In Seven Nights

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Jenna had him exactly how she wanted; tied down to the bed, completely naked. Geoff’s arms and legs were secured to the four bed posts with ropes. Dressed in sensual lingerie, Jenna slow danced in front of him, as an appetizer for things to come. Each graceful movement revealed the wonderful curves of her petite body. All these while, Jenna’s hair was concealed in a bun. The tease dance culminated with Jenna removing the pin which held her hair in place. The bun unraveled, sending a cascade of golden blonde silk tumbling down her back past her bum! The sight of Jenna’s magnificent locks drove Geoff crazy, and his cock instantly became rock hard and stood upright!

Seeing that Geoff was turned on, she did not want to leave him deprived of sexual release any longer. Jenna knelt down beside him, and wrapped the ends of her super long hair around Geoff’s cock. The throbbing grew harder and more intense as she rubbed her thick hair against it! The immense pleasure of Jenna’s thick silky hair coiled around his cock was too much for Geoff to bear. It did not take long before he climaxed and spilled cum all over Jenna’s locks covering his cock!

Geoff was pretty much useless after climaxing, and could not stop Jenna from leaving after that. She did however loosen the bounds on his left hand before departing, so that he could free himself. Geoff will have his way the next night and perhaps the rest of the planned week.

There was morning, and there was evening; the first night.

Geoff arrived to find Jenna completely nude and giving herself a hair job on the couch! The ends of her butt length hair easily reached her crotch, and she rubbed the thick silky ends against her clits. Pulses of pleasure electrified her body as she masturbated with her crowning glory. Jenna felt the heat wave rising between her legs and she moaned in sync with the circular motion of hair brushing against her clits.

Geoff watched in bewilderment, for he has never seen a woman fingering herself with her own hair! The erection in his own pants grew by the moment as he witnessed Jenna pleasuring herself.

Soon she let out a loud climactic moan as the orgasm ripped through her whole being! Her eyes were closed in ecstasy as her whole body convulsed uncontrollably. Her successive moans increased in intensity as she enjoyed the immense pleasure of having every bit of her nerve endings sexually stimulated simultaneously.

Jenna had her eyes closed all the while she masturbated. She was not aware that Geoff had watched the whole thing. When the orgasm had worn off, she opened her eyes and saw Geoff standing there. She blushed, realizing that he had seen the whole thing. Geoff motioned to her, and she stood up from the couch. There was a wet patch on the spot where she sat on the couch, and the ends of her blonde mane were moist.

“You have defiled your crowning glory. Now you must be punished,” said Geoff as he produced a large pair of scissors. Jenna gasped in shock when she saw the shimmering shear.

With the free hand, Geoff grabbed the ends of Jenna’s long hair. It was still warm and moist with vaginal fluid. He moved his hand up the waterfall of blonde silk until he reached the dry portion of the mane; this was where he was going to cut. Cutting there would reduce Jenna’s super long hair to mere waist length; still very long by average standard, but she would no longer be able to pleasure herself with her hair.

Jenna stood silently and bit her lips nervously as she awaited her punishment. Snip! With one sickening slice from the sharp scissor blades, a foot of her glorious mane was severed! Jenna gasped when Geoff held the severed lock in front of her! She took it from him and gazed in disbelief at the lifeless lock which lay limp in her hands. It looked like a dead animal, in stark contrast to its former glory when it was still attached to her scalp.

Geoff slapped Jenna’s bum, startling her back to reality. Her curvy ass was no longer veiled by her former butt length hair. Losing a foot of hair brought Jenna’s hair length to just touching the top of her bum. Geoff gave Jenna a quick peck on her lips before leaving. It would be her turn for dominance the next night, and Geoff was saving his cum for it.

There was morning, and there was evening; the second night.

Once again, Jenna stripped Geoff naked and tied him down on the bed. She was dressed in the same lingerie she wore yesterday. Jenna slow danced erotically in front of the helpless Geoff. Her long blonde hair was loose and she allowed the silky locks to drape across her body as she danced. It drove Geoff insane, especially knowing that it used to be longer until the night before when he snipped off a foot of hair the hair goddess before him. Jenna’s tease show culminated with her producing a large pair of shears; the same one which Geoff used on her the night before!

