Inspiration in the Railway Station

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It was a sunny Friday afternoon. Two weeks of vacation awaited Anita. Two weeks of boredom, she thought to herself, still, it was better than working on a no prospect nine to five job.

Today she had taken a few hours off to avoid the weekend rush, she would manage to get the 15:23 fairly easy.

She made it to the platform twenty minutes early.  On the other side of the platform the international train, due to departure at 15:18 was waiting. Outside she saw four guys talking to a woman with a body like hers  – slightly overweight, with all the right curves – wearing a cotton black dress, skirt above the knees and  strap top. She had an ugly black and white  tattoo of a black heart with a white banner saying “Gerald’s Girl” on  her arm and was sporting a very short white flattop hairdo.

Anita couldn’t take her eyes of her. She didn’t understand this. All those guys drooling at someone who didn’t look half as good as she did, while she never could even get a date. She found it fascinating. She took out her mobile, pretending to make a phone call, and took some pictures of this woman. She even taped a small clip when the woman walked to the train door. She could hardly believe it ,  the woman was stopped by a man trying to make conversation. A few minutes later the train left and Anita still  was in  shock. What was it? Was it the dress? Her train arrived in time for a change, it even left in time, without her.

She was on a quest, she would find out why that woman was a man magnet while she was a man scare. She vowed that by the end of the weekend she wouldn’t be a virgin anymore.

She wandered through town to the area where all the groovy shops were. Punkish second hand clothes, tattoo artists, strange bars.  She was at a loss as she didn’t know where to start.

Anita decided to enter one of the bigger stores,  one that almost looked like a regular shop. Inside there were all  kind of strange people running around. They looked at her strangely. She really stood out as a sour thumb.

A girl in a red mini dress and a short fire engine red Mohawk came up to her.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“Well, I was wondering…  can you make me look more sexy” Anita whispered.

“What do you have in mind?” the lady in red answered. She could tell Anita was very nervous talking about this in public.

“Follow me and we’ll talk it over”.

The girl led Anita through a corridor stacked with carton boxes and showed her into a odd looking room.  A man with blue hair was sitting there smoking a cigarette. Red motioned him he should

“Now tell me, how do you define ‘Sexy’?”

“Well, I was waiting on a train and I noticed this lady attracting all kind of men, I was wondering if you can turn me into something like her?”

“Can you tell me what she looks like?”

“I can do better, I have pictures”. Anita showed her the photo’s and the little clip.

“Oh, that’s Sylvie, she came in here this morning. Her hair was even longer than yours it now, I think it’s here somewhere”. Red  started looking in some boxes and pulled out a long braid of dark blonde hair. “That man in  the three piece suit, that’s Gerald,  her husband, he got this makeover for his birthday. I must say he was mighty pleased with it too. We can give you something similar if you want”

“Can you do better?” Anita inquired.

“We can always try, Unfortunately Mac isn’t here for the moment, he’ll be back later. Let’s start with sorting out some clothes”.

Red led Anita back to the store. She led her to a rack of black dresses and started browsing through them. She took one out  and motioned Anita to try it on.

When Anita reemerged from the fitting area, she was dressed in a tight, sleeveless black dress with a skirt just up to her knees.

“Ah, it’s almost perfect” Red approved. “You should try it without your underwear”. It was true, it did look good over all, but you could see what she was wearing underneath. Anita went back and removed her underwear and presented the dress again.

“Much better, though I think that little bulge down there makes you look like a chick with a dick”.

Anita looked in a long mirror and could see the problem. “But if I wear a panty you can see that, so maybe we should try another dress”

“Nonsense, “ Red replied, “We just got to get rid of the bush and it’ll be amazingly sexy”

Anita’s eyes popped open. She had never considered removing her pubes. She knew a lot of women did that though, she had heard men found that attractive – at least some of them. Well, she wanted to be a man trap, maybe that would do it.

