If it’s a boy, we’ll cut his hair short.If it’s a girl, we’ll still cut it short

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Madeline and Rajesh wanted children but couldn’t conceive one.
They consulted their doctor and it turned out Rajesh was sterile.
He was bitter he couldn’t have a child but asked his brother if he could donate some of his sperm.
“Sure, on one condition”,started the brother.
Oh, boy, thought Rajesh, he’s probably gonna ask a high sum of cash.
“Whatever gender the little scrat is”,said the brother,”You are to bring him-her to my barbershop every eight weeks from age five to when the child turns eighteen”
Rajesh was relieved no money was involved but disgusted that his brother thought he had full control of his child’s hair.
“Oh”,said the brother,”And another thing”
“I’m not ducking your wife”,the brother said,”You take my sperm, and do what you will with it”
It was settled, Madeline gave birth nine months later to a healthy, brown baby girl.
When Rajesh told his wife of the deal, Madeline was livid at her husband’s foolishness.
“Tell that brother of yours”,started Madeline,”That he can forget the deal, I’m not letting his scissors anywhere near her”
Rajesh relaid the message to his bro and his brother had a look upon his face.
“Trick her, mate”,the brother, explaining ways he could do so.
Rajesh was going to deny the offer but his brother reminded him of his reliance on him.
“She’s technology my kid”
Rajesh snapped,”I’m raising her, you fool!”
The brother laughed,”And I’m making her beautiful”
Rajesh left his bro but the brother he would follow through with the deal.

One day, the brother was tidying up his station when he happened to spot Rajesh coming with his daughter, looking over shoulder now and then.
“I knew you would come”,smirked the brother.
“Oh, shush”,replied Rajesh,”Just don’t cut so much off that her mother might notice”
The brother smiled,”Sure, man”
“Daddy”,said the little girl, pointing to the brother,”He your brother”
“Yes, yes, he’ll be cutting your hair”
“Will it hurt?”
The brother knelt down,”No, my dear. It won’t hurt at all”
He picked her up and twirled her about his circumference,”You’re getting to be a big girl”
“Yes, good”,put Rajesh,”Can we get this over with”
“Sure, mate”
The barber brother seated the little one in the chair that fit her and gathered up her tresses, clamping it to the top of her
He tore a strip of roll and tied it half tight-half light and her neck.
From a drawer, he took out a sheet of cloth and flung it about her petite frame.
The buttons snapped together and the roll folded over it.
The clamp removed and the hair wetted.
The girl sheepishly nodded and the barber started by combing through her hair.
Rajesh looked away from the window and his eyes widened as his brother cut his daughter’s hair half-way up her neck.
He was ready to deck his sibling but stopped.
His daughter was… smiling.
She was chuckling to herself, she was apparently enjoying the new experience.
The brother did not stop til all the hair was in a bob-shape.
He trimmed the ends and tussled it some.
“You like?”
The girl smiled,”I look pretty”
“Would you like a fringe?”
“What’s that?”
“It like hair right above your brows”
“Yes! please”
The barber nodded and took some of her front hair.
A few snips later, Raj’s daughter had blunt, straight bangs.
The cape came off and the strip, removed.
Rajesh hugged his daughter and complimented her on her new cut.
“How much do I owe you?”asked Rajesh.
“Nothing, just see you in eight weeks”
“Come on”
Despite having to return, the father and daughter left
Rajesh didn’t hear anything of what he did: until Madeline got home.
Take it with my brother, thought the father of the bobbed girl

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