Jenna played with the scissors, pretending to snip off her long locks, but only closing the blades in the air. Geoff’s cock throbbed and grew harder as he watched the tease show before him. Jenna played with him more by snipping off the strings which held her top together. It fell to the ground, revealing her breasts! Geoff let out a wolf cry, demanding more. Snip! Another lingerie apparel was destroyed and Jenna’s panties fluttered to the floor. She was now completely naked. Geoff wooted again, his cock hard rock by now by the strip tease.

Jenna got up onto the bed and mounted Geoff, thrusting her hips into his. Geoff penetrated Jenna, as she clicked the scissors close to her hair playfully. Then, she placed them six inches above her waist, about to cut a section of hair. As they grinded, she closed the scissor blades around the lock slowly! The severed blond hair tumbled onto Geoff’s bare chest. The soft silky hair drove Geoff out of his mind as they grinded harder!

Jenna herself was turned on by cutting off her own hair. She grabbed for another section. Snip! Tendrils of hair floated over Geoff, mostly landing on his chest, but some found its way to his face. They made love faster and deeper, and Jenna picked up larger sections of hair, cutting them still six inches from her waist. The mound of blonde hair on Geoff’s chest grew as Jenna continued to hack off her silken tresses to just below her breasts. Just as she scissored off the last of her waist length hair, they both came together and moaned deeply.

There was morning, and there was evening; the third night.

Jenna had a pleasant surprise for Geoff. Earlier in the day, she coloured her blonde hair into a rich auburn red colour. After shampooing her hair, she let it drip dry while waiting for Geoff to arrive. Her hair length was still uneven, clearly a hack job from the previous night’s adventure when she severed it to about mid back length.

When Geoff arrived, he found Jenna seated naked on the kitchen stool with her hair draped across her back. Geoff gasped when he saw the obvious colour change!

“Red! You coloured your hair!” he blurted out. An erection started to build up in his pants as he beheld the blonde goddess who had turned into an alluring red head.

“I hope you like it!” Jenna exclaimed. “Will you please tidy up the ends, please?”

Geoff grinned cheekily and pecked Jenna’s lips. He inspected the damage done to Jenna’s previously waist length hair and saw that two inches needed to be cut from the longest sections to bring them all to the same length. Geoff combed Jenna’s still wet hair until the red locks hung perfectly straight down her back.

Jenna handed Geoff trimming scissors from the bathroom counter. He positioned the shears just below her shoulder blades and trimmed the hair to that length. Snip! Snip! Snip! Two inch long wet hair fell to the floor as the scissors made its way across Jenna’s back. Her roughly hacked mid back length hair was blunt cut to bra strap length.

When Geoff was done, he blew dry Jenna’s hair and brushed it thoroughly until it shone. No longer weighted down by length, Jenna’s hair was now more voluminous than before! Geoff especially loved the blunt ends which he had trimmed as straight as a ruler. Jenna brought her hair across her shoulders to inspect its length. After the trim, the ends hung to just above her nipples.

But Geoff was not done with Jenna. He produced an electric shaver and plunged them into her bush! Jenna’s body shuddered and she moaned as her pubic hair was shaved! The vibration of the electric clippers drove her crazy and she struggled to contain the coming orgasm. Her moaning grew louder and more frequent as the electric clipper mowed around her sensitive privates. When her pussy was finally shaved bare, she climaxed and let out a loud moan. Her whole body convulsed and she nearly fell out of the stool had Geoff not caught her in time!

There was morning, and there was evening; the fourth night.

Jenna surprised Geoff yet again on their fifth night. Geoff arrived to find that Jenna had dyed her hair black! In just three days, Jenna had gone from golden blonde to auburn red and now to jet black! The new dark colour contrasted sharply with her fair skin, giving her an exotic look. Geoff was all over her at once. They locked their lips together and exercised their tongues. All the while, Geoff could not keep his hands off her silky hair.

Geoff seated Jenna on a kitchen stool and combed the raven black silky locks until it shone. The black waterfall of hair down Jenna’s bare back was simply a sight to behold. With each pass of the comb, Geoff’s erection grew harder. He played with her hair by experimenting with different parts. He made a deep side part, and allowed the thick side to cover half her face. Geoff found Jenna incredibly sexy with her hair covering half her face. Finally he returned Jenna’s hair back to how she normally wore it; a centre part with long forelocks framing her face symmetrically. Geoff loved the one length blunt cut look!

