Infinitus Hair

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Cheryl wandered down the high street, glad at the thought of having attended her last ever lecture at university. Years of hard work were nearly at an end with final exams and graduation ball being the only items left. Her parents had urged her to keep going with her higher education even after she was offered a glamour modelling contract after an agent spotted her sunbathing on a beach in Ibiza. Cheryl’s easy smile, blue eyes, 5’10” body, perfectly proportioned ass, voluptuous breasts and thick copper red hair that could just about reach her ass had been what the agent said attracted him to her. Despite the fact the money would have come easy and she would have been one of few ginger haired glamour models she turned down the contract and opted to stick with university.
She turned to take the short-cut she always took to avoid the bustling and frantic town square, her french braided hair swung from side to side to match her easy stride. Usually Cheryl took little notice of her surroundings when she made her journeys from university to the station, preferring to listen to music or audiobooks. This time she just happened to look up at the right time to see a sign she had never seen before overhanging a door with stairs inside that obviously led to the shop downstairs.
The sign read “INFINITUS HAIR :The ultimate tailored hair experience you will never forget”.
Cheryl remembered her usual salon would be closing down soon and she had been meaning to start looking for a new one. Although the tag line seemed too boastful for her liking, the sign itself looked extremely professional and well maintained. The only odd thing was there was no phone number, no fax or website address. She decided that since she had time before her train came she would investigate further and went inside the door and down the stairs.
As she reached the bottom of the steps Cheryl found herself in what looked like a very simple reception. Laminate wood flooring, a doorway with a thick black curtain across it and another that simply read ‘Staff Only’ were the only other entrances on the opposite wall and in front of her an elegant glass-topped desk that had a woman sitting at it doing papers. Upon noticing Cheryl’s presence, the woman looked up.
“Can I help you?” she asked politely, in a soft voice.
“Yes” replied Cheryl, hushing her voice slightly “I saw your sign outside. Are you open?”
She studied the woman across from her. She guessed she was about the same age as her. She sat bolt upright, legs crossed underneath to one side, blonde hair hanging loosely down her shoulder in a loose side-pony, immaculate white blouse buttoned to the top and pencil skirt that went to her knees, black stockings and black high heeled shoes shinned to mirror sheen. A simple name tag was attached to her blouse denoting the woman as ‘Grace’.
“You saw the sign outside?” the woman quizzed, “You saw how we offer a tailored only service?”
Cheryl was starting to feel a little uneasy. The woman, the desk and the black curtain were unnerving, but the silence was what puzzled her the most. Salons shouldn’t be so quite during the day.
“Yes. What does that mean exactly? A ‘tailored’ hair service. I’ve never heard of such a thing.”
The woman smiled and looked down at her desk. Pulling out a drawer, she took out a large multi-paged document and an equally large brown envelope and placed them in front of Cheryl.
The woman looked up to her, making full eye contact to be sure she was being listened to.
“This is a questionnaire. If you choose to fill it out it will be what your hair experience is based and created upon. Please read it thoroughly and understand every piece of information in it. Make sure to answer every question in as much detail as possible as anything left out may affect our service to you. If you take this home and choose not fill it out or send it to us please destroy the questionnaire. However if you do complete it, please send it back to us in that envelope with your preferred date and time along with a cheque for your 10% non-refundable deposit.”
Cheryl couldn’t help but be mesmerized by this. She was always intrigued by unique and quirky services that tried to offer more than their counter parts.
“Do you know much the total service cost is?” she asked
“Yes” came the soft reply, “Five thousand pounds”
Cheryl blinked several times, trying to wrap her head around the obscenely high number. The woman noticed her apprehension and immediately cut in.
“Miss you must understand. Our service is highly specific to the individual so requires a great deal of effort, time and resources to get it correct. Please, take a look at our comments book if you need more evidence of this.”
The woman pushed a leather bound book towards her. Cheryl opened it and immediately noticed two very strange things. There were hardly any entries for the last 3 months and if she looked further back she noticed the location that was signed seemed to change at least twice a year. Again the woman interjected.
“We only stay in a city for few months before we move onto the next. As you can understand our client base is small and exclusive.”
Cheryl took in what the woman had to say before returning to the comments. Each one more positive than the last, “I’ve never felt so alive!”, “This experience was priceless, nothing can compare!”, “Will be certain to book again when they return!” and so on it went.
Cheryl thought for a while. She had a good deal of money saved and was looking for a big purchase to treat herself after finishing university.
“Will you still be here in a couple of months after I’ve had my exams and graduation ball?”
Again a smile came across the woman’s face,
“We’ll be waiting for you.”
