I suppose to be bald

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Several years ago, I met a men. Know I can say, the man changed my life. I was a female with a good job and steady income. I learned how to care for myself and others. My appearance, well… I was a little bit fat girl in my twenties with dark and thick dark brown hair till my shoulders with a lot of curls. Always well dressed for work and always wearing make up and lipstick.

My relationship with the men I mentioned was nice and caring for each other.  I liked to cook for him, do the shores in his home and liked pleasing him sexually. He cared for me in another way: make sure I felt save supported me in my job and helped my develop myself. After a while (I can’t say when exactly) he was more decided over little things: what to eat, when to excursies and when and how to have sex.

There this story starts.

‘Honey, I wondered, do you want to go with me to the mall for groceries and I have to go to the barbershop?’ Yes I will, just a moment, I have to fix those stupid curls. ‘Is it an idea you go to the salon as well, I would like you to try something a little shorter.’ I was a little confused, doesn’t he like my hair. So I asked. Why dear, don’t you like my curls? ‘Yes I did, but it is hot outside and I am curious about seeing you with shorter hair, you have such nice neck.’ Uhmm maybe I can try. We went to the mall, I walked to the salon and he to the barbershop. While entering I see a lot of people inside. ‘Do you have a timeslot for cutting my hair?’ ‘No sorry, we are fully booked, in four days we have a timeslot free.’ I book the timeslot and go to the barbershop.

It is nearly empty, except my boyfriend in the waiting area and one gentleman in the barberchair. The barber looked me in the mirror and says: ‘waiting time is 15 minutes’. My boyfriend smiles and says: ‘maybe a good idea honey, I see nothing has changed’. I sit down and looks to my boyfriend. His smile has something mystique in it. I decided to just ignore it.

I am thinking about the meaning, when I hear ‘next’. ‘Shall I go first honey? Oh yes of course dear. I hear him say, the usual please.  My thoughts goes over the place. The next thing I hear is: you are.

I slowly stand up and wants to go to the chair. Uhmm, can you cut women’s hair? ‘Yes of course, it is the came. It has been awhile, most costumers are men you know, but I was trained to cut women’s hair.’ My boyfriend helps him by saying: I saw him cut a female once. So with hesitation I go sit down. The barber asks: what can I do for you. My boyfriend steps forward and started: ‘we would like her hair to be shorter. Last time it is a little bit out of control. It is long and the curls are not what they were. We discussed it would be nice to see her beautiful long neck for a change.’ May be we can make the back shorter, not curly, and more up longer and more curly, suggests the barber. Uhmm sounds nice, not honey? I feel his hand on my shoulders and I can’t see anything. So I nodd.

In my head I think it over, is it what I want? Why didn’t the barber let me speak? Why didn’t I spook? The sound of the scissors wake me up out of my thoughts. I spin my head to see where the scissors are. ‘Hey wait, stop doing that, what is the matter?’ Oh I’m sorry, I was wondering how short you are cutting the back. ‘Oh of course, 2 cm with remain in the back. Going up, it will be going up to 10 cm.’ It is a lot shorter then I’m used to. I feel myself looking to my boyfriend. It is OK honey, you will look stunning. You can proceed Harry. The barber goes back to work and I investigate my boyfriend face. He looks very happy, pleased but also concentrated. I need to calm down and trust the barber. It is to hot to worry about hair what will grow back.

*When I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn’t be so relaxed*

Harry finished the top and it looks different, but nice. My curls are all over my head, nice and tight to my head. All the remaining curls are on the floor. ‘Look at all that hair on the ground honey, I’m proud of you. You look stunning!’

My boyfriend pays and we leave the shop. Outside the first thing he does is feeling my neck and go up. ‘It is very soft and curly.’ Yes I mentioned it to, but it is also short honey. ‘You will get used to it, maybe you want it even shorter, who knows.’ Again I see the same mysterious smile appearing. What is he thinking.

Coming home after shopping, I unpacked everything. Marc is sitting in the living room and calls my. ‘Please honey, sit down for me.’ He unzips his pants and I see him looking at me. I sit down in front of him. I know he likes me sitting there when I suck his cock. His hands are all over my head, saying flattering this about me and my hair, my short hair. ‘I waited so long to see you beautiful neck without all that hair.’ He changed position and let my lay on the ground. Never I lay on the couch, always on the ground when he is licking my pussy. I got aroused more and more. His hands had taken over of me. Keeps on saying sweet thinks. On the moment I can exploded, he stops a minute and start all over again. He is asking me: ‘do you like it honey? Do you like what I do with you? Do you like what I did to you? Do you want to have a exploding orgasm? Shall we cut you hair shorter and shorter?’ I am in the moment and on every question I hum or so yes. I need to have an orgasm right know, please let me come Marc, please. ‘Say you will continu cutting it, say it!’ I will cut it for you. On the same moment I come very hard and my hole body contracts. On the same time, Marc pushes his cock into me, and keeps on pumping.

Afterwards I was exhausted, but very happy. Not only I was happy. I ask myself what happened.

  1. To be continued

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