Intimate haircuts

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Anita was the proud owner of “Radiant Tresses Barbershop” a sophisticated salon in the heart of the city. She had a loyal clientele and a team of talented stylists, including her younger brother, Aditya, who had learned the art of haircutting from Anita herself. Aditya had completed a professional course in hairstyling and often stepped in to cut hair, bringing a unique flair to the salon.

This Saturday evening, the salon was bustling with activity. Disha, who worked in a corporate job and had long, straight, jet-black hair, decided to visit the salon for a fresh look. She was accompanied by her colleague Aditi, a makeup artist with mid-length, wavy, chestnut-colored hair, and Fatima, a photographer with thick, curly, dark brown hair. They were there to support each other and document the transformations. Priti, Anita’s cousin from another city, had also come for a visit, and Mariam, who owned a nearby café, dropped in during her break to say hi.

As they all entered, Anita looked around and raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Well, look at this! I wasn’t expecting a rush all of a sudden. It was such a quiet day, especially with the salon being closed tomorrow.”

Disha smiled and introduced her colleagues. “Anita, these are my colleagues, Aditi and Fatima. They’re looking for a makeover today.”

Anita nodded warmly at them. “Nice to meet you both. So, you’re all here for a little transformation, huh? Well, I could definitely use Aditya’s help. I wasn’t expecting any customers this late.”

Disha was taken aback. “Aditya’s here?” She hadn’t expected to see her ex-boyfriend, especially not to have him support Anita in the salon.

Anita gestured toward Aditya, who was busy organizing some tools. “Yep, he’s been helping out today.”

As the women settled in, Anita looked around, considering the situation. “Alright, let’s get started. Disha, why don’t you sit in Aditya’s chair today?”

Disha’s eyes widened with surprise, not having anticipated this turn of events. She had known Anita because of Aditya and had hung out with her before, but getting a haircut from her ex-boyfriend was not something she had expected. Aditya smirked, clearly pleased with the arrangement. He always enjoyed playing with Disha’s hair and had even pulled it playfully during their time together.

As Disha reluctantly sat in Aditya’s chair, Fatima asked, “Aditya, is it okay if I record everyone’s haircuts? It’ll make for some great behind-the-scenes content.”

Aditya’s smirk widened. “Of course, Fatima. Record away,” he said, more than happy to allow it. Disha couldn’t help but think about the times Aditya used to record haircuts for his secret fantasies. She wondered if he still did it.

Aditya began by securing a high-collar nylon cape around Disha’s neck, making sure it was snug but comfortable. He pulled the cape tight, almost choking her. “Is that too tight?” he asked, though his tone suggested he knew the answer.

Disha coughed slightly but nodded. “A bit tight, Aditya.” “Perfect,” he replied, smirking. He then wrapped a neck strip for added comfort and hygiene. He always liked to tie it snugly, the strip pressing firmly against her neck, before slowly pumping up the chair. Each pump made Disha feel more nervous, the anticipation building.

Aditya leaned in, brushing his fingers through her hair. “So, Disha, how short are we taking your hair today?” he asked, his voice low and inquisitive.

Disha hesitated, knowing how Aditya might react. “A couple of inches,” she finally said, watching his reaction carefully.

Aditya’s eyes gleamed with satisfaction. “A couple of inches, huh? Finally giving in a little,” he said, smiling. He always wanted to cut her hair, but she never allowed it. Today, not only was she getting her haircut from him, but she was also willing to take off a little more than usual—around four to five inches. Her usual trim was strictly one inch off.

“Anita Di, look who really wants a makeover,” Aditya called out, grinning.

Anita smiled and walked over. “Finally, it’s good to see you opting for a different look, Disha. I wish I could have cut your hair, but it’s Aditya who got lucky today.”

Disha smiled, albeit nervously. “Thanks, Anita.”

Fatima chimed in, “The reason for the change is a corporate award show. Disha is expected to get an award.”

Just then, Radha entered the salon.

Aditya leaned in closer, whispering into her ear, “You always had the most beautiful hair, Disha. So silky and smooth. I used to love running my hands through it,” he said, his voice low and flirtatious.

Disha felt a shiver run down her spine. “Thanks, Aditya,” she replied, trying to keep her voice steady.

