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I had survived the flight over to Paris and I had really been enjoying my stay in the city. The people in France were all really polite and the city itself is absolutely gorgeous. There were so many things to be seen. I got to go up the Eifel Tower, explore the Arc de Triumph, walk around parts of the Louve (seeing the whole thing is certainly not an option in one visit, staff members who had been working there for decades hadn’t even seen everything) and just enjoy the various sites of the city. The food was also really delicious and the easy access to really good wine was fantastic. I had been really enjoying my trip and really beginning to feel like myself once again.


As to where I was now, I had discovered a lot of really nice small restaurants near my hotel that served a variety of foods. I was walking around the alleys, but I could not decide on which café I wanted to go to. I had bought a small bottle of wine and was sipping on it while I paced around the alleys. I saw restaurants serving everything from bagettes to crepes, but I just could not decide on anything. Unlike when I was at home, I did not even bother trying to speak with people because I was assuming that the people would not be able to really understand me in English. With a final sip, I finished the little bottle of wine and decided to walk down a different alley that I had not been down before.


As I started to stroll down the alley, I noticed that there was a woman standing outside of a store front. I was trying to find the right mix between trying to not stare at her but not looking away too much as I walked down the alley. There was hardly anything in this alley at all, so I simply strolled to the end of the dead-end, turned around and started walking back.


I was surprised that the same woman was standing out in front of her shop again. This time I was able to see her much more clearly. I wish I could say that she was some knockout with supermodel looks, but that would be false. That’s not to say that she was not attractive in any way. On the contrary, she was very attractive. She was an average build, a kind looking face with green eyes and brown hair that was held up on the back of her head in a bun. She was wearing jeans and a black blouse. Her clothing was stylish and fitted well but not so tight that it would be unprofessional. She was also wearing knee length flat boots. I realized that I had been staring when she turned her head and looked me right in the eye. She gave me a very pleasant smile, held up her right hand and gave me the standard beckoning finger bend. I felt embarrassed and just tried to keep walking back to the main alleys where I had come from.


She seemed to be chuckling to herself as she stepped forward and lightly grabbed my left arm. “Bonjour Monsieur,” she said cheerfully. “Bonjour Madame,” I replied in barely more than a whisper. “Voulez-vous un rasage,” she asked. “Pardon Madame,” I replied, “mais je ne parle français. Parley English?” “Sure,” she responded, “I asked if you would like a shave.”

“I’m not sure I have the time or money for a shave now,” I stammered nervously, “but thank you very much for asking.” “You havn’t been in a rush once this afternoon as you were walking around, and I’ll do it for you,” she said, “come now.” I could feel her pulling on my arm and my feet following as she led me towards the door behind her. “I’m sorry ma’am,” I said, “but I just don’t know if………………”


“Shhhh,” she cooed while pressing a finger over my lips. She began rubbing her hand over my scruffy face, “you need this.” As we approached the door I glanced up at the sign which read “Ms. Domineaux’s Coiffure.” My French vocabulary was nonexistent, so I had no clue what that meant. My guess was that it meant that this woman was a hairdresser of some sort.


The inside of the shop seemed to resemble hair salons back home well enough. There were two chairs in front of counters just like I had seen at home. There was also a large shampoo sink. “come,” she said leading me towards the shampoo bowl. “Sit,” she said guiding me down to the chair in front of the bowl. I started to lean back to put my head in the sink, but I felt her hands on my shoulders keeping me upright. “Sit up,” she said softly, “I need to make you relax first.”


She started to massage my shoulders at this point. Her hands were very relaxing as they kneaded my shoulders. “Shhhhhhhhh,” she whispered gently in my left ear, “all is well. you just need to relax.” She kept massaging my shoulders as she leaned to my right ear, “relax, I will not hurt you. I will take care of you.” I honestly don’t know how long the shoulder massage went for. Eventually she also started to massage my neck and scalp. She also kept going back and forth between my ears and whispering into them. I could feel her warm breath every time she whispered. Sometimes she came close enough to where her lips would graze the skin on my ears.


