I Read Your Books

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I Read Your Books

The spotter whispered “Three, two, one. Send it.” The two silenced Sako sniper rifles sounded as one sharp crack as they sent their .338 Lupua rounds 643 yards downrange. Both struck their targets exactly where the shooters intended. Thus, removing two terrorists bent on inflicting damage on a global scale. The immediate threat was eliminated. No collateral damages.

Jack rolled over and saw Sam looking at him. Her green eyes wide with relief and a huge smile on her face. “Let’s pack up and get the hell out of here.” He couldn’t agree more.

Looking over at Rabbit, their spotter, Jack could see him already taking down his scope and sniper tripod. Jack again looked at Sam. She was the coolest operator and second best shot he had ever worked with in 15 years of black operations.

The fact that she was also beautiful made their relationship difficult. But time later for that thought. They really needed to get moving and head to the airbase still 7km away and total safety.

But this op was over. The world would never know how close to worldwide conflict it had come and who had stopped it dead.

They took down their Sako sniper rifles and scopes. Packed them away and began the long walk to their waiting C-130 transport plane and a long and noisy ride home.

The End

Wow, I thought as I closed down the computer screen. One of the benefits of being married to an author is being able to read their books before anyone else. Even his editors. This was another good one from Randy. He wrote under a pseudonym and only a few people really knew who he was as an author.

Randy and I met while in veterinary school in Colorado. I was a rodeo queen want to be from South Dakota and he was a cowboy in the making from California. We started dating and upon graduation we got married and moved to Newell SD and bought into a large animal practice. Which we quickly moved from town to our family ranch.

The cows and sheep in this area of South Dakota outnumber the people by a large margin. Ranchers needed their herds doctored and the practice we joined was run by an elderly vet who was looking towards retirement. It was perfect.

Randy had a more difficult time adjusting to the wide-open spaces of SD than I did. I grew up here on a ranch. He was more from the city. His initial interest in animal care was geared more towards the smaller kind until he met me. I took him home to meet the family and he fell in love with everything, including me.

I always wanted to be a large animal vet. But in high school I also wanted to be a rodeo queen. I had the blonde in the bottle look so many contestants had.

I have been riding a horse since I was 4 and horses and cattle were just a way of life for me. Rodeo was fun even though us contestants could get a little bitchy at times. It was also a little time off from ranch work.

I will never know what got Randy involved in writing books about secret military black operations. Maybe the solitude out here during our long and cold winters. I don’t know. I do know he was good at it.

The story I had just finished was the 10th in a series he created several years ago. He had sold millions of books and I expected this one would also sell well. His following was large and growing.

As he got more involved with writing books, the time he spent as a vet marginally decreased. Not that it really affected anything. Writing for Randy was not a full-time occupation. Nobody was complaining. We were able to increase the size of the ranch we owned along with my family.

That was important. The ranch I grew up on was not quite large enough to support us, my parents, my two brothers and their families plus our increasing family of three boys. Buying out another large ranch solved that problem nicely.

Our vet practice was steadily increasing too. We were planning on bringing on another partner or two here as soon as the next class graduated in May.

Randy and I talked quite a bit about what he should include in his books. Somewhere around the 5th in his series about Jack Quinn, I suggested he start something to include a woman or two as regular characters. I felt he might expand his audience a little if there were women in them.

Randy agreed and we met with his publisher who thought it was a great idea. Book 6 introduced Samantha or Sam Willoughby as the lead of several women.

These women were warriors, not just eye candy. One problem with an all-male team meant they tended to stand out. Having a woman or two around gave the team leader some flexibility. Plus, women never got a second look as a potential threat.

Randy told me he would be basing his new character Sam Willoughby on me. That was great with me. I could live vicariously through her.

Book sales increased nicely. So did Randy’s royalty checks. We made improvements to the ranch.

Sam’s background was similar to mine with the exception she just wanted to get away from the ranch and so she joined the Army.

She grew up in Wyoming and excelled in all her training, but she always wanted more. After she completed Ranger school, as one of the first women ever to pass qualification testing, she was recruited into a highly classified group of people who did things nobody ever talked about.

I loved being the real-life model for Sam. Even though only a handful of people would ever know that.

One thing I did notice in the books was that Sam’s hair was getting progressively shorter and shorter. It had started with her having a blonde ponytail similar to me but as the books went on, I noticed Randy was specific in mentioning how long her hair was and it was getting shorter.

In book 6 her ponytail was mentioned and by the end of that book it was getting in her way. Some of the guys in her team joked to her about it and that they hoped it would not get in the way of her doing her job.

Book 7 had her with a bob. Book 8 had her with an undercut. Book 9 had her in a pixie and using wigs as the occasion required. Randy was being clever.

I began to wonder if Sam was Randy’s fantasized version of me now. I still had the ponytail. But did he have a thing for me in short hair? He never said a word to me, but I began to wonder just what he was saying in his books that he was not saying to me.

I asked him about it once and he said he was just being practical.

Women in combat positions were few and far between. Ranger school required all candidates to have the same haircut. Buzzed almost bald until they passed selection.

Some of the women could not wait to grow it out. Sam was one of these. Some women stayed short for practical reasons of being deployed to austere areas. Some stayed more behind the scenes and grew their hair longer, within reason.

I accepted that for a while. Sam’s hair by Book 10 was a very short pixie and I could tell Jack was falling in love with her.

