I should have known what to ask for…

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For reasons I don’t understand I have always admired other guys, and girls for that matter, who sport super short haircuts.  I have never however had the guts to go for it myself always failing to express my desire and asking  for a trim or short back and sides.  Well I encountered a barber who gave me the nudge I needed and I finally ended up with a buzzcut even shorter than I anticipated.

It was late May and I found myself with the afternoon free and decided I was in need of a haircut.  It had been about six weeks since my last cut and was really in need of a cut. I headed out to my usual barbershop.  It was a typical barbershop with five chairs.  Three middle aged gentlmen worked there and always cut me hair just the way I liked.  I walked into the shop relieved there was not much of a wait as two chairs were occupied and a very attractive lady was sitting on the couch in the waiting area.  I didn’t see the other barber so I sat down on a chair as I walked in.  Looking up from her magazine the woman inquired if I needed a haircut.  Surprised,I replied that I did.  She stood and smiled introducing herself to me as Penny “The new barber.”  She then said I can take you if you like.  I said sure as she motioned me back to her chair.  She smiled directing me to her chair telling me to have a seat.  She placed a cape around me and secured my neck with a tissue paper strip.  She patted my shoulder and informed me that she would be right back.  She returned quickly making her way to my side.  She smiled asking “What are we doing today?” and I replied that I needed a haircut and that it had been about six weeks since my last haircut.  I informed her that I was thinking of going a bit shorter this time.  Her eyes brightened as she informed me that she thought I would look great with a short haircut.  “How short are we going?” she asked.  Not really knowing what I was doing I replied “You can going ahed a go pretty short I guess.”  Without hesitation she brushed my shoulder as she made her way behind me running her nails up the back of my head as she stated “Let’s get this cleaned up.”  At this point I realized I was at her mercy and didn’t really know what was about to happen.  She brush my hair down straight on the back and sides.  The clippers then came to life.  “Head down please” she directed.  She passed the clippers from my neck all with easy past my occiput with one swipe.  I could literally feel the breeze on my scalp.  “That feels really short” I commented nervously.  Her response confirmed my concern “Oh yea, you said short. We are going tight on the back and sides but I will leave you some length on top.”  She continued shearing my head and as I was facing away from the mirror I could not see what she was doing.  As she made her way to my sides she quickly removed my right sideburn push the clipper up the side of my head flicking the biggest clump of hair I had ever seen onto my cape.  She continued her work as she finished off my left side.  “You are going to love that way this fees as she brushed my head with her hands.  The clippers continued as she changed blades and went. back to work.  I didn’t think I had any hair left!  She placed the clipper at my forehead and pulled them back across my head before I would realize what was happening.  “This is a number two so you will have a little length on top.”  She was done quickly and began fading in my back and sides.  At this point I was literally cold as I could feel the breeze on my entire scalp.  She changed to a trimmer as she said she was going to clean up the bottom of the fade.  She then used these trimmers as she feathered them up the back of my neck and around my ears much higher than I expected.

Finishing up she spun me around to the mirror.  “There is your noggin.”  Staring at myself in the mirror I was literally bald on the sides on my head with just a hint on hair on the top of my head.  I was stunned.  This was not what I had intended but for some reason I realized I was aroused.  She removed the cape and I reached up to check the back of my head.  I was literally shaved down to the skin with only stubble remaining.  The barber next to commented “Well Penny, he got his moneys with today!”  I sheepishly tried to stand discretely but I am pretty sure she noticed as she winked at me “I told you that you would like it.”

As I paid she said “Buzz cuts are $16. I recommend getting freshened up every 2 weeks to keep it looking tight.”  I paid thanking her as I walked out the shop stunned.  Rubbing my head I reveled in the sensation and was actually relieved by what just happened.  I finally had the haircut that I had long admired, even if I didn’t have the guts ask for it myself!

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