I completely lost track of the time as she massaged my shoulders and whispered in my ears. My mind started to go blank, as if I was being hypnotized. Admittedly, the massaging and the whispering was very hypnotic. Eventually, she wrapped a towel around my shoulders and leaned me back into the bowl. When she did, she took a small heated towel and used it to cover my eyes and also wrapped a large heated towel over my face. Once she had my face covered with relaxing warm towels, she turned on the water and began to wet down my shaggy hair. Once my hair was wet, she filled her hands with a very sweet smelling shampoo and began massaging my scalp with it. It smelled like mint and tea. It made my scalp tingle as her fingers rubbed in slow, deep and relaxing strokes over my head. She massaged me for a long time. The whole time she kept whispering into my ears in the same relaxing and seductive tone.


Eventually, she took the towel from my face and started to massage something onto my face and beard. She massaged my face while whispering in my ears for a while before she rinsed the shampoo from my hair. After my head was rinsed, she got another hot towel and wrapped it on my face. This one smelled different than the first. I could smell lavender but there was something else as well. It made me feel even more light headed than I already did. She took some sweet smelling conditioner. She squirted some of it out into her hands and started to lightly stroke it through my hair. She kept stroking my long hair and scalp whilst whispering to me how it was all going to be great and that I needed to relax, and to obey her. She brought her thumbs to my temples and began moving them in circles. This action has always been my Achilles-heel, and I know that I was relaxed up until this point, but that put me over the edge. I don’t remember any specfics for the rest of the time that my head was in that shampoo bowl. I just remember a number of hot towels on my face with the same pleasant smells as well as her relaxing hands on my face and scalp as well as her relaxing voice in my ears.


“ok,” she finally whispered after rinsing my hair one more time and wrapping my head in a towel, “time to move to my other chair for your shave.” She slowly sat me up and helped me to my feet. The cold feeling of the tile on my feet told me that she had actually removed my shoes without me even realizing it while my head was in the shampoo bowl. She helped me to my feet, and I started to try to turn towards the two chairs I saw in the shop, but I felt her tugging on my arm in the other direction. “No,” she whispered in my left ear, “this way.”


She took me through a door in the back of the room. The next room was very different than the first one. There was a single station inside the room. It had a large chair with black leather cushions and steel freamework. There as a wooden box in one corner on the floor. I started to walk to the chair, but again felt her pulling me back. “Stop,” she whispered and I felt my feet stop immediately. “I have to get you properly prepared,” She whispered in the right ear, “now arms up.” My arms quickly went up and over my head, obediently. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. It was then placed into the wooden box. Next she unbuttoned my jeans and started pulling them down off of me. My jeans were also tossed into the box. Finally my boxers were removed and placed in the box. Once I was naked, she walked in a circle around me and started dragging her fingers over my skin. She fingered the curly hair around my manhood. She smiled deviously as she touched that hair. “Very good,” she said, “you are ready. Now into my chair like a good boy!”


I instantly felt my legs moving me forwards towards the large chair. I was surprised that I didn’t even feel nervous considering that I was still completely naked. As I approached the chair, I realized that it was not a normal barbers chair. The upper part of it was pretty normal with the large chair-back that was a thick pad covered in black leather. The seat was pretty small and was only going to cover my glutes. Rather than a footrest, there were two legs to the chair, each of which had a stirrup for my knee and a small plate at the bottom that would hold my feet. There were also a multitude of belts hanging off of the chair. I walked up to the chair, turned around and sat right down.