Cheryl didn’t even look at the questionnaire until the night after her last exam. The questions where extremely personal. Everything from relationships with parents and family to sexual orientation, preferences and a listing of all sexual experiences. Cheryl’s list was very long. University left little time for a boyfriend so she had had more than her fair share of one night stands and no strings attached relationships. She had even dabbled in lesbianism for a brief time during a long holiday with friends. The last few questions were all regarding hair. What had it been in the past, what hers represented to her and what preferences she had in other peoples hair. She deliberated one final time before sending away the brown envelope.
The day finally came and Cheryl was back at the top of the stairs. Her hair poker straight hair standing off her strapless black mini dress coupled with platform heels. She was planning a night on the town after this haircut,  however it turned out.
She descended the stairs and entered the room. The same woman sat at the desk looking identical to how she did last time. Looking up she greeted her warmly and invited her to sit down in front of her. Cheryl handed over her payment and sat back.
Once the woman was happy the money was in order she looked up at her.
“Now, what have you decided as your safe word?” she asked delicately.
Cheryl thought back to when she had discovered this was required. The questionnaire had read, “The experience will not cause any physical harm or pain. Neither will it cause any permanent change in your appearance, such as tattoos or piercings. However the experience may cause clients emotional distress and for those moments when that seems too much or unwanted, we require you to have a safety word that will stop the experience immediately.”
“Bunnies. My safe word is bunnies.”
“Very good” the woman smiled, “Please go through the black curtain. You’ll find a robe to change into and please take off your shoes, you should be barefoot for your experience. Once you’ve changed please continue through the curtains and wait on the other side. Once you have passed through second curtain your experience will begin. We have found it best if clients say as little as possible once the experience has began, unless they are asked to or it is to say their safe word. Your stylist is Vicki.”
With that the woman stood and went through other door marked ‘Staff Only’, leaving Cheryl to go through the curtain. Cheryl removed her shoes before she got up and carried them with her through the curtain folds. She found a turquoise robe hanging which she changed into. Looking down she noticed the material was so thin and the cut so short she may as well have been wearing nothing at all. Unperturbed, she walked through the second set of curtains.
She emerged into a windowless room. A floor and walls were covered in shiny black marble tiles which reflected the light perfectly from the numerous spotlights. The ceiling was covered in mirrored panels which made the room seem massive. Cheryl saw a large cabinet on the far wall, to her left a wash station and to her right a huge mirror with a trolley sat in front of a massive, almost throne like, black barbers chair.
“You must be Cheryl…” said a sultry voice.
Cheryl looked around and this time noticed the other woman in the room. She stood with hip cocked, looking Cheryl up and down.The reason Cheryl had missed her was because she was wearing a full-body black rubber catsuit which camouflaged her slightly. The front zipper was open all the way down to her naval so it barely held her bust in. Her hair was a gorgeous violet purple and was drawn back tightly into a high ponytail. This must be Vicki she thought with amusement.
She remembered what she was told about speaking and gave a simple nod in reply.
“Lets get you washed up Cheryl, take a seat” said the Vicki, as she gestured towards the wash station.
Cheryl cautiously stepped towards the station and watched Vicki walk to behind the bowl, she noticed the woman was wearing 6-inch platform heels that made her noticeably taller than her. As she reached the bowl she suddenly felt for the first time in her life quite small. As she turned and sat she felt the woman’s hands on her, lifting her hair up and placing a soft towel around her shoulders. Despite the rubber gloves from the catsuit Vicki’s touch didn’t feel alien at all. She felt herself being brought back to the bowl, looking up to see the woman standing over her. She could also see her reflection in the ceiling. The tiny gown had already ridden up her legs and she was dangerously close to revealing all.
The sound of the water flowing from the tap filled the room. She closed her eyes, trying to relax, trying to imagine this was like any other time she had had her hair washed. She had decidedly the day before she wasn’t going to be ‘broken’ and say her safety word and was going to keep an open mind. The environment and the woman in the catsuit had been a little jarring, but not nothing she couldn’t handle.
The tone of the gushing water changed as it hit her hair, she felt the weight of her hair get heavier ever so slightly as it dampened. The temperature was perfect, warm but not hot. She felt the woman’s hands on her head moving slowly and carefully, not allowing any water to intrude into her eyes. The movements of Vicki were almost lovingly gentle, occasionally applying tiny amounts of pressure to around her temples to relax her. She heard a faint pumping sound and a pause while what she guessed was shampoo was being applied. A honey and vanilla scent filled the room and it was intoxicating. She glanced up to see the Vicki had an easy smile on her face. Cheryl, sensing little danger, closed her eyes to focus on the feel of the woman’s hands and the lovely smell. It felt like it had been nearly 30 minutes before she felt a towel being wrapped around her head, the chair slowly rise up from the wash bowl and she opened her eyes.