I also knew Jack Quinn was Randy’s alter ego. If Jack had a thing for Sam so did Randy.

I decided I would try a little experiment. It would take some time to complete but it might be worth it if I could see it through to the possibly bitter end.

Newell is not exactly a metropolis. Less than 800 people. Our ranch supported more cattle than that. It frankly did not have a women’s hair salon that would cut anything other than a basic trim. I usually went to Belle Fourche to get my hair cut. If something special was to come up, like meeting Randy’s publisher, I’d make the trip to Rapid City.

I had tried the blonde in the bottle thing in high school to try and become Miss Rapid City Rodeo Queen. I lost to Kady Ryan, a brunet, and that was the end of my competing and coloring days.

Once I got into vet school, I was too busy to do anything with it and the bottle blonde became my natural honey blonde as trims slowly cut away the lighter shades of blonde. How Randy ever stayed with me is still a mystery. I honestly looked like a mess.

Once we started practicing medicine, having the boys, and Randy spending more time with his books, I really had little time or inclination to do anything with my hair.

That was all about to change.

I called a salon in Rapid that I had used several times before and they were good and kept up with the styles of the day. I booked an appointment with Beverly for a cut.

I never told Randy of my plans.

I walked into the salon on Jackson Blvd and Beverly was waiting. “Hi Doc, it’s been a while since I saw you last.” “Yes, I just felt like making a change and needed some help doing it.”

“A change? What did you have in mind?” “I was thinking of maybe a lob or bob.”

Beverly’s eyes widened. “I think a lob would be just the thing. Come on back and let’s get you going.”

Long story short. I sat down after being shampooed and Beverly quickly removed about 18 inches of my ponytail. I walked out of the salon with hair just brushing my shoulders. The shortest it had ever been, but I liked it.

Randy noticed the change. His attention increased immediately, and we enjoyed some newfound interests that had somehow gotten overlooked in the recent past.

In terms of practicality though, the lob was not short enough or long enough. It was, in fact, a mistake.

Picture this. Take a silicon condom that goes on your arm up to your shoulder and then jamming that up a pregnant cow to help her give birth to a backward calf in the middle of a pasture. If I forgot a hat, I was in trouble. My hair was now flying this way and that and getting in the way of seeing what I was doing.

After a few weeks of this I decided something had to give. I decided that a shorter cut was the way to go. This time I was going to go with a short, angled bob.

I booked another appointment with Beverly and made the drive down to Rapid City.

Beverly was surprised to see me so soon. “What’s the matter Doc? I figured I wouldn’t be seeing you for months.”

“It’s too short for a ponytail and too long to stay out of my way. I was thinking of an angled bob with it pretty short in the back.” This was a cut Randy had given Sam in Book 7 and Jack had begun to notice her in a good way.

Beverly beamed and led the way to the shampoo station. “This cut should look really good on you. It’s popular with the more active women in the area.”

She towel dried my hair and led me back to her cutting station. I settled down in the chair prepared for the cut of my life to that point.

She sectioned my hair off. This was a new experience. When my hair was long, they had never done anything but trim the ends. Beverly stopped and asked, “how short a bob do you want and how short in the back? And how high up do you want to go with the angle?”

These were good questions and ones I had been deliberating on for a week or so.

I had decided to be daring. “About lip length at the front with it angled pretty high up in the back and very short in the back. No bangs, just the same length and I’ll push it over to the side.”

“I can do that easy. But that’ll be a big change for you. Are you OK with that?”

I had never been asked if I was OK with getting a haircut before. I realized I never had it cut more than a few inches at a time until she removed my ponytail. Now here Beverly was asking if going shorter was going to scare me or give me second thoughts. Was she going to make me change my mind?

“Yeah, I’ve thought about this a lot, and I have to get something that’s gonna be practical and fun all at the same time. No way am I going back to the ponytail. One, it’ll take too long to grow out and two, I’m not a kid anymore. I should have done something a long time ago.”

Beverly replied, “OK, just didn’t want you running out of here blaming me for something you didn’t like. Or that Randy doesn’t like.”

I thought to myself, Randy is going to love this cut. But all I told Beverly was to go ahead.

She started cutting at my left jaw and quickly angled the cut upwards just below my ear and then up to the occipital bone in the back. Long lengths of hair were being removed.

Yes, I was nervous. The lob was not too nerve wracking, but this was going to territory unknown to me.

She quickly cut downwards from the back to my right jaw. I thought this was longer than I wanted but had only seconds to wait before she again inserted the scissors at my left jaw but this time about 2 inches higher. Making the same cut as before but this time removing less hair and being more precise.

I had decided to keep the top length as long as possible just to see how it would look and move. Once she had done the angles correctly nothing more needed to be done on top or the sides.

I loved the length.

Now Beverly started to remove the hair in back that would create the angle we wanted. She held the longer sections that were staying on my head with clips. She then picked up her clippers and placed an attachment to them and turned them on.

I knew this cut would require clippers but having them come at me with serious intent was completely different than just knowing they were required.

By this time, I was scared to death. She started in the middle of the back of my head and started the clippers up. I could hear them enter my hair and I knew what was happening but couldn’t see a thing.

She continued going up and up until I thought they must have gone higher than her initial cut to create the angle. My mind was screaming she was making me bald. But then she stopped and started a new path next to the first. This one went marginally lower, and I could feel the difference. She kept doing this until she reached the far-right side. Then she moved to the left of the first path and made the same motions as before.