“Oh, we can do that?” Anita wondered.

“Sure we can, by the way, let’s go back to the smoking area”.

Anita picked up her hold clothes and put them in the bag Red had given her and followed her back to the room.

“The shop’s closing in a few minutes, “ the red lady said, “but I surely have the time to finish you off, Mac and I don’t have any immediate plans for tonight. By the way, I’m Rita”.

“I’m Anita” Anita replied, “ that would be wonderful”

“And because we do it after hours we can charge less “ Rita winked.

Anita got the message. Luckily she had plenty of cash for the moment, she had saved up for a trip during her weeks off and hadn’t decided where to go to yet. “Oh, I can pay the full fee I think” Anita stuttered .

“That’s great Nit” Rita replied, “Please sit down, have a drink”

Before Anita could say no, Rita had poured out a large glass of whiskey, put some ice cubes in it and shoved it in Anita’s hand. Anita was flabbergasted,  being a nice girl she sipped from it.

“I’ll get my kit, be right back”, Rita told Nit (as she seemed to call Anita). “Just chill out a bit”.

Nit drank a bit from her glass, and inspected her dress. It did look nice, even if she was a bit overweight. Her breast looked fantastic, the big nipples showed nicely.

The blue haired man entered the room again and lighted a cigarette. He looked at Nit and offered her a cigarette. She hesitated for a second and thought, well if Sylvie smoked, why shouldn’t she give it a try, she took the cigarette, Blue gave her a light and now she was a smoker. She had always hated cigarettes but now she tried one she found cigarette smoke didn’t bother her that much .

Rita came back in with a beauty case in her hand. Nit was coughing, she clearly wasn’t used to smoking.

“Ah, your first cigarette, that’s a good idea. Sylvie didn’t smoke either when she entered.”  She put the beauty case down on a little table and took out a cigarette herself. She bowed over to Nit and lit her cigarette with Nit’s.

They relaxed smoking their cigarettes. When  Rita put out the bud and yawned  “Oh, I think I’d better get started. Maybe you should keep smoking, it’ll keep your mind off of things, it’s gonna hurt a little. Pete, can you be a gent and get a package of cigarettes for Nit?”

Blue haired Pete, left the room. Rita gave Nit a cigarette which Nit lit with the smoldering stump she had been sucking.

“Can you sit on this sofa?” Rita commanded. Nit obeyed while having another big inhale followed by some coughing.

Rita pulled up the skirt  and spread the legs wide. She opened the beauty case and took out a small set of battery powered clippers. She  bowed over and dived between the knees. It didn’t take long before a buzzing sound filled the room and some strange ticklish vibrations made Nit giggle. That wasn’t painful.

Pete arrived back just in time to hand over a new packet of cigarettes – Nit had just finished hers.  As she took her first inhale of the new stick, the buzzing stopped. Nit tried to make smoke figures exhaling as Rita rummaged through her beauty case. Nit was paying much attention, she was enjoying herself smoking and watching Pete eye her over all the time. She was slightly aware of some warm fabric being put on her privates. She was much more aware of the yanking pain she felt as Rita pulled the waxed strip.

“Ouch, that hurt” Nit said “Can I have a look at that”. She took the strip and looked at it carefully. The honey brown strip looked like fly trap, but instead of the bugs it was littered with short curly hairs. Nit’s curly hairs. As she studied it very carefully another burst of pain waved over her. “I hope it will look good”

After several of the pain waves, Nit was getting used to it. She was almost sad when Rita stooped putting waxed strips down under.

“Finished”, Rita cheered as she bowed over and kissed  Nit’s newly bare treasure. She gave it a fast lick on the clit which Nit seemed to enjoy.

Rita took some ointment out of the beauty case and started oiling up Nit’s bottom.  That felt so good, Nit thought.

“Too bad we can’t do that again”, Nit sighed, but maybe you should do my armpits as well?”