Aditya gently but firmly pushed Disha’s head down. “Keep your head down, Disha,” he instructed, beginning to section her hair. Just then, Radha entered the salon, her eyes immediately catching the sight of Disha in Aditya’s chair.

Radha walked over, her voice a mix of curiosity and surprise. “Hi, Disha. How are you? What brings you here to my bf?” she asked.

Disha tried to lift her head to respond, but Aditya’s hand pressed her back down. “Stay still and look down,” he said firmly, though not unkindly.

Disha, now looking down, spoke with some difficulty. “Hi, Radha. I’m here for a haircut. Needed a change.”

Radha raised an eyebrow, a hint of sarcasm in her tone. “What kind of haircut are you getting?”

Disha replied, “Just a few inches off to look fresh.”

Radha’s eyes flicked to Aditya, then back to Disha. “Aditya is a great hairstylist. He cuts hair really well, especially when it comes to giving shorter haircuts,” she said, the underlying sarcasm clear. Both women knew how much Aditya loved cutting hair short, especially if it belonged to a girlfriend or an ex-girlfriend.

Aditya continued to cut Disha’s hair, his movements precise and deliberate. He enjoyed the control and the opportunity to finally cut her hair shorter than she usually allowed. As he worked, he couldn’t help but add, “You know, Disha, you should have let me cut your hair like this when we were together. You look even more stunning now.”

Disha felt her anxiety rising, knowing Aditya’s tendencies. “Aditya, please stick to what we agreed on,” she said, her voice tinged with nervousness. Aditya chuckled, enjoying the control. “Don’t worry, Disha. I know exactly what you need.”

Radha, standing quietly, seethed with jealousy but remained silent. She knew Aditya’s desires all too well and wondered if he was trying to make a point by cutting Disha’s hair so short.

As the transformations continued, Anita on the other side was giving a haircut to Aditi. Aditi’s hair was long, almost touching her lower back or butt. She wanted a few layers, and Anita was giving her the hairstyle she asked for. As Anita worked, she marveled at the thickness and volume of Aditi’s chestnut waves.

Anita skillfully sectioned Aditi’s hair, combing through the long strands with precision. “Your hair is so gorgeous, Aditi. These layers are going to give you a lot of movement and bounce,” she said. Aditi smiled, watching her reflection in the mirror. “Thanks, Anita. I’ve been wanting to try something new for a while now.” Anita nodded, her scissors snipping confidently through the hair. “I’m glad you came to us. You’ll love the new look.”

Meanwhile, Aditya was finishing up Disha’s cut. He had cut her hair to shoulder length, and he now showed it to her, playing with her hair to demonstrate how it would look with different partings.

“See, Disha,” he said, running his fingers through her hair, “it looks great with a right parting, but also really stylish with a center parting.”

Disha looked at herself in the mirror, her heart pounding. She felt a strange mix of emotions as Aditya’s hands moved through her hair. The proximity, the familiar touch, the intimate setting—it was all so overwhelming.


Aditya leaned in closer, his tone convincing and authoritative. “You know, Disha, I’m going to cut your hair even shorter. It’ll look fantastic on you.” Disha’s breath caught in her throat. She was confused, unsure why she couldn’t say no to him. Was it the situation—trapped in the chair, cape tightly secured around her, feeling vulnerable—or was it her long single status, craving some intimacy?

“Aditya…,” she started, but her voice trailed off as he continued to play with her hair, his fingers gently tugging and parting it. He smiled, sensing her hesitation. “Trust me, Disha. You’ll love it,” he said, his tone both reassuring and commanding.


Disha felt a wave of uncertainty but found herself nodding slowly. “Okay,” she whispered, unable to resist the pull of his presence and the situation she was in. As Disha hesitantly said “Okay,” Aditya’s eyes gleamed with satisfaction. He pushed her head down further, her cheeks touching her chest. The sensation of submission was palpable, and he reveled in it. He then brought out his clippers, brushing Disha’s hair back gently before placing one hand firmly on her head.

The clippers roared to life with a sharp buzz, and Aditya brought them to the nape of Disha’s neck. The vibration sent a shiver down her spine, the sensation both startling and strangely exhilarating. As the clippers made contact, Disha felt the hum against her skin, the cool metal and the rhythmic vibration creating a mix of anticipation and anxiety. Aditya held her head firmly, ensuring she couldn’t move, and began to chop off the extra inches with precise, deliberate strokes.