Satisfied she had the angles done right she stopped the clippers and surveyed her work.

“Do you want me to blend the long with the short or leave it kind of blunt at the weight line?” She handed me a mirror to help show me what she was talking about.

I took a look and thought the blunt difference between the lengths looked good. “No, let’s leave the blunt line. I think it looks good.” “Great, I was hoping you’d say that. But I had to ask.”

She dried my hair, added some product, which I then purchased, and I was done.

Now off to see how Randy and the boys would react.

I needn’t have worried about Randy and truthfully, I wasn’t. I think I might have been a little concerned about the boys though. But the reaction from the boys was fine. Randy came in from doctoring a heifer near Buffalo and immediately noticed.

I could tell he liked it by his smile and also by a growing bulge in his pants. The evening was exactly as I had hoped it would be. Randy’s hands were all over me and my new style.

Now the question was, could it get any better than this?

I kept the angled bob for a while. Randy and I thought it looked good and was fun for him to play with both the long and the short hair. I think he liked the short hair more since after about 4 weeks he mentioned it was looking a little shaggy.

I was keeping Beverly happy with monthly appointments. Something I had never in my life done.

This look was also perfect for meetings with Randy’s publisher. Sophisticated enough yet sporty enough.

Randy had finished and published another two books in the last year. Sam’s hair was now really short, and she supplemented that style with wigs to blend in with the local population. It also allowed her to create a disguise as the targets she sought were looking for either a red head or a blonde or a brunet.

In Book 11 Sam had her hair cut into a very short pixie or maybe just a short crop. She complained to Jack that the longer it was the harder it was to get a wig to sit correctly. Jack and Randy had no problems with her going shorter. Jack was now fully in love with Sam, and he made no bones about how much he loved her short hair.

I decided to go shorter too. I thought a pixie would be fine and made an appointment with Beverly to do the deed.

Beverly was not at all surprised to hear me ask for a pixie. “The bob looks great on you Sara, but I know being a vet out in the middle of nowhere can be a problem with the long bangs and all.” She knew exactly what I had been experiencing.

I agreed and she asked, “so just how short do you want to go?” “Let’s not go too short the first time out. Leave the top about 5 or 6 inches and maybe an inch or so for the sides and back.”

“That’ll mean letting the back grow in about an inch. I can blend the back into the sides while we let that happen.” “Perfect, let’s do it.”

No clippers for this cut. Just scissors. Beverly took the top length down to about 5 inches and cut bangs. This was the first time since maybe 2nd or 3rd grade that I had bangs. She made them a little side swept so they were not in my vision but moved, something I really wanted. I liked this cut a lot.

I got home and Randy was still out on a call somewhere. The boys were out riding the fence lines making sure the fences were all OK and keeping the livestock in pasture.

I opened my computer and noticed a note from Randy. “Sara, the final draft of Book 13 is ready in case you want to read it.” Did I? Hell yes.

It was another great read. Randy had the action happening fast and furious from page one right up to the end. Sam was an integral part of the team now, what they called the second in command or 2IC, and it was she who wound up being the hero.

I felt pretty good. I was Sam and now I was the hero.

Sam also had a new haircut, and it was really short. Randy had her in wigs very often in this book and she had her own hair cut to accommodate the wigs.

Randy finally got home and immediately noticed the new haircut on me. To say he loved it would be an understatement. He also noticed I was growing the back longer to match the sides.

He didn’t say anything, but I could tell his preference would have been to cut it all short. I wasn’t quite ready for that step – yet.

Another month passed and we were beginning calving season in late January. I needed a trim and the drive down to Rapid was getting a little old. My F-250 had plenty of miles on it just from being a vet to all of western South Dakota. Now I was taking an additional 2 or 3 hours a month just to get a haircut in town.

I got into Beverly’s shop, and we immediately started the routine of the haircut. She asked how the length was. I told her I was ready to go a little shorter this time. I also told her I thought about getting a wig or two so I could vary things up on the spur of the moment.

Beverly smiled and said she had been thinking along the same lines. She gave me a catalogue of wigs and mentioned which ones she had good experience with and which ones to stay away from.

As I came back from the shampoo station, I grabbed the catalogue and started looking while Beverly was cutting my hair a little shorter than last time. She noticed I was going to the short styles and said, “Don’t worry about length. I can cut it to be whatever you need it to be. Just look at the quality of the hair and thickness. Do you want it to look like yours or change that too?”

I decided to keep my medium to thick hair and go with my natural color. I didn’t want to be too obvious. People would notice major changes every few weeks or months.

Meanwhile, Beverly had been shortening my hair. I had also learned a few things in my journey to shorter hair. I learned what the different guides for the clippers were and how short or long each guide was.

My hair was now down to about 4 inches on the top and she asked me how I wanted the back and sides. Reflecting on Randy’s reaction I told her to clip the sides and back down short too using a number 3 guide.

She immediately got her clippers out and made the sides and back the same. This was easily the shortest I have ever had my hair. I liked it and thought how Randy would appreciate the new look.

I also ordered two wigs. Beverly told me they would be in the store by the time my next appointment came around.

Randy’s reaction was exactly as I had anticipated. He was at full attention from the moment I walked into the house, and we went to bed early and left the boys in the basement. I knew they were dead tired from school and fence riding closer to the house. They would retire early too. They had to repeat the day again tomorrow

Randy could not keep either his hands or his lips off my head. We would kiss and then he’d head off to nuzzle my neck. It was wonderful.