She wasted no time in wraping a thick leather belt around my waist and fastening it snugly. This was followed with 2 more over my chest. Then she moved my right arm to the armrest where she buckled down my wrist to the armrest with a leather shackle. Another short belt was fatened over my forearm securing it firmly. The procedure was then repeated with my left arm. Up to this point, my legs were hanging to the ground beside the two stirrups. She gingerly put her hands under my knees, “lift your legs to where they belong,” she commanded. I slowly lifted my legs and she guided them towards the stirrups. However, the chair’s legs were obviously fitted to a much shorter individual than myself. This was not the case for long though. She quickly manipulated the lengths so that they became about the right length for me. Then the metal bars with the footholds were adjusted to be longer so that my legs were held properly. My thighs, knees and ankles were all quickly bound with belts.


“there we are,” she cooed at me, “that’s better, isn’t it? You like being in mistress’s chair?”


“Ye…yes mistress,” I stammered. It was true. I felt nervous and vulnerable being so fully restrained and naked, but I could not help but like my position.

Mistress walked to the door. “Wait here patiently for me to return,” she said. “”yes mistress,” I responded. “Good boy,” she said as she walked out the door.


There was no clock, so I had no way to know how long I remained in the chair, but the relaxing feelings that clouded my head upon entering the room began to fade. As they did, I tried to move, but to no avail. The web of restraining belts held me tight. The sound of the door creaking open got my attention again though.


It was Mistress Domineaux returning which made me breathe a short sigh of relief. “Hello my boy,” she said, “do you like your mistress’s new outfit?”


I looked her up and down quickly and realized that she had changed her clothes. She was now wearing the same knee length black heelless boots, but she was wearing leather trousers and a tight fitting leather top. From her waist, to above her breasts was a black latex corset. She looked very beautiful. “Yes mistress,” I said, “you look very beautiful, but what is with the straps here? I thought this was just going to be a shave?”


“you are strapped into my chair because that is how I want you to be right now,” she said with a chuckling smile, “I will be giving you a shave, but just as I changed, so too will you go through a bit of a metamorphosis.” “I don’t know about this,” I stuttered out a she approached, “this is weird and kind of scary, can I please go?” “No,” she said as she arrived at the chair. She reached out and stroked one hand down my face as she tousled my hair with the other hand. “you will be staying right here.”


With that she walked back behind the chair and started getting items out of drawers. I could not look around behind me so I had no idea what was really going on back there. “we will start with a nice and smooth shave for you,” she said after a bit.


I heard a click as she fitted an item to the top of the chair. My guess would normally have been that she was fitting a headrest, but this experience was anything but normal. I felt her push something down behind my head that was fitted to the chair. She grabbed my forehead and gently tilted my head back. Once it was back, she adjusted the device behind my head again so that it cradled my head in a tilted back position. The headrest had 2 pads which cradled the back of my head. She continued to press down on my forehead as she wrapped a thin strap around my forehead which pinned down my head.


“There we are,” she said next as she walked back in front of me carrying a folded red cloth.

The cloth was placed on my thighs as she leaned over me with a very contented smile on her face. “comfy,” she said as she got closer to my face, “you already look so much better strapped down into my chair and I haven’t even started working on you yet. I will make you into a sexy sub…………….and I think you like the sound of that.” I felt her fingers teasing my cock and it was responding accordingly by swelling up a bit. She kissed my forehead as she grasped my swelling manhood. “it turns you on,” she whispered seductively, “you’re turned on by being strapped down for me. We will have some fun with this in a little while, but not yet. First, I have to make you look good enough to deserve some fun.”

She unfolded the cloth in front of me and threw it over me. It was quickly pushed up and over me and wrapped loosely around my neck. “let’s go ahead and get started then!” she turned back to the counter and then back to me with a small electric clipper. They were activated with a loud buzzing and she wasted no time in pressing them to my right cheek and slowly beginning to move them down. I felt the vibrations of the device as it was moved across my face removing almost all of my facial hair. I could even feel it falling down to the cape inn small clumps. It didn’t take long before my right cheek was bare. She pushed the cape down a bit and then started running the clipper over my neck and removed the hair there as well. My left side was next and the hair on my cheek and neck was removed quickly. My chin and the front of my neck were clippered bare, but I was surprised that the clippers only pinched the skin on my neck once as she was moving them over my skin. I normally make a right mess of it and end up bleeding when I do that. She finished with the clippers by pinching my lower lip on the inside and outside, pulling it taunt and then buzzing off the little patch of hair there. This was repeated as she grabbed my upper lip to remove my mustache.