Each pass of the clippers was methodical, and Aditya’s firm grip on her head maintained control, a stark reminder of the dynamic between them. Disha’s hair fell in long, dark strands to the floor, the transformation taking shape.

Radha stood nearby, watching the scene unfold with a complex mix of emotions. She saw Aditya’s focused expression, the way he controlled Disha’s head and the transformation he was creating. Radha knew how much Aditya loved cutting hair short, and seeing him so close to Disha stirred a sense of jealousy within her. She wondered if Disha still harbored feelings for Aditya, how she couldn’t say no to him, and was completely unaware of the power dynamics the cape and chair could create, and the submission they could elicit.

Radha contemplated if she should have given Aditya a chance to cut her hair before. Seeing someone surrender to his skill and control was strangely alluring. She found herself intrigued by the idea, realizing the power and allure in the act of submission to his expertise.

Aditya continued to work meticulously, giving Disha a sharp, professional bob. The clippers buzzed as they shaped her hair, creating clean lines and a crisp, polished look. When he was done, he stepped back to admire his work, a satisfied smile on his face.

Anita walked over and inspected the final result. “Wow, Disha, you look amazing! Aditya, you’ve outdone yourself. You’re truly the best at giving bob haircuts.” Disha looked at herself in the mirror, turning her head slightly to appreciate the new style. “Thank you, Aditya. It looks incredible.” Aditya smiled, pleased with the praise. “I’m glad you like it, Disha.” Anita continued, “You should come again for a touch-up after a month. Aditya will take great care of you.”

Radha, out of jealousy, wondered what it would be like to have Aditya cut her hair, feeling the power of his hands and the control he exerted. She hesitated but couldn’t deny the effectiveness of his skill.

Disha, still looking at herself in the mirror, turned to Radha. “Don’t you think so, Radha? Doesn’t Aditya do an excellent job?” Radha, feeling a pang of jealousy, nodded hesitantly. “Yes, he does.”

Disha then turned to Aditya with a smile. “Can you release me from this cape now? I feel like I’m in prison.” Aditya chuckled and began to remove the tightly secured cape, the nylon material sliding away to free her. “Alright, you’re released from my prison,” he said playfully.

As Disha stood up, feeling the weight of the cape lift off her shoulders, she felt a strange sense of liberation. The new haircut not only gave her a fresh look but also brought back memories of a past intimacy with Aditya, leaving her feeling both nostalgic and empowered.

As Disha stepped out of the chair, admiring her freshly cut bob in the mirror, Aditya glanced around the salon with a smile. “Who’s next?” he asked, looking at Fatima and Radha.

Fatima and Radha exchanged a brief glance, and surprisingly, Radha spoke up first, “Me.” Aditya raised an eyebrow, pleasantly surprised. “You too, Radha? Looks like today is full of surprises.” He turned to Anita, who had just finished Aditi’s haircut. “Anita, could you take care of Radha for a trim?”

Fatima chimed in eagerly, “Please, Aditya, can you cut my hair? I’ve been looking forward to this.” Aditya chuckled softly. “We should always prioritize our guests,” he said playfully, gesturing towards Radha. “Anita, please take Radha for a trim. I’ll be with Fatima in just a moment.”

Radha, who now secretly desired an intimate haircut experience with Aditya, was disappointed but maintained her composure. “Actually, I’m looking for a shorter haircut. I don’t mind waiting for Aditya,” she insisted, a hint of determination in her voice.

Anita nodded understandingly. “Alright, Mariam. Let’s get you set up for your facial while Aditya finishes with Fatima.”

As Anita led Mariam to her styling chair, Mariam smiled. “Anita, could I hop into the chair for my monthly facial and nail treatment?”

Anita nodded, motioning towards the chair. “Of course, Mariam. Make yourself comfortable. Your treatment will take sometime though.”

Mariam settled into the chair, chatting with Disha who was waiting for her friend. “I’m heading to a concert tonight,” Mariam mentioned casually. Disha’s eyes lit up. “I’m going to the same concert! Why don’t you join me?” Mariam hesitated, glancing at Anita. “My treatment might take a while. Are you okay waiting for me?”

Radha, sensing an opportunity, interjected quickly, “Disha, you should wait. I’m sure Mariam and Anita can keep you company.”

