Imaginary haircut

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This is my first story written originally in my native language. So I hope the reading will be understandable.

I had long black hair down to my waist with straight bangs . Supposedly, I want to get a bob haircut with short bang this summer . My idea of how it will go .

I start by telling my mum about my intentions. I don’t care if she agrees or not. I want to do it for a long time and I have to do it.

Then I look for a suitable salon and make an appointment. As soon as the appointment is confirmed, I start looking for a suitable haircut.

Then the date of the haircut comes up, I get ready and go to the salon. When I arrive, I have to wait a little while before they call me in. Then I’m invited to a chair and I will explain to the hairdresser what i exactly want to do.

At first , the hairdresser wraps my neck with a roll paper . Then she puts on a cape and raises the chair a little.

Then she wets the first strand of hair and starts cutting from the back of my head. Then , she gradually goes over the sides and shortens them to the neck length . The hair is getting more and more on the floor and I’m getting scared because I’ve never cut so much hair before.

When I thought the hairdresser was done with my bob, I realised that she had other plans.

Abruptly, she separated the part at the back of my head, took the clippers and started shaving my hair. I was startled and asked “What are you doing?”.

She said, “I know you want to go shorter, and for that you have a lot of extra hair on the back of your head. I’m going to shave it off so it looks smoother.” To tell the truth, I was a little confused and tried not to let it show. After all, I didn’t even tell her to shave the back of my head.

Then she took the scissors again, but this time she shortened to chin-length bob. It was the first time I felt the scissor blades so close to my face. As soon as she reached the desired length, she trimmed the haircut with clippers. The sensation was goosebumps, as the vibration of the clippers was very close to my ears. While i was thinking , she trimmed my bob to ear-length bob . I started to get a little worried as it was definitely not in my plans. Now I’m not sure if the shortened bangs were appropriate.

A little tears came, as it was too short and I was just unprepared for it. But the hairdresser continued her work, smiling in the mirror.

Finally, she put away the clippers and now there is only one thing left – bangs . At that time I already had a blunt straight bangs. Now it had grown down to my eyelashes a bit and I decided to go for a shorter version of the straight bangs. But I don’t want it too short.

The hairdresser started to separate my bangs from the other strands of hair.

Now she turned to me and said, “So, can I cut your bangs short too?”. – She asked, implying that instead of 1 cm she wanted to make a micro-bang. At this point I tensed up, as the bang was the only part of my hair where I could still follow the original plan.

“But it don’t think it’d suit this haircut and my face…” I said it , feeling very nervous.

“Oh … I understand your anxiety, but you have nothing to worry about. I’ll make it beautify you. What do you think?” . – she said still insisting on her option.

“Okay … I’ll trust you”. – I said, closing my eyes so I couldn’t see what was going to happen.

“Excellent! Then I’ll start “. – she said , taking the scissors in her hands .

Then the blades of the scissors opened and closed in the middle of my forehead. At that moment I could not see anything, as I was terrified and kept my eyes closed. Meanwhile, the hairdresser continued to cut my hair. I felt the scissor blades going straight down the middle of my forehead. At that moment, I couldn’t help but cry. It was the first time I wanted to leave the salon as soon as possible.

I didn’t understand why I let this woman do whatever she wanted.

Finally, she put the scissors away and took the clippers again to straighten my bangs. Minutes later she finished and said happily, “It’s done!”.

When I opened my eyes, I had mixed feelings. The bob was so short that it was higher than my lips. The bangs looked also really short. But no matter how I looked at it, it looked good on me.

I thanked the hairdresser and was surprised that I was so turned on by the forced haircut.

I hope you enjoyed the story and looking forward to your feedbacks.

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