In Time for Christmas ( Reposting — I thought I would repost this story for Christmas )

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In Time For Christmas

Author: JimB

Post date: Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Lex turned off Highway fifteen on to Micro Street. Just two block and he would be home after a long twelve hours at work.

He, and a few others, always worked extra hours before Christmas time. The extra money would come in hand paying for all those Christmas gifts and the rest would be put toward vacation time the next year.

As he reached his block he observed a delivery truck pulling from in front of his house.  Or, it could have been the neighbor’s.

Ted is always getting things delivered, he enjoyed fixing things up and re-selling them on eBay.

He had ordered some gifts over the Web.

But, they were all delivered, rapped, and hidden so no one could find them.

Of course, it could have been for his wife, LeAnn.  She was always late in ordering her Christmas gifts.

“I can get them a little cheaper if I wait until after December first,” she has always said.

He knew the delivery was not for any children, as he and Leann did not have any.

But, after fifteen years of being together, both in their mid fifties, he should know better.

He pulled in the driveway, the garage door open, and he drove in parking the car where he always does,

On the outside wall side.

LeAnn likes parking her car next to the house.

As he entered the house, he called out, “LeAnn.

“I’m home.”

No reply, which was kind of unusual because she was alway in the family room watching television and doing a little work, or in the kitchen fixing dinner.

But, today she stayed home from school, she was a High School teacher of English.

He called out again, “Hon, I’m home.

“Where are you!”

“UP STARES,” she shouted. “Give me a few minutes.

“Why don’t you make the salad for tonight.”

“Okay,” he called back to her. “Smells great as ever.”

He walked to the stove and picked up the lid on the large pot and took a long whiff of what was in it.

“Red beans smell great.

“What kind of rice are we having?

“Regular, long grain or wild rice?” he called to her, as he heard her footsteps coming down the stares.

“A little of each.” she said as she walked into the kitchen.

He turned his head just as she stopped to his left and they gave each other a kiss.

“I put your favorite seasonings in, too.

“Pickle meat, ham, chicken, pork, and lots of HOT smoke sausage, Polish sausage, Italian sausage, red, white, and yellow onions, wild onions, celery, and green, red, and yellow peppers, and of course Garlic with a dash of black and red pepper and salt for taste.

“And, I added a little extra spicy kick with a few shorts of TABASCO sauce.”

“Hmmmm …..

“Just like you did when were dating.” he told her as she nudged him from the stove.

“The usual salad!”

“Yes,” she told him. “But, let’s have Italian dressing tonight.”

You guessed it, Lex and LeAnn were from southwest Louisiana.

Lex was working in the Boston area when they met.

He had gone home for a short summer vacation, to visit his family, when they met at a party.

They were both thirty-nine and neither had married. Two years later they married and she moved and got a job teaching at a private high school.

He did not ask about the delivery truck.

Thinking it would not be the right time while she was fixing dinner. The last time he did ask, while she was fixing dinner, he ended up eating cold food.

You could say, “He was not the cook of the family.”

He had an early day the next day.

So, after dinner and a little watching of television and doing a few bills, he headed to bed early.

“When the movie is over I’ll be up,” she told him as he kissed her and went up stares.

Their house was two floors, with a master bedroom and bath on side and two other bedrooms and bath on the other side of the second floor.

They used one bedroom as a study and the other for visitors.

Mostly family, nephews and nieces who came for a visit in the summer.

Both bathrooms were large, with the bath-tub, wash-sink, and toilet alone one wall and a few cabinets along the others.

Between them was enough room to put a King size bed. Or, as Lex liked to tell LeAnn, “We could toss a few towels down and have some fun.”

To which she would only smile and pat him on the cheek.

He notice the bathroom door was closed, it was usually opened a little. He turned the door nob and it did not turn much nor open.

“LeAnn!” he called out as he walked to the top of the stares. “LeAnn, the spare bathroom is locked.

“Something wrong in there?”

She looked up the stares, “No.

“I just gave it a good cleaning today and put an air freshener in there.

“I locked it so you would not go in there and let the smell out.”

He shrugged it off and went to their bedroom. He was watching a little late night television when she came in.

“Had I known you were going to watch television I would have come up with you,” she told him as she got undressed.

He smiled, pulled the covers back on her side, of the bed, and patted her side, “Kept it nice and warm.

“All we have to do is pull the covers over us!”

She smiled and winked then climbed into bed.

Days and weeks went by fast with all the Christmas parties they attended.

Then, it was their turn.

They invited a few friends and neighbors over Christmas Eve night.

Because it was Christmas Eve night their party lasted until around eleven-thirty.

When everyone left for the night Lex started cleaning up.

But, LeAnn stopped him.

“Let that go until tomorrow,” she told him as she put her arms around his waist and begin nibbling on his smooth head and neck.

“I have a “Special Christmas Gift” up stares for you.

“One I know you have been wanting since we met.

“You did shave close tonight didn’t you?”