“Over to my barbers chair please Cheryl hun” said the woman softly.
She walked over to the chair and carefully stepped up and into it, trying her best to keep her dignity. She was high up and the slightly arched seat of the barbers chair made controlling the robe difficult. After a couple of adjustments and crossing her legs she settled down hands on armrests and looked dead ahead. A smile crossed her face as she looked at herself, almost naked, hair in a towel, sitting in a massive barbers chair. She noticed the chrome detailing on it was polished to perfection and the leather itself had no splits or imperfections. She hadn’t expected it to be so comfy. A quick glance around the mirror, the tiles, everywhere. The place was exquisitely clean.
Vicki walked across behind her toward the cabinet. Cheryl saw her arms where now bare and that the catsuit cut off at her shoulders. She guessed Vicki had been wearing long gloves had only needed them for washing her hair. She heard her moving things around in the cabinet so she decided to turn and have a good look at her hair. The purple dye job looked recent, no sign of roots and the colour didn’t look faded at all. Did this women have her hair dyed just to do this haircut she wondered?
The woman came across the room and placed a few items in the trolley. The stainless steel drawers made every movement of instrument even more pronounced, almost like a nurse preparing tools in a surgery. A hair-dryer with attachments, roller brush, styling brush and a can of hairspray. She noticed that the woman also now had a styling pouch hanging loosely from a belt around her waist which had a number of hair clips on it. As the woman turned to walk behind the chair she delicately ran her finger up Cheryl’s arm. She still wasn’t sure if she was trying to calm her down or make her more tense. Standing behind her Vicki reached up and casually undid the towel.
Cheryl stared confused for a second, then let out let out a gasp. The hair that dropped down out of the towel wasn’t her copper red, but BLACK. Her mouth lay open in disbelief as she lifted some of her hair up with her hands to see with her own eyes. Jet black like a raven, no mistaking it. She snapped her eyes to the mirror to look at Vicki. Then she started to realize what had happened. Whatever had been used on her clearly wasn’t shampoo, but a rinse dye of some sort. It had been heavily perfumed to mask the smell of it and Vicki needed the gloves to protect herself. She suddenly felt very shaken. Not a hair on her head had been cut or styled and already she had lost control.
“It’s my own mix. Why should we have to put up with that horrid smell when we dye our hair?” teased Vicki as she ruffled some of her hair. She was grinning, vividly. Obviously her idea of shocking her with the surprise colour change had had its desired effect. She produced a tail comb from her pouch and started to section out Cheryl’s hair, flicking and twisting hair up before clipping it up.
Cheryl was breathing slowly and deeply, trying to calm herself back down. She had considered going a little darker a couple of times in her life and even gone to the trouble of buying a DIY hair dye kit that was closer to a deep red than her natural ginger but had never used it. Staring at herself she pondered the new colour. A bit bold for her usual self but she liked it, it gave her a very vampiress look which she adored. She watched Vicki continue to arrange her hair and wondered what cut she might have in store for her. She would have had ample noticed of her appearance since she included a few pictures of herself from different angles as part of the questionnaire.
Vicki had finally pinned most of Cheryl’s hair up, leaving a sectioned portion just at the nape of her neck out.
“Head down hun…” Came the soft but firm instruction, along with hands on the back of her head just to help ease her forward. Cheryl noticed a pair of scissors had now appeared in Vicki’s hand and that they had a purple tint on them, the same as her hair.
Cheryl looked down submissively and found herself looking down at her own cleavage. No cape or gown seemed odd, but then, she wasn’t wearing any clothes, what was there for the cape to protect? She felt the comb being drawn through the section of her at her nape again and waited.
The sound of the scissors was barely audible and yet they screamed in her ears, she couldn’t feel how much was being cut and neither could she see. Not knowing was going on was torturous, but she daren’t move to try and see in case she caused Vicki to make a mistake, or worse, give her a much harsher haircut than originally intended. A drip of water started to run down her nose, she watched it, fixated on it. Anything to distract herself from wanting to look up.
“First cut’s done. You can look up now hun.” said Vicki as she reached up to undo a pinned section.