Disha smiled warmly at Radha’s unexpected consideration. “Sure, I don’t mind waiting. We can catch up more.”

Radha felt a rush of satisfaction, knowing that her decision to wait for Aditya instead of settling for Anita’s trim would potentially show Disha how close she and Aditya were. She settled into the chair, eagerly anticipating the transformative experience she sought from Aditya.

Meanwhile, Aditya began discussing hairstyle options with Fatima, his hands deftly preparing to create another masterpiece. The salon buzzed with activity, each client looking forward to their own moment of beauty and transformation under Aditya and Anita’s expert care.

As Fatima expressed her admiration for Disha’s bob cut, her excitement was evident. “I loved her bob cut. Can you give me the same haircut?” she asked eagerly, her voice filled with anticipation.

Aditya nodded with a smile. “Of course, Fatima. Let’s get started.” He motioned for her to take a seat in the styling chair. Fatima settled in as Aditya draped the same high-collar nylon cape around her shoulders, securing it snugly. He added a fresh neck strip for comfort before pumping the chair up to the perfect height.

As he dampened Fatima’s straight, shiny hair, he noticed her initial excitement giving way to a quiet surrender. Her voice was muffled under the cape, and she seemed hesitant to speak up, even as the cape felt tight around her neck. Aditya, sensing her trust and submission, smiled reassuringly at her reflection in the mirror.

With a gentle push, he lowered Fatima’s head, ensuring she couldn’t move, and began his work with the clippers. The buzzing sound filled the air as he carefully carved through her hair, creating a rough bob shape. Strands of hair fell gracefully onto the cape and the floor, each snip a testament to Aditya’s skill and control.

Radha observed intently from her chair, her eyes fixed on Aditya’s strong, confident movements. She watched as his arm held Fatima’s head firmly, guiding every precise cut. Radha felt a pang of impatience, eagerly anticipating her own turn for Aditya’s attention.

Meanwhile, Anita had begun giving Mariam a facial as she relaxed in the facial chair, and Disha chatted with her, eagerly waiting for her to finish so they could leave together for the concert.

As Aditya neared the final touches of Fatima’s bob, he meticulously shaped the style, ensuring it perfectly framed her face. “There we go, Fatima. What do you think?” he asked, admiring his work.

Fatima looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes lighting up with delight. “It’s perfect, Aditya! Thank you so much,” she exclaimed, genuinely pleased with the transformation.

Aditya smiled warmly. “You’re welcome, Fatima. It suits you really well.”

Radha, seeing the finished result, couldn’t contain her eagerness any longer. “Aditya, can I take my turn now? I’m ready for my haircut,” she declared, her eyes meeting his with anticipation.

Aditya nodded, a playful glint in his eyes. “Of course, Radha. Let’s make some magic happen.” He began preparing to give Radha the transformative haircut she had been eagerly waiting for.

As Radha settled into the chair, she took a deep breath and braced herself. Aditya asked, “Ready for your transformation? The regular 2-3 inches?”

Radha, wanting to show that she too could pull off a bold look like Disha, smiled and said, “Aditya, why don’t you surprise me with a special haircut that you always wanted to give me?”

Aditya’s eyes lit up with excitement. He leaned in and kissed her gently. “You’re going to love this,” he said, grabbing a fresh neck strip and wrapping it tightly around her neck. He then reached for the same cape he had used twice before. It was dotted with short hair clippings, which Radha found itchy.

“Why don’t you use a fresh cape?” Radha asked, wriggling slightly as the tiny hairs pricked her skin.

Aditya tightened the cape with the last button, giving her a playful, almost kinky reply, “Because this one already knows what to do.” He then added another neck strip over the cape to prevent any new hair from getting inside.

Aditya pumped up the chair, lifting Radha to the greater height, and then turned the chair away from the mirror, positioning her to face Disha. She felt a mix of excitement and nervousness, knowing she had no access to the mirror to see what was happening.

Pushing her head down so her cheeks touched her chest, Aditya took a pair of scissors and began to cut her hair ruthlessly. Each snip was sharp and precise, and Radha could feel her head growing lighter with every cut. Her long hair, once a symbol of her control, was falling away, leaving her with a sense of vulnerability and exhilaration.

As Radha’s head remained pushed down, she glanced up at Disha, who was watching the transformation with a mixture of curiosity and amusement. “Feeling lighter already?” Disha teased, her tone playful.

