“I Only Fuck Bald Guys”

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Me and my wife met in a interesting way.

It was the beginning of the internet. Around the early 2000s perhaps. I was doing some light studying for my college papers. Not because I had a test coming up or anything but because I just wanted to keep myself distracted. My girlfriend had recently broke it off with me. I wasn’t on the verge of suicide but I was pretty sad. All of the things I once enjoyed seemed to have had all the life sucked out of it. But as long as it distracted me I can be fine for a little bit at least.

Along came my friend named Nick. Nick and I are pretty good friends. He came to my house thus disrupting my study session with a idea. You see in the early days of the Internet most of it was just chat rooms for friends to talk with.

“Yo! I heard of something called internet dating!” Nick said enthusiastic. “Nick you know most people on there are super far away right?” I responded with a bit of sarcasm. “Not necessarily bro! I heard of one where you can set your location to a certain amount and only get chicks in your area!” He countered. “Really?” I asked surprised. “So I could theoretically find a girl on campus?” I asked. “Yeah dude! Simple as that!” Nick said.

Nick and I talked some more and he told me the website to go to was called “Heart Sink” I went on there after he left to try and find someone.  I set my location limit to around my around my area so I wouldn’t have to travel to Africa or anything. At first no one really got my attention but that was before I saw Julia.

Julia was the perfect woman. She had blonde waist length hair. An adorable but sexy face. A well proportioned body and it seemed like she had alot of my interest. At first I didn’t exactly know what to say to her so I just messaged her telling her that I saw her profile and that I thought she would be cool to talk to. At first I didn’t get a response but after a bit a notification popped up on my screen. “Hey hon! I looked at your profile and it seems to me like you’re quite the catch!” After reading that message she sent me I was excited but also nervous.

“Hey! Glad to see you feel the same way! I’m sorry if I don’t respond super quick I’m kind of busy studying at the moment.” I responded

“Oh really? What classes do you have?” She said

After a while we kept talking for a while. We talked about our favorite movies,books,TV shows and songs. After a while it kind of became a daily thing. She would wake up talk a bit go to class come back to our dorms and talk more.

After a bit I decided to approach the whole reason we started talking in the first place. I asked her if she would ever go on a date with me. She told me that she would think about it. I asked her if that was a no. And she told me it was neither a yes or no. She just needed to ask me something. But before she could we both realized we needed to get ready for class!

We quickly said goodbye and went.

After everything was done and handled with we both met up in our private chat room again.

“Hey so about earlier…” I typed. “Yeah it was honestly all I could think about in class today.” She responded “Yeah same!” I said. “So what do you think? Should we give it a shot?” I typed back with sweaty hands. “Yeah totally! I would love to get back in the dating scene again! It’s just one thing Ben…” She responded.

One thing? What does she mean? “What is it Julia?” I asked carefully. “Ok Ben I need you to keep an open mind ok?” She responded after a bit. Oh god. Is she one of those kinky girls or something? I typed back “Ok my mind is as open as possible.”

“I need you to shave your head.” She typed back.

…what? She wants me to shave my head? Why!? “Why do I need to shave my head Julia?” I asked.

“The last serious relationship I was in was with a guy named Blake. He was the sexist guy ever. He was charming and very cute. But the hottest thing about him was his lack of hair. The guy was as bald as the day he was born. And goddamn was it sexy.” She explained.

“Ever since then it’s kind of been a personal rule of mine to only have sex or be in a relationship with a bald man because of how sexy it is.” She typed

I was still shocked by all of this. “Do you mean like smooth? Like no hair at all?”

“Baby smooth” she responded

“Can we at least go on a date first? To see how it works out?” I asked grasping for straws.

“Nope. If you got hair it’s got to go!” She responded with a cheerful tone to her text.

“Is this really the only way?” I asked.

“I really don’t know how much clearer I can be Ben. I only fuck bald guys” she responded.

I thought about it for a bit. I can’t go bald can I? I looked at myself in the mirror and tried to imagine myself with no hair on my head. I don’t think I would look bad…

After a little while longer I came to my conclusion…

“I’ll do it” I typed “Yay! I knew you could do it! I bet you’ll look sooooo fucking hot with a bald head hon!” She responded with her enthusiasm very much present in her words. “Hold on!” I said cutting her celebration short. “I need you to do it.” I told her “I don’t have any Clippers or razors at home. And even if I did I wouldn’t know how to shave my head properly.” I explained.