Cheryl drew her eyes up slowly, realizing she couldn’t see the back of the chair too see how much she was taking off she searched the floor around the base of the chair in the mirror. It took a moment because of the new colour, but she could see what was around 8 inches of length on the floor. She breathed easy. This wasn’t unlike her usual trip to a salon, she would simply let her hair grow out for 8 or 9 months before she had the ends cut down. The already frayed and split ends probably wouldn’t have faired too well with the colour change and she would end up having to have them taken off anyway.
Vicki continued working around the back, electing to keep the layers that Cheryl’s hair already had. It suited her thickness and fullness quite well she thought, the stylist that put these in was no fool. She was happy with how everything had gone so far, the black dye had taken perfectly and her client wasn’t freaking out yet, not much at least from what she could tell. She had deliberately put the sections up in-tune with Cheryl’s natural central part, so not to alert her to impending change.
Cheryl watched curiously as Vicki undid the last two sections at the top and instead drawing her comb through them to merge them with the rest of the length of the cut she started to section around an inch back from her hairline. With delicate ease she brought the rest of the sections in line with the rest of the cut leaving a lot of long hair hanging in front of Cheryl’s face. Vicki, then started to comb the hair straight down and Cheryl realized, she was getting a fringe. A thick fringe! The amount of her thick hair Vicki was bringing forward acted like a veil, but Cheryl didn’t need to watch, she knew what was coming next.
Hair dropped down, revealing her left eye just underneath the start of a block fringe. Cheryl could only watch aghast, slightly open mouthed. She hadn’t had a fringe since she was 11 years old. She felt the scissors slide in just over her right eye and with a soft *shrink* she watched trimmings of her hair about 2 feet long slide down onto her lap. Another snip and more hair dropped to her lap with a soft plop. Vicki re-adjusted the scissors, this time cutting at a slight angle so it framed the face slightly. Cheryl felt Vicki’s hand on her chin, making her look up just slightly. The scissors stayed steady, snipping her hair to an arrow straight line across her brow.
Vicki continued snipping around her brow for a few more minutes before stepping back and smiling, satisfied. She replaced her scissors and comb back in her pouch and went to the tray, picking the hair-dryer up and plugging it in in a hidden socket behind the edge of the mirror. The loud *whoosh* filled the room from the dryer and Cheryl felt the heat going through her hair. She was smiling, loving her new style, cursing her past self for not plucking up the courage to try something new with her hair earlier. Vicki grabbed the roller brush and started to style her long hair, using the narrow nozzle attachment on the dryer directly onto the wrapped hair. She took a little more care with her fringe using her comb and a little hair spray to make it as long as possible and then using her scissors again to fix a couple of stray hairs.
Vicki shut off the dryer and put it back on the trolley. Most of the trimmings from the cut had been blasted onto the floor by the dryer but as she turned back Vicki noticed a few snippets from Cheryl’s fringe had dropped down into the gown. She smiled delicately and walked to Cheryl in the chair, slipping her hand into the gown, brushing her navel slightly. She delicately caught the trimmings between two fingers slowly lifted her hand out, making a point of running her hand up between Cheryl’s boobs. Cheryl tensed a little, but didn’t react, she certainly didn’t mind being admired in that way.
“First part of your experience is done Cheryl hun, what do you think?” asked Vicki, giving her an encouraging nod to speak up.
“I love it. Oh my god I didn’t think I could look so good with black hair. Why did you have to hide you were doing that though?” Cheryl stood up out of the chair, looking at her hair new look in the mirror from as many angles as she could.
“For effect, and I noticed you’ve never had a colour change. As you can see…”, Vicki gave her purple ponytail a little flick, “I’m quite a patron of fun hair colours and I just wanted to show you how harmless it is”
“I would have to seriously think about going as radical as you. So you said ‘first part’, what’s coming next?” queried Cheryl, now genuinely wondering what was coming next.
Vicki gave her a smile and put a finger to her lips, motioning her to keep quite.
“Grace, we’re ready for you now.” Vicki called back to the curtain.
Cheryl looked round to the curtain and watched as the receptionist who had welcomed her entered the room carrying a stool. As she passed Cheryl she gave a little smile and placed the stool beside the barbers chair and climbed up into the chair herself.
Vicki took Grace’s hair back and undid the side pony and started putting it into her own low ponytail while she talked to Cheryl.
“Sit down Cheryl hun” Vicki motioned to the stool. Cheryl sat, entranced to see what would be happening next. Vicki continued,
“One of the best things about being a hairdresser is that you posses so much power over a person. How they look and how they are perceived. Too often these days people’s perception of themselves are just plain wrong and it takes a strong minded hairdresser to steer them towards something better. Sometimes we manage it, sometimes we don’t.”
Vicki had got Grace’s hair into the low ponytail but wasn’t stopping. She got another band and started putting it in around an inch and a half down from the first at the base of her nape.