She pulled her arms from around him and walked up the stars, looking over her shoulders half way up and telling him, “There is a package on our bed for you.

“I am sure you will know what it is for when you see what in it.

“I’ll be in the other bathroom waiting for you.

“Don’t take too long or I might be walking out as you walk in and you might not get this gift for who know when!”

“Hmmmm,” Lex thought.

“Special Christmas Gift I have been wanting since we met!

“That could be anything.”

But, being someone who never passed up a “special gift”, specially one from LeAnn, he stopped cleaning things up, locked the front door, made sure the garage doors were closed and the one to the garage, too.

He turned off the lights as he went past them and headed up the stars.

Half way up he heard the bathroom door close.

As he passed it he tried to open it, to take a peak inside.

“The ‘special gift’ first,” LeAnn said to him from inside the bathroom. “And, be quick or wonder if again.”

He liked the sound of her voice.

The last time she sounded like that was a few months ago for his birthday.

What a gift he got that night, rather the week-end.

He opened the door to their bedroom and there on her side of the bed was a package.

But, it was not as large as she made it sound.

He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.

Slowly he begin unwrapping the package then he opened it slowly.

When he took the top off he looked inside and his eyes got big and a smile begin to brighten his face.

He took out the ‘special gift’ and looked it over.

“YES it was,” he said to his self. “A WIG.

“And, it was the same hair color, cut and styled like LeAnn wore her hair.”

Then, he remembered a few weeks back.

The delivery truck!

But, what did it have to do with the “Special Gift”!

He tried and tried to think what the two had in common.

“WELL!” LeAnn called to him.

“I know you opened the package.

“What do you think of the Special Gift!

“Wouldn’t you say it could be for both of us?”

“Both of us!” he begin to think more and more, what did they have in common.

“Time is getting short,” she called to him. “You better get in here or you will never get your “Special Christmas Gift”.

“And, you may never get it again.”


“You don’t have to bring that gift with you.”

Question answered before he could ask.

He put the wig back into the box and decided he better get into the other bathroom fast.

Or, he would never get the Special Christmas Gift again.

Reaching the bathroom he tuned the door nob and slowly pushed the door wide open.

When it opened his eyes were stunned at what they were looking at. His heart was pounding, his breathing shallow and gasping.

LeAnn was smiling and had a big red ribbon across her with a bow and a note saying, “Pull to release.”

There she sat in a 1920’s Koken barber chair.

It’s metal was shining, the chair was white metal with red leather foot rest, back and seat.

She had one foot on the foot rest and the other leg crossed over it.

The bottom of her skirt was just a little above her knees and the two top buttons of her blouse were unbutton.

The chair was about five feet from the sink and it turned so she was looking at the door so he could see her when he entered.

He looked on the sink counter top.

Barber’s cape, two large white towels, small pile of neck tissues, clippers ONLY, no attachments, and his Gillette Fusion razor and his can of Gillette Fusion shaving cream

He became very nervous.

As he walked towards the barber chair LeAnn smiled, “Merry Christmas Lex.

“I hope you enjoy your Special Christmas Gift I am offering to you.”

Then, she reached behind her head and unpinned her hair.

It fell just a little past her shoulder, the same length she had kept it all these years.

“If you ask.

“I might change my mind,” she told him as she raised her body in the chair.

Lex knew better than to ask.

He pulled the bow of the red ribbon and it fell from her.

Then, turned the chair so she was facing the mirror.

He smiled as he took a neck tissue and the barber cape and walked behind the chair.

He placed the neck tissue around her neck and put the cape around her.

He raised the chair a little as he watched her smiling face in the mirror.

He could not believe what was going on.

Nor, was he going to ask or stop.

Ever since he started shaving his head ten years ago LeAnn would touch his head after each shaving and smiling, “Telling him ‘how much better he looked and how nice it felt.”

If he shaved before going to bed, they did not get to sleep until a few hours later.

She would take a bath instead of a shower if he was shaving his head.

Ever so often, not really meaning it though, he would tell her, “If you like it why not do it yourself.”

She would only smile, give him a kiss, and run her fingers over his shaven head.

But, never had he thought.

But, here he was.

And, here sat LeAnn in a barber’s chair.

And, he was her barber.

Tissue and cape in place he picked up the clippers.

“CLICK hummmmmmmm,” it sung out to both of them.

He looked at LeAnn smiling at him, his heart almost leaping out his body.

He wanted to turn the clippers off, instead he left it sing it’s humming song as he walked behind the chair.

He put his hand on the top of her head tilting it downward so she was looking at the cape.

Her hair fell to each side of her head in almost a natural part up her the back of her head, from the hairline to the arc of her head.

Slowly he raised the humming clippers to below her hairline, she jumped when it touched her skin.

But, she said nothing and relaxed.

Slowly he pushed the clippers up the center of her long neck into her hair.

Hair fell to either side down past her shoulders into her capped lap.

When the first clipping stopped he heard her take a deep breath as her upper body rose when her eyes saw the strains stop falling.