But I still had a plan.

In a month, Beverly called to say the wigs arrived. I came down for my next appointment. I had decided to go even shorter this time and let the wigs be my alter ego for parties and formal events. Not that there were a lot of those, but they did come up occasionally.

I told Beverly I wanted to go even shorter this time. She gave me a look and said, “Sara, I have no problem with you going shorter. Honestly, you are now as short as any woman I do. I know coming down here takes a lot of time out of your day and practice. Once I give you this cut though you might think about going somewhere else.”

This comment stunned me. I had never thought about that. What would I do? “Where do you think I ought to go to get my hair done?”

“Sara, I can cut the wigs today as well as your hair. The wigs are a one-time good deal. Wash them and wear them is all they will need. But if we go shorter again today my recommendation is to go to Belle Fourche for your haircuts. It’s closer for you and they can cut the short cuts as well as anyone. Better even than me.”

I was shocked. Where in Belle Fourche was there a salon that could cut my hair the way I wanted it? I asked Beverly, “Just where are you recommending?”

“Walt’s barber shop. Just off Mountain View and Sixth.” Walt’s! I knew it well from taking the boys and Randy there. I had never even given that a thought. A man’s domain in an area already very much male dominated.

Beverly looked at me in the mirror. “Think about it. Now, how short are we going today?”

I told her that with the wig on I thought it might be best to keep it all around at a number 3 for the sides, but I still wanted some hair to style and leave me with about 5 inches on top.

Beverly finished my hair, and I almost forgot the wigs.

I put the first one on and we decided to style it in the angled bob I had a year ago. I was surprised at how she could still do the back short and make it look like my hair.

She finished up the first wig and I put on the second. For this one we decided to cut it into a pixie, so it looked like a longer version of what I now had.

The emotions of cutting the hair on the wigs was surprisingly zero. I thought I might have some level of attachment to that hair once it was on my head. Nope. I looked like me of a year or so ago or a month or 2 ago. It just depended on which wig I wore.

They were perfect. I decided to wear the short pixie wig home and see if anyone noticed.

When I got home, the boys were still riding fences for their late winter chores and seeing if any cows were looking like they were ready to give birth. Randy was in our veterinarian office. I walked in on him, and he looked up. He got a questioning look on his face like he knew something was different, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what that was.

“Hey, home again. That was a long trip to Rapid. I was beginning to worry.” I came over to him and kissed him. Then I reached up and took my wig off.

Since there was not too much of a change his expression changed to just one of confusion. I told him I wanted some flexibility in how my hair looked even if I did something different. That left him with enough of an answer but one that begged a few more questions.

But Randy kept quiet. That was good as there would be more questions in a month when I went to Walt’s barber shop.

A month went by, and my hair definitely needed a trim. I was not sure how Walt might react to a woman in his chair, so I decided to just get a minor trim and see how it went.

Randy and the boys also needed trims, so this was as good a time as any for all of us to head to Walt’s and get a haircut. Randy thought it would be just the men of the family. I had other plans.

We arrived at Walt’s and Walt greeted Randy like the old customer he was. I had known Walt a long time from taking the boys there over the years.

The boys hopped into the chair one by one and got their normal haircuts. Nothing special, just boy cuts.

Randy hopped into the chair and told Walt he’d like to go a little shorter than normal. This was a little bit of a surprise as he had never said anything about changing his style. Walt said no problem and then said something of a shock.

“Randy, going shorter isn’t gonna be a problem at all. But I’ve been telling you about a growing bald spot for a while. You have a few options here. One is to leave the length you have now and do a little bit of a comb over and try and hide it.”

I was aware of Randy’s growing thin spot but really hadn’t said anything to him about it. Randy looked at me and I shook my head. I have never liked comb overs. But I was ok with keeping the status quo too.

Randy said, “What’re my other options?” “We can go shorter as you suggested. That’s not a problem but it’ll put the spot more on display. Or we can just go really short and do a buzz.”

That last comment perked my ears. I had never thought of Randy with a buzzcut.

He looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. Telling him whatever he wanted to do was fine.

He looked back at Walt and said, “Let me think about it for a month or so but let’s go with it just a little shorter than normal today.”

Walt immediately started giving Randy his normal haircut but just a little bit shorter. When he was done Randy seemed happy.

I started thinking though.

Thinking we were all done Walt acted as if we were all leaving. I stood up and said, “Walt, there’s one more cut for today. I need a trim.” Randy and boys stopped on their way to the door. I just nodded towards the chairs, and they went back and sat down.

Walt looked surprised at first but said, “Come on over Sara. What did you have in mind?”

I sat in his huge barber chair and said, “I just need a trim of this. I’ve been going to Rapid and it’s a long drive and I thought you could do it just as well as she did.”

Walt looked at me and said, “Sure thing. Short cuts are easy, and I think I can save you a lot of money, not just in the drive back and forth, but also I’ll be a lot cheaper too.” “Great, let’s get going.”

Walt then asked me if I knew how short Beverly had been doing it and if I was OK with clippers. I told him I was and to use a #3 guide on the back and sides but leave me with 5 inches on top.

That is exactly what I got. For the first time with me in his chair, Walt did a fantastic job and at half the price I was paying Beverly. This was going to work out as planned.

A month went by, and I was playfully messing with Randy’s hair while watching a movie on our couch. Mostly playing in the thinning area. I looked at Randy while we were getting ready for our late-night rounds to check on the animals we had in the barns.