“Now for your experience Grace has agreed to give over full control of her hair, which is the dream scenario for someone who knows her mind and isn’t a afraid to take action.”
Vicki had now put 5 hair bands in total into Grace’s hair. One at the base of her nape and four more down her ponytail, all with same distance in between. Cheryl noticed Grace’s hair was around the same length as hers now was.
“So Cheryl, it’s up to you. How much is Grace going to lose?” Vicki asked as held the scissors out for Cheryl.
Cheryl looked at the scissors and blinked hard, looked to Grace in the chair and then Vicki. Slowly a grin crept across and she stood, taking the scissors from Vicki. Vicki stepped aside, allowing Cheryl to move in behind the chair.
Cheryl had never cut anyone’s hair before, had never even considered doing it until now. Now she was being given the chance to cut someone else’s hair with next to no restrictions. She guessed the extra bands in Grace’s long blonde hair were just a guide to help her and make it simple. She inspected the ponytail and noticed it looked extremely brittle, split and damaged passed the fourth band down. She took a deep breath and decided, sliding the the scissors just above the fourth band. She glanced in the mirror at Grace, who just sat casually smiling.
She closed the scissors onto the hair with a loud *SNAP*. The cut hadn’t gone all the way through, a little less than half the strands clung on onto the dangling chunk of tattered hair. Cheryl moved the scissors across and took another deep breath and closed them again, hard. The severed lock of hair fell to the floor onto Cheryl’s bare feet. She bent down and lifted it up, starting between it and the shortened ponytail, the three remaining bands still holding tight.
“Is that your final decision? Your free to cut again if you’d like.” purred Vicki, her eyes glistening at Cheryl.
Cheryl bit her lip, trying to hid how much she had enjoyed what just happened. Vicki was right when she said one of the best things about being a hairdresser was the power. She wanted it to keep coming, she wanting to have it all! She slid the scissors in right above the top band, Grace had stopped smiling the false confident smile now. She could just look, a small sense of fear starting to come over her face. Cheryl took another deep breath, making sure to enjoy it the this time. She closed the scissors achingly slowly, the soft whisper of hair being cut drawn out as long as it could. As before the first cut didn’t sever the ponytail completely, Cheryl repeated the same motion as before, the scissors tugging a little at Grace’s hair.
As the second ponytail was cut the rest of Grace’s hair fell forward into a somewhat lopsided chin length bob. Grace let out a slight high pitched squeal, a flashing look of anger from Vicki in the mirror quickly quieted her back down though.
“Now that was certainly what I would call a haircut Cheryl. Well done!” said Vicki encouragingly, stepping in and giving Grace a little squeeze on the shoulder to keep her calm.
“I’ll just fix this up a little before we continue. On the stool please Cheryl hun.”
Cheryl sat back down, one lock of the blonde hair in her hand, the longer in the other. They looked so lonely to her, but she regretted nothing about her decision. She had paid big money for this, and wanted to get everything out of it as she could.
Vicki had gone back to the cabinet and returned with a vinyl black cape, the same as her catsuit, which was promptly draped over Grace almost enveloping her and the chair  She sat and watched Vicki reshape Grace’s hair slightly. Leaving the same length as the drastic chop had left at the front and moving Grace’s natural part back to the centre. Vicki worked fast and furious, taking even more length off the back and using scissor over to to trim down Grace’s nape as it led up into a stunning a-line bob. Vicki undid the cape and tossed it casually across the room. She took Grace’s arm and helped her out of the chair. Cheryl could see Grace was still visibly shaken by her brutal shearing, but she was a little stunned to see how Vicki calmed her down.
Vicki stood in close and brought Grace’s chin up with a finger a looked down into her eyes. She leant in and gave her a long, slow and passionate kiss, running her hands over her ass and starting to unzip her skirt. Grace responded almost instantly and started to undo her own blouse. Soon Grace was standing in nothing but a pair of high heeled shoes along with a matching red thong and lace bra.
Vicki gave her one last longing kiss before leaning and whispering in her ear, “You did great babe. I love your new hair too. Now you get your fun”
Both women gave Cheryl a lustful look as she sat in the stool, not sure where to look herself. She had guessed Vicki was experimental and maybe even gay, but the polite and official girl at reception wasn’t something she had anticipated. Vicki turned her back and went back to the cabinet while Grace stepped forward and took Cheryl’s hand. Cheryl went with her and with a little prompting from Grace slide herself back into the barbers chair. She was much less conscious of covering up this time given what had just happened and the semi-naked Grace who now stood before her.