Radha tried to respond, but Aditya’s firm grip on her head kept her in place. He looked up and laughed, “Oh, she’s definitely feeling it. Aren’t you, Radha?”

Radha managed a muffled “Yes,” feeling both embarrassed and excited. Disha continued to make fun of Radha’s state. “Radha, are you feeling helpless under the cape?” she asked teasingly. Aditya chuckled, enjoying the dynamic. “I think in the real essence, Radha is your prisoner, getting a surprise haircut,” Disha added, her voice laced with amusement and a hint of jealousy.

Aditya worked meticulously, giving Radha a sexy pixie cut that highlighted her features and made her look even more stunning in front of Disha. Disha watched, feeling a pang of jealousy at how good the short haircut looked on Radha. She had hoped it would be a disaster, but instead, Radha looked incredible.

“Here, take a look,” Aditya said, handing Radha a small mirror. She saw her new pixie cut, her eyes widening in surprise and delight. Before she could fully absorb the transformation, Aditya took the mirror away and resumed cutting her hair. He once again pushed her head down.

This time, he used the scissors and comb to go even shorter. He pulled her hair taut, using his fingers as a guide to cut it close to the scalp. Radha felt the sharp snips of the scissors and saw the hair falling on the cape and her face. Aditya brushed the hair away from her face and leaned in to kiss her again, a gesture that made Disha’s jealousy flare even more.

Radha reveled in the intimate moment, feeling a mix of excitement and submission. But Disha couldn’t hold back her bitterness. “Radha, you look like a guy with that boycut hair,” she said, her tone dripping with sarcasm and envy.

As Disha’s words hit Radha, her smile vanished instantly. Her eyes widened with shock, and she felt a sudden wave of insecurity. Aditya, noticing her distress, immediately held up the mirror again. Radha looked at herself, now feeling like a child receiving a punishment or a back-to-school haircut. The sadness and humiliation were evident in her eyes.

“We’re not done yet,” Aditya said, his voice firm. He reached for the clippers and attached a number 2 guard. Radha’s heart sank further as he pushed her head down once again. She had never experienced clippers before, and the moment they touched her neck, a strange vibration shot through her body. Instinctively, she moved a bit, but Aditya’s strong hand held her head firmly in place. “Don’t move,” he commanded.

The clippers buzzed loudly as they passed over her head multiple times, mowing away her precious hair. Radha felt each pass as a further blow to her dignity, especially under the watchful, mocking gaze of her ex-girlfriend, Disha. Aditya meticulously worked on her nape, bending her ears to clean around them, which only added to Radha’s feeling of humiliation.

Disha’s enjoyment was palpable. “Yeah, she has facial hair like a boy. Shave it,” she laughed as Aditya reached for the razor. Aditya methodically moved the razor on Radha’s face, cleaning the sideburns and neck to give her a precise shape. With each touch of the razor, Radha felt more exposed and degraded. Disha’s laughter stung, making her feel even worse.

Finally, Aditya stepped back, the clippers and razor work done. He spun the chair around to face the mirror, revealing Radha’s new look. Radha’s eyes widened in surprise and disbelief. It was a buzz cut.

Despite her initial horror and the intense humiliation she felt during the process, the buzz cut actually suited her. The clean, sharp lines highlighted her features, giving her an edgy and bold look she had never imagined for herself. She tentatively touched her head, feeling the soft, velvety texture of her new haircut.

Aditya smiled, proud of his work. “There you go, Radha. This is the special haircut I always wanted to give you.” Radha, still processing her emotions, managed a weak smile. “It’s… different,” she said, her voice shaky but trying to find some confidence.

Disha, though clearly enjoying the spectacle, had to admit, “Well, I didn’t expect it to turn out like this. You actually look… good.” Aditya smiled, enjoying the praise. “Glad you both like it. Now, shall we release you from my ‘prison,’ Radha?”

Radha laughed, feeling a sense of freedom and transformation as Aditya removed the cape and neck strips. “Yes, please.” Radha stepped out of the chair. Despite the humiliation and the drastic change she felt lighter, not just from the loss of her hair but from the exhilarating experience of letting go and trusting Aditya completely. It was a moment she would remember, a bold step into a new look and a new feeling of unexpected empowerment.

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