“Honey, what did you think about Walt’s comment about your thin spot? Did you want to do anything?”

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I wondered if you had any input.”

I sure did. “I was thinking you might look pretty good in a buzz.” He looked at me surprised. “Really? I thought you liked me with it longer.”

“I do but I thought the buzz might be a nice change. If it doesn’t work out, then you can always grow it out until the inevitable happens.”

Then Randy smiled and said he was actually thinking along the same lines.

It was about time for the family to head back to Belle Fourche and Walt’s. We walked in the shop and one by one the boys sat in the big chair and Walt proceeded to give them their haircuts. When the youngest, Craig, was done I handed him a $20 and told them all to go get some ice cream because they would be out riding the fences as soon as we got home. They ran out the door.

Randy then sat in the chair and Walt asked the same question as always. “What are we doing today?” Randy looked at me and I shrugged my approval. “Let’s go with a buzz. A 2 on the top and take the sides down really short.” “You want them shaved or a zero?”

Randy looked at me and I held up my hand making an “O” for zero. “Let’s go with a zero for now.” “Got it. Let’s get this started.”

Walt picked up a huge pair of clippers. He had used them on me in the past and they were much bigger than the clippers Beverly used. They were serious clippers. He placed a steel attachment on them and raised them to Randy’s forehead.

The one thing about a barber shop is the client faces away from the mirror. You really don’t know how you look until the cut is over. Randy had no idea what he was about to look like.

I on the other hand had a front row seat. As Walt started the clippers into Randy’s hair and removed 5 or maybe even 6 inches of hair in a wide path back to his crown, I noticed something I never expected.

I was getting aroused. I mean seriously aroused.

I knew Randy must have had a thing for short hair on me. Our bedroom had never seen as much activity as it had in the past year since I started my short hair experiment. That proved my hypothesis to me. But I never thought I would have something similar.

I discovered I had a fetish.

I was really getting turned on watching Randy lose his hair. And getting turned on in a big way.

Walt had finished cutting Randy all over with the number 2 and was now switching to another smaller guide which I assumed to be the zero. It left more hair behind than I had thought it would, so I asked Walt if a zero really left that much hair behind.

Walt kept cutting but told us he was using a #1 so he could blend the top and the sides better. I sat back eager to watch this unfold.

Randy looked at me and I knew he could tell I was really into this haircut. When Walt switched to the zero guide, I was watching like a kid in a candy store. The zero guide really did take it down to nothing. But I was to find out later it still left a little stubble behind.

Randy was now finished, and I was still as turned on as I had ever been. I couldn’t wait to rub my hands over his head. As we met on my way to the chair, I began to raise my hand up, but Randy grinned and whispered “Wait.” He had figured out I was excited and wanted to prolong my agony.

I sat in Walt’s chair, and he asked what we were doing today. By now I had gotten used to his haircuts and I knew how he would cut whatever style I asked. “Let’s go a little shorter this time Walt. Take a little off the top to maybe 3 inches or so and then leave the sides and back as a #2. I want a little spike look.”

“No problem Sara. I don’t have any of that fancy women’s hair stuff though. If you want it spiked up, the only product I have is butch wax. The same stuff I use on the guys for their short cuts. Is that OK?”

“Fine my me. As long as it’ll hold my hair up.” “O, this stuff will hold your hair just fine.”

Randy’s mouth was wide open during this exchange. Walt immediately began cutting my hair using scissors and cutting off about 3 inches of hair. I could only see the blonde clippings though as they fell onto the cape. I was facing Randy, not the mirror.

Walt put his scissors down on the countertop and I could hear him fiddling with his clippers. I knew he was taking the zero guide off and replacing it with the #2.

To say I was nervous would be exaggerating. I was terrified. While my hair was already short by anyone’s standards I was heading into new territory. Walt would be taking over a half inch of hair off the sides. Down to just a quarter of an inch. Stubble.

Walt started at my right ear and wasted no time in bringing the clippers up to the temple. He quickly moved back and repeated his strokes all around my head. I knew I had very little hair left on the sides and back but had no idea how it looked.

I shifted my gaze to Randy. He had a perfect view, and I could tell he loved it. His grin was wide, and I noticed he was shifting his legs every few minutes. Just the reaction I wanted.

Walt picked up a comb and using his clippers blended the sides with the top. Satisfied he had it looking the way he thought I wanted it he returned his tools to the countertop. Then picking up a jar he got a small amount of butch wax on his finger and rubbed his hands together.

He came at my hair and began rubbing the butch wax into it. I found I liked the sweet smell of it. The way my head was being pulled while he massaged it into my hair, I knew this was powerful stuff. He used his hands to spike up my hair and once satisfied he pronounced himself done and turned me to the mirror.

This was a huge change. Bigger than I had anticipated. I loved it and my smile betrayed my feelings to Walt as well. He grinned and said, “You’re done. If you like this, you probably both need to be back a little more often than 5 or 6 weeks.”

We got up and walked over to the cash register to pay for all five haircuts plus a generous tip.

I finally raised my hand to feel Randy’s new buzzcut. Meanwhile he was exploring my short new do. I think it is safe to say we were both loving it. We left the barber shop and, rounding up the boys, headed for home.