However, this was not to last. Geoff proceeded to comb the front portion down over Jenna’s face. The throbbing in his pants intensified. He placed his fingers around the hair at her eyes in the shape of scissors, to get a feel for where he was going to cut. Jenna got some pleasure out of this, but had absolutely no idea what he was covering her face for. When Geoff pulled out a pair of scissors from his pocket, it dawned upon her that Geoff was going to give her bangs.

Using the bottom of his fingers as a guide, Geoff lined it up right the last time, and then placed the scissors at her eyes. Snip! With one terrifying snip across her face, a big clump of hair fell from Jenna’s face and landed on her lap. Jenna stared in disbelief at the 18 inch strand of hair draped across her lap and then looked up into the mirror at her reflection. She now had cute blunt bangs just below her eyebrows.

Snipping bangs into Jenna’s trademark long forelocks was simply too much for him! Geoff could not hold back his erection anymore after that. He dropped the scissors and unzipped his pants, revealing his erect cock. Geoff ejaculated and splashed cum all over Jenna’s freshly cut bangs!

There was morning, and there was evening; the fifth night.

Jenna sat obediently naked on the stool, awaiting Geoff’s final move. This is it; the climax of their little adventure. It was difficult to believe that just days ago, Jenna’s natural blonde hair stretched past her ass; now it was raven black, just to her shoulder blades with bangs. More than half of her hair had been hacked off, but Jenna could still back out at this point to save her still long hair. But a promise is a promise, and Jenna was determined to see it through to the end in this mutual sensual adventure.

Geoff started by combing out Jenna’s long hair for the last time. When he was satisfied, he took out his scissors and inserted it into Jenna’s hair at her nape. Jenna shuddered when the cold steel blades touched her bare skin. No scissors has gone up that far before in her life, maybe except when she was a little kid. More than a foot of black silky hair hung below the cold blades. She gulped nervously. Geoff hesitated for a while, and then resolutely closed the shears. Snip! A large foot long section of Jenna’s hair slithered down her back onto the floor. Jenna wringed, realizing how much length had been cut off. But that was just the first cut. Geoff inserted the blades into another large section. Snip! Another long lock dropped to the floor and coiled up like a snake. Geoff continued to work his way to the front on Jenna’s left side, snipping off more of her silky black tresses at chin length. A tear rolled down Jenna’s cheek as reality gradually sank in.

Geoff was getting turned on by cutting off so much of Jenna’s hair! The bulge in his pants revealed the erection he was getting from this. Geoff continued to work on the other side. He placed the scissors level at chin length and snapped the blades close. Snip! A gulping length of Jenna’s hair fell to her lap. Snip! The cruel blades snipped off the final long piece, leaving Jenna with a chin length bob. Foot long black hair littered the floor around her. After looking at her reflection in the mirror, Jenna finally mustered the courage to smile at the new sexy haircut. But it was not to last.

Geoff could not stand it anymore and stripped off his pants, revealing his erect cock. Jenna knelt down before him and received the throbbing cock into her mouth. While she sucked on his cock, Geoff stroked Jenna’s freshly bobbed hair. When he felt he was about to come to, he quickly withdrew, not wanting to prematurely ejaculate. Jenna looked up at Geoff, and he nodded to her. She knew exactly what that meant; it was time to go all the way. Jenna remained kneeling while Geoff grabbed the electric clippers from the counter. The snapping sound of the clippers being switched on startled Jenna.

Without a word, Geoff plunged the clippers up Jenna’s forehead, mowing a bare trench into her crown. Clumps of black hair rained down onto the floor. Tears started to flow freely down Jenna’s cheeks as she knelt in silence, like a sheep before its shearer. The only sound in the room was the buzzing of the clippers ploughing through Jenna’s hair. The mound of hair on the floor grew as Geoff made more passes over her crown. All these while, Geoff’s cock continued to throb and stood erect from the unimaginable sensuality of shaving Jenna. When the last of Jenna’s hair on her head was shorn off, Geoff climaxed! He ejaculated his essence into Jenna’s receiving mouth and she gladly gulped it down.

There was morning, and there was evening; the sixth night.

On the seventh night, Geoff rested from his transformation work in Jenna. The goddess with butt length long blonde hair had been reduced to a bald slave.

There was morning, and there was evening; the seventh night.

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