Indian Shy Housewife Makeover

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It was a rainy day. Near by potholes, low lying vacant lands in the surroundings and in the neighbourhoods submerged by the wrath of the nature, by a heavy downpour since the last night. It was only in the morning the city got a respite. It would be around 8’o clock of the morning on the top floor of a three storied building and standing on the window a lady of late 30s ,precisely at 38 in a blue saree stretching her eyes over the rain drenched neighbourhood and adjacent slum with her wavy, waist length oiled mane coiled into a healthy decent size bun by a black leathry scrunchy in a neat arrangements of last night before her sleep, though a bit messed up by now due to the rubbing of head with the pillow during her sleep was my wife, a mother of two baby boys,now in school , scheduled to be returned in the evening. Her bun, her curvey physic,her vermillion in the middle of her temple all made me to feel a deep sense of satisfaction. I felt to play a with her anxiety  and fear of uncertainty. I walked up and stood behind her. She is 5 ft 2 inch and I am being 5.8 inch is enough taller to see her top of temple. wavy texture and oiled strands of her hair is dream of a fetish.her thick mane parted neatly at the middle of her temple and well gathered in a bun just hanging in front of neck region.She was engrossed in studying the ambience of the locality being oblivion about my presence just behind her.I felt to let her make a subject of something that she never can imagine in her furthest possible dream even.Lets play a game with this homely Indian lady standing in front of me.I rest my palm on the top of her head.Its thick and soft and a bit moist due to hair oil application.She woke up instantly with the masculine but known touch from her own world of imagination and recognised the touch at once. She knew that cascading  locks are part of her body thoug but actually belonged to her husband.She could not even trim a inch without his consent. She asked me when did I come from my office after the night-shift?Without answering I brushed my palm over her head upto her bun and grabbed it and told her to be ready  for a pleasure trip. She said why ?I said for a surprise. Get ready now.

Now I called my hair fetish friend David who had a panchent for my lady’s hair.And told him that I am taking her to his saloon.
By the time she got ready with maroon  saree and a white blouse the once more sky tured smoky.The rain was on the corner. She recolied her mane into a neatly combed bun and applied little sindoor at the parting of her hair. Wore a maroon bindi just in between her eyebrows. Gorgeous and pure deshi look.

David had been insisting me for a long time to get a chance to get her in his saloon at least for a hair massage and spa.So lets see what he had on offer.
It took around 30 minutes to reach the Saloon by a texi. The rain again started pouring heavily. We got a little wet while leaving the taxi and going under roof.She got surprised to see she was in a saloon.Though she knew David and his profession she never knew about David’s fetish and . She asked my why we were in a saloon. I replied beacuse my wife required a hair treatment. She stood stunned with awe. She came near to me and whispered “No, I dnt want a hair treatment, Specially David being a male hairdresser. David smirked and greeted my wife.I told David “Her hair is over to you.Do whatever you like I want her hair to be more healthy and bring a solution for her split ends.

She got extremely anxious and looked at me with fear. I assured her not be anxious and to follow the instructions of David. I coluld feel the excitement of David but he wore a look of  a composed man .He is tall guy with well built body.He with her somber voice called my wife ,”Bhabi have a seat and we should start”I guided her to the chair and she hesitantly climbed to that.David looked at me and said thanks. I said”take care of her hair.this your hair model.”I whispered not to make it too short.
David told Paromita to relax. She wore an extremely scary and anxious look.
I took a chair to have a clear look of the event.

David adjusting her chair height stood behind her and started brushing her wavy locks by his fingers without opening the bun.He shivered at his touch and shut her eyes.He then with one stroke opened the scrunchy and wore it in his wrist and shook the bun the semi moist oiled thick her rolled open behind the chair upto her waist. David placed his fingers deep into her thick mane behind her both the hair and started shaking it roughly. The hair got completely detangled and cascaded in waves behind the chair. David now took his sprayer and started splashing water by one hand started massaging her hair by one hand. Once the waves got adequately wet he took a comb and started deep combing from top of her head to the end of her hair. He freed the knots sometimes with a stroke of comb. Paromita was about to say something but by the time she could tell him to be gentle with her hair the the David knocked all the knots down.David cleaned up the comb with a very few strands of torn up hair. David now combed her wavy drenched lock again and again.once He was done with combing and fondling with her hair he gathered thightly all her hair atop her temple and made a ponytail with the scrunchy.Suddenly he took a scissor and placed her entire hair at in between two blades at her scruchy. She said no not their David grabed mane tightly at one hand just above the ribbon and pushed the lever a bit cutting some hair strands immediately but he withdrew the lever and left her hair.She was sitting on the chair with a nervous and anxious look.Now David again freed her by stroking open the scrunchy.and again started combing and I noticed the combed carried a few hair strands which was due to cutting of hair by the scissor pressure.But compred to the amount of hair she has it is nothing but a few. Even if her hair thickness if cut half still she would have a decent size bun. Some strands of wet hair started hanging over her face making her more inviting.

David again strated spraying water to drench her completely and massaged  her hair carefully. Again he combed the tresses carefully again and again. She was probably shivering either due to the cold or due to the constant playing with her hair or might be for both.

Once he was done with combing he took a bottle of shampoo. She was looking attractive with her cascading water dripping oiled wavy hair spread behind her.the curl of the hair played over her face and neck. Her blouse became a bit wet due to the drop of water from her locks.David put the shampoo on the table and coiled her hair to a bun and took a claw clip and fixed it atop. Now he wrapped her with a white large towel and freed hair. He brushed it with a comb for a few minutes and then poured shampoo over her head. He gathered all her hair over her head and rubed it deep and rough to generate leather. He did it for sometimes and then he pushed her chair to a water shower and tilting her head by her hair he cleaned it.
Now he took a towel to dry it up. Once it was semi dry he made her hair tangle free by the strock of comb. Now he sniffed her freshly washed hair and took the scissor and strated cutting her locks just half of its length in U shape.She knowing that it was being done in my concurrence didnot protest. Her thick wavy locks statred falling on ground. Once he was done with shortening the length he started shaping it reducing the length a bit more. The room was full of aroma with freshly shampooed hair. Once he was done with that I asked David to give her some bangs. She didnt expect that atall .He noded with great enthusiasm and parted her open flowing hair into three parts an comb the hair over her forehead covering her face . She layerd her hair with shortest strand reaching her eyes and longest one reaching her half of face in both sides kipping her parting of hair at the middle. Once the cutting was over he started applying some hair vitalizer and massaged it thoroughly from top to bottom. He gathered  tilted her head backward and then released her hair to spread it over her back. He placed his fingers deep inside her bangs and closed it  and gave it a yank to shake her from her thought.

He then asked Paro to stand up and showed me the length of her hair.As it was in U shape the longest strand of her half drenched silky wavy mane now reaching just middle of her back and shortest strand at stood at armpits length.But it was still wavy and thick. Once it was over I took her to our home and while sitting in a a stool just behind her while oiling her hair that night I asked her take care of her mane to grow it in length to cut it again as I desire.

David called me at dead of the night and said lets do it again once it grow in its full glory.

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