Dewi Balinese girl investment pt 2

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Bali, Indonesia

Laying on the beach, enjoying the warm sand and clear sea. Sipping my fresh coconut while waiting for Mr. Pinleba for the good news. He came and handed me the sales report for his new shampoo product. The sales was surprising incredibly good, many Indonesian love the product. I stood up from my seat and off we went to enjoy my time in Indonesia.

We arrived at a small village called Julah. It has pretty amazing sceneries, like ancient temples and houses. I love the nature and food in Julah. We stop at this beautiful hotel/restaurant, the places was amazing and the workers were very nice. Mr. Pinleba and I were at the hotel restaurant to have amazing Balinese food. I notices a waitress who was extremely beautiful, she has slim body, light brown skin, and exotic pretty face. Her hair shiny black wavy hair was tied in a traditional Balinese bun.

Mr. Pinleba and the waitress were talking in Indonesian, which I don’t understand. She shook her head and left. Mr. Pinleba and I were talking about his next business trip and what’s he has installed. After dinner, we in check in to our rooms for the night.

About an hour later

I was relaxing in my beautiful tropical balcony, memories by the view of beach. Suddenly, I heard the door open, and coming inside my room. I thought it was Pinleba who wanted to checked on me. I walked to the living room of my hotel, and surprised to see the waitress from the restaurant.

Confused what’s going on, she pointed to the table and there’s a note on it from Pinleba. The note says Dewi (that’s her name) will keep me company, all the things you needed you’ll find it in the bedroom. Dewi can understand English, and please do command her as you please. Pinleba has surprised me with this beauty Balinese lady for the night!

I took Dewi hand and kissed it. She smiled shyly and politely introduced herself in basic English. I guided her to the bedroom, and instructed her to sit on the chair. I messages her slim shoulder for while and proceed to undo her bun.

Dewi hair finally came off and fell almost touching the hair. She had the most beautiful wavy hair I ever seen, and Dewi hair smells superb. It smells like passion fruit mix with aloe vera, the new product shampoo of Mr. Pinleba. I pick up the brush and slowly brush through that’s silk with long stroke.

Once her hair was all shiny and smooth, Dewi got up and undress herself. Fully naked, she then helped me to undress. She tossed hair long hair around my neck and offered me to smell her hair. I took deep breath absorbing her fragrant then she wrapped my head with her hair, and she put my dick inside her, furthermore she push me to the bed. She was doing it while my entire head was buried by Dewi long wavy hair. She on a mission, I never met a girl who was horney as Dewi.

After we’re done for a short break. Still laying on the bed and my head still cover with Dewi hair long hair. Dewi reached out a scissor, and put it between my fingers. She went for another round of sex, and Dewi jokingly told me to cut her hair if I don’t want to get suffocated by her hair. I was in excitement because this was a new experienced, being blind by her silky fragrant hair I can’t find the position to cut it. With the help if Dewi, she guide my hand to place the scissor. Once she affirmed the position, I was given the signal to cut.

A loud sound *SCHHIINKKK*  *SCHHHIIKKK* *SCHHHIIIKKK* while cutting through Dewi thick hair. She was moaning loudly as her hair was being cut off. It a long time shearing though this thick hair but eventually it finally came off. I uncovered my eyes from her hair to see her new hairdo. Dewi hair was shorn into a uneven shoulder length.

Dewi wasn’t done yet, she took out the clipper while jerking on me. Instead of passingit to me, she turned machine on, and buzz her hair from the middle. Tons of silky hair kept failing onto my body, looking at Dewi buzzing hair off was amazing. As soon as finished buzzing her hair, I released it all out.

By now, my body was cover by Dewi long hair. She laid her bald head on my chest huffing and buffing. I sensed that she was enjoys it with this experience and felt that she’s free from her hair that has imprison her for so long. For me, this was the best sexual hair experienced I ever had and won’t forget this. A once beautiful wavy long hair Balinese now become a beautiful bald girl.

Next morning 

I got in the car with Mr. Pinleba off to the airport. I told him that I last night was the best night ever. Mr. Pinleba smiled and he showed me a flight ticket to India. He said there’s more to come.




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