In grandma, I trust

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Lola is a sweet girl from Minnesota. She had a grandmother down in Missouri. One day, Lola’s mother put the girl on a plane bound for the Missouri. The girl was to spend the whole summer with her grandmother.

The girl arrived at the terminal and was hugged tightly by her gram when the older lady spotted Lola’s golden looks bouncing off her shoulders as she was searching for her grandmother. Lola embraced her elder and the two soon piled into the senior’s blue convertible. She drove Lola into the Missourian countryside to a place called Dunnerton.

Arriving at grandma’s house, Lola was shown to her room. The room was twice as big as her room back home. Its wallpaper was definitely old but surprisingly well-maintained. Everything in grandma’s house was of the 20th century. Hardly anything was changed: unless it was absolutely necessary to update (i.e for safety).

Grandma still used a vintage-looking iron that wasn’t powered by electricity but was warmed over the stove. She liked to be old fashioned. Lola liked that about her grandmother.

It had been a week since Lola had arrived in Missouri. The girl was writing a letter to her mum back home when she heard her grandmother calling her from the kitchen. Obediently, Lola put down her pen and walked briskly to meet her grandmother. She found her elder standing behind a chair.

”Yeah, what do you need gram?”Lola asked.

”Come, sit”,the woman patted the seat off the wooden chair. Her granddaughter gave her a confused look as she took a seat in the chair. “It’s going to get hotter as the summer goes along”,grandma flung a powder blue cape over the girl’s shoulders,”And your hair will just be a burden. Something has to be done about it, don’t you think”

”Um…”Lola trailed off as her grandmother tied the strings into a tight bow to secure the cape. She then took up a comb and started to separate Lola’s crown from the sides of her head. The woman pinned down the top and grabbed clippers off the counter. Lola hadn’t noticed them until there was a pop, a hum, and her grandmother was tilting her head down to her chest.

Lola felt a tickling sensation on the back of her head. Her heart began to race as her head was turned this way and that. Blonde strands rained down quickly as the clippers moved and removed the hair. There little to no hair on the sides of Lola’s head when the clippers quit.

The girl sat straight as her grandmother started to dust off the stragglers with a towel. Lola felt up her head with her head. Nothing but prickly stalks met her hand’s touch.

“Alright, let’s get the rest of this hair did”,grandma took the pin and let the hair roll down unto its length. She used the comb to separate the fringe from the rest of the crown, molding it into a swirl and securing it with a pin. With everything ready, the clippers came live again. The clippers were soon inserted into the hair on the back of Lola’s head. They only stopped cutting into the hair when they touched skin. Grandma dragged the clippers down and then proceeded cut a pyramid shape into the back of Lola’s head. Using a comb, the hair that once reached Lola’s shoulders were shortened to the girl’s earlobes. Lola had a wing made of hair, instead of feathers, that drooped down on each side of her head.

Grandma soon came around the chair. She turned off the clippers periodically to tuck each wing behind their respective ear on Lola’s head. The pin was removed and the front hair rolled down Lola’s face. Lola closed her eyes tightly as she heard the pop. She felt the comb gathering its fill and the clippers cutting much of her hair off. The clippers then began to line up her fringe by cutting a straight line across.

”And that’s all she wrote”,grandma shut the clippers down for good and used the comb to brush Lola’s fringe down, untucking the wings with her finger,”You look so cute. Oh! We should take a picture of you. Just sit here until I come back”

Lola sat in the chair as her elder left the room. She looked about herself, so much blonde hair lay piled on the floor. The small pile on her lap was a grizzly sight to behold. ‘It’s all gone’,she thought. Her hand felt up the back of her head again. It was all so different.

She didn’t whether to smile or cry. But as soon as grandma came back, she forced herself to smile. Her grandmother took a few pictures of Lola on her cellphone. Lola gave a peace sign to contribute something to the memory. The photoshoot ended and grandma undid the strings binding Lola to the cape.

In her yellow sundress, Lola stood up. Her sneakers couldn’t avoid stepping in her own hair. The girl and grandmother spent ten minutes sweeping up all the cut hair and throwing it all outside for the birds to collect.

The month then continued on. Every now and then, Lola would be called to the kitchen. And there would be her grandmother, waiting with the clippers.

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