Introduction To The Club

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Katherine had been looking for a local kink club, she was into the idea of being able to experience all of the kinks she had. She had come across a website for a quite interesting looking club, she applied on a Monday, and within a week she had gotten a response, thankfully it was a Friday so she could go to the club and complete the initiation, she received a address and a time, she was to wear something she wouldn’t mind losing, she was to be there at 5:00 pm, and to be ready to spend the night where she was, she got dressed in a light pink summer dress and heels, within the hour she had been driving down the road, she saw the gorgeous building, it was grey in color with bland black doors. She walked to the door and knocked several times. A woman in a latex bra and panties answered the door, and lead the woman inside. She walked to the front desk, a woman in a leather dress and a latex mask had been sitting there, she explained she was here for the initiation, and was given a few pages, they were legal documents stating that whatever was done in the premise of the club was consented and that nothing would told to the outside world, she quickly signed all of the papers and returned to the desk, handing the pages over, as the woman behind the desk took Katherine’s hand and guided her through the building to a larger room, when she finally got into the room, she saw a whole row of barber chairs, equipment for the nights actions laying around, she saw clippers, scissors, curlers and more. Each chair had a girl sitting in it, each had long gorgeous hair..but something was weird, each girl was cuffed to the chair, with a strap under their breasts, and cuffs around their ankles holding them down, Katherine was guided to the very last chair, and the same things were done to her, she watched a thick pair of leather cuffs hold her to the chair, her legs restrained with the same items, and the strap held her chest down. The woman from the front desk left and 6 women in latex dresses, the skirt’s barely touching their knees walked in, each covered by a barber smock. Each woman had a latex cutting cape over their shoulders and a ball gag hanging from their hands, there seemed to be one woman missing, and Katherine did not have a stylist. The stylist next to her had just finished wrapping the girl next to her in the cape, sliding a neck strip under the cape. And gagging her. The stylist went to a cabinet behind her and came back with the same items, in moments Katherine was gagged, and caped with a neckstrip being folded under the cape.

She watched the stylist go back, and like it was a military induction, each stylist took a pair of clippers out and ran them down each woman’s head except Katherine, Katherine watched hair drop to the floor, within seconds, each woman had a bald scalp and the women were working on the sides and backs of their heads, when that was finished each woman had a warm towel wrapped over their heads and a warm lather was put to their scalps. Straight razors and a leather strap was quickly pulled out each girl was introduced to the razor and each one had their heads shaved.


Katherine was scared, when each girl was finally done they were lead from their chairs and taken to a different room, Katherine heard clippers snap to life, she started to push and pull against the chair it was obvious she didn’t want this but the stylist did not stop, she started to run the clippers up and down her head, she started to cry, but the stylist didn’t seem to care, the clippers buzzed past her ears, with little to no care, The stylist pushed the clippers up the side of her head, then the other side of her head. Her nape was buzzed right after, it felt so amazing. The woman wanted the clippers to sit there on the back of her head badly.

The warm towel was wrapped around her head, and she couldn’t do anything but accept this, she sat there for what felt like a eternity, the woman came back and quickly slathered the warm shaving cream over her face, but what was different was her whole face was covered, she felt the cream cover her eyebrows, her cheeks and her head. The stylist strapped the razor against the leather of the chair and started with her scalp, dragging the razor up and down, making sure to leave zero cream behind, as she shaved, she moved Katherine’s head around with no care, her chair was spun around and she felt the razor slid up and down against her face, shaving and making sure to take quick care of those eyebrows, she quickly peeled them away, while Katherine was forced to look ahead, when she was done, lotion was rubbed into her face and scalp, before she was let go and guided to the biggest room of the club, where others were being dressed in gorgeous latex, a gift from the club to show them that they were accepted. Katherine was happy, she wanted this new life.

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