Rita agreed and got to work. Nit kept pulling up and down her skirt while opening and closing her legs looking for Pete’s reaction.

Pete noticed that and came and bowed over to have a look.

“You know what would be great,” he suggested, “if we’d tattoo your name above your grotto, that would be cool” and he put his hand on her mons veneris to feel the smoothness. And  smooth it was.

Nit looked cross and with her one free arm pulled down her skirt. “Maybe we can do that later, but not now”.

Rita just finished up the second armpit and pulled Nit out of the sofa.

“Now that is better. What was that about the name tattoo?”  Rita pulled up the skirt “Oh yes Pete, that would be neat. Hey Nit, what about it? It’ll be at least another hour before Mac will be here to do your hair, you know, Pete here is pretty good with the needle, you should really consider it”

“But I don’t like tattoo’s, I mean, they’re like forever” Nit protested.

“Yeah, but they’re so sexy. They really turn on men.” Rita argued, “and isn’t that the point of this exercise?”.

So not before too long, Nit sat there with her legs wide spread and a blue haired man nosing between them. It tickled a bit, Nit always thought that having a tattoo would be very painful but this was alright.

Rita had convinced to let her do Nit’s nails in the mean time. First she removed the pink nail polish. Next she cut the nails very short. Rita slowly worked through all the manicure steps and finished it off by putting on black nail polish.

As Rita was packing up her beauty case, the door swung open and a tall man with clean shaven head entered the room. Rita put down her beauty case and went up to him to kiss him on the cheek. “

“What all this then” he asked.

“Oh Mac, that’s Nit, she wants to be as sexy as Sylvie, you know the girl we did this morning. Pete’s giving her a name tattoo”.

“That sounds like fun”, Mac replied, “I hope you need my skills as well. “ He  took off his jacket. “That mane looks like it needs a proper job by me”.

“Sure” Rita replied, “We would never do this without you Mac, we were waiting for you”.

“Good” he said as he rubbed over her short red hair and let his hand glide down her dress to squeeze her breast.

“Nearly done” Pete uttered

Mac undressed his hand, took Rita’s cigarette, inhaled once and gave it back to her. “Good, I’ll get started”. He opened a drawer and took something out of it. Then he walked to a bunch of boxes and selected one.

“Done” Pete exclaimed. He took a sponge and cleaned of the excess ink. Rita looked down inquisitive.  “Wow, great job Pete” she whispered admiringly.  “Nit, do you want to see it?” Rita grabbed a hand mirror and held it in front of the tattoo. Although Nit could only see it mirrored she could make out in big gothic lettering “Nit”. The dot above the I looked like a louse nit and under it was a beautiful blue rose which seemed to grow from under her clit hood.

“Oh, that’s just beautiful “ Nit gasped. Can you do me another one on my upper arm?” She inquired.

“Sure”, Pete said, “What do you want done”.

“A dick, I want to be a chick with a dick.” Nit joked.

“On your upper arm for all to see?”

“You can make it so they don’t recognize it, can’t you?”

“Sure and I can give it some girl power too” Pete replied

“If you could do that, that would be great” Nit replied fluttering her eyes .

“Enough about that,” Mac butted in, “time to start the hair. It’s gonna take a long time to bleach this mess. You’d better take off that dress hon, I don’t have a cape”

“Good idea”, Rita added, “you don’t want to mess up that back dress with bleach, it would be ruined and you haven’t paid for it yet”

Nit took off her dress and sat naked on the chair Mac had put in the middle of the room..

He grabbed Nit’s hair and pulled it in a pony tail. He pulled so hard it hurt, still Nit didn’t dare to utter a sound of protest, there was no mucking about with Mac it seemed.  He tied up the hair with an elastic band so tight it Nit could still feel the pull. He lit up a cigarette, nonchalantly took a straight razor , pulled the band down a little and started sawing through the thick ponytail. A few minutes later he had gone through the cord and caressed the severed locks while quietly moving towards the box and putting it in there.

