Im Done Talking To You

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The phone went dead.

“God damn it! Did he just hang up on me?” Jujou asked no one. “Well, fuck you too!” she screamed at the uncaring phone.

“The nerve of that guy, hanging up on me!”

She picked up the remote and the TV returned to life. The Secretary began to play but, she was just too angry to concentrate. The nerve of that guy telling her “I’m done talking to you”. Never in her life had Jujou been so angry. After all, it wasn’t her fault that HE was such a gullible fool.

“Like I’m REALLY going to let some random guy from the internet shave me bald!”

After all, it was just a harmless fantasy like being tied up and spanked. No one REALLY wanted to do that sort of thing…right? Still, it had provided her with endless hours of masturbatory fun and games…

Ah well, it wasn’t like she didn’t have half a dozen other fish on the line. There would never be a shortage of online “Masters” wanting to part her from her lovely red locks. Hell, they were lining up! What did one matter?

Still, the words stuck in her head: “I’m done talking to you!” At first she thought it was a straight forward statement, the friendship was over and he would never call again but, as she sat there absently twirling a red lock other implications began to cross the petite redheads mind.

Could it have been a threat? Would he take revenge? Doubtful she thought. He was thousands of miles away. What could he do?

She discarded the idea and carried on with her life.

6 Month Later…

The invitation came in a plank envelope. It was very ornate, printed on fine linen with gold embossed calligraphic lettering.

You Are Here By
To Attend

The First Annual

The note continued on with the dress code, address, date and time but oddly…no name. It was simply signed “A Friend”

“Odd” she said “I wonder who sent this?” Still, it was a tempting offer and she hadn’t been out in some time.

Still, There was no name. Then, she saw it. Printed at the very bottom of the card were the magic words…Prize Money for the best costume.

Ha…what could it hurt?

Over the next month she threw herself into creating the most lavish Victorian masquerade gown imaginable. She spent hours in front of the mirror creating and discarding different make up looks. By the morning of the Masque everything was PERFECT! Even her underwear was authentic.

The limo was a big surprise. Just as she was wondering HOW she was going to get her enormous dress into her tiny car, the doorbell rang.

There, at the door stood a tall man in classic chauffeur livery.

“Miss Jujou McGregor?” he asked with a courtly bow.

“Yes” she replied nervously.

“Your presence has been requested at the Masque. I have been sent to drive you.”

“Um…OK. Let me get my purse…”

She returned quickly but, as she went to leave he put up his hand to stop her. “Your invitation Ma’am?”

“Oh, yes” she answered pulling it from her clutch and handing it to him.

He took the invitation with a slight bow and held his hand out to escort her to the car.

THE CAR! It was an exquisite ’32 J Duesenberg, Perfectly restored.

This was going to be a WONDERFUL night!

The party was lavish. Red carpet, crystal chandeliers, fine Champagne and EVERYONE dressed in Victorian finery. Jujou danced the night away and many remarked on the gorgeous redhead who was the belle of the ball.

Dinner was exquisite and when at last the costume contest was held…she of course won.

But alas, all good things must come to an end and so too Masques. The guests filtered out and more than a few of the Gentleman attendees (as well as a few ladies) graciously handed Jujou their calling card as they left.

Juou tracked down her driver and told him she was ready to return home.

“Ahem…” he politely replied. “Does Madam not wish to collect her prize money before leaving?”

“Oh shit! I’d almost forgotten!” she answered. It was the first time she’d broken character all night.

He pursed his lips and stood a bit taller, looking at Jujou down his nose.

“”Yes…this way please.”

He led her deeper into the grand house where the party had been held and at last they came to an ornate door which hid…a perfect Victorian drawing room!

Cigar and pipe smoke filled the air and brandy glassed clinked as the men around the table made a toast.

“Miss McGregor Sirs” announced her escort before smartly turning to leave the room.

AH! Miss McGregor! At last we meet!

She gave a slight curtsy a as dashing young man took her hand and bowing slightly kissed it.

“Please,” he said. “Please come and sit with us. We were just debut over brandy and cigars.

He gracefully guided to a seat at the table as the others respectfully stood.

Once seated Jujou glanced around the table. There were 5 of them seated there including her host. Each was dressed to the nines in fine Victorian black tie. two had fine waxed mustaches and one a finely groomed beard. The other two were soft face and very young. In fact they appeared to be boys more than men.