Vicki walked passed the chair in the mirror. As she did she placed what looked like a digital timer in the trolley and started to plug something else into wall. Once she had turned to face Cheryl in the chair, deliberately keeping whatever she had just plugged in hidden behind her back.
“Now Cheryl, you chose Grace’s cut, and I personally think you made the best choice. She looks even sassier than before if that’s possible.” Vicki glanced briefly at Grace and the pair shared a knowing look.
“But don’t you think you should have to handle some sort of repercussion for just hacking off her hair? I mean, if a professional hairdresser did that and the client didn’t like the result they would be furious. The hairdresser might get fired and rightly so.”
Cheryl tensed up a little in the chair, she looked at Grace and was met with a devilish smirk.
“As it is though, your not a professional hairdresser so you can’t be fired from anything. Sooooooo…. I’ve devised a little game for us too see if you can deal with the results of your actions.”
Slowly Vicki brought her hand from her back, revealing a pair a golden bladed Oster clippers.
The colour drained from Cheryl’s face as she fixated on the clippers. They looked a little different from clippers she was used to seeing hanging on the wall at the barber’s when she had taken her brother for haircuts. She inherently knew though that these clippers were as good as their counterparts at their job, cutting hair short. Cutting hair damn short!
Her safe word suddenly jumped into her head and she took an intake of breath, ready to shout it out. Vicki, almost as if she was reading her mind, cut in.
“Wait! Don’t think we’d be so cruel just to shave your head without even giving some chance of avoiding it. When you cut Grace’s hair you cut above the top band, the fifth band if you will. Each of those band’s represented a minute. If you had cut just above the first band you would get one minute, the second you would get two minutes and so on. Now, you cut above the top band so I’ll set the timer at five minutes.”
Vicki let her words hang for a moment, enabling Cheryl to regret her sudden greed for cutting hair with little regard for Grace or anything else. She was unsure whether more time was good or bad for this upcoming charade. Vicki stepped forward and set the clock to five minutes but didn’t start the countdown. At this point Grace stepped towards the chair and playfully ran her hand up Cheryl’s leg.
“Now listen very carefully Cheryl hun, because this is very important. Grace is the best lover I’ve ever known. She loves to please and to be pleased. You wouldn’t forget just five minutes with her.”
Grace had now undone the front of Cheryl’s robe. Cheryl moved to stop her pulling it open, but ended up just helping her. She wanted to see were this was going so badly.
“If, Cheryl, Grace can get you to climax then I get to shave you bald” Vicki fingered the clippers knowingly, “However if you can last five minutes without an orgasm, well firstly Grace will still finish you off. I know she’d hate to leave you hanging.”
Grace licked her lips delicately and gave Cheryl a wink. Vicki reached up and undid her ponytail, her purple hair tumble down and fall glisteningly just past her shoulders.
“IF you can hold out for five minutes then I’ll let you shave my head.”
Cheryl eyed her suspiciously, looking at Grace for some sort of confirmation. She just smiled, giving her a look she was only used to seeing from guys, that of pure lust.
“Oh please let me assure you I’m good for it. I convinced Grace to let you loose on her hair, how much of a hypocrite would I be if I didn’t put my mane on the line. Trust me, before we leave this room one of us will be bald.”
Grace was now suggestively sliding her hand up and down Cheryl’s inner thigh. She was just waiting to be given the chance to satisfy her.
“So Cheryl, what do you say, do we have a deal?” asked Vicki
Cheryl sat, naked aside from the gown over her shoulders. She hadn’t had a good night of passion or even sex since the day she had discovered this salon. Between exams, graduation, looking at career choices and sorting out a new flat she just hadn’t had the time. She was aching to feel the touch of someone, anyone! On top of that, the added incentive of getting to shave Vicki bald was powerful. She wanted to be able to cut hair again and wield the same power Vicki had over her all this time.
She looked at Vicki, and gave a curt nod.
Vicki just grinned in amusement. She placed the clippers the trolley and wheeled it behind the chair and moved the stool along with it. Vicki knocked a lever on the side of the chair and Cheryl felt herself slowly leaning back with the chair. Grace stepped across straddled the risen footrest, spreading Cheryl’s legs a little as she did. There was no headrest on the chair so Vicki pulled up the high stool and sat with Cheryl’s head in her lap. She held up the timer so both Grace and Cheryl could see, and with a loud *BEEP* the countdown started.
