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It was destroyed

Scarlett looked at her reflection with wet eyes, she was pretty, fair complexion, bright blue eyes that highlighted with eyeliner and eyeshadow, her delicate lips that she painted red, a body that many envied and that she had achieved thanks to her classes of self defense and figure skating, and long black wavy hair that fell below her waist

But now she felt ugly

She was 22 years old and studying criminal law, she is one of the best in the class, a nerd as they would call her.

But she felt like an idiot

She went to a shelter every weekend to help out where she could.

But she felt useless

and all for an idiot

Well several idiots

Since she started high school, everyone approached her out of interest, since her parents owned a large company and her “boyfriends” were no different, whenever she believed that she had found someone who loved her for being her, they nailed the bet on the heart

Until he came

He wasn’t interested in her economy, she was interested in her heart

He didn’t mean to get her attention, it was the same

He didn’t ignore her problems, she made her feel comfortable talking to him.

She really loved him

But she broke his heart too

Him ex came back, and he hadn’t stopped loving her

And he stayed with her

She wanted to cry, but she wouldn’t

Her best friend kept calling her, but she didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Her mother and her siblings were home, but she was locked in her room pretending to be studying.

She wanted to be alone

She felt angry, she wanted to scream but that would get the attention of her mother.

So she stood still, staring at her reflection in the mirror in her bedroom, as if that gave her an answer.

But she just gave it a boost

Unaware of what she was doing, Scarlett grabbed a pair of scissors and held them close to one of her black locks.


and she cut it

A lock of more than 21 fleas fell to the ground, however she did not react, her mind kept losing

And she kept cutting




Scarlett did not seem conscious since she cut all her hair unevenly, there were shorter locks than others but now she did not seem to care, she only wanted to get rid of her anger and the pain she felt from her.

And her hair paid the price



Strands and strands fell to the floor, at one point they had formed a kind of carpet around the chair where she was sitting.


And the last long strand was cut, it was there that she reacted and saw glorious hair before, now she was lying lifeless on the floor while on her head there was only an uneven mane and the longest strand was no more than 5 cm from her shoulder.

– “Oh god …. now I did go crazy” she said as she grabbed one of her old locks from the ground and wrapped her fingers in it, 8 years of growth went to the trash in less than 5 minutes

– “Honey, I don’t want to interrupt you but your father wants us to go out as a family tonight” When her mother saw all the mess that she had made she would be able to cancel that outing and make her tell her everything

and she wouldn’t believe she did it because she wanted a new hairstyle

– “Um, I don’t know if it’s a good idea mom, I have a lot of homework to finish” Shee said as she grabbed and collected all the hair from the floor and placed it in the trash can next to her desk, although it was not much use since her mother would give account of what he did just seeing her

– “A break would not be bad for you, besides I don’t think that this task is a challenge for you, but if you want I can help you” in fact,  she could, her mother worked as a stylist before studying economics and meeting her father

– “Actually mom,  I need your help with something, just promise not to yell”

– “Scarlett, what did you do? Now Scarlett’s mother sounded worried

Scarlett breathes before opening the door, she goes without saying that her mother’s eyes widened when she saw her short hair and everything uneven

– “For the love of God what the hell did you do Elizabeth?” Her mother only called her Elizabeth when she had done something bad or very crazy, and this  could qualify as both

– “Although it sounds stupid, I don’t know, one moment I looked in the mirror and the next I was like this” she said a little nervous and ashamed of what she did “Do you think you could fix it mom?”

– “Sure I can make it more decent than this, come with me” she grabs Scarlett’s desk chair and takes her daughter to the bathroom

– “Now sit down and tell why the hell did you do this”

Scarlett sat in the chair her mother put in front of the mirror while she put a towel over her

– “It was an impulse I swear, I was not aware of what I was doing”

– “It shows that you were not aware, this is a disaster” she says while brushing Scarlett’s hair “But that impulse came from something, what happened?”

– “A stupid thing, mother, it is not important” she did not want to talk about it.

Her mother began to cut her hair, leveling the longest locks

– “Elizabeth, what’s wrong? The tone with which her mother said that made her know that she had no choice but to speak

-sighs before speaking “Alex met her ex again …. and preferred to stay with her” her eyes became wet again “I felt angry and hurt and ….. and my hair ended up paying the price”

– “Aaw darling I’m so sorry” she stopped cutting her hair for a moment to caress her back “But if that happened it’s because he wasn’t ideal for you”

– “Yes,  was too good to be true” she wipes a tear that escaped her eyes “Do not tell anyone about this please, not only did I bore you all with my love disappointments but also Max would make fun of it during days ” she winced at the thought of all the jokes her older brother was capable of telling her

– “Sooner or later they will find out” she Now she was trying to mix the shorter locks with the rest of the hair so as not to cut more than she had already cut

– “I prefer late, maybe I’ll feel less of an idiot then”

– “You’re not an idiot, many girls do the same when their hearts break, it’s almost normal now”

They no longer spoke during the rest of the cut, Scarlett’s mother concentrated on blurring the very marked cuts and Scarlett began to think of the excuse she would tell everyone when they saw her

Although not that they cared, she could do with her hair what she wanted

– “And ready! The truth is, you look very pretty honey “

The hair on Scarlett’s waist now almost brushed her shoulders, she had several capable of her which made it more wavy and a curtain bangs that accentuated her blue eyes more, her cheekbones seemed more marked and her face more elongated

– “Yes, you’re right, it looks cute” she ran a hand through her hair, trying to make sure this was true and not a dream “Thanks mom”

– “You’re welcome sweetheart, but next time try to ask for help from the beginning” she kisses her forehead and gives her a hug
They both clean the bathroom and before leaving, Scarlett looks at herself once more in the mirror.

Maybe this wasn’t so bad

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