“A good start to be sure,” said mistress as she wiped off my face with a damp cloth to take away the stray hairs. She put the clipper down behind me. With a loud clanking noise, I felt the back of the chair begin to recline. I started trying to move anything at all, but was quickly reminded of my predicament.


I heard what sounded like a refrigerator opening and closing behind me. A black towel was raised out over me and quickly wrapped around my face. It was very hot and burned against my skin. I could feel myself tensing up, but after a quick moment my face didn’t feel like it was being burned. I felt her hands pressing the towel down to my face for a bit before eventually removing it. After taking away the towel, she squirted something into her hands and rubbed it onto my face. It made my skin tingle a bit. Another steaming hot towel was then wrapped around my face. She quickly pressed it down, but then turned away. I heard some sort of a whirring sound which was followed by some clicking. The towel was taken away and then she took a brush that was covered in steaming foam and began applying it to my face. It only took a few moments for her to brush the shaving lather onto all of my face. The brush tickled my face as it applied the lather. Once my face was covered in white foam, she put the brush down and walked back where I could see her on the left side. She grabbed at a free hanging leather strap that was hooked onto the left armrest and pulled it taunt. She opened up a straight razor in her right hand and began to strop it back and forth. I felt myself shivering in fear as I watched her manipulating the razor on the leather.


When she was satisfied with the razor, she approached my right side. She looked into my eyes and said, “don’t worry, I am quite adept at this. Remember, I said that I would take good care of you and that I would not hurt you.” She lightly touched my forehead as she spoke, and I felt a sense of relief. She manipulated the device holding my head in order to turn it to the left so that my right cheek was facing up. She used her thumb to pull my skin taunt as she touched the razor to my skin at the bottom of my sideburn.


I could feel the sharp blade being drawn against my skin as it scraped over my cheek. I’ve heard that these blades are sharper than surgeons scalpels, but I tried to keep that thought out of my head as the razor continued along its path. I knew that it was severing every single hair at the level of my skin as is glided over my face. When she finished the path, she rinsed the razor off in the sink. Soon enough the razor was clearing away the next path of skin on my face. Her touch continued to be gentle and she moved the razor with great skill and precision. With just a few more strokes of the razor, my right cheek had been wiped clean of foam and stubble, so she proceeded to shave my lower neck on that side. When she seemed satisfied, she manipulated the head restraint again but this time to have my other cheek facing up and available to her. She smiled down at me as she started scraping the razor across that side of my face. Stroke after stroke of that razor sharp blade across my face, and I actually began to feel a little bit at ease as her fingers manipulating the skin of my face to make it easier for her to shave. It didn’t take long for her to finish shaving the left side, so she re-positioned my head to be looking up and began working the razor on my mustache.


She smiled down at me as she rubbed her fingers lightly over my freshly shaved face. She leaned in and ran her finger lightly over my lips as she approached my cheek. I felt her full lips touch my skin as she kissed me. She kissed me momentarily and then leaned over to my other cheek and kissed it too. “Now that’s so much better,” she said with a smile, “you look so much better without that beard.” She leaned in and our lips met. Her kiss was deep and passionate. I could feel my head pressing against the restraint that bound my forehead as I tried to move towards her. She chuckled at my helplessless in moving closer. We made out for a few more moments before she pulled away and took away the cape too. “Let’s continue!” she said with glee.