Cheryl lay back and relaxed, no man had ever got her to climax in less than 15 minutes, never mind 5. She felt Grace starting to kiss her inner thigh, slowly and passionately, working her way up to her pussy. Vicki meanwhile had placed the timer back on the trolley and picked up the clippers. She gave Cheryl’s ear a little stroke before drawing her fringe back and placing the clippers threateningly at her hairline. Cheryl was a little annoyed at this, as a last resort she was going to call out her safe word before any damage could be done if by some fluke she didn’t last the 5 minutes. Vicki clearly had had the same idea and wasn’t going to allow that.
Cheryl watched herself in the ceiling. The barbers chair, the woman in the black catsuit with her head in her lap and along with her newly cropped friend licking her out and her hair in the balance in the highest stakes sex game Cheryl had ever taken part in. She closed her eyes happily enjoying the feeling of Grace starting to kiss and suck at her lips, a warm feeling started to spread inside her.
A few moments passed and Cheryl could feel herself being more and more aroused. Vicki had been right, Grace was a fantastic lover. Cheryl started to wonder if this had been such a good idea and started thinking about her safe word again. Just a little longer though, it can’t hurt just to enjoy it a little longer. She tried to look to the clock to see how much time had passed but Vicki used her arm to obstruct her view. Cheryl could feel her emotion building, her gut tightening and could feel herself beginning to intuitively push against Grace a little, try to give her more leverage. She closed her eyes, trying to draw her mind away from what was happening, trying to distract herself. The cool steel against her brow brought her back though.
The moment started to build. She start to breath hard and deep, gasping in enjoyment. She bit her lip, fighting back a moan of pleasure, trying hold the euphoria at bay. But it was too much, she let it happen. She arched her back in the chair and cried in ecstasy. She lost herself in the moment, forgetting everything around her except the feeling rushing through.
A loud click and the buzzing seemed like a dream to Cheryl as she lay in embrace of orgasm. What felt like the world’s greatest massage ran through the middle of her head followed by a strange coolness. The realization started to creep over her. She didn’t want to open her eyes, she wanted to stay in that heavenly place. The buzzing returned, a little to the right of were she had felt it before. This time she could not ignore the feeling, the scrunching noise as the clippers bit and her hair seemingly sliding down away from her. She could feel the clippers moving over her head, almost in slow motion. Another pass went by and this time she forced her eyes open.
For the second time tonight she couldn’t recognize the woman looking back at her from the ceiling. Her fringe, her fringe that she had only just got but nevertheless adored had disappeared and been replaced by the faintest stubble. Vicki leaned down gave the newly shorn section a kiss.
“It looks better already hun” she smiled sadistically.
She knocked the lever in the chair and Cheryl felt herself rising back up again to face the mirror. Grace was still standing there, looking proud as punch.
“On you go and get cleaned up Grace” Vicki instructed, “Once you have make sure to bring over the other gear” She reached back and checked the timer which showed a little over four minutes had past. The gamble had been worth it and she turned off the timer.
Cheryl wanted to scream out, kick out, just do anything. But she couldn’t she just frozen, expressionless. Again her safeword entered her mind. Too late for that now, she would have to let Vicki finish shaving her or she would look positively insane. Vicki eased her head to one side running the clippers up and around her ear. Waves of long hair slid down uselessly into her lap. She angrily pushed it off onto the floor and did up the gown, wondering why she hadn’t just said ‘Bunnies’ before she came like she had intended.
“Head right down Cheryl” Vicki instructed. She did so dutifully, shivering as she felt the clippers run up the full length of her neck. Expecting to feel the weight of her hair fall back down onto her neck, but instead a cool breeze from Vicki’s breath. She heard what must have been Grace returning through the curtain and walking behind the chair towards the cabinet. More hair fell past her ears and down into her lap. She closed her eyes trying to hold back tears. She didn’t know why she wanted to cry, she was angry and perplexed more than sad.
“Calm down hun, you have no idea how good you’ll look” came Vicki’s voice. It sounded like genuine warmth to Cheryl, but how could she even conceive to the idea of looking good bald. She heard the clippers click off and being placed back on the trolley.
Taking a slow breath, she readied herself and opened her eyes.
“Oh….” was all she could manage, forgetting the no talking rule out of sheer surprise. She actually looked ok bald, better than ok even. In her mind she started comparing herself to Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and Karen Gillan. To her mind she looked better than all of those women with long hair, so why should having no hair be any different?
A smile broke across her face and had to hold her hand to her mouth to hold back a fit of giggling.
“I think she likes it Grace.” Vicki commented to her friend, who had now returned and placed a Gillette razor, a can of shaving cream, a towel and a bowl of water on the trolley.
“She looks as good as you when you had yours shaved Vicki.” Grace replied, who now had her own turquoise gown on over her lingerie.