Smoke swirled, drinks were poured and though nervous at first Jujou slowly began to warm to the festive nature of the occasion. The discussion roamed all over the place. From the latest scientific discoveries (Victorian science at that) to the positives and negatives of impressionism and the effects of such things on Society as a whole. Something she actually could discourse on.

Eventually, the subject of woman’s suffrage came up.

One of the young boys broached the subject and the whole room went silent. A few awkward moments passed…

“Well my Dear,” he said looking Jujou directly in the eye. “What do you think?”

Meeting his eyes, she began to speak.

“Well, if you ask me, it’s abou…”

Under the table a foot trailed up her calf and her words trailed off as she realized it was the boys and…he wasn’t a boy at all.

She blew the cigar smoke towards the ceiling, dropped her eyes to meet Jujou’s and smiled broadly.

“Well? DO you think women deserve equal rights with men are are they simply too…delicate?”

The foot was now rubbing the inside of her thigh.

“Uh…um I think maybe it’s time for me to go…” She announced, suddenly rising from her seat.

“Nonsense!” her host said with a crooked grin, The night is still young and we still have much to talk about.”

“Yes, wont you please sit?” added the smoking woman. “We’ve still so much to discuss!”

“i…I don’t know…it’s getting late and I have to…”

“SIT!” SIT NOW!” her host said crossly.

The room fell silent once again, all eyes on the pretty redhead.

Jujou quietly took her seat.

The Host replaced the cigar n his mouth, slicked back his hair and tugged his vest back into place.

“Now then, where were we? Ah yes…suffering woman.”

“Women suffering?” inquired Jujou nervously. “What ever do you mean?”

Her host leaned in closely and petting her gloved hand said “Just an expression my dear, just an expression.”

A toothy grin spread across his face as he deftly changed the subject. “What I REALLY wanted to discuss this evening is character. What are the basic tenets of good character?”

All eyes turned to Jujou and she suddenly felt as though she were being tested in some subtle way.

“Ah, well…” she began nervously. The table leaned in to hear her answer.

“Come, come…out with it my dear!” said a man with a truly remarkable and immaculate mustache.

“Well…ahhh…good character is marked by…poise (the table nodded with a smile), um, good hygiene…

“Yes!” interjected one of the boyish looking women.

“Staying abreast of current events (was it her imagination or did the other woman glance at her chest when she said “abreast”?), quiet, well informed speech, elegant dress and…and OH yes! Honesty and integrity!”

The group smiled and politely clapped with delight. Jujou nodded her head and smiled at the adulation.

Her host continued…

“And of those basic tenets, which my Dear, do you think are the most important?”

“Why…honesty and integrity I’d say!” replied the red headed ingenue.

“So,” asked the mustachioed Gentleman, “Would you say that without honesty and integrity those other qualities are meaningless?”

“Why yes, I believe they would be. Without honesty and integrity the rest is simply window dressing!”

“Well said my dear…well said!” added the bearded man.

“My dear” said the host, “Would you mind helping me out with a small demonstration?”

“Sure!” she replied.

She took his proffered hand and he led her to the head of the table.

“Gentlemen, look at this love vision before you!” He indicated Jujou with a courtly flourish and bow. “Is she not beautiful, not polished and practiced? Well groomed, well practiced and well spoken?”

Everybody nodded in agreement.

“But, what about those ‘other factors’? Honesty and integrity? How does one determine whether a person’s character has these key attributes? Certainly, they don’t show.

“My dear,” he said directly addressing Jujou directly. “How would you go about determining one’s honesty and integrity?”

“I…I guess the only way would be through past experience.”

“Exactly! Have they kept their word in the past? Have they followed through with their promises?”

Jujou nodded her head in agreement.

“You my dear, I bet you always keep your word and follow through on your promises…don’t you?”

“Oh my yes! I always do. There’s nothing in this world I dislike more than a welsher!”

“Might I add something My Good Man?” asked the here to fore silent second woman/man.

“But of course you may!” answered the host.

“Do you think the opposite might also hold true?”

“What even do you mean?”

Well, we have established that poise, dress and hygiene are nothing without honesty and integrity but, it would seem to me that the true test would be to see if the opposite also holds true. Do honesty and integrity impart character without the trappings of polite society?”

“Ahhh…you are no doubt referring to Rousseau’s Noble Savage!”

“I am indeed!”

“Hmmm…an interesting idea. Are man (and woman) in their natural state innately honest? Do they in fact have integrity?”

Jujou was becoming more nervous by the second. What were they up to?

“Shall we find out?”