Then, she relaxed when he pulled the clippers from the top of her head, to only be placed to the left of the center clipping.

He slowly moved the clippers upward sending more hair passed her left shoulder into her lap, which would soon be full of her natural red hair.

The next clipping was to the right of the first upward passing, sending more strains down over her right shoulder into her lap.

A few move passes up the back of her nape, neck, and head.

He stepped to the left of the chair.

With his left fingers he brushed her hair forward, placing the clippers behind her left ear and moved it over and forward sending more hair into her lap.

He made four more forward passes with the clippers over the left side of her head and looked at her, still smiling, in the mirror.

As he walked behind the chair, to the right side, he could not hold his left hand from gently brushing the tip of his fingers over the clipping he had just given the left side of her head.

Without thinking he stopped behind the chair, looked at her over her head in the mirror, and leaned his head down and kissed her in the middle of the back of her buzzed head.

She let out a soft sound he had never heard from her.

Her body rose higher.

He wanted to kiss her agin but it might lead to something else.

Standing on the right side of the chair he pushed her hair forward with the finger of his right hand. Raising his left hand with the clippers he made a slow forward movement over her right ear with the clippers.

More strains of hair fell into her lap.

Four more passes over the right side of her head and it was completely buzzed.

As he looked, over the top of her head, in the mirror he saw her eyes were closed and her smile was bigger and her breathing was causing her body to rise upward with each deep breath she took.

He moved the singing clippers over the top of her head, her eyes opened.

He placed the clippers in the center of her forehead and slowly moved it back over the top of her head.

She sat watching him move the clippers over her head.

Front to back, up the sides and back, he made pass after pass. Her eyes followed each movement he made, she did not move, nor said a word.

Turning the clippers off he realized he had a bulge in his pants. He tried to walk to the counter.

LeAnn noticing it but she did.

“Looks like I will be getting a BIG Christmas gift tonight,” she said when she noticed his bulging pants.

As he to step passed her she reach her left hand from under the cape and rubber her open hand over the budge.

He stood there holding his breath, as she placed her hand back under the cape.

Placing the clippers on the counter top he took one of the towels and tossed it into the sink and turned on the hot water.

He walked behind the chair with the other towel, undid the cape and removed it.

He tucked the other towel into her blouse, spreading it out over her shoulders then downward taken a gentle touch of her breast.

He got the other towel really wet, rug it out some, and walked behind the chair and placed it around her buzzed head.

While it sat there he reached for the Gillette Fusion shaving cream, shaking the can as he walked back behind the chair.

He removed the towel and tossed it back into the sink.

He discharged some of the lather into his right hand and begin lathering LeAnn’s buzzed head.

He covered the buzzing well with the shaving cream, and wet the towel again and rug it out.

Behind the chair, again, he wrapped it around her lathered head and let it cool down.

Removing it he tossed it into the bath-tub and re-lathered her head.

He stepped to the counter and picked up his Gillette Fusion razor. He ran some cold water over, so not to damage the five thin sharp blades.

Turning, he smiled at her and winked. She was smiling and winked at him.

“Better get started,” she told him. “I’m beginning to like how I look with the Buzz Cut.

“And, you might lose out on the Special Christmas Gift if I do that.”

He stepped to the left of the chair.

Placing the head of the razor on the left side of her head, he slowly shaved backward a little.

She took a deep breath.

“Never thought you would get to do this, did you?” she inquired. He smiled and rinsed the razor off.

“Never thought you would let me.” he replied.

He continued to shave a little at a time then rinsing the razor off.

As he worked around her head he turned the chair so he did not have to walk to and from the chair to the sink to rinse off the razor.

With the back and sides shaved smooth, the chair was now facing the mirror and LeAnn was still smiling.

“Only the top,” he told her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

She raised her right hand to his head, “Tomorrow morning we can shave each other.”

He continued shaving the top of her head.

Each shaving was slow as the others before. Slowly her smooth head was revealed for her, and him, to see.

She smiled.

“Do you think I should have given you this Special Christmas Gift a few years ago?” she asked of him as she brushed her finger tips over her shaved head.

He did not say a word.

He picked up the wet towel and gently wiped her head of the excess lather. Removing the other towel from her blouse he tossed both in the bathtub.

Standing behind the chair he begin nibbling at her head and neck as she had done his so many times.

He wanted her to enjoy the kisses as he had.

The chair was lowered and turned to face the door.

He stepped to the front, held out his right hand to help her step from the chair.

They looked each other in the eyes.

They kissed as she cupped his head in her hands and he moved his hands up and down her back.

Stepping back, she looked deep into his eyes, “Tonight you get to enjoy the pleasures of a smooth head between your legs.”

Then, she walked out the bathroom leaving him in a haze over her statement.

But, he quickly came around, “Yes, I will.

And, you will too.”

He turned, turned off the light, and headed to their bedroom.

At the door’s entrance he saw her blouse and skirt laying on the floor.

“YES,” he thought to his self. “IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS.”

The End

Copyright (c) December 2006 — JimB

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