She went back behind the chair and released the belt that was holding down my forehead as well as removed the head harness from the chair. I immediately flexed my head in newfound freedom, and twisted my neck to stretch.  I wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing as she walked behind me and began manipulating the chair in some way. i heard a hydraulic squeak before she reached over and pulled my left leg sideways until it was spread pretty wide and the stirrup was clamped in place. This was repeated on my right leg so that my legs were spread wide and my manhood was hanging down exposed. a small stool was placed in front of me then she sat down holding a comb and a very small set of scissors.


The comb pulled on the curly hair of my pubes as she began pulling it through. “you naughty boy! This hair is absolutely unacceptable,” she said as she clicked the scissor blades open and closed. a sly smile appeared on her face as she kept opening the blades and clicking them closed, “Now remember to stay still, pet. These are quite sharp and i would hate to cut you!”


With that she pulled the comb partway through the curly hair before stopping and holding the open scissors against the comb. “Click! Click! Click!” went the scissors as they sliced through the hair. the little tuft of curls fell to the floor as she combed out another bit and clipped it off too. it only took a few minutes of listening to those shears clicking their way through my pubes before there was nothing left but stubble. Mistress Domineaux got up when she seemed satisfied with how my pubic hair had been cut and took the scissors back to the counter. She returned a few moments later with another steaming black towel which was wrapped around my cock which was definitely beginning to get hard. She prepped the shaving cream and her straight razor again. The towel was removed and she brushed a thick coat of cream over my privates. The razor made quick work of the last remains of my pubes leaving nothing but pale, smooth skin behind it on every stroke.


“much better,” she cooed at me as she stepped back to the counter. I heard a stretching sound and two snaps before she stepped back in front of me wearing two black latex gloves and was holding a tube in her hands. she squirted a clear gel out of the bottle and began to spread it onto my penis. the gel felt warm and slick as she worked her gloved hands over me forcing it to become erect. “Very good,” she said, “but i think it needs some help before i play with it.” “Help?” I blurted out, “What do you mean?” she didn’t answer, but instead just turned back to the counter and grabbed a black device in the shape of a cylender. My dick was gripped tightly with her left hand while she positioned the cylendar at the head and began pushing it down onto me. i felt rubber tightening around me as she kept pushing the device onto me. “time you were properly pumped up!” she said as she pushed a button on the top of the device. I heard a quiet motor start running and felt it begin sucking me further in as it slowly worked it way all the way to the base and kept applying pressure. I could feel blood rushing down into me as the pressure continued to grow.


The motor kept running as Mistress pulled the red cape back over me covering everything. I could see the top of the pump against the cape as she pulled it up around my neck and fastened it with multiple snaps. I felt her hands start rubbing my hair. “you almost look like a perfect sub,” she whispered in my ear as her hands played with my hair, “just one little thing remains. You need a haircut!”


“excuse me,” I said in a shocked tone. “oh yes,” she whispered in response, “you need a haircut, little boy!”


She walked in front of me with a the tiny pair of shears that she had used to trim my pubes in her hands. She pulled down my hair in the very front and grabbed it with her fingers and raised the shears. When she put the bit of hair between the blades my instincts kicked in and I pulled away. I hadn’t minded the shaving, but I certainly wasn’t planning on having a haircut. The bit of hair pulled through her fingers and the snip of the scissors did not cut anything.


She looked quite annoyed at this. She gave a little huff and disappeared behind me. Within a few moments something large and black was put out over my head from behind. I tucked down my chin but I knew that it was overall pointless. Every part of me other than my neck was bound beyond the point of motion of any kind. She pulled the two ends of the item together behind my neck to hold with one hand then she grabbed a handful of hair on top of my head with the other hands and pulled backwards on it. I tried to hold firm, but she pulled harder and harder until the pressure and pain were too much and my head jolted up. She instantly tightened the item around my neck. She pulled tighter and tighter until it was cinched. It wasn’t quite tight enough to where I could not breathe, but it went from the base of my head to the base of my neck in all directions and eliminated any head movement.