Jujou’s blood ran cold as her host placed his hands upon her shoulders. His grip tightened upon the sleeves of her dress and with a sudden jerk…pulled down. The seems parted with a pop and her bodice split up the back. Before she could even react it came away from her body and the petite red head found herself standing before the group with only her flimsy chemise covering her pert breasts.

“What the…”

Another swift tug and her skirts came away leaving her standing before everybody in her authentic, period underwear.

“Oh my GOD” she stammered in surprise. My dress! Why did you do tha…”

Another rip and she was standing there wearing only her button up boots, stockings and bloomers.

Turning to leave the room, her host caught by the waste, bending her double and exposing her pinkish white derriere to the leering audience.

Her host yanked the string ties and the bloomers came loose. Seconds later, they were down about her shapely ankles and her womanly parts were prominently exposed. The man with the great mustache discretely placed a finely booted foot upon the bloomer’s crotch and as Her Host spun her around her last trace of modesty was stripped from her.

“How dare you!” spouted the nearly naked girl. “I’ll…I’ll call the police!”

Her host stood her up but maintained his grip upon her arms.

“You’ll do nothing of the sort!” he said sternly. “You’ll do as I tell you to do!”

Realizing she had no where to escape to the petite red head stopped struggling and stood there. She had no intention of giving them what they wanted.

“Well now, is she now a “Noble Savage” or just a common whore?”

“I would argue that she is just another common whore.” said the man with the smaller mustache. “There is nothing “noble” about her.”

“So then, it is your contention that honesty and integrity are not enough to render one noble?”

“No my good Sir, i am not. I am simply stating that this wanton had NO honesty or integrity to to begin with and without the trappings of a civilized woman she no more than a naked slut.”

“Perhaps you know something about this woman that needs to be shared?” inquired the first boi.

“Promises were made…and then broken. Important promises.”

The second boi stood and addressed the group. “It would seem that this slut has made promises to more than one of us then!”

The man with the great mustache spoke up. “I too was promised certain…liberties by this Jezebel.”

“As was I” added the man with the small mustache.

“So, would it be fair to say she has made promises to each of us?” asked their host.

All nodded in agreement.

“Wait…wait a minute!” said Jujou, “I’ve never even seen you people before tonight! How could I have made a promise to any you?”

“Why…correspondence my dear! Your own words condemn you!”

Jujou’s eyes scanned down the page her host held before her face. A conversation had long ago. Casual flirting that led to overt expressions of lust followed by promises she never expected to keep.

Her own words damned her…

“What? How?”

She turned her confused gaze upon her host.

“Did you think we would forget? PROMISES were made and now…you’re going to keep them.” he said.

“Like you said…” added Big Mustache, “you always keep your promises…right?”


Her Host pulled the bell strap and seconds later the taciturn servant who’d ushered her into this mad house appeared. Surely HE would help her.

He walked past her naked body as if she were inadvisable and set an elegant covered silver tray on the table.

He turned on a dime and retraced his steps back the way he’d come, ignoring her once again.

“Now then!” her host began, “As I clearly stated in my letter to you…the first step on our journey is is total nudity.”

Jujou glared defiantly into his eyes and lifting her feet one at a time to her pinioned arms removed her last vestiges of clothing. First her shoes and then her stockings were angrily flung to the side.

“There!” she said. I’m fucking naked! You happy now?”

Her host smiled blandly back at her. ”

“Not quite…”

I said I want you TOTALLY naked.

“How much more naked can I get?” she snapped with a stamp of her tiny foot.

“A lot more!” he stated as he lifted the cover from the silver tray. There, on the tray lay: A large pair of shears, a strange silver item that looked like a cross between a large fork and a pair of pruning shears, a silver can and an elegant silver and ivory handled straight razor, its open blade shimmering keenly in the bright lights.

“Wha…what’s that stuff for?” Jujou asked, swallowing hard.

“Why, it’s to render you totally nude…as agreed”

What happened next was a blur. There was the sensation of weightlessness as she was lifted and placed face up upon the table. Strong male hands held her naked down (though she was too shocked to struggle much) as the bois loosened her perfect period hair do.

It wasn’t until the hot soap was brushed upon her unprotected sex that Jujou began to truly realize what was happening to her and began to struggle.

Each of the bois took a hold of her hair and held her down. The first boi stared into her eyes and said “You may want to hold still for this part. That cut throat is damned sharp.” The second boi added “And you don’t want him to slip and remove anything important!” She hadn’t realized they were twins before now.