“Oh no problem! I can handle all of that for you! I used to shave Blake’s head all the time!” She responded. “I also teached my roommate how to shave her head so I guess you could consider me to be a bit of a expert.” She said sarcastically.

I stood outside the door to what she told me her dorm was. “Am I really going through with this?” I whispered to myself. I really like this girl… But am I really going to shave my head for her? Before I could even answer that question the door swung open.

“Hey there Ben!” She said in a seductive tone. Holy shit. She looked even hotter in person. “Uhhhh hey there…” I responded “Come on in  handsome!” She said joking thus lighting up the mood. “So where are we doing this exactly?” I asked while being a tad bit nervous. “Right over here!” She said dragging me by the hand to the kitchen. “Will your roommate mind?” I asked as I sat down in the chair. “Nah my roommate isn’t even here right now.” She responded in a nonchalant way.

She took the Clippers off the kitchen counter “Alrighty…” She said as she plugged the cable into the outlet. “You ready to look like a real man?” She said as she sat on my lap.

I was surprised at how dominant she was being but was even more surprised when she ran the Clippers down the middle of my head before I could even respond. She chuckled to herself at my shocked expression as she drove the hungry Clippers in for a second time. She smiled and bit the bottom of her lip as she took off more and more of my once amazing hair. “I hope you like it because for as long as you are with me this head is going to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom!” She said clearly enjoying the experience. Not that I didn’t like it mind you. It was just really shocking. After she was done with the top and the sides she tilted my head down so she could get the back properly. But since she was sitting in my lap I got a face full of her boobs. I’m not sure if she intended for that or not but either way I was not upset with it. She was done with the back and now the only thing on my head was stuble I ran my hands through it as she got the razor and shaving cream ready.

She gently spread the foam around my head very evenly. You can tell she’s done this before with how much care she had in every aspect of the shaving. She turned and took the razor off of the counter and turned to me. She smiled and held it like a serial killer does with a knife in a slasher movie and pretended to stab me with it. I played along and acted like the girl in the shower in that one “Psycho” scene.

She carefully and without flaw started shaving my head completely smooth from my hairline to my crown. I finally started relaxing. When you get over the original adrenaline rush it’s actually a very calm and nice experience. Because she was so gentle it felt like a massage if anything. I laid back in the chair with my eyes closed and a smile on my face. Julia eventually moved in front of me to shave at different spots easier. She had the same look of pure happiness. She was smiling while biting her lower lip and she had seductive eyes.

“I knew you would like it!” she said while finishing up. “And I also new you would look great!” She said as she sat on my lap again but this time running her finger nails over my bare scalp.

“Do I?” I asked as I stood up. Julia brought me to the mirror in the bathroom so I can look at myself. She seemed giddy with excitement as she waited for me to see myself. “Damn I do look good…” I said as I rubbed my head with my hand. I had the perfect head for it. My ears didn’t poke out at all and my head wasn’t too big. “Honestly I kinda understand why you only fuck bald guys now.” I said and we both laughed.

“Well this was an interesting first date.” I said jokingly. “Well get ready because it’s only getting better from here hon.” She said suddenly becoming more seductive as she wrapped my hand around hers as she led me to the bedroom.

“Don’t you think we should handle the mess? I don’t think your roommate will like it very much…” I said. “She’s usually busy with her clients. I’ll have more than enough time to clean later.” She responded. “Clients?” I said not getting it completely. “Well that’s what I like to call them… But they are more slaves than anything…” She said with a smirk. I titled my head in confusion. “She’s a dominatrix.” She responded. “Oh” I mumbled.

It doesn’t exactly surprise me that she hangs out with a dominatrix. Especially when you consider Julia’s dominant demeter anyway.

We arrived to the bedroom and Julia led me to the edge of the bed and sat me down. “You stay right there baldie…” She said as she undid my pants and pulled my cock out. “And let me do all the work…” She said in her classic seductive tone.

Me and Julia eventually graduated college and got great jobs that pay well. We got married and ended up with two daughters. One named Shelly who has become an amazing painter and one named Zoe. It’s hard to believe that we fell in love the day I lost my hair but hey! It works for me.

What can I say? Ladies love the bald look.

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