Now with a comb and a normal pair of barbers shears in her hands, she walked back in front of me. She smiled at me as she said, “I would have just made your hair presentable, but I think my sub needs to be punished for disobedience!” she approached the right side of my head and I felt her combing through my hair. I tried to pull my head away, but the collar kept me from even flinching. She swiftly combed up a bit of hair and held it out with the comb, “Snip! Snip! Snip!” went the shears as they sliced through my hair.  She certainly didn’t waste any time, “Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!” went the blades again as she cut off the next bit. Brown hair began to pile up on the cape before it rolled down to the floor.


“Snip! Snip! Snip!” and I heard another clump of hair plop down on the cape. I felt the shearing continue and I knew that I was less than powerless to keep it from happening. She seemed finished with the right side, so she moved to the left side. The scissors snipped through my hair with complete ease as she sheared me down. “Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!” went the scissors as they sliced through a tuft of hair at my ear. She kept cutting this way until the left side was as short as the right.


“Hmmmmm,” she said as she combed through the hair on the back of my head, “now that’s making some progress!” with that, she combed up the first bit of hair in the back and snipped it off. There was a frenzy of her combing up my hair and snipping it off behind my head. “such nice hair!” she said gleefully as she kept snipping it off and deliberately flicking it to the front of the cape.


Finally, she turned her attention to the top of my head. I felt her comb up a big section of hair in the very front and grab it with her index finger on my forehead, “Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!” went the scissors as the hair was sliced off. There was a lot of hair falling past my face as the hair on top of my head was sheared down as short as the rest. After the last few snips, she finally put the scissors and comb down on the counter. I felt her roughly brush her hands over my scalp and send any loose hairs falling to the cape to join the rest.


With a devious smile on her face she walked in front of me. As she walked I felt something heavy on my shoulder. When she got in front of me I saw that it was the cord that went to a massive set of clippers in her hands. I shuddered at the sight of the massive set of black Oster Clippers. She chuckled as she flipped a switch on the other side away from the blades. The clippers whined to life as they powered up. She lightly brushed her fingers over the center of my forehead an inch or 2 away from my hairline. I felt the cold metal slide across my skin as she moved the clippers towards my hair. The tone of the clippers changed a touch as they chewed into my hairline. I shivered as I felt the clippers slide over my head leaving nothing in their wake.


Path after path of my head was buzzed until the top of my head had no hair left. The sides were quickly made to match the top of my head and then the back was buzzed. Mistress laughed at my frustration as she walked around me and rubbed her hands over my buzzed scalp. I shivered and felt goosebumps appearing over my entire body as she touched the stubble on my head.


When she seemed to be done teasing me, she went back behind me, and I wasn’t too surprised to feel her wrap my head in a hot towel. Then followed the familiar sensations of her brushing lather onto my scalp. Once my entire head was covered, she stood behind me and started scraping the lather off with the straight razor going backwards from my forehead. That razor sharp blade quickly worked its way over the top of my head with each pass and reduced my once full head of hair down to smooth skin. The back of my head was scraped clean next and then followed by the right side and the left.


Mistress seemed to delight in my attempts to move after she had shaved me bald and as she teased my scalp with her fingers, lips and tongue. The collar and cape were pulled free and my naked self was exposed again. It had been difficult to really feel just how tight the situation had become with my manhood.


“you will stay here for now,” she said with a grin as she began sweeping up my hair into a dust bin, “I will be back for you later, and when you are ready to be an obedient sub, then I will let you up, and you will spend much time pleasuring your mistress!” before she left, she pressed a different button on the pump and the motor began to run much louder. I gasped out as i felt the pressure increase greatly on my throbbing manhood. “Enjoy yourself!” she said as she stepped to the door. I will be thinking of you while I take care of my regular clients for the rest of the day. Oh, and don’t bother trying to yell, I had my previous boy completely sound proof them and the door. You belong to me now and you will stay with me until I decide otherwise! get used to the idea, be a good boy for me and you might actually enjoy yourself!”

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