The fear of being damaged made her lay still as her host carefully and slowly removed all traces of pubic hair from Jujou’s loins. The bois meanwhile plaited her lovely red hair into twin braids.

The sting of astringent liquid told her the job below was done. How far were they going to take this?

It wasn’t long before she had her answer.

SHIIINK! Big Mustache severed her right braid before handing the scissors to Little Mustache.

SHIIINK! the second braid was cut away and the remnants of Jujou’s once crowning glory hung limply about the poor girl’s ears.

“What do you think?” asked Big Mustache.

“Well…it’s a start.” answered Boi 1

“Please! Please don’t cut my hair any more! Enough!”

Boi 2 held the fork like instrument before her eyes and squeezed the handles together.

Shick, shick, shick

“Not nearly enough” answered Boi 2 as she drove the hand clippers into Jujou’s hair.

Shick, shick, shick…hair rained down. A few minutes later and half of Jujou’s head was closely cropped.

“Your turn brother” sha said as she passed the clippers to Boi 1

Shick, shick, shick…shick, shick, shick.

When they had finished Jujou’s once flowing copper locks had been reduced to an ugly, rusty stubble.

“How’s that feel Curly?” taunted Boi 1 as she lay the clippers aside. The poor girl reached up, ran her fingers over the ruin of her once beautiful hair and began to cry.

“HA!” barked Mr Beard as he brushed whipped shaving soap over the stubble. “Don’t waste your tears girl! There’s still more to come. A lot more!”

But…she couldn’t stop. Her tears just flowed harder as Mr Beard began scraping the gleaming razor over Jujou’s poor scalp.

The room went silent save the regular ticking of the mantle clock and the razor’s scraping.

In time, the razor fell silent. Reaching up, Jujou’s hands sought for any sign of her former self but, all that remained of her once proud mane was a smooth expanse of bare scalp.

“Now THAT”S what I call naked !” exclaimed Boi 1.

“Fuck you!” was Jujou’s cool reply.

“Fuck me?” he replied. “Fuck me?”

The ex redhead’s eyes grey big as saucers as Boi 1 held the razor to her face.

Scrape, scrape…scrape, scrape, scrape…In less than a minute Jujou’s perfect eyebrows had joined the remnants of her beautiful hair upon the cold floor.

“Fuck YOU!” she spat back in the bald girl’s face.

“Boys…boys, a bit of decorum please!.”

“I…I’m sorry sir…lost my cool.

“Yes, you did” replied Boi 2. “Got so mad, you missed a bit!”

Whipping out a small pair of tweezers, Boi 2 carefully proceeded to pluck each and every lash from poor Jujou’s eyes.

“There! NOW she’s done.

The next days were a blur to the ex red head. She had no sense of time in the stately mansion. The servant appeared now and then to feed her so she knew a substantial piece of time had passed. Each night(?) however, the group returned and put her through her paces. She was fucked in every hole and in every way imaginable and became so familiar with the Bois that she could tell them apart by the fragrance of their pussies.

One morning, she awoke from a particularly deep sleep and realized, it was morning. For the first time in she didn’t know how long the sun was shining on her body. She relaxed and enjoyed it’s warmth. Even the sound of nearby traffic was soothing.

TRAFFIC! She bolted upright only to find herself laying on the soft grass of a median strip. Cars zipped by on either side and she was Totally naked in the middle of it!

Eventually, the police came and picked her up for public indecency. She tried to explain who she was and where she was from but, no matter how they searched, they could find no record of Jujou McGee in anyplace she had ever lived. Absolutely nothing. She had no living family to fall back on. She had no close friends to speak of. No one to vouch for her at all. It was as though someone had erased her from every database on Earth.

6 months later…

The buss pulled into the station and Jujou hopped off. After 6 months she was finally home. 30 days in jail and five months of hard work in a factory had finally earned her enough money to buy a cross country buss ticket. She still had no idea how she ended up in Texas of all places. She was still totally hairless from head to toe (the jail doc said some chemical had been used to permanently denude her) but, she was determined to “return to the scene of the crime”.

Ten minutes and two blocks later she was there.

Where was the Victorian Mansion she’d been held captive in for so long? What was there was a BOWLING ALLEY! She was sure it was the right address but, it was painfully obvious that the venerable old bowling alley was just that…old.

What the hell had happened she wondered? As she walked away shaking her smooth head the long sleek Duesenburg glided silently behind her.

The end

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