Nit put her hand on the neck. Man that sure was short, but at least he couldn’t pull that hair  anymore.

Mac put on latex gloves and took out a plastic bottle. He pushed Nit’s head so that her chin was between her breasts. He poured the liquid in her hair and massaged it in real good. The he pulled her head back to continue on the front. A few minutes later she could hear the popping of Mac pulling off his gloves;

“There,  that’s that” he announced. “Got to let it work before we can do the next batch”

Again he stole Rita’s cigarette, he didn’t give it back this time, so Rita lit a new one.

Pete saw his chance. “On which arm do you want it Nit?” he asked.

Nit hadn’t had a smoke for a while now and she strangely felt the urge for another one. She was thinking as she lit up her cigarette. “The left one, I need the other one”. She inhaled once more.

Pete wetted her left upper arm and started shaving it with a disposable razor. He put a tattoo; stencil on her arm, checked and started inking the outlines.

Nit was just about to light her third cigarette when Mac reclaimed the stage. “It’s time”, he said.

Pete stopped working and Mac took Nit to a small bathroom he pushed her head under the tap and rinsed out the gooey stuff. He took a towel and dried her hair in a rather brutal way.  When he had finished Nit saw her reflection sported some weird orangey hair that spiked everywhere.

“Time for some colour” he remarked. And back they went to the smoking room.

During their absence Rita had prepared some strange blue mixture in a small bowl.

Mac took the bowl, stirred it to see if it was ready and then proceeded to smear it in Nit’s orange bloom.

Not much later, things were back to what they were a few minutes ago. Nit smoking a cigarette with plastered hair, Pete pushing ink in her upper left arm.

Mac and Rita left the room, Nit had run out of cigarettes and Pete was sweating in silence over his tattoo design.

Nit was relieved when Mac finally reentered the room, followed by a sulking Rita. Her bright red Mohawk and disappeared, her skull was a smooth as could be, not a single hair to be seen. Her skin had a reddish tone which was a little brighter where the Mohawk had been.

“I’m out of cigarettes”, Nit moaned. Nobody seemed to pay any attention.  Mac studied Nit’s hair as he put on another set of latex gloves.  “Rita, go get the girl a new packet and stop giving that lip. You needed an  update”

Rita left the room,

“It’s time “ Mac said.

Pete immediately stopped his work “It’s nearly finished, we can do the rest after the haircut”

“Nah, I’m only need to wash it out, gonna finish off Rita first. She needs to be the hottest doll of the party tonight. Are you sure you won’t come Pete?”

Pete nodded no.

“Maybe Nit can take your  invitation “ Mac suggested.

“Sure, “  Pete replied as he cleaned up the unfinished canvas. “It’s a groovy party Nit, you’ll love it”

Nit was full of energy with all those changes going on, “Sure, I’d love to” she said much to her own surprise.

Nit was taken to the familiar sink, underwent the familiar forceful rinsing to reveal a smiling face with starch white hair in the mirror.

“Isn’t that colour awesome” Mac remarked.

Nit had to agree. She never had dreamed white would look this good on her. It made her blue eyes sparkle. She almost looked as good as the girl she saw in the station.

When they reentered the room, Rita was back, she handed over another packet of cigarettes.  Nit took one and lit it while she sat down on her chair. Not before too long Pete was back at work.

Rita was sitting in another chair while Mac was rubbing a moisturizer on her bare scalp. He left  the room to fetch a small pot and a brush, he brushed the thick paste from the pot over Rita’s eyebrows. The redness on Rita’s scalp was barely visible except for the stripe in the middle.

Mac came over to watch Pete’s work. “Oh, that’s awesome man” he whistled admiringly.  He went back to Rita rubbed her head and started kissing her, holding her head with his both hands. Suddenly he pulled off the patch over her left eye. Rita screamed in pain, Mac quickly ripped off the right patch as well. He put his right hand under Rita’s chin, gave a kiss on each of the former sites of her eyebrows and took her hand to take her out of the room.