The boys headed for the barn and horses to start their afternoon chores. Randy and I had other important chores to handle and headed for the bedroom. I could not believe how turned on I was just by rubbing Randy’s buzz and apparently Randy was having a similarly great time with my shortened sides and back as well as the new spikes.

About an hour later we were both exhausted but loving it.

Randy looked at me and said, “Sara, I think this is about as excited as I have ever been. I love that haircut on you.” “Ditto for me. I had no idea I would get as aroused as I am with your buzz. I really like it.”

We got up and went off to work.

But I wondered.

There were now two things running through my head. So far, I had been reacting to the hair styles Sam was getting via Randy. I would see what Randy had written and then went out and got my hair cut to match.

I wanted to be out in front of the story. After all, I was supposed to be the inspiration for Sam. I wanted to ensure I was the one who created her style. Not the other way around.

The second thing I had thought about was Randy. Seeing him getting a buzzcut really got me going. I was thinking about my own newfound fetish.

I will never be able to understand it and could never explain it either. Watching Randy get a buzzcut stimulated something in me I never knew I had. It was like a switch had been turned on inside me.

After playing with his short buzz last night, I started to develop a plan.

The more I thought about it the more I realized there was a simple solution.

Randy’s hair had to go. All the way.

I wanted him smooth. I wanted to feel my hands and lips on his smooth, shiny head. I was quickly becoming obsessed with these thoughts. Now all I had to do was entice Randy into making the choice to shave his head.

I finally turned my attention to my own hair. I hadn’t really looked at it at all since we left Walt’s. As soon as we got home, we had gone to the bedroom. Now I took a look at what my hair looked like.

It was a wild assortment of spikes and a barely there whisper of hair on the sides. My naturally honey blonde hair made it appear as a fade. I raised my hands to see how it felt, and I could see what Randy was so pleased with. It felt like velvet. A little stiff but soft at the same time.

I was more than pleased with this look. The butch wax even stood up to Randy’s machinations while we were frolicking around. I would have to get some of that for myself. The next time I had a call in Walt’s area I would stop in and buy a jar. Until then I would just have to comb it over or leave it alone.

About a week later I did stop in Belle Fourche to buy some of Walt’s butch wax. We kept the styles Walt had given us. His buzzcut was nice and my short crop was unique. Everyone was getting used to the new us.

Over the next few months Randy and I were constantly touching and feeling each other like a pair of newlyweds.

I started giving Randy hints that the buzz looked good but might be even nicer if it were shorter. “I’m not sure how it could be much shorter unless…” He looked at me with a questioning look and I grinned back at him and said, “What would you say about shaving it all off?”

He looked at me and was very quiet for a long time. “That’s a major step. Even though it’s only a quarter of an inch long, that’s psychologically a big leap.”

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot too. I think you’d look great with a shaved and shiny head.”

“I’ll have to think about that.”

I was thinking too.

It was now time for another trip to see Walt. Regardless of what Randy wanted to do I was going to make a change and it was taking an enormous emotional toll in my mind.

For this late afternoon trip, it was just Randy and me. The boys didn’t need a trim. We got to Walt’s and entered an empty shop except for Walt.

“Hi guys. Good to see you. Who’s first?” Randy went to sit in the big chair, and I took a seat in the waiting area.

“What are we doing today Randy? Same as usual?”

Randy looked over at me. I looked back and mouthed “Smooth” to him along with a look like a beggar pleading for a handout. He rolled his eyes.

Randy looked at Walt and said, “I was thinking maybe we ought to try something new today.” I held my breath praying for the right words to come out next. “How about we shave it all off.”

Holy crap, he’d said it. I almost squealed with delight but kept my composure.

Walt smiled and said no problem. He then grabbed his clippers and inserted a guide and turned them on. He brought them up to Randy’s hairline and pushed them back. The path they left behind was bare scalp. I thought it looked wonderful.

Walt ran the clippers all over Randy’s head and Randy kept a close watch on me and my reaction. I know my eyes must have been as wide as saucers. I could barely contain myself.

I was fully turned on by what I was seeing and could not wait to be able to touch my husband’s smooth, shiny scalp.

Once he was finished with the clippers, he returned them to their hook. He then got a towel from a drawer that I had always wondered what he kept in there. Taking it to the sink he ran hot water on it and brought it back to Randy. He placed this on Randy’s head and said he had to wait a minute for the warm wet towel to prepare his scalp for the razor.

After a couple of minutes Walt removed the towel and turned to his shaving cream dispenser. He got a handful of white cream and spread it all over Randy’s head. He then grabbed a fresh towel and wiped his hand on it.

Walt picked up a cutthroat razor and stropped it on the leather belt hanging from the chair. He then tipped Randy’s head to the side and began shaving the remains of hair left behind from the clippers. I could tell this was smooth. But apparently, Walt had other ideas.

Once he finished and Randy had a smooth scalp Walt returned to the shaving cream dispenser and got a new handful of shaving cream. He spread this once again on Randy’s head. “This is to make sure we got everything.” But this time he used a Gillette Fusion razor instead of the cutthroat. “I find this does a better job.”

I had to agree. Once he was finished, he put some oil in his hands and carefully massaged that onto Randy’s now bald pate. It shined perfectly. Because he had a buzzcut for the last few months he had a good tan all across his head. No tan lines. Exactly what I had envisioned. My grin was huge. Revealing most of how I felt. I was completely aroused.

Walt removed the cape and turned the chair so Randy could get his first look. I know he was shocked, but I could also tell he liked it too. He raised his hands to get his first feel of his newly shaved head and the grin he had got bigger.

