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I had driven to Las Vegas for a couple weeks of me (girl) time. I was determined to not to wear anything but feminine clothing during this stay. I pulled up and checked into my hotel and unpacked my things. I had made appointments that day for some brow threading and lash extensions and then later that day an visit to the beauty parlor to get my hair done. I changed into my first outfit wearing my new panties and bra. I had a light long sleeve blouse and a pair of capris with some open toed sandals. I pulled my shoulder length hair back in a ponytail and got in my car.

I arrived at the brow and lash lounge a little early and checked in. The girl took my name and asked me how I wanted my brows and showed me some pictures. I told her I was getting lash extensions also. So we looked and agreed on a brow shape and lash length and she led me to her chair and went to work. She said ” I love your hair, so long and healthy.” I told her thanks and that I had an appointment to have it dyed silver to blend in with the gray that as coming in. I said that I wanted to still have some dark root and blend to silver and showed a picture of what I wanted to have done. She said ” Oh that will look so pretty on you, you will have to come by and show me when you get it done.”

We talked the whole time as she was doing my brows and lashes. She asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told her not anymore. That is why I came to Vegas, to unwind, relax and pamper myself. When she finished she had me look in the mirror to examine her work. I told her that my brows and lashes never looked better. I stood up and paid her and gave her a large tip for the great job she did. She gave me a quick hug and told me to have fun while I was there.

From there I drove to the salon for my hair appointment and got there a little early also. I hate being late. I had been to this salon before a while back and had a mani/pedi there along with a trim and set. I walked in and was greeted by pretty girl behind the counter and she got me checked in. Paula, the owner, came to greet me and I showed her the picture of what I wanted done. She said ” I can do that for you, that is going to look so good on you.” I also asked her if she could do a roller set on me with my rollers that I had brought because I wanted to leave them in for a while and a friend was going to comb me out later. She said it would be no problem. She asked ” didn’t you come in a while back for a mani/pedi?” I told her that she had a good memory and it was almost a year ago. I asked her how she remembered and she whispered “girls like us need to stick together, I wasn’t born a boy either honey.” She added ” come on baby, let make you beautiful.”

She led me to a chair and had her colorist come over to take a look. He was tall, slender and good looking. He said ” Hi, my name is Teri and I am going to be your colorist today. ” I almost passed out at the thought of his hand on my hair. Paula showed him the picture and he said ” no problem beautiful, I have done this a lot lately. ” He asked when the last time I shampooed my hair and I told him two or three days ago since I knew I was going to have bleach applied. He said ” good girl, you know your stuff.” I told him that I used to work in a beauty parlor in California a while back. Paula asked what I did there and I told her that I started as the shampoogirl for a while then went to school and did mostly cuts, sets and perms. Paula said ” well when you are done here maybe you can shampoo my hair and see if you still know how.” I told her that I would love to.

Teri wrapped his cape around me and went to mix the bleach as Paula got to work sectioning my hair for him. When he got back to the chair he asked me if I was ready and I told him a very excited yes. He started applying the bleach section by section as Paul helped make sure every strand was covered. It took a while and another bowl to finish. Then it was time to wait for it to lift. Teri checked the color periodically and was happy with the progress. Paula came over and said ” when Teri is finished with your color I will shampoo and set your hair, I saw the rollers you brought in, some of them a vintage, can I use those on your hair please?” I said by all means please do.

The timer went off and Teri did his final check and said we were ready to rinse. He took me back to the sink and leaned me back. He began to rinse the bleach and said ” this came out really well, I cannot wait to do the silver toner on you.” I asked if I still had some dark root and he said yes a little but it will show up better when it grows out a bit and your hair is dry. He got all the bleach rinsed out and applied some shampoo and lathered me up. He asked ” does that feel familiar?” I said ‘ Yes it does, you would make a good shampoo girl.” He said ” come in anytime and I will shampoo you for free, I love your hair.” I told him that I was going to take him up on that offer. He asked ” how about tomorrow night if your are not busy, a little dinner, a little wine and a little shampoo and we see what happens?” I told him a very stammered yes and about passed out.

Paula came over and asked if Teri just asked me out. I told her yes and was that OK with her? She said ” yes it is on one condition, you, our friend Stephanie, and myself go out tonight for a girls night.” I had forgotten that Paula knew my friend Stephanie who did make up for us girls and were also friends. I agreed to that and just like that my week started off great. Teri rinsed the shampoo from my hair and sat me up. He towel dried my hair to check the color and he and Paula agreed that it was good.

Teri took me back to the chair and let me look at my hair color. It was so light, I had never been that blonde in my life. It almost looked white, but I could still see some dark roots which I wanted. Teri mixed the toner and applied it section by section until my hair was saturated with this thick toner. It took a while and Teri kept checking it until he was satisfied with the results. He took me back to the sink to rinse me and check it again. Paula came over as he was rinsing it and said ” Oh baby that came out great, such a good color silver.” Teri grabbed the shampoo and started to apply some to my hair when Paula said ” No it is my turn to shampoo her, then I get to roll her up in curlers.”

Teri stepped back a bit and watched as Paula shampooed my hair. I gave him my hotel information and room number and he said that he would see me tomorrow night at 7. He leaned down and kissed my hand and said ” see you tomorrow beautiful.” That was it, I almost climaxed right there. Teri left for home and Paula told me that he is a really good guy and would treat me right, if not she was going to kill him. She told me he had a break up about a year ago and had not dated in quite a while and I was to be gentle with him. She said that she was surprised that he had asked me out and that she saw that he was very interested in me. Paula continued to shampoo my hair and then rinsed it and applied a good conditioner and let that sit for a while.

When she was ready she rinsed the conditioner and got me ready to set. She combed and sectioned my hair and began to roll down the first few rollers. She told me she always loved doing shampoo sets and still set her hair when she can. She told me ” I love the feeling of being in rollers, my mother used to set my hair when I was little.” I told her mine too. She said ” well we have a lot in common girl, so glad we met, cannot wait to got out with you tonight.”

Paula got the last roller set in and then covered the rollers with the black cotton net I had brought. I put in my small hoop earrings and was ready to leave when Paula said ” I cannot let you go out of my place like that. Let me do some make up on you and at least polish those nails.” I told het that I had an appointment for acrylics and a pedicure tomorrow morning. She said” that is alright we will just do a polish and take it off tomorrow and do it right. She applied some shadow, mascara and a little liner then went to work on my lips. After that she did my nails and toes and I was ready.

She told my that she and Stephanie would be at my hotel room about 7 and she would comb me out and Stephanie would do our make up before our girls night out. She also told me that she had a beautiful outfit for me to wear and all of us were going for the 60’s look tonight, so be ready.

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