“Finished “ , he sighed. He wiped her upper arm clean and showed her the tattoo. It looked like a phallus shaped mountain, a bit like the sugarloaf in Rio, The top was in greys while the bottom was reddish. There were two boulders at the foot of the mountain. A snake had wrapped itself around the mountain and on the bottom there’s was green grass and a single tiny blue rose.

Nit was flabbergasted, that was a great tattoo and completely what she asked for. She touched her hair to find it was dry.

“Shouldn’t you get Mac?” she asked

“I’d better not, besides, with Mac it never takes long”

“Maybe you can tattoo my tits in the mean time” Nit was surprised to hear herself say.

“You don’t expect me to put something willy-nilly on there” Pete answered surprised.

“Oh yes, Willy” Rita said while pointing to her right nipple, “Nilly”, switching to her left.

“I guess”, Pete sighed, “that wouldn’t take long”.

Next he was diving between her breasts and started work again.

Much to Nit’s chagrin he had finished very quick and when she was shown the result she saw it was written in a tiny, plain script, the words were barely visible – a stark contrast with her name below.

“I  don’t have time for anything more elaborate, it already past eleven, I need to go home, Amy will be furious”

His timing was just right as Mac and Rita reentered the room. There was a slight smile on Rita’s face this time.

“Gotta go”, Pete said, “Have some fun tonight, see you on Monday Rita”

“See you” Rita smiled

“Bye” Mac added.

“Thank you, it’s great” tried to convey but Pete had already left.

Mac came back to Nit, looked at the tattoo and whistled “Nice tat, you should get one of those Rita”

Rita came and have a look and Mac put his hand on the back of her head “Right here”. And he rubbed her a little. Rita smiled again.

He pushed her gently away. “Let’s get started, enough time wasted already”.

Mac took some wax from the table and waxed Nit’s hair straight up.

He went to a closet to grab a heave set of clippers, took a small comb. He started combing up Nit’s back hair and went over it with the blades. He went up to the eye level.  Suddenly Nit felt the metal touching the base of neck, she feared he would take off all her hair, she was relieved when she realized he was just tapering the neck.  Mac moved to the left side and started doing similar work it didn’t take long before he was working on the right side. Flocks of white hairs fell down on Nit’s naked body. It tickled. When that was finished Mac positioned himself behind Nit, placed the comb through the top hair and working in a straight line. He made sure the longish white locks fell over her face between her breast upon the once hairy mons veneris.  He was enjoying himself.  To finish it off he made the connections to the flat top and the side hair, making sure the transition was smooth.

“Let’s see what you think of it” he said. Nit stood up and brushed the hairs from between her legs, next she tried to clean  her breasts. She followed  Mac to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and she now had short flattop. She put her hands on it and was surprised to enjoy the shortness at the sides and the top. The bits where the hair was longer felt harsh and deformed when she pressed it. The top hair was about 6mm short, you could see her skin through it. She liked that.

“Well”, she said, “It looks a lot like the girl in the station, in fact  too much like her, I want something different, better. Can you do it all this length?”, she asked while pointing to her landing strip.

“Anything to keep the customer satisfied, only,  the sides are too short for that” he smiled.

“That’s okay “ Nit replied.

She went back to the chair. Mac clicked a comb on the clippers and again stood behind Nit. Again he made the hair fall in Nit’s lap, much to Rita’s chagrin. He went over the head several times, making sure no hair was longer than intended.

When he was finished, they again went to the bathroom. Rita followed and positioned herself in the doorway. Nit smiled as she saw herself in the mirror, she bowed to the mirror inspecting her new crewcut. It was hot, she felt hot. “Much better”, she remarked, “much much better”.

“Wait I’ll clean you up” Mac suggested.