Randy got up from the chair and I got up as well. As we passed each other he knew I wanted to touch it to see how it felt. But he whispered, “Not yet.” Teasing me.

I then sat down in the big chair and Walt asked me the same question. “So, Sara, what’re we doing today? Any big surprises from you?”

I had been practicing my little speech for a while. But I was barely able to talk. Taking a second to collect myself I looked at Randy and said to Walt.

“I was thinking of a change too. I’ve been reading some books about a special woman. I have been living a little vicariously through her and her hair is really short like mine. But I’ve been thinking she would be so hot with a new haircut. And I thought I might try it myself.”

I knew Randy was listening. Walt did not know about Randy’s books. Randy gave me a questioning look. Wondering where this was going.

Walt looked at me and asked, “What were you thinking?”

“It’s actually not too different from what I already have. I’d like to try a flattop, Walt.” There I’d said it.

To his credit, Walt never flinched. Randy, on the other hand, did. His jaw dropped wide open. I had never prepared him for this. I wanted to see his reaction in real time. I wanted to be Sam and, like a US Army Ranger, be out front leading the way.

Walt asked me. “Flattops I do all the time. How short of one do you want?” I had done some research and was ready for this one.

“Let’s take the top down to about an inch. What are your thoughts about the sides and back? I’ve seen #1 and zero or even shaved. But I’d like your input here.”

Walt continued as if I were any of his male customers. “I think that’s good for the top. For the sides and back I can do any of those lengths. I would not do anything longer than a #1 on the sides though. That look doesn’t hold water too long. You’d be back here in 10 days asking for a trim in case you wanted to keep that look.”

“Are you saying shorter than a #1?” My insides were quivering but my crotch was getting warm with excitement. I wanted the whole experience.

“Yeah, a zero or even shaved is best for the shorter flattop like you’re asking for.”

Randy locked eyes with me. Mine were asking for his input. All I saw was what I thought was a “Moo” look. I knew there weren’t any cows in the area. Could that be his version of “Smooth”?

“Let’s shave the back and sides, Walt.” There, it was out of my mouth. I couldn’t wait to get started.

“OK, let’s get going.” Walt proceeded to cape me and placed a tissue around my neck before tightening the cape. I could hear him rummaging around looking for the right equipment. He came back to me and ran his hand over my hair. I knew he could feel I had already put some butch wax in it. But not enough for Walt today.

He opened his jar of butch wax and rubbed more of it into my hair. Then taking a stiff brush he attacked my hair bringing it to full attention.

At least that’s what I imagined he was doing. I couldn’t see a thing. I looked over at Randy. He was rubbing his newly bare head and smiling at me. I felt weak all over again just looking at that shaved head. It was so perfect.

My hair at attention was not the only thing in the shop at attention as I could tell by how he was squirming in his chair.

Perfect. This was going better than I had hoped.

Walt then started his big clippers and brought them to life in front of my right ear. I could feel the cold steel guide and as he moved it up to my temple my blonde hair fell onto my lap. Creating quite a contrast between the blonde hair and the black cape.

He repeated this all around my head. Half inch and longer pieces of hair were falling on the cape. Blonde pieces were everywhere on the black cape.

Did I really still have this much hair? There seemed to be more of it on the cape than I thought there would.

I ached to see what was happening. Was this the normal #2 or a zero? What did it feel like? More importantly, what did it look like?

I looked at Randy and I could tell he liked what he was seeing. His smile spoke volumes. He was also teasing me while rubbing his head.

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights though. I was still afraid that what I was doing was taboo for women.

Surprising me, Walt released the brake on the chair and turned me to face the mirror. I was confused as this had never happened during any haircut I’d had in Walt’s shop before.

He said, “Sara, I need you to look straight ahead. Make sure you keep your head as level as possible. We only get one shot at this and if it’s not right we have to go even shorter. You understand?” My mouth was dry. I was too scared to talk and just nodded that I was OK.

I saw him reach in a drawer and came out with a large flat comb. Placing that on his countertop he grabbed his brush again and went at my hair. Making sure it was standing straight up.

“OK, here we go.” Standing behind me he inserted the comb into my hair and using his clippers he passed them across the teeth. He removed at least two inches of my hair. As the sticky pieces rained down in front of my face it was all I could do to not watch them fall onto the black cape.

I was keeping my head as steady as I knew how. Looking back, I’m not even sure I was breathing. He removed the comb and reinserted it in my hair again. Removing more hair behind the first pass. I wasn’t sure but the pieces from the back seemed longer than those from the front.

He kept doing this until he had created a flat table of hair from front to back on my head.

“That’s the bulk of it done,” he said. He picked up his brush again and brought it to my hair making sure it was all as straight as possible. “The bulk?” I wondered what was going on. I had thought we were done creating the flattop.

Once again, I was wrong. My insides were jelly, and my crotch was as excited as ever. I was very conflicted with my feelings but loving it all at the same time.

He picked up the comb and clippers again. Inserting the comb in my hair he said, “This is to get the final length and flatness right.” He ran the clippers across the comb again but this time only short quarter inch pieces of hair came raining down onto my nose and cape.

He repeated the process until he was done at the back. I could feel the comb actually touching my scalp the further back he went. I had asked for a one-inch flattop, but it seemed I was getting something a little shorter. Or maybe I just didn’t fully understand.

