I suppose to be bald 2

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A few days after my haircut at the barber, Marc and I are sitting on the couch. Every day when he came home he was horny and wanted to have sex. In most cases it ment he wanted a blowjob. My sitting on my knees in front of him, arroussed him even more.

Today it starts the same. He grabbed my hair and slowly directed me to his cock area. I know what he suspects of me. He stopped me and puts his finger under my chin, and lifted my hat up. ‘I want more of you, see more of you. Why don’t you undress for me?’ Of course honey I can. I feel the hope of getting pleased myself. In the middle of the room I make slow dance movements and throw my cloths of. I start my way back to Marc, he stands up and stops me. Walking a circle around me and stops in front of me. ‘I would like you totally hairless. Right now you are not. Go shave every part of your body and meet me downstairs when you are finished. Every single hair I find on you will be removed with tweezers. Hop you go.’

I walked upstairs and pock all the necessary, a safety razor, razor cream and a small mirror and starts shaving like Marc requested. It took me 30 minutes to shave my hole body. Looking in the mirror I noticed my hair on my head. No, of course he didn’t meant those. I walked downstairs and feel a hesitation. Did I miss patches? What will Marc say? ‘How did it go honey?’ Look all my bodyhair is gone, I say excited. ‘Let me take a close look. Come and lay down on the table.

Where shall I start?’ It doesn’t matter, I did the best I could. ‘Every single hair I find will be pulled out with the tweezers. I will start with your feet and legs and will work my way up. You count all the hair I pull, understand?’ Yes, sir I say a little submissive. I feel it in my pussy. Marc smiles a little and goes to work. After a few seconds I feel the first hair to be pulled on my foot. Oeps I didn’t check there, Marc meant all my bodyhair. Soon I had to count to 9 and he went up to my legs. The only hairs I missed where in my knee cavity on the back of my leg. The counter is on 18 when Marc reaches my pussy.

‘Open your legs for me, dearest.’ I open them widely and Marc goes to work. ‘At first it looked very well, but now it is awful. It is not going to be pleasant for you’, he say with a disappointment in his voice. I am sorry is the only thing I can say. After a few minutes in pain and 21 pulls further Marc spoke: ‘it looks very hard for you to shave yourself properly. I want you totally hairless, so we are going to laser you. I will set an appointment for you.’ I feel humiliated by his words, I am not good enough. I will beter my life because he wants me to.

He goes up to my armpit. No hair to be found be he still has something to say about them. I hear Marc say my armpits are very dark, he would like them ligher like the rest of my body. I have to flip myself so he can take a look on my bottoms. It feels like a lot of pullings and I am counting and stops at 61 pulls. ‘It is a good thing to laser your body, it takes less time to maintain the hairless look and I am sure you are hairless.’ I wonder why it is so important for him, earlier in our relation he didn’t care.

‘The only place left is your head.’ My head goes up very fast and looks directly into his eyes. I sit up on the table. ‘I mean it. I want you totally hairless, that means every hair of your body removed. We are going to take a lot of time for it. Every time you go to the barber we will ask you whether you  are feeling comfortabel with your haircut. When the answer is positive, he will cut it the same way as before and the next time we are going for a shorter hairstyle. I decide how short. But you have to know, I will take it slowly, accept when you are disrespectful. I can use a haircut as a punishment. After the punishment it will grown back and the proces can go on. Is it clear to you?’

I feel myself staring into his eyes. I know he can be persuasive, but I didn’t expect this to be happening. ‘Do you understand?’ Yes but why do you want me bald? It is ugly, it can’t be pretty on me. ‘I want you to look like in my dreams and fantasies. You look amazing, not shy and hiding behind a curtain of hair. You want to make you aware of how you are. I see two versions of you: one professional and independent and one at home submissive as you are. You like to be told what to do, and that is what we are going to do at home. You are going to do as you are told, how I tell you. Do you agree how I see you and our relationship?’ Can you think about it? ‘Yes of course, you can. But I already know the answer dear.’

To be continued

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