He wetted a cloth and started to wipe all the hairs from Nit’s body, starting with her face, through her neck. Continuing to her breast – he could resist to squeeze them a little, though he didn’t dare to be too obvious as he saw the lightning in Rita’s eyes.

“Oh I see you got some tit tats” he noticed. “A little small, but nice and funny”.

He continued wiping  her bum and taking extra care between the legs, keeping an eye on a nearly furious Rita.

“Done”, he said

Nit admired herself in the mirror. She looked at the big tat on her upper arm. She looked at her breast tattoos. “Too bad he couldn’t make those a little bigger” she sighed.

“Oh, we can always augment on them. I think I still have some heavy barbells I could put through them”.

Nit didn’t know what that meant but she was eager to go with it “Let’s do that”

They went back to the room. Nit wanted to sit down but Rita uttered “no, no, it’s easier when you’re standing.”

“Can you prepare her Rita, I’ll go and fetch them”

Rita looked at Nit and started to gently caress Nit’s nipples with a light finger touch. This made the nipples stand out after a while. Nit had never seen her nipples that erect and was enjoying it a lot.

She couldn’t enjoy it too long. Mac had reentered the room holding something that looked like a sausage tongs in his hand and some other tools in the other. He put everything on the table while putting on another set of latex gloves. He poured a reddish brown liquid on some cotton and wetted Nit’s right nipple with it. Next he took the clamps and grabbed the erect nipple real tight, pulled it, looked to the left, looked to the right to see if it was positioned correctly. He handed the pliers to Rita while slowly pushing the needle through the  nipple. It did hurt, Nit was getting used to that now; A little blood left the wound. Mac pushed the barbell next to the needle and pushed the needle out with the barbell, next he took a little metal ball which he screwed on the open end of the barbell. He cleaned up the blood with the drenched cotton before he did the other nipple.

Rita handed him some clean cotton and he wiped Nit’s nipples dry.

“Put on your dress, it’s time to hit the party” Mac told Nit as he put his stuff together.

Rita opened her purse and took out some lipstick. “Let me do your lips” she asked. Nit stood still and opened her mouth. Rita put a bright red lipstick on the lips.

Mac was back and spoke “She needs a belt”. He handed over a thin golden belt with a tiny pouch on it.

Nit put it on “That pouch is way to small to put my wallet in” she noticed.

“It’s not for wallets”, Rita smiled, “it’s for condoms” . She showed Nit six condoms, which she put them in the little pouch. “Always have them use condoms, a girl’s got to be prepared”.

Nit nodded in agreement.

As they left through the closed shop, Nit took a look of her new image in a long mirror. She looked smoking hot, she was certain that before the sun would rise, she wouldn’t be a virgin no more. And she wasn’t.




Nit partied that whole weekend. She crashed on a sofa at Rita’s and Mac’s. When Monday came she got herself a dark grey leather knee length skirt with matching jacket and a black see through shirt.

She had spent half of her holiday money and walked with a new confidence. When she waited on her train she saw a woman staring at her. She had to smile when she saw her fiddling with her cell phone and couldn’t help opening up her jacket to reveal the big barbell visible through the shirt. She took a cigarette, she didn’t have to search for her lighter as a man quickly came up to her to offer her a light and started chatting her up.

Nit was happy.

After the holiday she returned to work. A lot of people were initially shocked. She found out that smoking had some benefits, apparently a lot of company decisions were made in the smoking room, it helped her getting well deserved promotions. She also lost some weight because she didn’t comfort eat anymore when stressed, a few cigarettes would do that job now.

In the smoking room she also hooked up with the boss and became his mistress. That suited her just fine, she wasn’t looking for a long term relationship anyway, just some quick sex.

She decided to move to the city and sold her house. This meant no more flashing boobs in the station.

As to her hair, she kept the white colour. During the year she let it grow, but once a year, just before she took a holiday, she had it buzzed short again just after stacking up her condom supply and painting the town red.

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