“Is the back a little shorter than the front?” I asked. “Yeah, it needs to gradually get shorter to meet the back. What you really get is one inch in the front with it getting progressively shorter towards the back.”

So much for thinking I’d have more hair than what I was now sporting.

Walt ensured the sides created two vertical walls. Then stooping to see his handiwork he brought the clippers back to life and without using a comb he cut small bits of uneven hair away.

“You can move now if you want.” I did. I started breathing again too, I moved my head from side to side to see how it looked and his flattop was perfect. A little shorter than I had anticipated but it looked great.

While I was surveying my new flattop, Walt had gone to his shaving cream dispenser and got a small handful of cream which he started spreading around the sides of my head.

I don’t know what I expected but this felt pretty good. The shaving cream was warm and felt soothing. Was I crazy? I loved my hair but over the last year and a half I had gone shorter and shorter. It was now shorter than 95% of the men I knew.

I looked in the mirror over at Randy for some reassurance. I had perfectly flat hair on the top and white shaving cream on the sides and back. I looked ridiculous. Randy’s smile reassured me he was loving it.

The feeling of the shaving cream and the expectation of what was to come was almost too much. I may have looked ridiculous, but the emotions were overpowering.

Walt picked up his cutthroat razor and stropped it again. Satisfied it was sharp he used his left hand to hold my head still and proceeded to scrape away the tiny hairs left behind by the clippers.

Starting about 2 inches above my ears he began. Scrape, wipe his blade on a towel. Readjust his razor. Scrape, wipe on towel. He repeated this until he had completely rounded my head.

The long strokes down the back towards my neck felt luxurious and gave me goosebumps. He used his fingers to see if he had missed anything. Then he used that towel to wipe any remaining shaving cream away.

Once again, he surveyed his work and picked up a small set of clippers. He brought them to life and carefully removed minute pieces of hair that had eluded him earlier.

Satisfied he had it right he stood back and pronounced it done. I was looking at it and moving my head side to side. Then I brought my hands out from under the cape and explored the stiff hair on top and now smooth sides.

The touch of my hand on the bare skin was electric. I hadn’t anticipated that, but I loved it. I smiled at Walt and said, “Walt, this looks exactly the way I pictured it. Nice job.”

He smiled and like a matador he removed the cape from me. Spilling much more hair onto the floor than I ever thought possible given that my hair was already pretty short.  I stood up on very wobbly legs. I felt like a newborn colt.

I made my way over to Randy who could not wait to run his hands over my hair. Likewise, I could not wait to rub mine over his now smooth and very shiny scalp. It felt as good as I had hoped it would.

He looked every bit like The Rock to me.

We paid Walt for his services. He asked if we needed any butch wax. I replied I had enough from the spikes but would be sure to come back as needed. Giving Randy notice that this style was one I wanted to keep, at least a while.

We grabbed our battered cowboy hats and put them on. Both of them came down a lot further than when we had more hair on the sides and back. We looked at each other and laughed. We would have to go buy some new hats here soon.

We left the shop for our truck. Once in the truck, we removed our hats and threw them in the back seat. I could not take my eyes off of Randy and I think if he had taken his off the road to look at me, we would run right off the road.

Randy looked over at me and grinned. “I really like that flattop on you. Shocked, but it looks great.” “I love that bald head of yours. When Walt started shaving you, I thought I might have an orgasm right there in the shop.” “I’m glad you didn’t, because I want to make sure we have one together when we get home.”

I got excited all over again.

Once we got home, we again rushed to the bedroom. You can imagine how this went. It was a long and wonderful late afternoon.

The next morning, we got up and proceeded to breakfast before starting the day. The boys were typical ranch kids. They knew what had to be done and had already started their day. Trying to beat the heat and get as much done as possible before it got too hot.

After breakfast I went back to our bathroom to get a shower. We have a large shower and Randy quickly joined me. After a minute I grabbed a razor, slowed the water coming at us to a trickle, and rubbed some of the same cream I used for shaving my legs on Randy’s head.

I could instantly tell he was loving this. I had him sit on a seat we had built into the shower and slowly proceeded to shave him bald again. He then proceeded to do the same to the bare spots on my head.

We finished our shower. No need for a blow dryer anymore. Standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, Randy grabbed the jar of butch wax and rubbed some of it into my hair. Standing behind me he then reached for a brush and slowly brought the brush from front to back on my flattop. Ensuring it was fully erect. His movements were erotic, and I loved it.

My hair was clearly not the only thing getting fully erect. I could feel a bulge pushing in my back.

I found some aloe lotion and rubbed it onto Randy’s smooth head. The shine was even better than before. I thought he looked like a Greek god.

Randy finally asked the one question I had been waiting for ever since we left Walt’s yesterday.

“Sara, what made you do this? I love it but this is beyond anything I ever thought you’d do.”

“I’ve been reading your books. I noticed you made a point of Sam’s hair getting shorter and shorter and how much Jack liked that look. I thought you might be giving me a hint. Was I right?”

“I guess so, but I never wanted you to actually be Sam. I was kind of using her to be sort of my fantasy.”

“Well, here I am cowboy. Does this reality meet or exceed your fantasy?”

“Definitely exceeds. Sam will have a flattop in the next book. I do have one request though.”

“Really, what’s that?”

“Only that you shave and oil me up properly every morning the way you did today.”

“Only if you can get my flattop right the way you did.”

“That’s a deal.”


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