue looked at Dan’s head and remembered how much cooler it was having such short hair a year before.  She didn’t want to do anything too noticeable, though, and wondered if she could get away with more of an undercut.  She got in the car next to Dan and asked “do you like my hair?”  He replied a moment later. “I like it, but I also like it short.”

When they got home, Sue looked in the mirror.  Dan went to get in the shower, but she stopped him.  “I  need your help with something.” She said, handing him a comb.  Dan followed her instructions carefully, parting the hair from forehead to nape an inch and a half above her ears, and combing more hair down in the back to bring her nape undercut to the top of her ears.  He started the clippers and pushed the bare blade through the hair at her temple.  Sue gasped, becoming aroused as five inch long blonde hairs fell down on her naked shoulder and breast.  Dan was breathing heavy, and she reached behind her to feel his hard cock with one hand and her own clitoris with her other.  Once Sue’s sides and back were pared down to a fine sandpapery stubble, Dan turned her around, picked her up, and sat her on the counter while she wrapped her legs around him, sliding his engorged member in to her wet, hot pussy.  They both came minutes later, her hands on his slick head and his on her nape.  In the shower, Sue watched as Dan ran the razor deftly over his head, scraping lightly, and maintaining the smooth, shiny appearance and feel she loved.

Sue blowdried her newly reduced hair and looked at herself in the mirror.  As she brushed it, she was glad to see that it covered everything without looking thin.  She tucked one side behind her ear, revealing a shorn temple, and headed out the door to meet Dan at the car.  They headed out for the evening and she wanted badly to just put it up in a ponytail and feel the cool air conditioning on her buzzed undercut.  Dan reached over and brushed her hair back behind her ear with his hand, smiling.  “Do you like my hair?” She asked.  “Yes, I like it short.” Dan said.

All week, Sue kept reaching under her hair to feel her undercut.  It was growing out, and providing less cooling than it had when freshly buzzed.  She kept thinking about Dan’s bald head.  Summer was just starting, but the heat was immense outdoors.  How would she deal with it all summer, trying to hide an undercut?  Should she cut the rest off like she’d done the year before?  Her hair was more than two feet longer before her pixie cut.  How had she managed that?  As Sue drove home that Friday, contemplating chopping the rest off, she saw a barber shop she often passed, then looked back at the temperature read out in her car.  “97F” was displayed prominently.  She pulled in to the parking lot and texted Dan.  “Stopping to run an errand.”

Sue sat in the barber’s chair and he smiled. “Well, what can I do for you?  Trim the ends?”  Sue shook her head and put her hair up in a loose ponytail.  The barber was a little taken aback, but his smile returned.  “It’s hot outside.” Sue said.  “I like it short.”  The barber didn’t need much further instruction.  He pulled out the hair tie and let her hair fall, inspecting her part and how her hair grew briefly, then reached for his clippers.  Sue almost stopped him, before seeing him reach for a plastic guard.  “This is a number…” Sue cut him off.  Two things made her forget about the unwanted attention her short hair had gained her last summer.  First was the heat.  The second was the look she wanted to see on Dan’s face. “I don’t think that’s needed.” Said Sue. “Just buzz it down without a guard, all over.”  In minor disbelief, the barber agreed, but started the cut around the sides and back, peeling away her undercut’s six days of growth back down to skin tight stubble.  He hesitated then, before getting a nod from Sue and starting on the top.

Sue parked her car in the garage and walked inside.  Dan was home waiting in the kitchen, browsing his phone.  She stopped in the entryway before he could see her and removed her blouse and pencil skirt before entering the kitchen. He looked up to see Sue, a faint shadow of blonde covering her head, and his jaw dropped, looking her up and down, in her heels, lacy panties, and bra.  She was happy to see that he was being casual, wearing only his underwear, and watched his penis grow hard and erect under the thin fabric.  Sue walked to Dan, who was stunned motionless.  She took his hand and put it on her crown before kissing him.  “Do you like my hair?” Sue said.  “I like it short,” Dan said as he caressed her scalp. “I need to shower before we go to dinner,” Sue replied.  She left Dan dazed in the kitchen, walked to the bathroom, started the shower water, and removed her heels and underwear.

Sue let the hot water run over her freshly buzzed scalp.  The feeling was amazing.  She closed her eyes and reached between her legs, touching herself as the water hit her chest and cascaded down.  Then, a warm pat of cream on her head and the sound of the shower door closing behind her made her stop.  She turned to Dan as he rubbed the shaving cream across her scalp and produced two razors, handing one to Sue.  She knelt down and cleanly shaved around his erect member as he scraped the stubble and cream from her scalp, leaving her head sensitive, smooth, and shining.  They traded positions and she shaved his head while he removed the felt from her mound.  Sue knelt back down and took Dan’s cleanly shaved cock in her mouth, sucking until he came, as he rubbed lotion in to her smooth head.  “Do you like my hair?” She said, standing.  Dan replied “I like it… this short.”  As they caressed each others bald heads and private areas, they both knew that they wanted to keep this style for a long time.

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