Cheryl looked in amazement to Vicki who shrugged in reply.
“I had mine done like yours when I did my Infinitus experience. This is how far I’ve grown it out so far. You got it lucky Cheryl, when I had mine done I didn’t get a safeword. I was strapped to that chair and I was forcibly shaved bald by some shabby old man. It was meant as a punishment for my treatment of my stepdad and how vain I was. Anyway, he taught me everything about how to run ‘Infinitus Hair’ and I took over from him. Grace here was my first client, a devout catholic who was about as dull as her hair was. She really embraced the experience once I got her into it and she works with me now.”
Grace stepped in now,
“And I’m glad she did. Now Cheryl, this next part is completely your choice. What you have at the moment is what is known as a clippershave. I can give you a razor shave if you’d like. It looks cleaner than a clippershave but to be honest it’s more an experience thing. It’ll grow back to what it is now in a few days.”
Cheryl thought for a moment, and nodded.
“You can talk now by the way” Vicki said, “That part’s over”
Cheryl blushed a little before saying, “Ye sure, go ahead. I might as well go the full way if I’ve come this far.”
“That’s the spirit” chirped Grace as she took up the shaving foam and starting spreading it over Cheryl’s head.
The cool foam was very relaxing to Cheryl. Any tension she had still felt from the shocks of the evening started to melt away.
“I’m really sorry about your hair Grace. I genuinely am. I just don’t know what came over me.” admitted Cheryl, suddenly remembering why Grace’s hair looked so clean and crisp.
“Oh don’t be sorry. I just wasn’t expecting you to be so ruthless and confident that’s all. I was planning to get Vicki to take most of that off anyway. You probably saw yourself, the ends were a joke.”
Grace finished off spreading the shaving cream and grabbed the razor and bowl of water. She started from her crown and worked her way forward, going with the grain. To Cheryl it felt like a cat was licking at her head, very sensual and enjoyable.
Vicki had stayed silent, standing to one side up till now,
“By the way, your free to become a member of ‘Infititus Hair’ if you’d like Cheryl. It means you might get to be have a role in someone else’s experience and maybe help plan it out. You interested?”
Cheryl didn’t even hesitate to reply,
“Of course I’m interested. And after tonight I’m up for just about anything”
Grace finished shaving her head but re-applied the shaving cream. Cheryl was a little confused until she saw Grace now shaving against the grain.
“Good grief that’s going to be smooth….” she commented happily to no one in particular.
A look of recollection came across Vicki’s face and she went off to the cabinet again. Cheryl could begin to see her totally bald self emerge from under the shaving cream. Her skin seemed a little lighter than her normal tone but because of her very fair complexion it wasn’t stark or off putting. Vicki returned and handed a bottle of something to Grace who promptly started to spread the cool clear cream over Cheryl’s head.
“After shave balm. Same principle as when you shave your legs” Vicki commented before producing what look like a large pile of hair and holding it out for Cheryl,
“Its the same colour as what you came in with, the cut’s just past bra length with a long sweeping fringe. It’s up to you whether or not you want to wear it. I’d suggest you keep it for cold days at least.”
Cheryl turned over the mound of hair and suddenly realised she was holding a wig that looked like her hair. She knew it wasn’t, her hair was black and lying on the floor under her, but to anyone that knew her this could easily be her hair.
“I’ll keep it for interviews and things. Like you say.” she said with a thankful smile.
She felt Grace pat her down with the towel, an indication that she was finished. Cheryl ran her hands up her neck and all over her head, soaking in the new sensations and feeling the intricate contours of her nape and scalp for the first time.
Vicki went to the mirror and leaned in behind it, pulling out a camera that was sitting on a tripod stand. Cheryl eyed the camera inquisitively.
“There’s three more of them hidden in the ceiling and around the room.” said Vicki, “Give me a week and I’ll edit together a video for you of the whole thing and send it on to you.”
Cheryl could only feel happy. She had gone on the roller-coaster from hell and heaven and had come out the other side intact and with mementos to go with it. She got out of the chair, taking Grace by the arm over to Vicki and embracing them both together, thanking them both with complete affection.
Three years later, Cheryl was sitting on the sofa next her fiancée chatting about everything and anything they could think of.
“You know, you’ve never actually told me why you had a freshly shaved head the night I met you.” he declared. “Your friends told me they had no idea you had done it or were thinking of doing it. What on earth happened?”
Cheryl smiled,
“I’ll show you.”
She got up, went to the movie drawer and rummaged around before pulling out a disc marked “Infinitus Hair: My Experience”.

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