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My name is sam and my girlfriend’s name is yashvi we both live in mumbai and this story is about my hair fetish. I developed my hair fetish first time when i went off looking at a Japanese girl getting her hair cut i have always be horny seeing girls with short hair.

My girlfriend yashvi had always had long hair which suited her i always wanted to see her with short hair. When our hit school ended on 30th march our summer vacation started and it was boiling hot in mumbai with 35 degree Celsius i had medium hair and I’ve always grown it to long next cut it short. On lunch date with yashvi i told her that it was so hot she suggested me to get it buzzed which I immediately disagreed to. I jokingly told her that if she chops it I’ll do it too.

Days passed and i got a normal phone call from yashvi saying,” come down ik what u have done” i was paranoid and i went down to see her she was mad at me for some reason and she told me to walk with her and not say a word. This was her dominant behaviour which kind of turned me on . We walked around a mile and we were outside an old barbershop. I was confused on what was going on she strictly told me to enter.

I was scared what was going to happen she told me sit in the chair and when the barber asked what haircut she told upar se #3 and sides #1 i was completely humiliated and looked like a kid getting summer haircut forced by his mom. I hated how short she made me look i was so sad and looked so ugly with this short buzzcut.

When i was uncaped i walked towards the door when she stopped me and told me to wait i was wondering what more is left she told me she’s getting a haircut i  was so hard that time i wanted her to have short hair. She asked me how and what should be done i played around and made her get a bob chin sized with nape shaved she looked so hot and pissed at me for her having such short hair. After she paid the barber the money we went to her house.

On the way she apologised if she was too strict i was okay with it when we went to her place she removed her clothes and we had the best sex of oue life i couldn’t imagine how wet she was till i felt it it felt so great. Now seeing her with short hair reminds me of rachel in friends with chopped bob.

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